I have quoted G. already as saying that in general everyone can consciously turn away from thoughts, impulses, ideas and influences coming from a negative source. When those become persistent and personal, the best approach is to invoke the presence of I AM and proclaim that we have chosen to trust I AM and will stay in Her/His light. The strongest 'weapon' we have is to tell any negative entity approaching us that they also are loved by I AM, who is also within them and that they have the choice to break away from their darkness.

He mentioned that humans tend to avoid paying serious attention to what happens on their spiritual level. They gravitate towards what is convenient or customary to believe, if they pay attention at all. The falsities about true life floating in people's psyche are so abundant that those almost automatically infect sincere intentions to love all-inclusively and find out about I AM. In those areas, the minions of the Negative State are experts.

One reason that this information is released at this time in human history is because now everybody on our planet can 'technically' be reached with the invitation to wholeheartedly and firmly plant themselves in the positive realm, regardless of place and circumstance.

The positive realm doesn't need validation by others, doctrines or even a forum to share it. Reading about it now in one's own space is a call to individuals to cleanse as much as possible their system from falsities, mental and spiritual dependencies and ego. Opening the doors as wide as possible to one's spiritual core will enlighten people's minds from within. Every aware human being can, if he or she wants to, work on bringing their thinking, relationships and behavior in line with the closeness to I AM as they find it within them.

The negative forces want to keep people away from this personal encounter. They are greatly helped when religious practices, with their leaders, rituals, external routines and group pressure, require corporate forms of worship and community.

He warned that holding up walking with I AM as ultimate fulfillment of life, as the Booklets do, can create an expectation that, if not achieved, feels as a let-down or failure. Even these very words could be heard as a warning in disguise that the reader 'should' take them at face value. Yet, that doesn't imply what he or others here are telling me. He reminds me of the content of the booklet The Seven Names. There, it is clearly stated that it is not a matter of reciting the names representing I AM or praying to them, but of being invited to whisper them, to merge with them, to have their sphere fill us. Only if one desires to do so in freedom.

The fullest possible life for any earthling, he said, emerges when we uncover our deepest yearnings for love and realness and recognize this as eternity 'at work' in us. We can follow up on this mentally and socially, not focusing on how successful we will be but on how 'real' we are in doing it.

real life

He also said that once we accept our citizenship of the universe, we will become more perceptive and see all kind of reminders of the true reality around us. However much his generation distorted the full functioning of life, they still had to work with material that originates in perfection.

I think it was here that he again referred to cancer. The result of disconnectedness in our world could be called a cancer on the skin of reality. Most important to know, however, is that the healing energy from within the center of existence can reach and touch everything. So much so that it encapsulates completely, more than I can envision, all the Negative State stands for.

This very moment, he said, us sitting here testifies to this. While he and I participated in causing darkness - and I still do it in many ways, if only by not being perfect - we allowed ourselves to be touched by the truth of real life. That only could happen because we were surrounded by the love nature of I AM.

He stressed that once a person has a conscious experience of the true reality, it is up to him or her how to follow up on it. They can treasure it in their heart and trust it will comfort them in difficult times. They now 'know' there is this presence. They also may recognize or suspect a similar situation in others. In books of wisdom, stories, art or good people they may see confirmed what they experience personally. It is uplifting for them to see signs of eternity's sphere in acts of kindness, in bravely standing up for justice and in playfulness. It can inspire them in their fight against any sort of evil and enhance the joy of being alive.

Needless to say that when all this happens to a person, it drives his generation 'up the wall'. Yet, they cannot prevent it.

my journey

He also addressed my personal journey. Said it had been a long road, a type of wait-and-see. I never gave up on the idea that there had to be more than what religion, psychology or even mysticism offer. Well, I did arrive.

He said his generation noticed it but let me go as I didn't seem too much of a threat to them. I had enough strokes against me that easily could expose me as fake, if necessary. Although, what had them wondering was that I thought exactly the same!

