Part 3



I told I AM that I feel my range of grasping things is frustratingly limited. At times, I really feel at the edge. I then don't want to hear new things. When that happens anyway, I often conclude it cannot be I AM speaking. The nasty implication of this is that I may constantly sift what I hear in order to accommodate my level of intellectual comfort. This, in addition to the possibility that I pull the words of the Writings from the deep recesses of my unconsciousness, whatever that is. I AM's reaction surprised and delighted me.

"I laugh again. Yes, it is exactly what you do, sifting and making up your own words! But what you consider your unconsciousness with its deep recesses is in fact part of your spiritual realm, it touches the real reality. Granted, it is very difficult to access it and its outer layers are filled with falsities. Your fabricators saw to that. So information about reality coming from there has to be sifted out. But do realize that I am, or if you want, My spirit is, not a stranger coming from outside who whispers nuggets of wisdom in your ear. I exist within you. My presence dwells there all the time, ready and willing to communicate directly with you. Think again in terms of our oneness. Yes, OUR oneness."

"There is no other reality than the one I am, even if on earth this still is challenged. All existing is within, through and before Me. Those three pronouns nicely point at the three-layers of My nature and therefore of the composition of everything that is around. As so often said, you are not Me. You are as Me. This is not a mystery. You can let it sink in that We are one. In case you think this still is mysterious, you create a problem. Living in the reality of My love and My truth comes with transparency. Well, there is an eternity to explore your limits."