The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "Space, as component of existence, is also on earth recognized as such. Human understanding goes only so far, but somehow it accepts that there is no 'end' to the universe, no frontier. If there was, then the question remains what is on the other side of this side'. In any direction, there is no 'ending' or limit. This may give you some sense of what My first name, One Holy, indicates. You state that the majesty of such an immense totality, so open on all sides in terms of time, distance and density can be traced to something that deserves the name 'One Holy'."

"Yet, this way of thinking does not contribute to more insight in My being it. Recognizing and experiencing the space to which you belong can lead to a healthy humility and a legitimate desire to explore. But that is not what this first 'prayer' is all about. The purpose of it is to help you accept your own place in the absoluteness of life, which includes the part beyond all creatures' grasp. 'Heaven' points, like 'father' does, at a 'before' and a 'beyond'. As I am also that, it triggers everywhere a 'hallowing' or treasuring of all My names."

"'Praying' this adds to your 'knowing' what you do not know, cannot know and will not know - intellectually nor otherwise. In this sense, it is the most complete and fulfilling addition human knowledge can contain. The unknown has a name. It is Me. So 'praying' this is not based on grasping, but on being a part of Me. The 'prayer' quietly states your position in space and eternity. My being One Holy leads to only one reaction from all in the universe. They lift up and treasure My seven names. Let Me tell you that nothing gives sentient entities more pleasure and satisfaction than to be able to 'hallow' Me. It instantly gives meaning, purpose and fullness to their being in life. It places them in a position where everything in and around them can flourish. Being before and in Me, they dwell in this magnificent edifice that contains all universes. Their desire to contribute with what they are and have has no limits. It makes for a very proud society."

"All is set to blossom when it is positioned correctly. Therefore I gave the 'prayer': to make this personal. The way you state it is a connection with all in the full reality. They feel the same way. You take your fifth component of life, space, seriously when independently, out of free will, you look further than just external and internal facts. You discovered within yourself My presence and the scope of My being space without boundaries, in which all reality takes place. Now, you can approach every new situation with this song of praise, treasuring your knowledge of Me and My being with you, as I am with all that exists. I am also there, where you have no images for. Hallowing My names is as taking in the most wonderful breath you'll ever do. It places you, consciously, in the wideness of all space with its limitless perfection!"

"There is fear among people to activate this element in them. They cling to what they can grasp, to boundaries 'everybody' accepts and to what makes sense according to their logic. The 'unknowns' and the 'beyond' are delegated to the realm of speculation, fantasies, myths, religion or science-fiction, where gods or supra naturals freely roam. Very common is to just ignore or deny an 'out there' reality. In general, information from traditional 'sacred' scriptures or old folks wisdom's, time-honored rituals promoting sacrifices and good deeds to appease the higher powers, or scientific data give some relief for people's thinking about what could be the center and circumference of space."

"I offer you more. I offer you to know Me intimately. I offer closeness wherever one is in space. The truth is that I am always on your level and in your realm since We have the component of space in common. I never ask you to penetrate what you cannot. I do not go by earth's standard that considers the unknown as not-yet-known. My being One Holy is not accessible for any kind of thinking. I am the is of existence, and this includes My first 'face' that only I know. The power of this first 'prayer' is that it guarantees that as far as you can reach with your mind, body or spirit, you will find only glory, the glory of My all transcending Being."

"Those that allow the element of space to color their awareness are blessed people. They rise in their spirit above the confinements of earth. The best will come out of them. All people who are sincere, humble, curious, caring, and cautious to not believe in anybody but Me, are blessed. Their roots are strong and long. If only people knew how beautiful, fulfilling and rich a universe they're part of. It would make the road they journey on, with its debris and land mines, less threatening and arduous. 'Praying' these words eliminates asking Me things that foster dependency. When you lift up/affirm My names, you take responsibility for being in life. You add your voice to the universal song of adoration and you use your freedom to fill the depths and highs and widths of your volume with wonder, joy and love."



... "Space, with all in it living in harmony and love, don't some dreamers sing of it this way: space as a cosmic paradise of happiness, brimming with joyful activities and everyone embraced by warm attention and being invited to celebrate? Everywhere the glow of abundance, satisfaction and freedom? Well, this sort of sums up the result of My kingdom being in effect. And, actually, it is the full reality. There is no other realm, status or sphere for well-being than the all-illuminating functioning of My second name. There never can be enough space for making love work."