So why did they let me go on? He said it has to do with an element in their mental make-up that 'deep down', secretly, there is a curiosity whether people like me can succeed in escaping their control. Therefore, they let certain things pass. However, they almost automatically compensate for this by elsewhere doubling their efforts to disturb spiritual growth and destroy it where they can.

why the miseries?

He said he knew I was thinking that in the meantime, thanks to them, scores of people on earth go through hell and are trapped in extremely painful inner or outer turmoil. So much on earth is problematic. And when there is some happiness, it can abruptly stop. He was right. I was thinking of sick people and of friends of mine who had to die while not finished with life at all. And what about wars, lives being cut off like nothing? All as result of their doings! Isn't that plain cruelty on the part of whoever could prevent it? We humans on earth can't stop it. Can I AM? Can his generation? He is reading my mind correctly.

He wanted to be blunt in answering the question, 'Can I AM prevent it?'

He said, no, not in the way I think about stopping misery. All this is happening in order to free the universe of any possible doubt about I AM's commitment to life. What is shown is that I AM can, wants, chooses and treasures to remain Him/Herself as Love while being challenged to the core whether She/He is the only life force. This challenge that has materialized as the Negative State with all its miseries for so many, adds to the nature of I AM. The suffering occurs in what emanated from Her/Him in this cycle of life. It therefore touches Him/Her personally. In that sense, the One Who is All has now a new nature. Elsewhere, this is explained extensively, he reminded me. (I know it is the central theme in the information given to Peter D. Francuch.)

being realistic

The situation on earth, G said, is completely abnormal; not to mention what his generation stands for and has caused. The need to find fault and to protest this is legitimate. We as earthly humans should protest. Presently, the total picture is emerging for all to see, also through the information in the Booklets. Not just for us on earth, but also for his generation. Everyone in the Negative State is now having access to information about what really goes on in the universe. For us on earth it means we now can invest as much as possible in the true structure of existence. The influx of wisdom from the level of our spirit can penetrate all our mental and physical systems.

He mentioned that I am rather realistic about my living in the midst of an in every respect compromised existence. Correctly, I go by, 'No complaining but aiming'.

He pointed out that I carry a wealth of new information. He sees that I am willing to accept its value even while not grasping all implications. I report what I see and hear without the illusion it will be welcomed. I am encouraged by the idea that others receive similar revelations. I admire artists who I feel touch the sphere of true reality. I deeply respect science challenging data. Above all, he said, I seem to understand the message that everything that occurs is a step, a positive or negative one, towards the once and for all recognition of I AM as the only reality.

He emphasized, "The greatest power in the universe is the oneness in and of I Am. It is being proven now that this is not forced on any part in existence but is universally presented as a free choice. Yes, the brokenness and suffering is part of the price paid for this proof, but ultimately it is I AM paying the price. Recognizing this will lead to being filled with unrestricted praise.

He almost apologetically said that he knew all this may seem rather removed from the practicalities of my daily life. An extra puzzle for me is that what I have printed about this does not immediately catch on when people read it. If it is read at all! His generation has been successful in installing in their offspring an intuitive fear for things new. Most people on earth gladly, if often unwittingly, identify with the traditions and routines of family, nation, culture, etcetera. So why should anybody be interested in the strange and our usual-thinking-disrupting message of the Writings?

From the perspective of his generation, it is satisfying to see that the fear of the real truth and the comfort derived from following others which they introduced works so well.

He addressed my personal situation. He knows that what I see and hear here on my spiritual level has my head spinning at times. Take only the idea that, right now he, G., is not only here with me but might be elsewhere also. Or the fact that the oneness of all means that he is, but I am also, functioning within one organism with all human beings, and beyond that with everything that has a presence in life.

