The Seven Names Writing 3

the wholeness of life

481. The words wholeness, wholesomeness, health, healing, holy and

holiness are closely related in the language these words are written in.

We could add words like oneness and all-ness, as also reflecting what

they try to convey. Yet in the fifth name of the One Who is life's totality,

I AM, two monumental features are standing out.

482. One feature is that the name 'Healing' acknowledges the situation in

which we humans, with all of the negative state find ourselves. For us on

earth, the word healing is primarily understood as restoration of what is

broken or sick. The fifth name, indeed, carries this in its banner.

All that is broken, for whatever reason, will be healed.

483. Of the seven names it is the only one directly referring to the

completely novel situation that what was grand and healthy became

challenged, taken out of context, fractured, and offered as an alternative

to life as it truly is. For this to happen, a special cycle of time was

introduced, the era of the pseudo-world, formed by the human species.

484. The name Healing for I AM includes the outcome of this one-time-

only occurrence which touches all of the universe to its core. Even those

not directly affected by it sense the crucial significance of having the

authenticity of their source and center put to the test. They see a part of

their one world descending into darkness. Above all, it changed I AM.

485. The human race was asked to find out whether freedom had any

limits, and whether acting and reacting with love was indeed a free

choice for each existing particle and unit. They were promised that

whatever the result of their explorations, they wouldn't be deserted and

would be offered a return to the world they came from, if they wished.

486. The power to make whole again and heal alludes specifically to the

human pursuit and its negative outcome. But the rest of the universe is also

covered by the fifth aspect of I AM. It represents the way life proceeds.

This is the second feature that stands out majestically. It says that literally

everything in and of the universe is on the move toward more perfection.

487. In other words, healing doesn't start with brokenness; it starts in the

realm of perfection. It is the force behind the movements that produce

ever more new and exciting additions, in every possible direction.

The universe is forever unfolding. The process by which this happens is

what the fifth name is all about. It shows the ever active 'mind' of I AM.

488. In its broadest sense, healing means 'making whole again' - our

situation - and 'making more whole' - the universal position. A catchy

way of saying this is that healing is all about perfecting the perfection.

This is the mind-set of the totality of life, I AM. It is solely dedicated to

unfolding to more splendor everything that emanates into a form of life.

489. In operational terms, the process by which all of reality unfolds is

the materialization of goodness and wisdom. Both are the constituents of

the spirit core of I AM. What transpires there does not stay hidden. It

instantly creates thought patterns and desires, intentions and directions.

The mingling of life's three layers, initiated within, is life occurring.

490. This all is an ongoing process. Nothing is ever stagnant in the real

reality. The 'busy-ness' of life has nothing to do with restlessness or

with a need to progress in order not to regress or to be left behind.

On earth, we operate by those dynamics. 'More' is taken as a must,

and it in many ways creates more dependency and disquietude.

491. When our ancestors – the fifth human generation – shaped our type

of humans, they deliberately manipulated our brains, senses, metabolism,

nerve systems, etc., by hooking them up to outside sources of survival.

They made us dependent on air and food, other people and the structures

of society. We have little freedom left to substantially control our lives.

492. We are always busy. Our bodies are. Many processes go on outside

of our awareness. We have no control over them. Even if we would stop

our bodies by committing suicide, their components just change course

and join other configurations. Our minds never sleep, even if our bodies

do. Some call it frantic, the way our systems run all of the time.

493. It is no wonder that we seek pockets of rest, peacefulness, quietness

and calm. We find them on vacation, by sleeping, goofing off, meditating

or by avoiding life's 'rat race'. Yet most of these methods still need the

cooperation of external sources: money, time, a place, or tolerant people.

The only spot where life loses its 'hectic-ness' is within our inner sanctuary.

494. Being dependent on external sources is the way life works, we think.

This booklet says that it is not. As the name Proper revealed, everywhere

in the universe occurs a spontaneous joining, interacting and sharing.

And this is not based on neediness or dependency. It originates in the

desire, joy and pride to enrich each other as well as life in general.

495. Our ancestors 'glued' the attention of their offspring to the external

world as they saw no other way to substitute I AM's personal presence.

It is up to us to prove their efforts futile, if we want to. This booklet can

facilitate that process. It tells us that our dependency on externals is not

just bothersome in general but that it violates our innate freedom.