"How My seven names and the twelve components of life relate is of more than of theoretical interest. You live in the midst of their manifestation and effect. Knowing both sets personally lifts you up above and beyond the impediments of your earthly cages. It is tempting to develop a theology or point of view about this. People with greater intellectual appetites for space's mysteries than you, marvel at the new understandings of the micro- as well as the macro-cosmos. It is exciting to probe deeper into the hitherto cosmic secrets; with even potential practical applications."

"In these Writings I share with you the facts of life with words that are within your ability to see their relevance. You grasp that My kingdom has come. You personally are invited to be My friend, partner and co-builder of the universe, so you may experience first-hand the all-involving nature of love in your particular space. Being of My space nature means you have no confining boundaries. This does not mean that you are 'all over the place'. Yet, in a way, to say that, is more correct than what the limitations and slavery of place and time into which you are born tempt you to believe. Being part of space itself is awesome for earthbound people. Hearing that love and all its implications is the essence of life's volume is no less awe-inspiring. So, science and art, dreams and revelations, all can point in the direction of the boundless magnificence of the environment in which they and everything take place."

"Many on earth long for a better arranged society, for fewer threats from nature and for a space in which harmony is normal. It's a deep instinct, especially for those that have to live in confinement. Living in a cave does not mean there is no notion of possible beauty outside. For a long time you did both, harboring deep within a protest against things not being right and sensing there must be more to life, while at the same time on the surface you paid respect to other people's noble and clever concepts about Me. Now, you know the difference."

"Awareness of life's fifth element can come with the liberating realization that nothing ever gets 'less'. It is the appeal of this second 'prayer', and also of what you replace it with, that it allows you to indulge in the all-magnificence and -efficiency of pure love with its ever-welcoming horizons. This is your dwelling place. The often debilitating and suffocating narrowness of your range to maneuver, and living under the thumb of unfairness, injustice and fears, can be widened when people put their thoughts and actions as much as possible on the wide open plains of My only loving nature. I am not just talking about a quality of life but about the scope of the universe and the unlimited use of it by all creatures. All is from love. All can reflect this. All can listen to the part within themselves that longs for what is right and wide!"

"The component 'space' has a specific meaning for the human species. They, in their original state, developed their being equipped with curious minds into a specialty of being explorers, drawn to the 'how far can we go' aspects of nature and their potential. The result of their quest you know. The human race, even in the mutilated form of its offspring on earth, still has some of the original inclination to go for the limits. In your world of sports you find one of the more playful and innocent illustrations of this."

"The motivation in exploring boundaries is seldom to bring about My kingdom, or to bring back the universality of love. Space, with its grandness beyond your human confinement, and within you as micro cosmos, is either taken as neutral, felt as hostile or potentially dangerous; it is at best seen as a challenge to go for more. I invite everyone of the human race to know Me and so know their eternal dwelling place. It is already present within their own nature. It is quite a discovery to find out that the cosmos exists by only love dynamics."



... "The content of all reality, its substance, is its truth. It is Me. All that exists and occurs is within My embrace, so to speak. I do not control or determine what will happen. The way I emanate reality is that it can unfold by itself in freedom. This simply is because it's of My nature. I enjoy being with you and with anything in existence. Yet I am not like an 'altruistic' person that makes it a point to take care of others. I am a happy 'Person' because I marvel at the independence and freedom with which exploring and filling more space with joy by those that love Me and respect Me are busy."

"On earth, people tend to think in terms of who is in charge, whose will is done, what laws have to be obeyed, etc. In the real reality are no such considerations about what My will is or whether I have prescriptions for good behavior. All operate from their own will and desire, their own figuring out what they want. Let Me tell you that there is no disharmony, no anxious guessing or wondering about being adequate or doing what is right. It is hard for you to fathom. Except that when you are in the spiritual dimension, you see and sense the spontaneity, the genuineness and the absence of fear or tightness. All seem to enjoy their freedom and ability to be themselves. My will is done when their will is done."

"Yes, I do respect, and therefore hold accountable, all that exists before Me. Which is the whole universe. But this word 'accountable' has not the slightest negative connotation. You know that when a person is completely honest with you, it feels good; it invites you to do the same. In truth is no fear or guilt, it just is 'it'. There is nothing 'behind' it. On earth, this cannot be completely so. Even in the best of circumstances, one can be misunderstood or unable to find the correct words; in addition to have other voices speak inside that doubt, wonder or protest what you are doing while you are doing it."

