LOVE Writing 6

all is love

I sat with Charles while he was dying.

His sister held his hand, stroked his hair, said sweet words.

Friends stood around, silently, shifting weight once a while.

I refrained from talking, except from saying he could let go, that all was well.

I hardly knew Charles. His sister wanted someone religious to be with them.

I could sit next to his bed. I stroked his arm. No prayer in my heart.

I had no concept of what his dying meant.

Yet, peace filled the room's silence with life, with God. Everything was love.

Charles' breathing came to a halt. His sister cried. She kissed his body.

So life goes on, for us that are alive and for the dead ones.

Good-bye, body.... Good-bye, good friends....

We share a memory of love transcending: of love at work.

Outside of love is no life; Is only a caricature of it.

Denying it shows a farce; illustrates what life is not:

what the I AM is not.

Love isn't a many splendorous thing, it is splendor itself.

Love is not making our world go around, it is the world.

Love isn't like our sun that radiates light, it is the light.

Love is not what keeps existence going, it is existence.

Love isn't the fabric of life: it is all of eternal Life itself.

The house in which love reigns is blessed to eternity: I AM dwells there. (Psalm 133)

We love nature, we love the beauty in sounds and colors, in words and in shapes.

We love eating well, we love feeling swell, we love our ideas, we love to do good.

We love loved ones, kids, country, friends; those with whom we share our body.

The sum of all of this, is that loving I AM? Or does that have its own dimension?

One that is based on being life's prime fact, that we all are a specific love-form?

And with those, our Source loves to connect, speak, spend time and hold hands.

Love is universally one outpouring of joy, of power, of growth.

It will unify, change and improve what seems already perfect.

All in life express with joy that the I AM is worth all adoration.

The movement of love is going forward, expanding, never-ending.

Universally, this means the direction to greater height of delight.

On earth, we are being pulled to opposite sides: true love or ego.

Evil blocks the actions of love. It causes being stalled, dead, cold.

All evil embodies the chosen option of violence and hate as fate.

Yet despite all efforts, love can't be stopped. We can't stop God.