496. Healing, or becoming more whole, is a process. It's ongoing. As it is

a name of I AM, it means that it pertains to all of reality. The name invites

us to look at any part of ourselves or our environment and see it not just

in its proper function now, but also in a state of progression. In the true

reality only one direction is chosen. It's the move toward more perfection.

497. On earth, it seems of little importance that we can view all parts and

particles in life as being on their own journeys. Yet, it is the radiance of the

fifth name that illuminates the whole happening of life, in its details and its

totality. It is a liberating realization that traveling and arriving are basically

the same. Everything is already whole. Thus, 'healing' defines existing.

498. This does not make sense to us on earth. Yet, it can be said more

specifically. Everything is already whole in the eyes of I AM. Nothing is

present in the mind and person of One Holy – and therefore also not in

the universe – that is not whole and moving as currents of I AM's spirit

towards more splendor. It is the reality of being in life, so it is our reality.

499. The implications of being already whole as far as I AM is concerned

are fundamental. One is that the most existential question for each person

in the negative state is placed before us: Do we continue to observe our

situation with our human eyes and minds or are we so close to reality that

we can see things through the eyes of the One Holy?

500. Using the expression 'seeing through whose eyes' isn't just a manner

of speaking. On our mental level is processed, not only what comes from

outside, but also what comes from within – from our spirit and its direct

connection with the source of life itself. Our mind can 'see', intuit, select,

judge and picture. But, like our body's eyes, we can close our mind's-eye.

501. Merging on the spiritual level with the one life force is not 'just'

something spiritual. It is reconnecting with an actual force that will cause

changes, if we want. One of them is the healing of our inner eyesight,

so that we can discern more clearly the movements and direction of our

own minds, besides perceiving the presence of Healing Him-/Herself.

502. Why does not everyone opt for having their inner eyesight restored?

For one, it does not seem a necessity. The reason being that we are

conditioned to ignore our closeness to, and journey with, the One Who is

Healing as not relevant to surviving. But secondly, even if it does become

a personal experience, sharing it with others may create problems.

503. Our journey through life is, to a point, a lonely one; in our negative

state, that is. We are all unique and therefore different. In that sense it is

all but impossible to speak each other's spiritual language, especially when

trying to explain our inner lives. There is not much tolerance for belief

systems different than our own anyway, as human history shows.

504. It is only when we see our traveling companion, Healing, as also the

friend of other people and other 'things', that we create a vision of happy

wholeness in all regions of our minds. It is not just us, heading to more

fulfillment but we journey that path with all participants of life. Through

the wisdom in our spirit we can sense this and feel close to all of them.

505. This booklet recognizes the resistance to opening our spiritual eyes,

and the reason for it. Yet its message culminates in telling the awesome

ultimate result of our blindness, which is that the nature of I AM includes

now its exposure to corruption and rejection. Using our time idea, I AM

was different before this cycle of time, marked by the human blindness.

506. It seems paradoxical that the fullness of life, because of being

challenged and denied by the fifth human generation, continues to grow

despite the efforts to eliminate and replace it. We are still in the midst of

moves that show that Healing is not all of life; nor is Proper, or Love, or

Truth. Yet they are. And there is a way to prove it.

507. The most convincing proof of the grand wholesomeness of life is our

deep longing for it. Probing this can lead straight into meeting the One

Who is Healing. His/Her presence teaches the liveliness of our traveling,

with its component of already having arrived and being home. Full insight

now includes knowing that all things here progress toward healing.

508. We cannot perceive this vision with our earthly eyes. In many ways,

in spite of technical advances and other 'improvements', the family of and

on our planet seems to face a bleak future. But bleak or not, we have the

chance to travel on, from day to day, as responsibly as we can; treasuring

in our spirit and processing in our mind our friendship with Healing.

509. It's just as with Love and Truth. One Holy is them both. They are

always together: joined, wedded. So are Proper and Healing. They each

represent life's fullness, as beautiful structure and as ongoing unfolding.

Together, they reveal the mind of I AM; a mind we can mirror.

We can celebrate, internally, the marriage of rightness and unfurling.

510. The image of a marriage is intended to evoke a sphere of happiness,

enrichment and above all, one of adventure. Existing is full of surprises –

pleasant ones. Life's versatility means that anything can happen.

As all life comes from love, there is no end to celebrating its freshness

and creativity. There is no dull moment anywhere in the universe.