"All reality creates and shapes its own space. Your person, too. So wherever you find yourself, that is your truth. Being truthful about this liberates and gets you moving again when stuck. 'The truth shall make you free', as the saying goes. The universe is open-ended, for you and for all. Being space is a part of your nature. Life on earth is riddled with limitations, laws, restrictions and distortions of reality. To align with the 'sound' of space in and around you, and to live up to your status of being liberated from confinement can only be partially experienced as long as you live under the dominance of the Negative State. But hearing that My third name is Truth can place you in the midst of what it covers: the Full Reality. You can represent My nature. This does amount to your declaration of independence!"

"A simple way to know that you see the true reality is to observe whether My nature shines through. It can be obscured, hidden, denied and suppressed, yet My nature is there. The Negative State's marks are not outside the truth, although they won't admit this. But My glow is often only discernible as a correspondence. What the Negative State radiates is what life is not. You do not have to figure out how, technically, I am all space. The purpose of talking about My will or, as you do, about My truth containing the universe, is to let it be known that the boundless and endless reality is everybody's reality. There are no separate worlds, however desperately the Negative State tries to promote that illusion. Their world, in which you live and with which you are so familiar, remains, as I just said, part of creation, be it a pseudo-one, an 'alternative world' with no value in and of itself."

"'Eternity' is in people's mind a rather elusive concept. So is space. They may evoke reactions of frustration and therefore disinterest. They seem just too remote from everyday life, in addition to being too huge to grasp. Then, there is the way how the idea of a 'heaven' often is presented. It smells of romantic boredom. You heard Me borrow earlier the expression that there just is no dull moment in all the universe. Nowhere! Space, with all its wideness and open-ended-ness is unequivocally stimulating, safe and fulfilling. All are at home in it as much as they are at home within themselves. Space contains the universe as much as it is shaped by it. Reality is not static. I, as Truth, occur. My will is life occurring; it is Me being Myself. You dwell in this reality, this will, this truth, this space in which life and all existing takes place."



... "For you on earth, as for those in the rest of the universe, the how and why of reality 'hanging' together, its structure, way of operating and its dynamics, is intriguing. The difference between your way of probing it and what those in other dimensions do, is in where the questions 'come from' and in the reason for wondering and exploring. They in the real Reality are interested, while knowing already that life's composition has to do with reflecting My nature. And Me, they all know and adore personally. They experience themselves in the midst of a singular space that with its three layers, most inner, internal and outside flows from how I am Me. They know that the space ingredient is present in each particle, so that everything contributes to and forms the edifice of life in its grandeur and magnificence. Space and what is in it comes from the same source."

"What happens on earth and in the Zone of Displacement is that the probing questions are posed from 'outside'. They contain wondering and assumptions that are not coming from goodness and wisdom or from oneness and joy. In other words, all figuring out is done by a highly contaminated intelligence. And also, human thinking on earth comes from a 'neediness' for information in order to determine one's place in time and distance. Humans, as such, are stuck with not knowing what life is all about. Elsewhere, all dwell in a reality in which one is free to move anywhere in space or time, and where all is smoothly aligned with the dynamics that enable them to do so."

"Having the space ingredient in their nature means that all have access to any place anywhere. They operate from the cohesiveness of their own personal systems as well as from the well-oiled functioning as a perfect organism in their environment, socially, mentally and spatial. This is never against a background of wondering how long it will last, how far they can reach or a fear about what they may find."

"The joy in participating comes from volunteering from free choice. It shows up in an abundance of laughter and joking that accompanies even the most intricate scientific or technical pursuits. Keep this in mind when I talk with you about 'daily bread'. I suggested to 'pray' for it because it is an image all on earth can relate to. It points at what keeps living creatures as you know them going. They all experience the need for sustenance. Bread represents that. It stands for food, liquids, air, soil, etc. It keeps them functioning, individually, as organism and as society."

