(What G. brought up during the first two visits seems to give an outline upon which he later expanded. Therefore I report it as I heard it. These sessions took place before I went on a vacation. The rest occurred during that vacation.)

After G. had introduced himself to me, it shocked me quite a bit when he mentioned he had been directly involved in my personal life. That is, in my time frame, after he had converted back to the Positive State; not before.

He invited me to remember instances when I easily could have succumbed to negative pursuits. He gave a few examples. Some of those I had almost forgotten. He said that the times when I wavered, he did not make decisions for me, yet his presence had held at a distance forces that wanted my positive side to 'fail' and the negative drives within me to succeed.

I told him that if that was so, what does that do to my freedom of choice, when forces unbeknownst to me control my space?

He came back with a remark that confirmed what I long suspected but hardly ever tried to think through. He said that my deepest choices came from a motivation that coincided with the reality of the Positive State; came from a deep desire to align with a truth that was there even if I couldn't name it.

(I realize that this indeed may be the case. Earlier in my life, when I saw positive things surfacing in me, I contributed it to my being brought up by decent parents, in an environment and culture that in general promoted doing 'good'. But even more, I related it to my fear to do something that would be frowned upon. In other words, I tried to play it safe. Yet, I always had doubts about these 'rationalizations'.)

He said that all along I had sensed that many widely accepted ideas about life were false and misleading. The attention he gave me has stimulated my wondering about what is really true.

"So you have been bailing me out?" was my reaction. "And why me? There are a billion people of my age group; were they all exposed to your kind of influence?"

His answer was a simple, "Yes". He mentioned the minion-type of negative forces active in the human sphere. I have given those power with my self-serving scheming to be acceptable for my environment. But then, there also are the forces of the Positive State. They are everywhere where existing occurs. "Yes, in and around all the billions of others you mentioned!" he added.

(I do know that I often, un-explainably, have gotten away with things potentially disastrous for my public image.)

He brought up that my getting all this information had to do with the acceleration of external inter-connectedness on a global scale. The true facts of life becoming available to everybody on our planet is indicative for the closure phase of this cycle of 'time'. Humans, when learning about those facts, are in a position to choose their own 'last judgment' and can detach from the Negative State. All can accept the invitation to come home to reality. Each time when individuals recognize truth is given to them, like through these Writings, their resurrection to the Positive State can take place.

He stressed that each person is, by definition, invited to consciously reconnect with the remnant of true life within them. Over that infinitesimal small segment the negative forces have no power. The solidity of this presence in everything's spiritual core far exceeds what is visible of it on the external level or what is understood of it internally.

He now sees it as ironic that what his generation claims as a viable alternative world with its many impressive achievements and practical benefits for people, is actually hastening its own demise as protagonist of the Negative State.

(I shared with him a 'vision' I once had. In it, the top representative of his generation was going to announce via world-wide television and through chips implanted in every person their total control over life on earth. But when everyone alive tuned in to hear the declaration of the establishment of their reign, the whole population of our planet instead was seeing and hearing the I AM revealing Him/Herself on the external level, visibly - like the Booklets already do in print.)

G. told me that he is aware of the often violent and gruesome scenarios people come up with in regard to the ending of life on our planet. This has no basis in the nature of I AM, as reality exclusively consists of goodness and wisdom. Any form of violence and other evil is the result of his generation having turned reality inside out and perverting as much as possible the likeness of the true universe.

When writing this down, I don't remember anymore if it was Wisdom or Gamaliel who pointed to the eleventh element of being, differentness, as described in the Booklets. One of them said, "The oneness of life is never at the expense of everything being distinct as an individual unit. 'All being different' has to be taken in its most literal as well as absolute sense. It is the way I AM is One while nothing of Her/Him ever is the same. It is good to remember this when you feel lost in life's complexity."

It was G. who explained that creating identical entities - he used the example of robots - and, at the other end, creating disunity and alienation is on the priority list of his generation's experimentation. They learn the hard way that it just cannot be done. No atom or subatomic particle and its environment is like another. It is unique, simply because it mirrors on its level I AM's nature. Yet they took on the challenge to explore whether there are exceptions.

