....... 'ONE HOLY'

... "People can cause a lot of misery," Mary sighed. Jesus nodded. "The right road is not just necessarily narrow but is strewn with man-made obstacles. Just think about how people are supposed to influence each other. It is inconceivable in the worlds of heaven that harm is done to someone else. Why should that happen? All share beauty, energy, love in abundance. It is available, it is for all, it is a given. The radiation of One Holy's nature causes only positive and happy reactions. Why should humans affect each other in negative and painful ways? Ask that question; of yourself first of all!"

- "Many on earth equate Me with the ultimate, primal triggering force. Others think there is no conscious center, just an accidental beginning. The rest of the universe has not the faintest idea what these absurd thoughts about Me mean."

- "For people on earth, as a result of being produced by their rebellious ancestors all kinds of rigid laws of cause and effects were enforced. Therefore, people speak of fate or 'we can do nothing about it' or 'life is the way it is'."

- "I Myself am the effect of My Truth and Love interacting. Both flow from My desire to be that way. My not-name-able dimension as the One Holy indicates I also exceed causative dynamics. Yet you can react with unconditional trust in Me."


... Jesus leaned over to the ones close to him. "Please, do take it personally what I am going to say. You, because you are a life-form, whether you like it or not, influence everything around you. You move the air with your breathing, you imprint your image on people and even your thoughts are out there, taking up unseen space. You constantly add your presence to what is around you. What message do you radiate, send out? What change do you stir up? All the automatic energy you exhibit should come from love. But does it? Do not look to someone else. Are you a positive factor?"

- "Learn to see that love is the only effect worth that name. Longing for love to materialize has been part of human dreams. As it is ingrained in the real reality, it also is imprinted on the genetically and otherwise altered human form you are."

- "In the realm of the hell's the love quality is turned inside out and is powerfully effective as hate, envy, control, dependency and the like."

- "All that emanates from Me is important, is a factor, has impact on the totality of life. This is a central topic in the meetings, discussions and learning sessions among the different realms in the universe. All want to function as I do, with goodness for as many as desire it and as completely as fulfilling."


... "I do not like to be preached at," the voice in the back boomed, "I can be my own judge." "Which," Jesus responded, "will probably keep you from looking into the painful and dark areas within yourself. Nothing I say is not the truth. And only being completely honest about the true reality will let you know that you are free. Only truth stops slavery and brings lightness to people's hearts and actions. What you call preaching, I see as offering tools for breaking out of your self-deception and fearfulness. Being honest with yourself powerfully affects your future."

- "This eighth element of life tells you that My nature 'moves and shakes'. Also, matter is always reacting within itself and towards its environment. It is foolish to restrict My impact to moral issues. My active presence is in everything."

- "Of course, all entities in existence are accountable for their behavior. Whether this takes place internally as thinking and attitude or externally as action and communicating. It may greatly surprise you, your impact on others!"

- "You observe that in more or less functioning families, children know they are important to their parents. The intricacies of family dynamics escape them but they operate from this fact. So all are blessed by being in the one reality I am."


... His words caused consternation. The man in the back was a well-respected civic leader. James tried to calm the group. To Jesus he said, "Do not turn against us! Even if you have a good point to make, no use throwing out accusations. We do not argue that nobody is perfect." Calmly Jesus said, "On earth, the truth always hurts. Like love always gets polluted. This is the way the negative force fabricated people and society. The more I reveal the structure of life as it is in its real proportions, the more painfully this will show deficiencies here in all aspects of life."

- "I stated many times that the Negative State cleverly obscures the true origin of reality. The irony is that, while they pseudo-created the opposite of the well-run celestial society, they still had to obey the basic laws of order and cooperation."

- "Even if forces of deterioration and falling apart rule on earth, most humans, correctly, will not accept this as doom or final reality. You know people that fight or fought heroically to bring about some order, meaning, justice and decency."

- "The irony is, again, that any effort put out by the negative state causes reactions that contribute to more learning about how impossible it is to eliminate in life its origin in Me."


... The air became thick with resentment. "Why should we listen to you?", someone shouted angrily. "Our councilman is right. Do not talk down to us!" Jesus said, "Do with my words what you want. Evidently, they stir up emotions. I simply point out to you that all of you, whether you are aware of it or not, prompt effects. On all levels. Always. From your day one you influence your environment. I just ask you to mind your power, how you judge, what you think, radiate and do. I declare to you the ever-expanding heavenly wholeness. You figure out where you fit in."

- "The way life develops is not 'up in the air'. There is a specific goal on which all in freedom agree. That goal is to add to the splendor of everything in existence, be it small or big. Each part wants to contribute."

- "When I say that My nature is not stagnant but always expanding, it includes the movement of literally everything that exists towards more wholesomeness."

- "Awareness of the nature of cause and effect is carried with great pride by all. Non-sentient matter is utilized with respect because it also originates in Me. Expanding means the increase in density and the accuracy of reflecting My nature. It is being on the way to become fuller partners in universal lovemaking."


... Mary went around, picking up the leftovers from the meal, trying with kind words to diffuse the tension. Jesus watched her for a while. He commented, "My mother wants you to feel good. She acts the way she feels. I take it that most of you try consciously, at least in some areas of your life, to let come out the best in you. Do not think that the One Holy is not pleased with efforts that mirror, reflect and represent the real nature of life. The heavens know how difficult living on earth is. So, do not ever be discouraged and hold on to knowing that the One Holy works through you."

- "It has been duly documented on earth that surviving has priority over all other activities. Living centers around securing the safest possible position. Anywhere else, life revolves around the desire to contribute to the beauty of the whole."

- "You could say that 'responsibility' is universally highly rated. Nobody is the same, so each entity is in charge of shaping its own uniqueness and effectiveness. The results are always proudly shown."

- "Having effect on others is a challenge that brings out a sense of exuberance; being effected by others brings out feelings of never diminishing gratitude. At all times, the glow of My presence is visible in everything."


... He continued, "It is so easy to get upset with each other. It seems so obvious why and where others fail. I understand your annoyance with me. Because I do say with authority things that rub you the wrong way. So you get angry and defend yourself. Let me very clearly state that I have no pleasure whatsoever in antagonizing any of you. You all can, if you want, envision a world in which the different streams of people's energy and passion aim at happiness for all. That is what power is all about. You can manifest it. It is in you! Be the supportive and well-grounded factor in your situation!"

- "By connecting with Me you tap an eternally spouting well for inspiration. It makes you a positive presence in the midst of negative currents."

- "All efforts of all people of good will do not produce a better society on earth. The value of being filled with My energy is in that fact itself, not in what it visibly accomplishes. If results of efforts show up in the external world at all, they are immediately susceptible to being used for their opposite, for leading away from Me."

- "I willed life. My will, therefore, has its presence in your life. Seeing this, accepting and trusting it, is sufficient for true happiness and for being productive in the 'big scheme of things'."