"But daily bread has also become the epitome of dependency on external factors. Consider the time spent to secure it, the tyranny of its unrelenting necessity, or the power of those that control its distribution. Around food, fortresses of injustice are built. Your planet is preoccupied, divided and victimized according to its availability. In the 'prayer' I invite all to break through these anxiety-inspired walls and realize the full volume and structure of the ultimate bread that is given you, life itself, a place in My world, My closeness. Some religions portray their idea of 'heaven' as a place with sumptuous banquets. Usually accessible by invitation only, with religion giving out the tickets. I tell you that eternity's food is served already and all can eat it if they want. My presence is the bread of life. Space is the banquet hall. All creation marvels at the abundance, the beauty and the pleasant company. This situation exists now! And, please, do not 'pray' meekly. I am not giving out crumbs. Claim your own place in space. Realize you have already eternal life. Eat, drink, enjoy, share and stand for what is beautiful, strong, right, healthy, happy and free."

"The control of the negative forces on earth and the built-in deficiencies in proper functioning in your personal psychological and physical make-up, too, cause the hunger, the poverty, the injustice, the fighting and the sickness as you know them so well. Even when in one area things improve, in others they deteriorate. It means that My speaking about the banquet being served is still, in its directness, limited to your spiritual realm. Yet there you can fill your system with My abundance and take in My closeness. Being satisfied there will influence how you function on your person's other levels. It facilitates appreciation for other people's spot in life when you see that there is room for all. I am in and through everybody's space."

"Many will scoff at this as idle talk and take it as offending those in need on earth and the many serious efforts to eliminate misery and pain. Saying that My fourth name, Proper, stands for life being right, beautiful, just and good, poses quite a challenge. Yet I tell you that all space is built from this principle. My nature, My person, is the structure of all existence. The cohesiveness, attraction, coming together and the wonderful results of it, happens because I am who I am. Through Me is the daily bread and the daily breath, the content and the material, the rightness and the beauty. Space is My fifth component. It is yours too. I am your dwelling place. And you Mine, if you let Me."



... "When I suggested to 'pray' for forgiveness, it also was to show a way out of the slavery of being stuck with your past. I offer vistas of the true reality as a wide open space, with a refreshing breeze and the attraction of new adventures waiting. As humans with some common sense know, holding grudges and being bent on revenge or getting even, not forgiving in other words, causes great disturbances in the one doing this. Why? The bottom reason is that it does not reflect My nature in them. All people have it in them that they belong to 'space', to being free, to being on the road and to expand. It is completely unnatural to be tied down or stagnant, occupied by the past for whatever reason. It amounts to killing this fifth component of life that represents openness in all directions and the freedom to go there. In your case as earthling, to move away from anything negative, and in stead go for the positive."

"So holding on to what cannot be changed anymore and spending time and energy on it, is pure waste. I do not mean you should pretend it did not happen what caused grief, or that you have to learn to 'stiffen your upper lip'. In no way should you ignore or condone any act that hurts anybody anywhere. All human approaches, by individuals and as a society, can focus on preventing harm and on healing wounds; on solutions that align with the real reality as indicated by My names. My fifth name represents this moving forward and becoming 'more', or as you say, the unfolding of wholeness."

"No monument erected as memorial does not cast a shadow. It is extremely difficult in your world to throw off the accumulated burdens of the past and detach from the familial, cultural and historical setting one is born into. Yet by My subjecting Myself to the human condition I paved a road which everybody can go. I take care of the past and so invalidate excuses or guilt. My nature in you counts. Belonging to the universal fullness is the norm. Your nature as space invites you to move on when feeling stuck, and to not deny yourself stepping into getting involved in the adventure of life's eternal journey."

"This is verbalized in the 'prayer'. I move on. I forgive. Can you imagine Me being stuck with an investment that stinks? Look at Me! Is there anything that is not open, inviting, caring, encouraging and welcoming in My appearance? And, believe Me, what you see is not a projection of your particular mind nor dreamed up. The whole universe has the quality that it happily shares and wants to cooperate so more glory can touch all. Forgiving in your sense does not exist in the real world. There is no basis for it. The only attention paid to it is in the way all praise Me with awe for My way of dealing with the slice of space the Negative State tries to cut off. They see it did not undo My love and integrity. Those that still 'trespass' by denying Me shrink their volume, dim their vision and walk backwards. Very strange, indeed, in a universe that only expands."

"Not moving on with Me or not spiritually progressing happens if you do not continue, as thoroughly as you can, to clean out all pockets of resentment, fear, coldness or whatever negative occupies your space. This is the only productive reason for visiting the dark corners of your past. All moments of goodness, wisdom and wholesomeness in your life automatically contribute to your closeness to Me. They are eternal. Realizing your personal part in the ongoing unfolding of reality may provide a strong incentive to not stand in the way of your maturing."