511. There is a youthfulness to the appearance of I AM as Healing.

Unfolding to more wholeness shows an open-ended-ness that stimulates

healthy risks. To many people, the road towards the future looks arduous.

And, ultimately, we all have to surrender to dying. So youthful bravura

and risk-taking are not commonly seen as appropriate or wise.

512. In the positive state, what may happen with this part or with that, is of

little concern. For one, nothing 'has' to happen or is supposed to grow

or expand. Changing, or unfolding, is like anything else a matter of freely

choosing to do it. The opportunity to change is treasured as everything

is of one mind about One Holy. It reflects the all-out liveliness in I AM.

513. The other thing to remember is the fact that everything in its own

right is a world unto itself. Each subatomic and smaller particle in our

tissue is. Comparing, let alone worrying, or being jealous, is completely

absent in the real world of the positive state. Each part can take care of

itself. This creates a lightheartedness, equally shared by all segments.

514. Will there ever be an end to expanding? How more whole can things

become? Somewhere there must be a limit, we think. Expanding can't go

on forever. Otherwise things get in each other's way. Overpopulation or

traffic problems here show it. This gets exacerbated by the fact that in the

real world no regression whatsoever occurs. So, how long can it go on?

515. It is ironic that during our short life on earth, most of us, admitting it

or not, crave for more: more health, possessions, longevity, security, status,

etc. Yet we have difficulty accepting that we are already part of an eternal

blessedness in which happiness only increases. We dismiss this, or treat it

as a fantasy. Yet, the positive state is happening, here and now.

516. Reality has no boundaries. Everything is part of its unfolding towards

more wholeness and wholesomeness. There is no end to this. Any part can

change when it desires to have a different experience. Nothing is set in

stone. Nothing is stagnant. All is vibrantly alive, perfecting the perfection

and honoring the glorious fifth name of I AM.

517. Most of the time, feeling whole for us is indeed that, a feeling. It

may occur at moments that circumstances not even seem to warrant this

immensely gratifying sense of completeness, harmony and inner peace.

No one else can give us this feeling. It comes from within. It also is

unpredictable. We cannot force ourselves to feel at ease and fulfilled.

518. Throughout human history, reaching an advanced state of well-being

has been linked to the use of certain substances, like drugs that create a

sense of euphoria. We also can set up a sphere conducive to lofty feelings,

or let waves of hysteria from crowds or loved ones sweep us away. But

just feeling whole inside can lift up our spirits, producing an inner smile.

519. These words do not criticize any pleasure derived from outside

sources. We all seek our own roads toward having the best time possible.

What this booklet does is to simply point to the fifth name as the source

of wholesomeness. Not that the One Who is Healing will give us the

sensation that everything is well. The name says, we are already whole.

20. The strength of our wholesomeness is that it's not dependent on any

stimulant from outside. Traveling by the light of the fifth name makes life

as complete as it will ever get on earth. That light is not a substitute or

correspondence. It is 'it'. The joyously sparkling eyes of our companion

Healing can always brighten our day. Nothing is lacking in our spirit.

'HEALING' The Seven Names Writing 3

perpetual motion

521. Everything is caught up in movements. Even an 'inanimate' object

has forces working in it that enable it to stay a unit. Changes go on,

including in the physical parts of what we call dead. Life is on the move

all the time with all its components, in and around us. The issue here

is whether this all has meaning. We cannot stop the process.

522. As we do so often, we accept much of what goes on in life as a given.

We shrug off as 'one of those things' that nothing ever stops changing

and moving, in case we do consider for a moment the strangeness of it.

Yet, this element of progression in all of existence defines life's scope.

It defines the start of life, how long it will go on, and in which direction.

523. The answer to questions about life's first movement, or its last, is

relatively easy. The answer to both is the same: There never was a first

step and there never will be a last one. After all, it is what eternity is all

about: no beginning and no end. Can we understand this? Intellectually,

No. Existentially, Yes. We can relate to it. And why not? We are eternal!

524. We can experience some of life's infinite expansion when we are

in close contact with the one life force of all existence, time, space and

density. It is not that we then get a clear picture. Yet some of eternity is

tangible. We originate in life's eternal source, so we could say it is in our

blood to feel at home in an existence that has no need for time or distance.

525. As pointed out before, certain types of ecstasy, exposure to nature,

during sex, when being in love, or having success can give a foretaste of

a world without confining boundaries. Yet mirroring Healing's character

of unfolding to 'more' is not tied to certain circumstances or emotions.