The next day, G. came again. He said he would like to give me information from his particular perspective. It struck me again how crystal clear his eyes were. But the vague sadness was there, like yesterday.

He started by reminding me that indeed it was his generation that laid the groundwork for the brokenness and horrors that plague our planet and its societies. Not that they knew those would occur. They didn't plan them. They couldn't, as they were unfamiliar with things not being right. What they did plan and followed up on was searching for what had the potential of being unlike the Positive State.

Of how the Positive State functioned they had all the data. So they systematically undermined and distorted anything that reflected the 'old' reality. Once life on earth was put on a different track - externals first, disconnected from the innermost spirit core - confusion and degeneration took over by itself. Natural disasters, illnesses, death and all things negative are not their doing per se. They were unfamiliar with these phenomena, but when they showed up they welcomed them and used them for further experimenting.

They had set in motion what is now called the Negative State, convinced that eventually their offspring, my generation of humans, will choose the orientation towards the outside of things over the way living is done in the rest of the universe.

As G.'s generation had not been directly exposed to the 'old' world, they felt free to experiment in any direction different than that realm. Ironically and paradoxically, the only factor that restricted their freedom to do 'their thing' was not emulating the Positive State. It irked them to no end that this curtailed their freedom. It led to resenting and hating what they had no choice but to avoid.

While he was talking, I wondered, to say the least, how a person his size could be involved with interfering with something like galactic laws.

He picked up on these and similar thoughts in my mind, nodded and said that, yes indeed, to me that seemed impossible. But I should not forget that humans like me lack many features he and the others of his generation have, like being not limited to one particular size. or place. He mentioned the animal 'monster' I saw expanding not long ago, which looked so ridiculous to me. Well, he and his generation can operate on a galactic scale, if needed. He said, "I can be bigger than your sun, to give you some idea. External size is not a determining factor. We adjust to the density and frequency on which we want things to happen"

How many of them were and are around, I asked.

He didn't answer that question directly. He said that his generation acted as a group or unit despite the coldness and distrust among them. What kept them together and going was the obsession with reaching the goal of presenting the rest of the universe with an alternative way of life.

When I asked why he broke away from the others of his generation, he answered along the lines described in the chapter 'Narrative' in The Seven Names. He recognized that underneath his excitement and determination to finish what the earlier humans started was a nagging doubt about the whole project. Not unlike the doubt I all my life experienced, he said.

He said that all members of his generation have some of this wondering but most ignore, fight and suppress it. Much more visibly than we as their manipulated product, they had been in the likeness and image of I AM. That model had to be replaced. As they were only partially successful, it fed his doubt. He kept coming to the conclusion it was a hopeless task they had taken on.

He also could not shake the idea that the world of his ancestors, from what he knew about it, was superior to what they were manufacturing. So he broke ranks and asked permission to return 'home'.

He kept mentioning that what makes life on earth so difficult and often painful for those living there, was not their invention. They didn't know what could happen when they obscured and disturbed the connections with the Positive State. Death, violence, sickness, deterioration or catastrophic events were unknown to them until they happened as result of their meddling.

Once the dysfunction was there, it greatly facilitated their efforts to sidetrack spiritual principles and replace them with externals-dependent goals. In general, he said, we, their offspring, have been doing their bidding and went along nicely with the new setup.

He emphasized that the ultimate purpose of the human endeavor stayed intact. The issue was, 'What will be chosen by those who have not been exposed to the real reality?' Will they listen to signs of the true reality knocking within them and follow up on it, even if it goes against their externals-based logic? Will they hold on to the little of love and truth they still find within? Will they act upon that, not for gain but for the sake of trusting it is the right way to live? Or will they expect to find meaning in life only from external sources?

I asked if he is still involved with what happens on earth.

He said, yes, and that talking to me was an example of it. He mentioned that what he radiates towards people may for them come in the form of an inner voice, a sensing, a flash of insight or as our type of contact. It always will be positive.

He warned that, to us, the destructive appearance and influence of his generation may seem the most powerful. Yet, their presence is often disguised as good or wise spirits, sweet voices and urges, including impersonating I AM, at least for a while.