He comforted me by saying that it is all but impossible for me to fully process or understand this. Only in flashes will the full scope of what he says come to me. As I learned, I can compare those flashes with moments of ecstasy, a sexual climax or a merging with nature. These sensations are short-lived; we can't do anything with them once they are over. Yet the 'high' of the Real Reality is never over. For all in the Positive State, the sense of unity with the whole world and the presence of I AM causes never-ending fulfillment. It is permanent, it is desired by all, it is 'it'.

why me?

He told me I could rather let my thinking float freely than force it to come to precise conclusions about the things I hear. When my earthly life is over, things will fall in place. He pointed out that I have changed quite a bit already. All people will, if and when they open themselves up to the new information. We then are able to be conscious of our spiritual self while before we only could wonder.

He casually noted that awareness of the spiritual dimension can be used as tool to impress others or, more subtly, to see ourselves as special because of it. "Well," he said, tapping my knee, "you are special, but not more than anybody else, including people you dislike."

He then asked me, "What the audience or readership of the words in the Booklets is concerned, you took the time to listen when the information came to you, right? You wrote it down in passable English, right? You had it printed, right? You will give copies to whoever is interested, right? It is even getting to a website, right? So what more do you want? Applause, admiration, recognition?"

He continued, "Let me tell you that you are involved, or chosen if you want, because you are capable by upbringing, personality and enough self doubt, to not fall in the trap of being too dominated by ideas or expectations of others. More importantly, it is because you are willing to see your spiritual experiences not as uniquely yours, but as something within reach for everyone - yes, do think of the trillions and trillions of people! You have no difficulty accepting that all are invited to listen to their deepest longing and all can uncover Reality, even if the grand oneness in this all escapes your intellectual grasp. That the information you received is now available on earth is a sign that the human pursuit is reaching its climax. Yet you manage to stay balanced spiritually and mentally."

He reminded me that my contact with the real world takes place in the midst of the pseudo-one. I should not think that the words I wrote in the Booklets are stuck in the thousand printed copies or just sleep on an obscure website.

He said that for the Positive State these and similar words are glorious streaks of truth penetrating the sphere of human awareness. The human psyche can pick up on them. Not because of the poignancy of the words as such, but because in them quivers the truth that I AM's love is total. Even if nobody would read the words, by being present in the Negative State they undermine effectively each and every concoction of his generation.

He said that he doesn't mean to be demeaning but I should realize that if I could do it, could go for the truth, so can in principle anybody of my generation. (Touché, I thought. Yet strangely enough, him saying this feels comforting.)

He wanted to formulate it in a different way. "I am Gamaliel, an individual. Yet I speak as if I represent the whole human race. I do! Like the others do you've met, Wisdom, Achmed and his wife, the children. I came to you uninvited, unannounced, as a stranger. You don't have to take time to listen to me, but you choose to do so. Well, you, too, represent humanity! Everybody human being does."

He repeated that any idea pushed on anybody is not coming from the Positive State. Only forces of his generation push, so I should never go that route. He wanted me to understand that our fabricators are not in total control of earthly life, as that is not the purpose of their mission. Yet they do jump at any opportunity to promote their cause. No one of the Positive State does that. For them, as for me, it is a matter of sharing life's facts only when someone asks and wants to listen. Therefore, if people want to take my Booklets as a product of my fantasy or as insignificant, they are free to do so and I shouldn't take it personally. (Which, amazingly, I don't do.)

He stressed that the truth doesn't have to be explained or defended. Neither does love. People who read the words of the Booklets have a choice. Those who will never be exposed to them are still in the position the Booklets describe: that they make choices in line or not in line with the remnants of love and truth hidden within them.

the oneness of all

I thought that all he said was beautiful but that I wouldn't mind somewhat categorizing this information. Perhaps I could use the 'twelve elements of being' (see the 12 Booklets) as frame work. He read me.

"You wonder if we could go over the twelve elements and do it from the three perspectives only I have, because I lived them as I mentioned earlier? Well, you must have noticed that one of those elements keeps coming back in my talking. Not that this one is more important than the other eleven. All twelve are equally essential parts of the totality of life. Yet the first, you could say, provides the bases of reality. I talk about the oneness of all."