It can be in our hearts all the time, the knowing that we are arriving.

526. Right now, another pertinent question can be raised. In many ways

we observe that life moves on, changes its appearance and is never the

same. Laws, like those of physics or biology can explain some of this.

But how do we interpret it? Is this good or bad? Or a mixture of the two?

Do the moves and changes everywhere signal progression or regression?

527. Logically, we react with: It all depends. For instance eating. Food

renews our vitality, yet at the cost of labor and the sacrifice of plants or

animals. What for one is bread means having to be dead for another.

We may pay lip service to the dilemma, good or bad, deterioration or

progress, but we usually follow our personal or cultural habits anyway.

528. The mind-boggling information the fifth name contains is that the

movement toward more wholeness pertains to all elements in the universe

without exception. Life is a festive procession in which literally all is

participating. The air is music and the road a red carpet. Anticipation

as well as pride in achievements make every step feel light and inspired.

529. We've to be careful not to paint rosy pictures of what can or should

be our reality. Yet, regularly lifting up the fifth name as banner of also

our personal trajectory makes our steps lighter and our mood brighter.

Deep down, we can know that in spite of whatever obstacles our journey

connects with 'home'. This just is the process of, and in, all that exists.

530. All of this is to say that everything is progressing. There is no such

thing as regression, even if, for all practical purposes, the negative state

seems to present the unflattering picture of just that. There can't be real

regression, as it would suggest a diminishing of fullness within the totality

of life's I AM. Our ancestors were asked to explore this anyway.

531. It has to be said bluntly: What qualifies in our world as regression,

or as lacking positive progress is an offense to the harmonious order

by which I AM proceeds. Sadly enough, 'everything' on earth qualifies.

And yet, there's no room for any permanent decay, despite destructive,

pathetic and unnatural things that occur. They do serve a purpose.

532. Life flows from within to without, so all inner and outer activities

carry traits of splendor, constituting the central force of all existence.

Everything in our world seems to contradict it. And, indeed, it portrays

what, theoretically, can't occur, and yet it still does. It accounts for the

aberration of lies, distortion, insanity and the illusion of a true reality.

533. We may argue that the potential of having a world emerge other than

the one of total wholeness could have remained buried deep in the inner

recesses of life's I AM. But it did not. I AM is life's perpetual motion.

What can be conceived within, emerges as potential. Therefore, also this

unimaginable 'impossibility' had to be publicly addressed.

534. It took a multitude of 'eons' – in human linear time – to implement

the thought of no progression. Not just because of the unnaturalness of

questioning the ever-perfecting nature of I AM. But also to protect the

integrity of the universe as a whole, without jeopardizing the freedom to

join the human pursuit. It causes this 'cycle of time' to surely stand out.

535. The pursuits of the latter human generations could be considered a

regression from life's fullness. In that sense, they are pseudo-realities or

delusions. Yet, ultimately, they do not qualify as regression. Nothing does.

If the idea of a possible alternative world would have been suppressed,

that would have been stagnation. It would have caused life to self-destruct.

536. When in human systems growth and change are interrupted, it is

called a mental, social or personality disorder. We can live with most of

these. We do not expect ourselves or others to be perfect or to live to

the fullest all the time. But this is not so for those living in the realm of

the positive state. We are, indeed, trapped in an exceptional situation.

537. The way to truly 'succeed' on earth is to accept our role in the key

occurrence of all existence. The stage is provided for acting out the

denial, obscuring and possible replacement of I AM as life's totality.

We act on that stage, conditioned by the perpetrators of this act of

'rebellion'. Yet, there are opportunities to resist following their script.

538. More than resisting what is negative and untrue, we also can see

through much of it. What we observe and suffer as regression can be

taken as instrumental in exhausting the big lie that joy and success in life

can be found outside of the all-ness of Healing. To its own frustration

the negative state finds itself enmeshed in the opposites of happiness.

539. In case we struggle with mental or physical defects that prevent us

from blossoming, we may know that in I AM's appearance as Healing

we have a powerful 'builder of bridges' to everywhere: as both our friend

and companion. No obstacle can stop life from moving toward more

wholesomeness. We all are welcome to join that adventure.

540. Words will not convince anyone on earth to change their outlook.

First, there has to be an honest desire to question the road we walk on.

And what about spiritual or religious leaders, guru's, clergy or shamans?

