Part 3



"You still wonder whether an increase of well-functioning and, on a personal level, more good deeds can change life on earth for the better. What if globally a change in mentality takes place and everywhere people become more sensitive to the needs of other members of their species and of nature? Voices to that extent are raised! What if politics, the economy, technical advances and cultures move in the direction of what you saw? Wouldn't that bode well for life on earth? Yet even while you entertain those thoughts, you know the answer lies in realizing that questions like these are not based in reality."

"You have been told that even if today all members of the fifth generation would return to normal and give up the pursuit that led to the Negative State, for the structure of your planet and generation humans nothing would change really. The damage is done, you could say; is irreparable as your situation is unreal. Yet what I say, and what, of all people, you should know, is that the hoped-for better world does exist already; you saw it! On your spirit level you did dwell there for short moments. What all My speaking to you have been stressing is that access to the true reality everybody has who is willing to not expect solutions from the externals but goes inward and meets with Me personally. Everybody is invited to integrate the true state of being in their person. When they do, their resurrection to Reality is taking place."

"The prime objection to what I just said, also in your mind, is: Fine, on the spiritual level is may be possible to find a spot of profound peace and to see wisdom and beauty shine, but what the spirit realm offers does not match the hard realness of our external world, our daily life. That seemingly indisputable objection proves how successful your fabricators are. Isn't their goal to demonstrate that external facts determine life - not I? Well, I simply say that seeing things external as priority only leads to lies. The desire to detach yourself from this falsity has to be your choice. This is so for everybody exposed to the Negative State. The towering reason for the existence of isolation, imperfection and suffering is precisely the exploration of what happens when My all-ness is rejected."

"I do not judge the perpetrators of the lie and those who fall for it. I open my arms to welcome back to reality everything and everyone. I did it for you. Even if your mental and physical status may seem not different than before, you know that the spiritual context in which you operate changed dramatically. You now understand true life. It doesn't make you a saint or places you 'above it all' for the rest of your earthly life. Yet, you learned that the way your person was seen and treated by all those you met during your visits counts more as real than how you are judged in your earthly life."