....... 'ONE HOLY'

... "Are you saying the tenants side with evil forces?", James' wife asked. Jesus shook his head. "I am not here to judge, sister. All humans, because they are born on this earth, are exposed to the lies of the dark powers, are imperfect and handicapped. Nobody escapes this. I came to experience it. Everything is contaminated. On top of that, how can a person know the fire burning in other people's souls when she or he hardly can read their own spiritual temperature? The One Holy knows in fullness. Trusting that inspires and enlightens so that your fire can happily burn."

- "Weakness, tiredness or pessimism are unknown in the universe. Only in the Negative State is the intensity and passion in being alive dramatically diminished."

- "Your sun will eventually die as provider of energy; the task for your solar system will end. Light and lightness, as such, are universal. Because of My nature as fire, they are everywhere. They continuously 'erupt' from it; they are the engines of My spirit, available for all to use."

- "The more is received from Me, the fuller I become."


... "Don't talk about fire!", James said. "The tenants use those forest fires as excuse for driving up their timber prices. No wonder that people buy elsewhere." "Isn't fire always stirring up things powerfully!", Jesus reacted. "If you don't handle it with great care, it is destructive and hellish." He started to sound like a prophet. "Love is the fire of life. Play around with it and you will get burned. Connect with it properly and you are aglow with wonderful desires, physically and in the realms of your mind. Your spirit will soar to praise the One Holy exultantly."

- "Love never runs out of energy. It ignites actions that lead to forming new creations, small and tall. It never is in conflict with the activities of others."

- "Love is the engine of all that exists. Don't restrict it in your mind to emotions or to special human relationships. Nothing on any level should be approached and touched unless it is a form of making and increasing love. Otherwise both sides get burned. Misdirected fire becomes scorching coldness."

- "Realizing that love is as fire can inspire you to look for brightness, clarity and new vistas. Wherever is love, darkness is not."


... "Some of you still wonder what I think of the tenants. Will I, at one point, get angry? Will I, as my brother suggested, cut off our friendship? Will I just leave it up to the authorities? It is so true that everybody is like a flame, consuming and changing what is touched, for better or worse. The tragedy on earth is that no fire is holy or is to be trusted. People are constructed so that they are a threat to one another and to themselves. I am a threat because I am different. Be aware of what your flame radiates! Fire doesn't lie and doesn't stop. It has, like you have, so much power!"

- "Fire means light and inspiration. It is My spirit. It is your spirit, the kernel of life and the force that moves existence. It also spreads warmth and pleasantness; it heats up the appetite and zest for living."

- "The 'deadness' and boredom experienced on earth is in essence a sickness, a delusion. It means that the sensors for the glow of real living and happiness are dulled or point in the wrong direction."

- "The destructive aspect of fire originates in the machinations of the Negative State. Never is My fiery nature a threat. When My rage or wrath are mentioned, even respectfully, it is an incorrect anthropomorphic matter of speech."


... "So, who will help your mother to deal with those people?" This obvious question had to be raised. "First of all," Jesus responded, "they will never be 'those people' for me. Secondly, do not imply that I am an outsider or that I am basically indifferent to this unpleasant issue. The crucial question is, is there a common will to solve the problem wisely and caringly, and at the same time practically. All flames, desires and intentions together form a fire that can purify the situation when they are positive. My contribution is to represent love as the most powerful factor. Will you back me up?"

- "The component fire in all existence holds entities and structures together so they can function as distinct and unique units and singularities while still part of the whole. Moreover, it highlights mutual respect and attractiveness."

- "The power and purity of the fire I am provides the universe on all levels with a shared excitement and common drive to beautify, perfect, expand and intensify all that exists and all that will come into being."

- "Deepening insights in cosmic powers on earth will not lead to proper use of those forces. What potentially could bring humans closer to Me is immediately diverted, perverted and disconnected from the true reality by the Negative State."


... Remarks were heard about how wonderful it would be if a pleasant solution could be found. They looked at Jesus. "I have come to heal," he calmly stated. "I have the power to heal from all sick situations. How can I do that? Because I am among you as the beachhead of the positive state, the heavenly kingdom. The problem is, are you willing to participate in the healing and cleansing, starting in your own mind and heart? Are you ready to function as a wildfire of healing proportions in all areas of your life and in all situations that come your way?"

- "Fire doesn't hold back. It enjoys too much being involved in stirring up, moving on, shedding clearer light. It expands in all directions toward more wholeness."

- "What on earth you call 'healing', relates to things broken. Once the full measure of brokenness is reached, the data about it will forever be available for learning; it will be a beacon for all others to see how not to move and shape things."

- "My new nature now includes the cleansed faulty product of the human experience. My traveling to the inner core of the 'hell's' has enabled Me to mark for them a way back to Me from their inside out. The flames that keep the 'hell's' going can, after purification, reconnect with the power center of the real reality."


... "You always give us the impression that you have more light and might than anybody else. What is that 'divine spark', you claim?" It was one of his friends, asking it. He seemed sincere. Jesus leaned over to him. "You yourself are, by the very fact of your being alive, more than a spark in creation. You are a full flame, hot, gleaming with power from within, throwing off energy. Everybody is that way. Now choose: do you want to use your power to pulverize what is in your way or melt it into gold? I am the true fire. Stay close to me and you will keep glowing and be a positive force!"

- "You, as everything, exist because of My creative fire, your body as well as your psyche and spirit. The Negative State was not able to change this. They themselves are, to their chagrin, defined by it."

- "Seeing your own person as a formation of energy you cannot provide yourself, may help you and all humans to move away from anthropocentric megalomania. Everything that exists expresses something of Me."

- "Spiritually, too, nobody can ignite their own lightning spark, create insight or meet with Me can unless they personally remove obstacles. All people on earth, each in their own particular way, can darken the glow of My closeness."


... "I've never seen you really angry," his little sister said. "Did he ever fight with James, mother, when they were little?" "I was scared of him," James said. "Still now, Jesus, you sort of hold us at bay by not really engaging on our level." "No dear," Mary answered her daughter, "your brother was never violent. But he had his ways...!" Jesus laughed. "At times, I feel like punching noses! But, sweety, I will never do that. My main goal is that everybody watching how I behave will become curious as to where my power and insights come from."

- "Reality, real living, is so bright and light, it pulsates with aliveness and beauty.

- "Everywhere, the humblest task is performed with the same dedication and verve as the most advanced and complicated undertaking. It is My presence in all, My fire as the energy of life that has all beings breathe with ease and gladness."

- "Your sun, besides being finite and programmed by the Negative State to also be destructive, serves as a nice symbol for the boundless energy available for developing and sustaining life."