Can they be instrumental in putting us on a path that liberates us from

falsities and energizes our enthusiasm for our 'true self' taking charge?

541. Our learning from and trusting others should be critically looked at.

Belonging to whichever community means that we are exposed to

countless - mostly biased - influences and expectations. In addition to it,

we carry a full load of teachings from our past. So, awareness of which

message we listen to, is crucial for finding and establishing our identity.

542. We learn, not when we are flooded with information but when we

honestly desire to know. Therefore, these words shouldn't be pushed on

anybody. We can happily reject what they say, anyway. It would be wise,

though, to eschew any movement or group that pretends to know 'the'

answers and urges us to join their beliefs or organization.

543. In matters of spiritual relevance, only an honest analysis within

our innermost self gives insight. However, even on our spirit level we

encounter voices, hunches, images, sensations or signs that mimic the

presence of I AM. Those imposters can be extremely clever.

Actually, our spiritual path is cluttered with them and with other debris.

544. We have to keep impostors in mind when we allow ourselves to get

close to a 'spiritual' leader. Even a slight pressure to believe or follow

him or her or their particular ideas disqualifies them as genuine. Only

when they deeply respect our honesty, it can indicate that they, too, may

walk with Healing. Then, We can have a productive meeting of the minds.

545. When we know in our hearts the joy of traveling with the One Who

always opens our eyes for new and unexpected sights; our life is so rich.

Dependency on others decreases; the sense of being on the right track

prevails. Worthwhile learning comes from sharing our journey with our

companion, beautifully named: One Holy, Love, Truth, Proper, Healing.

546. Unfolding to more wholeness comes with changes and flexibility.

It reflects the nature of I AM. It has us marching to the beat of true life.

It is a color of our seven-fold reflection of reality. Each of the names

represents fullness and perfection, so moving within their sphere is a

completely natural phenomenon. Dwelling on the past is abnormal.

547. We may feel gratitude when we remember good times, but longing

for 'then' has no meaning. It points to the fact that in the positive state

no unpleasant memories exist. Even more so, 'daily' activities there are

always satisfying, surprising and increasingly joyful. What we call past

and present blends there into an ever-more tasty elixir.

548. In this context we can easily see the significance of forgiveness.

It's highly unnatural to hold on to an event in our past and its emotional

content, letting that influence us. Not that we must forget - we cannot -

or condone the bad that happened - we shouldn't - but we can move on.

Not forgiving is not letting go. It keeps the wrong alive in our mind.

549. People fall victim to hideous crimes, as an individual or as part of a

group. Wherever possible, we can distance ourselves from violence and

evil. We can protest and resist it. Forgiving is not a gesture of largess; it

simply shows that traveling with One Holy is our preference. It can

become our second nature to keep our minds clean by focusing on healing.

550. Forgiving ourselves is a conscious act also. It means admitting our

failure to act out of wisdom and love. It seeks a way toward restitution. It

wants to learn from our mistakes. With it, comes an honest wish to avoid

repeating them. Without this kind of forgiveness we remain chained to

the past, which is offensive to the One Healing. It prevents moving on.

551. It is easy to dismiss as unanswerable questions about the type of

forces involved in the genesis, sustenance and unfolding of the universe.

'They do what they do', we figure - if we wonder about them at all.

We guess there must be some source of power beyond human reach.

That source could be completely indifferent to the outcome of things.

552. This booklet says it's the opposite. For certain, the spirit core within

I AM and all that is emanated seems to 'do its own thing', regardless of us.

But actually, nothing is 'just there', stuck with what life hands out.

It is precisely our inner spirit connection with life's source that allows us

to participate in unfolding toward more likeness of the I AM.

553. As everything originates in love, which includes the possibility to

change appearances, the joyful liveliness is everywhere. Love is the apex

of mobility as it always augments joy and newness. To summarize:

Nothing is stagnant, boring or automatic during the journey true life is.

Nor is anything hectic or relentless. Living can be an happy adventure.

554. The great comfort for us on earth is not just that wounds heal over

time, or that nice surprises may be around the corner but that we are

already a part of the new nature of I AM. That new nature incorporates

the parts that still deny or defy the altered situation. They show up in

us also. But those parts can change their mind. Nothing is final.

