One Holy

"The freedom component of being in life is another key for understanding yourself,

for you earth humans, that is. In all the other dimensions freedom doesn't stand out.

Well, I better say, all twelve elements are equally treasured and effectively practiced.

Yet in the area of free choice, the basis of existence, humans on earth became pivotal

for three reasons. One, humans portray for the universe where non-freedom leads to;

two, I showed I won't restrict freedom, and three, through them My nature changed.


"Let Me elaborate and sharpen the picture. You, as you are, live an abnormal life.

Normal is, choosing to represent and reflect My style, individually and together.

Normal is, relating to Me in a completely open, a self-chosen and personal way.

You know by now that I call that 'making love'. It is natural, for all on their level.

You're part of the only segment of life in which all-love can't be fully practiced.

You portray for all in the universe what they dislike and not want to be part of.


"The original human beings were charged with exploring the full range of freedom.

Some of them didn't stop when unnatural and 'impossible' options were pondered.

They chose to try to fabricate a world outside and away from My direct presence.

The circumstances on earth and in human societies are the results of their efforts.

So the question where freedom can lead to, you also answer by how you perform.

Can you see it is a reason I have no desire to judge or condemn? You 'just' portray.


"The experiments with eliminating Me led to all the dependencies as you know them.

Humans take them as normal, since you're made so that you need others and things.

It's all but impossible for you to imagine anything surviving and function by free will.

Your ancestors genetically altered - sort of lobotomized - all their offspring's brains.

Even if you 'could' picture total freedom for all, you would not be able to practice it.

You can't survive by yourself; you need food, air, your body or others. Slavery rules.


"With great difficulty, your ancestors, by blocking out light, created darkness.

It was new, unknown, unreal; bondage and dependency replaced free choice.

You, on your side, wonder if any life-form can exist, not 'needing' the outside.

I talk about the crucial role humans play in their totally unnatural conditions.

I, by free will, didn't decide to withdraw My love from them in their darkness.

So, I remain a presence in a world that denies Me and is shattering My image.


"I will say much more about freedom in this ninth booklet, but listen carefully now.

My first name, One Holy, rules out grasping the reason behind My being Who I am.

Yet even for you, it may make sense that I, the All Who Is, don't 'have' to be as I am.

I am what I decide to be. And what that is, My other names tell you in these words.

So, here it comes, as already stated but now in full force: AS I AM FREE, SO IS ALL.

So free are you that, if you choose, you can deny or defy Me, Who is All, Life Itself.


"My nature's element freedom is in your nature. It is in everything coming from Me.

To say it this way is your only avenue for tasting that freedom to choose is normal.

The way I am is reflected in all. But I do not need you. I desire you, not control you.

You're equipped with a universal free will. You're free to seek Me; you don't 'must'.

My Being's fullness, My nature, My 'living', thrives on the freedom I can be Myself.

It is how all in the universe approach Me; choosing to love Me is purely authentic.


"Do you see the ramifications of that My Unknown is in no way a threat to freedom?

I share freedom with all before Me; it's a result of My desire that they're all like Me.

It includes not just sentient beings like humans. On its level, matter has this quality.

Will you ever be able to understand this? What you're observing is contradicting it.

And this observation is correct! It's so that in everything's core My presence hides.

When you meet with Me, a sensitivity for and awareness of true, full reality grows.


"It's possible in the isolated, prison-type negative state to connect with freedom.

That has to do with the changes in My nature. I am different, 'newer', than I was.

I use here the human linear concept of time so you can use this in your thinking.

The change in My nature relates to My choice to subject Myself to being denied.

There is no human equivalent or comparison. To My 'All' I add being challenged.

I choose to allow freedom for the force set on proving I'm not the 'All' I say I am.


"Even if everything in your life seems slave of external factors, do not be deceived.

Your ninth component can seem almost a joke, impotent, or at best a nice illusion.

Yet it's in regard to this element that the integrity of all life universal was at stake.

In other dimensions is the way I react to freedom's abuse reason for celebration.

My New Nature opens up to a new cycle of being, void of, even potential, threats.

The human endeavor unmasks forever the horror of where non freedom leads to.


"When looking around in the external world, you gain no insight in true freedom.

Despite that, on some level, freedom is a hot commodity. For it, people sacrifice.