"You understand that My issue with 'sin', 'trespasses', 'debts' or whatever word you use, is with the perpetrators of that anomaly. They have set themselves up to interfere with the very process of life. My issue is, therefore, not with their product, your present human race. I entered the suffocating atmosphere of your planet in order to gain 'legitimate' and direct access to the Negative State's 'control center'. You wouldn't think this by looking at evil's outward show of power. Yet I opened windows there. The light coming in drives the negative forces from their own inner sanctuary. It enables anyone under their dominance, including their own crews, to bypass obstructions and threats and to proceed to meet with Me; even in their self-built prisons."

"The negative forces are driven out of their 'paradise' by Me arriving there. It can happen with all of you. There is room for Me in you and in anybody, however possessed with evil, riddled with phoniness and used to forgetting Me. This fact accounts for you being able to personally be with Me in full consciousness. It also, in a more technical (though for you still mysterious way) enables you to visit other dimensions. If you would not be willing to forgive - which amounts to making room for My world - you would have too much weight on you to 'space-travel'. If you do not desire to grow in truth and love and be part of My wholeness unfolding, it would not serve any purpose to have you marveling about beautiful horizons beckoning."



... "On earth, you can feel lost in the boundlessness of space and time. Literally. You can be hit by a sense of detachment, a momentary alienation from familiar proportions. And somehow, the fear of losing control is always lurking. And why not? All human nature derives from My nature, but you find yourself isolated in a hostile environment where nothing is harmonious or clear. What gives some idea of belonging is never permanent, and whatever functions well always does so as a precarious balancing act. Everything having the potential of going wrong at any time is standard on earth. So, where does that leave a person but in a lonely, unsettled and scary position?"

"The sense of realness that humans experience may very well be based upon wishful thinking instead of upon firm facts. The deep suspicion about your unnatural position leads to desperate efforts to compensate for this uncomfortable situation. It leads to finding security, meaning and importance in the external realm. This is the greatest temptation for all humans, looking for help and purpose in life's external manifestations. If people relate to Me at all, it's often by setting Me up as a 'deus ex machina', a miracle doer, to be approached from a helpless child position in times of breakdowns. People also can avoid Me as 'too close for comfort'. Yet the fact that I manifest Myself through them is actually their only true identity as well as the reason for their unique and solid place in the total scheme of things."

"The Negative State has been extremely successful with this temptation, by providing an anti-world in which life seems fully expressed while in fact it is done in a Me-denying and, therefore, deceiving way. Which, of course, was precisely their purpose. Nothing is manifested correctly, in terms of showing its true nature. This in itself makes your planet a different and isolated segment of space, a sad world in its own pseudo right, you could say. The word 'sad' I borrow from your vocabulary. Whatever is an expression of life, even negative ones in an indirect way, it contributes to the splendor of the whole. What shows up as dark, like parts in you do, poses the temptation to take it for granted, as normal, as real and to be expected. Yet, the 'prayer' calls for rejecting this impression and invites everybody to test the depth of their yearning for safe belonging, for a secure 'home' in the overwhelming space all around."

"The 'prayer' shows the direction for making progress. When you take My personal interest in everything seriously, which starts with the person you are, then your importance is right away established. No reason for doubt or fear remains. You are a piece of reality through which I want to express Myself. This realization outlines your role in life and your position on the stage of the universe happening. From the personal closeness to Me, to the way you think, feel, intuit and actually behave externally, it all can manifest an authentic contribution to the glorious 'everything' of My manifesting Myself. Your daily activities are no less important than your spiritual life. In this Writing I talk primarily about Who I am. There is so little information about it on earth. My sixth and seventh names, Manifestation and Energy, clearly and unequivocally stand for the external side of all existence. I am in and work through all that emanates from Me and is allowed to come into being in their own right. As said, all share the same space with Me."

"All that you call 'creation' thrives on returning to Me the love it originates from. Manifesting this in every possible way is the universal reaction to being in life. I love it when I recognize Myself in creation's striving. I love it when I see on earth manifestations of honesty and goodness coming through, and efforts to portray justice and beauty and holding on to belonging to the real universe. Any trace of excluding, compartmentalizing, limiting, judging or favoring poisons the atmosphere of space. Not willing to breathe the beauty of the wide open space in which all are welcome and find their place, not sharing it in other words, amounts to emitting a dense fog. How many do just that, walking with open eyes into the prison of a world in which I am not seen or recognized?"