555. There is no ground for any fear of how I AM as Healing will react,

once we invite Him/Her to travel with us as our best friend. Ideas of

I AM being involved in wrath, punishment, judgment, condemnation,

sacrifices, or what have you, are all pure human projections. If they were

true, then that would signal decay! But no, fear and guilt are unnatural.

556. Yesterday's doings differ from today's or tomorrow's. Identifying

with the fifth name eliminates what may be uncomfortable about this.

Any time we think of it, we can treasure being engulfed by the spirited

currents of love on all levels. Earth time allows us to compare the

different stages we go through on our journey towards the true reality.

557. It is hard for us to consciously turn our upside-down situation on

earth around. It isn't easy to start from the beginning, from truth, the

real reality and hold on to the purpose of our being alive as the person

we are. But our days are not measured by what we here call progress.

The One Who is Healing marvels when feeling our hands in His/Hers.

558. We can use our time to be productive. We can be very aware of the

clock ticking. We may live full lives till our last day on earth. We also can

stay on the side lines, or join destructive forces. Perhaps we will do some

of all of the above. Yet nobody needs to wonder about what really goes

on. Life is the elegant, agile and absorbing dance of making more love.

559. When illness or disasters hit us, we are almost forced to reevaluate

our position in life. Thinking and meditating may lead to deeper insight.

But it is not wise to wait until we are shocked into facing Reality.

Taking out the map now and see where we stand in life and eternity is

more effective. This booklet offers reliable guidelines for doing that.

560. We are moving on. Like our planet keeps circling around the sun,

we are caught up in the movement of the eternally unfolding reality.

Our external world lives by its rhythms, seasons, stages and cadences.

They can serve as correspondences to life's most magnificent flow:

The spreading of more fullness by helping I AM's splendor unfold.

'HEALING' The Seven Names Writing 3

no death

561. Many efforts go into trying to make some sense of our dying after

a certain number of years on earth. Dying in infancy, or before being

'officially' born, adds to the puzzle of how to interpret this phenomenon.

Reactions vary from a stoic 'who knows, such is life', to high hopes of

entering some paradise. Yet, what we say we don't necessarily feel.

562. Each individual has somehow to come to terms with her or his

demise. It will happen. Yet most of us have in common that, to a more or

lesser degree, we dislike thinking about it. We use all kinds of excuses

or reasons for avoiding to deal with dying. Many people count on what

relevant words, rites, symbols, teachings and support religion offers.

563. Underneath any approach to death and dying, whether it is clinical,

emotional or traditional, lies the unpleasantness of having to go through

this unavoidable and overwhelming transition. Two questions arise here.

Does something like dying exist in the positive state? And, does it make

a difference whether we die a 'natural' or a sudden, forced, death?

564. The answer to question one is both a categorical and resounding

'No', and at the same time a categorical and resounding 'Yes'.

This is less confusing than it sounds. The problem is in human words

for death: dying, life coming to a halt, cessation and others that stress

the finality of what we observe. They say that a particular life is over.

565. This aspect is worth facing squarely. Not in order to cater to the

morbid thought that everything we see is on its way out. But, knowing the

fifth name, we should ask where the parts that will be separated by death

move to. What happens to our bodies is clear. The external parts change

their composition. They join other elements for different uses.

566. While alive, we are conscious of our outer, internal and spiritual

layers. But each physical particle of our body also has its own spirit core.

We're unaware that it's the connection of our eternal spirit with the spirit

core of our body parts that makes us feel and function as a whole person.

This, in general, keeps our life going. It applies to every unit in existence.

567. When we die, experiences of the spirit of our physical and mental

parts stay integrated in our eternal spirit core. So, even if external and

internal parts of our person detach when we die, spiritually remains

our former body a constituent of our eternal volume. Because of it, we

will retain awareness of our earthly identity, for as long as we want.

568. We often try to soften the harshness of 'over is over', or 'dead is

dead'. Words are used like transition, passing on, leaving for a better

world, eternal sleep, etc. Those believing in reincarnation add their own

set of descriptions to what they think happens after being dead on earth.

The irony is that death takes place every second true life is compromised.

569. For humans on earth, dying signifies the end of our mission here.

Regardless of what words are used, what doctrine believed in, or what

images float through our minds, dying remains an individual happening.

Answering the first question: In the positive state, the equivalence of

dying is simply a change, when desired; without negative connotations.

570. 'Having' to die is a gross perversion of the freedom to change.

Moving on towards new things is one of true life's favorite modes.