(I remembered that quite a while ago, at the beginning of this kind of communication, I perceived this first element of the twelve in the context of love and truth as a white hue and as the sound of a trumpet. I reported it in Writing 5.)

He wanted to elaborate. "If you want to think about the origin of the universe, the oneness of all is the only correct starting point. Oneness in its absolute sense has an itself transcending dimension that no one but I AM can grasp because He/She is it: the One Holy. But let me stick to us humans. You and I are equally in I AM's awareness and love. This is so for all that exists as it is the nature of reality. So before anything else, you and I are one. Now, you are here on your spiritual plane, on a visit, but you also sit on the beach writing down what you hear me say. Evidently I am somehow in your space, right? You 'hear' me without having to use your physical ears. Our contact is limited to being together like this a few hours a day. Yet any time you are ready for it, I clearly am too. I appear to you. It is the same with Wisdom or your friend Achmed. What does this tell you? Isn't it that distance or separation are very relative concepts and that time, or even timing, is not essential? Isn't it that operating in one and the same space as we do, indicates a universal normal situation? Doesn't it mean that the problem of isolation is an issue of the Negative State and not of the real reality?"

In other words, being a life-form in the universe means that nothing is disconnected or separated. What seems outside of us is as much part of the oneness as we are. Practically, this means that all have access to all other parts in the total. It starts with I AM who is always with everything, as anything is within Her/His nature. So we humans, all six generations, including yours with its limitations and mutilations, are as one person. You had that sensation with Wisdom who comes across to you as if he is the whole first generation. You feel one with him and everyone when you 'merge' with him. So does he when he hugs you. But the sensation it gives him is a permanent one, or should I say, is a normal part of how he experiences his humanness. You can ask him."

He continued by saying that some people on earth think they can, at rare occasions, transcend mental and physical boundaries. He is not arguing with that. What he points out is that only on the spirit level each person can have flashes of full oneness. In our spirit-self is the direct connection with true life, however fragile. His generation makes sure that the connection is bombarded with falsities. On top of that, what comes through from the real reality has to be processed by our compromised brain. So experiencing oneness in its beautiful fullness is not possible on earth. Yet we can see the members of the fifth generation as still being our 'brothers and sisters'. Before I AM, all of us are one. The human heart beat is His/Hers. I can object to what his generation did and does as awful and sinfully unproductive but I cannot and should not 'disown' them.

He knows it will sound contradictory, but I should be able to grasp this. Because of our being as one human person before I AM, all our six generations are sort of tainted by the evil of non-love and non-truth. Yet, that evilness is not all of us. On earth, I and others can demonstrate that, if we want. None of us can step out of the fact that we are in life. The choice is ours how we give it form. We humans can violate the twelve elements life exists of. His generation does it in a most crude and blatant way. Yet also they can choose to change and start treasuring the universal elements again.

He said that for me it has come and is still coming in stages, step after step, the realization that I am part of I AM's eternity. Many people sense this awesome fact, yet ignore or dismiss it as too outside their familiar way of thinking and observing. When people do pay attention to there being 'more' than the earthly 'realities' they easily succumb to the temptation to look for theories and interpretations that make sense. For me, too, it is a real danger to lose sight of why and how I am involved in receiving this information. My part in it is and should be personal and direct, however strange and unorthodox it may seem. For people reading the Booklets it is the same. The temptation to compare, to rely on other people's comments or to not think it through personally, is presented to us by his generation on a silver platter, so to speak.

need for religion?

He pointed out that several times in the Booklets and in our conversation it came up that formalized religions have been a great ally of the Negative State. They usually originate in genuine insights and honest desires to share and protect the beauty of what is learned. But when testimonies about it spread or are written down, those reports and stories became the focus. They become 'sacred', codified, object of study and interpretation and a source of teachings instead of being just a call for everyone to uncover the truth of life as found within themselves.