"Being in life is more than a cosmic occurrence, shared with galaxies and whatever else may exist. This fifth element is not just there to provide you with a sense of belonging or a promise for a 'heaven' waiting. The wideness, the all-ness in terms of place and distance, and the practical implication of having this component within your own nature, challenges you to experience My grandness and to see all in life as priceless and precious expressions, reflections, mirrors and manifestations of My eternal splendor."



... "Don't you say it: 'Evil lurks in every corner, nook and cranny?' It is so true that from the position of human beings on earth, in whatever direction they look, threats to their well-being abound. Asking to 'pray' for deliverance points at My majestic power. In Me is no threat nor anything that triggers fear. All life finds its fulfillment in Me. Being in life happens by the grace of My energy, the force of life I am. My seventh name says it that life in all its liveliness is Me. So, how could I be a threat to Myself? Well, maybe I could, by the reasoning and logic of your perverted human brain. But I tell you, it is not so!"

"Consciously looking in My direction activates and reinforces the longing for overall perfection, for restoration of everything to its full function. This longing is My nature acting up in you. This seemingly weak and fragile desire is actually reflecting the full and strong radiation of My seventh name, Energy. You see many forces working in the cosmos as you know it, but this inner longing that comes from My dwelling in you, reminds you to what a grand space you belong. I cannot describe for you in understandable language the complete happiness by which all that exists in all its aspects operates. What you write about it will be met by those who read it with great skepticism. But this does not mean that when those same people look inside, into the depth of their own heart, they won't find the longing I talk about."

"Any tiny step towards aligning with the central pulsation in all manifestations of life will have this longing get stronger. With it, pieces of the real reality are reclaimed. You could say, this occurs automatically. The opposite is true, too. Any milligram of energy spent on darkness and evil or on doubting Me and your own true identity as life-form from and before Me, depletes the battery of happiness and aliveness in you. If only people would accept the unnaturalness of having to live in 'occupied territory'! Not that you should try to remove yourself out of it. You cannot. But saying, like you do, that My energy is life, not just states a universal truth, but it positions you as the person you are in the midst of where real life happens. Space and its dynamics is everywhere. You are space. It energizes you when you express this truth. And you then are understood by all in the universe. Joining their and My song of life will definitely affect your present situation."

"It is not My power in general that makes the Negative State go into a frenzy. That fact they cleverly erased from their thinking by pretending it is a matter of time, their time, that complete separation from the space in which I 'rule' can be achieved. No, the fact that My energy is love energy, that drives them up the wall, as you would say. Even your psychology tells you that a person reacts most aggressively against that what is denied in oneself. The Negative State refuses to face the all-love and all-goodness essence of life's energy. They 'stole' the techniques needed to create in order to advance their own endeavor. The love that's an integral part of it, they had to forcefully squeezed out of it to make it usable for their purpose. Here lies the origin of violence as you know it. It is inherently connected with evil, because the Negative State has to keep fighting off the universal love nature of life that wants to shine wherever life occurs."

"In the universe, the evil endeavors are looked at only in the context of My having granted freedom. The outcome of your ancestors' choice holds no interest to them, except as illustration of what they do not want, and as source for more praise to Me for the way I deal with it. Those of the human race in the Positive State, like your other self, often have more awareness and sometimes even contact with doings on earth. Those who did live on earth do not identify with anything evil anymore; it is now alien to them. The element of space in them now excludes any restriction in place, time or condition. For instance, they may see your 'dark' spots, but are light years removed from being affected by them. And so are you, when on your spiritual level you walk with Me. Talking about 'walking in space'!"

"'Praying' for deliverance from evil simply recognizes My personal presence. Which does not happen by Me coming from some other place to be with you. I am life itself. To this fact you may wake up. The waking up is the deliverance! All you see, hear and experience of My closeness with your still-polluted senses, while being threatened by so much that can cave in on you, will convince you of the power of My being the breath of life. It will enforce the humming of true life's vibrations in you. Wherever you are, I am. When you realize you love Me, why would you stop seeing My workings everywhere? This awareness lets you always be at the right spot at the right time."