It always occurs from free will, openly, and never takes away from,

but always enriches everything one was involved in until that point.

So in this sense, death, moving on, or changing, is always exciting.

571. A direct implication of this is that instead of holding on to the

past, we can absorb the nature of our travel companion. Healing's

closeness comes with new vistas. What was good yesterday or before

represents eternity. We can remember it fondly. Yet the principles of

love, truth, proper and healing call for a fresh and enriching 'today'.

572. It's the ever-unfolding nature of I AM marking the process of what

goes on in life, and where it leads to. We wouldn't mind knowing where

our journey brings us. This booklet tells us. It says that life offers us

continually, on a daily basis so to speak, the beautiful freedom that we

can choose what kind of person we want to be. Nothing is set in stone.

573. Many details of life's theater are too complicated for us to oversee.

But we do have a role to play on its stage - even if we would do nothing.

And, we are given some cues. For us, the seven names can serve as those

cues. They contain the whole majestic story of a universe that, for all in

it, continues to increase in fullness, variety and joy.

574. The other question was about whether there's a distinction between

a 'natural' death and a forced one, as through accidents, crime, war, etc.

Actually, we could call all deaths on earth involuntary, forced on us by

aging or some other malfunction. Death here is never an happy

occurrence. It is the negative state's pitiful trump card.

575. The principal difference between an abrupt and forced death and a

fading away after a fulfilling life is in what the two represent. A forced

death always represents an ultimate 'triumph' of our pseudo-creation, in

which everything is upside down, unnatural. 'Sweet' death corresponds

with progressing through continually rewarding and intriguing stages.

576. Yet we have to be careful in making distinctions. What do we know

about the purpose of each other's missions or personal agendas?

The time and manner of our death may be less arbitrarily than we think.

'Unconsciously', we all may participate more in our dying process than

we care to know. Ultimately, the purpose of our mission is the key here.

577. One thing should be very clear. We can have an unshakable trust in

the 'mind' of I AM, also as it relates to how long we live and to what

happens to us during our stay here. But it is incorrect to say that I AM is

responsible for how our life ends. Millions of factors shape the way of

our dying, but I AM stepping in and taking over is not one of them.

578. However, our childlike trust in One Holy can mature into a secure

relationship. When on our journey here, we can choose to be connected

with the companion that Healing is. This does not only sharpen our

insights but also enlarges greatly our confidence in His/Her might

and all-ness. And what a comfort that is! Especially when facing death.

579. Many factors determine our entrance in life, its trajectory and exit.

These factors include technical aspects as well. Some mysteries are

being pierced by science. Discovering the workings of evolution, social

dynamics, chemistry, viruses and so much more lifts some of the veil of

life's processes. Many more of life's complexities wait to be unraveled.

580. These words offer free admission to the great reservoir of life's facts.

By saying and treasuring the seven names we can overcome much of our

spiritual and mental illiteracy. We may not be able to comprehend life's

cosmic and micro-cosmic intricacies intellectually, but if we did it would

confirm what our hearts already know: I AM unfolds through 'everything'.

581. When we are engaged in something pleasant, we say that time flies.

Actually, it seems we are outside of time and place and have to go back

into our cage when we are done. This is a bit of how 'walking close to

Healing' may feel. Walking without Him/Her, or outside of love, amounts

to being stuck on earth, hampered by the negative state's confinements.

582. At times, as in a flash or by some mental gymnastics, we can relive

some earlier situations. It is more than just remembering; it can feel as if

things are actually happening again; we seem to move back in time.

A sensation like that points at the fact that even time is flexible. Whether

it is time, distance, or 'death', in the real world they are always relative.

583. What is constant in life is the radiation of I AM's presence. It always

sparkles with the passion of multi colored and creative love. To this, every

particle and unit in existence is relative. Everything reflects it. As I AM is

life happening, all things in life vibrate on the rhythm and energy of this

center. This is life's only unchanging, yet ever vibrant, constant.

584. The impact of I AM as Healing and as always 'expanding to more'

has many consequences. One is, as said, the naturalness of forgiving as

'letting go' and moving on. Another is the unmasking of death on earth

as a caricature. It also validates freedom: things unable to change do

mock free choice. So the name supports our uphill battle for liberation.

585. There is quite some speculation about the future of our planet.

Especially now humans have the potential to destroy it, or at least life on

it as we know it. In view of the message of this booklet it is interesting

to note that our world came about as our human ancestors' fabrication.