He reminded me that others have written about the forces and impostors of the Negative State. I personally had my bouts with dark forces. Their prompting always augments our physical and mental dependency on other people's ideas and promises. They feed our ego and fan our desire for power as well as our innate fearfulness, insecurity and guilt.

When I questioned whether that doesn't interfere with our freedom of choice, he explained that no positive presence, in whatever form, ever pushes, demands, takes over or even requests. This indicates a total respect for our free will, even if the mechanics by which we choose are infested and far from perfect. They leave it up to each individual how he or she reacts to life's challenges. This in contrast with the methods used by his generation and its minions. Those liberally use coercion, authority, threats and a variety of mental pressures to have people act and decide in their direction.

About me, he said that I was 'spotted' by agents of the Positive State as a potential transmitter of information about the real reality. This was the reason I had been protected against getting completely stuck in unproductive situations so I could develop sensitivity to ideas coming from the real reality. Yet it remains my decision whether I keep wondering and digging for the real truth.

Nothing was or is forced on me. When opportunities arose, I chose to go in the direction I did without having clear ideas to where it could lead. I evidently trusted a deep sense in me that I was on to something important. During this process he, or rather his personal attention, had taken on many forms to keep alive for me options of making choices in a positive direction. Of most of this I was not or hardly aware.

I asked if his 'siblings' still know or recognize him.

He warned me to avoid as much as possible thinking from the linear time idea. But yes, he still is part of their generation. They know he is in the opposite 'camp', although that is a matter of speaking. Both they and he are involved with the human charge, be it now in opposite ways. Those he broke with push the human pursuit to its absolute extreme at whatever costs.

The forces G. joined will not interfere with this. What they do is 'stay around' and promote on our planet connections with the real reality. This gives us present humans a chance to choose and cultivate love and truth, starting within ourselves; even while thoroughly practicing it can be extremely difficult.

So he and his 'siblings', as well as we, their fabrication, contribute to the finalization of the endeavor for which the human species came into being.

I asked him about the choices people can make after their death when, as I understand, they will be exposed to life's true proportions. Will anybody still wish a destructive and dishonest life style? And if nobody does, why doesn't his generation give up if they keep 'losing' everybody after their lifetime on earth?

He said he had to correct my thinking. After their physical death people will be free more than they ever were to opt for the reality they want to belong to. That can still be the Negative State. People used to lying to themselves and thwarting their deepest longings may choose to keep doing that even when facing the true facts of existence. Nobody will automatically embrace real life or will be pushed into it.

But more to the point in answering my question is to realize that the purpose of being born on earth is making choices while we are there, any second of it. Choosing, on all levels, consciously or not, manifests the purpose of this cycle of 'time'. So not what happens after our death really counts but what we choose to be and do now today.

He said that some words I use, like destructive or dishonest, are not precise enough. His generation had no intention to bring into being the suffering of humans and nature. Everything dysfunctional and imperfect is the consequence of obscuring and disconnecting the awareness of I AM's all-presence. Their pursuit was not, causing disasters or misery as such. He admitted that for most people it will be hard to grasp - it is for me! - that supporting external well-being like health and prosperity is for the negative forces a much more effective weapon to keep us in servitude to the illusion of reality than what enhancing suffering does. Although it is the brokenness that has become symbolic for their reign.

His generation did at first not know exactly what happened when people died, because of the isolation from the spiritual realm they had instituted. They had some suspicions, yet didn't and don't consider what happens after people's death a threat. They are focused on perfecting the alternative world that is externals-dependent and disconnected from I AM. They believe that all other segments of the universe will at one point join them when it is proven that I AM's pretenses of exclusivity are false. I should, however, realize that through the information made available these days-like what I receive right in the midst of the Negative State - the fifth generation now knows more than they ever did about their own position. It stirs up quite a bit of re-thinking there.

(This talk and yesterday's seem preliminaries to the regular twice daily meetings that were to take place for almost a week. I was apprehensive about what would happen on the first day on my vacation when I installed myself on a beach, ready to record what would expire. I wondered if the setup was not too much my idea. And what if I could not 'get through'? But as always in situations like this, when I am sort of uptight, the moment I do open up myself for connecting with the spiritual world, it becomes clear that the problem or worry is with me and never with I AM or any of the entities in the real reality.)