He said there always were individuals, raised and fed by religion or without any of that, who knew deep down there is more to life than what spiritual leaders or their culture told them to believe. To his generation's chagrin, those people may very well choose to act from goodness and with sincerity while longing for what is positive; and that not just for themselves. Often without realizing it, those individuals represent the Real Reality as far as that is possible on earth.

In other words, the re-establishment of eternity in our earthly circumstances comes from within. It starts within a person. Words from outside cannot ignite the flame of real reality. The most they can do is function as a fan.

What the Booklets do, he said, and what all religious practices should do, is invite people to meet personally with I AM and let that inspire their thinking and behavior. With what I took as a mischievous smile, he said, "Joint celebrations are optional."

the Booklets

I had questions about writing down my experiences. But instead of answering those, he referred me to the Writings themselves. (It affirmed my suspicion that my reporting is 'public' in this world here. This doesn't scare or embarrass me anymore as it did in the beginning. I agree, let the words speak for themselves. After all, I am not the author but just a reporter. A deeply impressed one, I should add.)

He said that few people know what now I know. Yet the information in the Writings describes a world that in its essence is present within every person's spirit.

He trusted that hearing him say all this will help me to realize that in spite of whatever negative I am still exposed to, within me and without, I have arrived in the realm of true reality on my spirit level. He encouraged me to accept the human oneness and to consciously keep feeling the loving embrace of I AM. When I do, he said, it is impossible to not radiate and mirror some of life's grandness.

This option of choosing the Positive State is available to each living soul on earth as well as to everything in existence on its specific level, from subatomic units to galaxies. Whether my writings about all this will be read is not relevant for my personal connection with I AM. I should keep checking my sincerity in that connection. When I write down what I hear and see, I must do it for its own sake and not for any payoff.

He warned that everybody reading these words should be alert that negative forces will try to emasculate and pollute them with doubts and comparisons. Yet, the words have a way to enlighten our innermost self when we allow them to sink in.

He asked me whether I felt, after my visits here, if any had not been authentic. Or was I ever not treated with respect? Didn't I think I could have easily slipped into feeling an idiot for taking all of this seriously? "None of that happened, did it?" He was right.

He also commented on my having to work out all these notes. He offered to be there if I would have any questions. He said he loved being able to share all this with me.

He knew it amazes me highly that nothing of what I have been writing down is premeditated, thought out or planned. All of it originates in what I experience 'on the spot'. He mentioned, correctly, that I am even more amazed that it all seems to hang together coherently. No contradictions or conflicting ideas or logic as far as I know.

At this point he teased me, as I reported earlier, by saying that this is quite an achievement for my not particularly systematic and orderly brain. The real reason for the unity in the Booklets is that I AM speaks to me: directly and indirectly through people like him. What marks this present 'time' slot is that the full truth is being revealed about the new nature of I AM, which, by definition, affects the whole universe.

He pointed at feeling the closeness and warmth of I AM. "Let me tell you," he said, "this is what life for everyone and everything is all about: being free and able to respond to this closeness. You are not everybody; you have your individual status, volume and voice. And so has everyone. Do you see what a splendid totality we are together by loving and embracing I AM and by being embraced by Her/Him?"

He said he cannot force life's fullness on me. And he doesn't really add to what I could already write. His generation has done a gigantic job hiding correct data and disrupting awareness of real life. He is sure it can't possibly be 'topped', the way his generation established dependence on externals as life's essence by cutting off the open sharing with I AM. Anyway, he assured me, everything affected by that completely unnatural undertaking is invited to be restored to normalcy.

"Look at yourself," he said. "I AM did not withdraw from your person! You have chosen to uncover His/Her closeness. You found the universal Presence. I did. Any human can, because One Holy is where we are, even if that is in the lowest hells of non-love."