As they disregarded the spirit of love and truth, their products can't last.

586. What about the future of our planet? Will it, at some time, explode,

implode? How long will humans be able to live on it? Ideas about it are

fertilized by the imagery of science fiction and by space exploration that

may lead to interstellar or intergalactic contacts. Telecommunications

rapidly intensify and provide a sense of dramatic changes in the making.

587. Predictions are made about the course our planet will take towards

its demise. Visionaries as well as charlatans mention time and method.

Scientific data, if they hold up, do not indicate anything catastrophic in

the near future – which may sound comforting. But this booklet doesn't

endorse any scenario for what might happen. It presents harder data.

588. The fifth name says that everything is involved in bringing life to

more perfection and happiness. The strange and paradoxical role the

negative state plays in this will be over one day. We can choose today,

to step into the positive state. Information about what evil 'achieved'

- our non-love too - remains available, but just as a matter of record.

589. Those from the negative state who identified with its style will be

exposed to the full range of reality, especially with what they denied

or resisted. Theoretically, they can continue rejecting life's facts. They

may be so frozen into the lies that they refuse to change. In that case,

they can - for the time being - hold on to their illusion of being right.

590. The point is that the direction our journey through life takes is

our responsibility. Not so much its form and shape - our mission may

require specific features - as what we do with them. Every moment we

choose the negative, we interfere with the unfolding of true life and we

dull our reflection of I AM. True life will go on anyway, but without us.

591. We can approach the future of our planet, of each of us personally,

and of the universe as such, with a sense of urgency. After all, knowing

where we're heading would help to squeeze the most out of the present.

This sounds logical, yet it rarely is the driving force in us. We avoid

giving priority to pondering the implications of our and earth's demise.

592. One surprising reason that most of us have a hard time calmly

evaluating the impact of their or earth's death, is the prodding that

comes from our 'intuition'. Something seemingly irrational tells us that

life is not a fluke of fate. However garbled or weak, that information is

correct. Our fabricators couldn't destroy all connections with eternity.

593 As mentioned before, they had to leave some space for eternity's

energy in their offspring. If only because, without it, they cannot exist.

It is through that so insulated and weakened current - mainly on our

spirit level - that we can pick up inklings of a different life. It's a reason

for our uneasiness with death. What we see and what we sense collide.

594. So what kind of future is in store for us and for our world?

The wonderful message of also this booklet is, there is no such thing

as a future. I AM is now, was, and will ever be, the All of existence.

Being Healing, Builder of Bridges in all directions or unfolding to more

wholeness says that life expands to the past as much as to the future.

595. It means, if we are truly interested in our future or past, we can

consult the One Who is both. Our only knowing linear time limits our

grasping this fully. For us, time comes with worries and wondering. It

separates us from eternity. Yet, by walking with Healing, we sense the

universal situation of being safely underway, while being home also.

596. Having arrived home spiritually does not guarantee that our mental

or physical workings visibly improve. And yet, we now know that in those

areas, too, resurrection and adjustment to the full reality is underway.

By savoring the fifth name we know we are not stuck in life. It means

that we, in the negative state, live for a while with a dual citizenship.

597. Many, if not all, who read this will be skeptical whether these words

will have any impact, especially in areas where traditions, beliefs and

customs are deeply ingrained in us. This certainly is the case with dying

and death. As it is such an unsettling occurrence, most of us probably

want the familiarity and comfort of particular rites, words or customs.

598. This booklet is not written in order to take away any comfort we may

derive from established or newly-developed ways of dealing with losses.

Yet any ceremony has the trappings of tightening dependency on external

forms that block the comfort which comes from Healing's direct presence.

Rituals, etc. also obscure that any time non-love occurs, death takes place.

599. We are fabricated with a dependency on outer forces and tissues. So

we are very vulnerable and confused when those deteriorate or are taken

away. This is in contrast to the Real Reality in which no dependency but

only pleasant cooperation exists. For us, it can't be stressed enough that,

however feebly, we can connect with the ways of life in the positive state.

600. We are learning to see our journey not as just horizontal, from birth

to old age, but also as vertical, moving closer to the 'normal' reality of love

and completeness. It is by entering the innermost sanctuary of our spirit

that we access the wideness of the universe, lose what inhibits our growth

and, above all, restore our full love relationship with the Totality of life.