Yet, even as liberated nation or individual, you cannot shake off all dependencies.

You are not existing in a vacuum. You'll be surrounded by restrictions on all sides.

Your psyche is a bit freer. Like children, you even may fantasize you are almighty.

Within you, some freedom is left to choose your personal thoughts and attitudes.


"Now, in that internal freedom to think and to react, how much of you is in charge?

The only guarantee for lasting liberation has to do with My unknowable One Holy.

I am not playing with words. I address you. I say I love you, I, the life force ITSELF.

Yet, the Me you embrace in your spirit is the same as the One beyond everything.

As I take you serious and let you discover Me, don't you think I'll respect choices?

All life before Me is from Me. It comes with freedom. It includes to love Me, or not.


"The full knowledge of Me in all the other dimensions is not in spite of My unknown.

Nothing's being hidden or kept secret. There's no desire to penetrate My unknown.

Why not? Because how they do know Me as the all-goodness Presence is only bliss.

Walking with and before Me, co-directing life's unfolding, is an ongoing honor to all.

By My transcending all this, the being close to Me receives its ultimate fascination.

All feel that through Me, through Our intimacy, they are forever reaching the apex.


"I tell you this as simply as I can so you, too, can feel fully included in life's greatness.

This information is given to emphasize the absolute limitless freedom for anything.

That nothing of what emanates from Me can enter My One Holy is not a limitation.

It's the gloriously firm ground on which you and all existence stand, walk and build.

Not entering it equals not wanting to do so because My fullness is all yours already.

This is how all in the universe experience life and use freedom to adoringly love Me.


"I hinted at the situation that your ancestors succeeded isolating My first name.

They learned that what transcends knowing can't be touched. It's unreachable.

What they did, you could say, is turning to life's other end: to the external's side.

Normally, relating to what's in life is from My presence in all being's inner core,

meaning all aspects of relating are from free will and love as that's My nature.

By extremely sophisticated manipulations they did separate life's three-levels.


"It meant that at one point the flow from within to without became interrupted.

The essence and substance of each life-form they couldn't change. Nothing can.

But connections, interactions, the glow, uses and functions, they could defraud.

I do not hand you this to educate you. I like you to know the facts behind all evil.

It's evil right away if even one piece of matter loses the ability to function well.

It means the innocence in universal relating was gone. Separation had entered.


"All explorations took place in the most outer reaches of life's most external realm.

It is very difficult to explain as you're used to think in terms of distances and time.

Practically, it meant their research and experiments pseudo-created novel space.

Against which the rest of the universe had to be protected; it still is the situation.

For fabricating some suitable offspring your ancestors tried numerous scenarios.

Humanity now fits their bill: enough freedom left to make sophisticated choices.


"Scattered throughout the writings you hear bits and pieces of your human origin.

It's understandable that speculations abound about the scope of human freedom.

On one hand, you seem to firmly control most of your social or personal situation.

On the other hand, you ask if that has any meaning or is all perhaps prearranged.

I've told you often to be more than cautious when certain 'truths' are proclaimed.

It is crucial to ask your spirit-self if what I state makes any sense. Sense is enough.


"About one thing, the negative state, the name for your ancestors' realm, and I agree.

The human offspring, however mutilated, must be able to take sides: theirs or Mine.

Their platform is that life flows in a reversed direction, from the externals to within.

That self-supportive alternative state would eliminate needs for My One Holy side.

In their scheme, earth's dependency on the external is a dire necessity. Well, it was.

But My entering the away-from-Me created world gives you cracks to slip through.


"The freedom component of your nature is crucial for fully understanding anything.

The freedom of choice, free will, whatever you call it, extends to your whole person.

For your mind it means you can approach what is in life from and with this element.

It almost sounds cynical, in view of earth's all-over dependency and restrictiveness.

These words, therefore, will be ridiculed or ignored as besides how one does living.

Yet deep within, people feel a freedom knocking that refuses to remain suppressed.


"The worlds of all the universe basks in all-around freely expressed appreciation.

Nothing is taken for granted. It's chosen. All living is based on free participation.

It follows My model and shows the image of My nature in a relative-to-Me way.

You could say, here I go again, but yes, this includes matter and non-sentient life.

How they exercise freedom, and choose, is only graspable from My perspective.

While with Me in your spirit, you may see the logic that everything 'volunteers'."