Part 3



"Let me once more bring up the issue whether I suffer. For human beings I am as a Person. Do I 'suffer' because My presence is rejected, My nature violated and My oneness seemingly cracked by the doings of the fifth generation? No, not as such. These are consequences of My love being tested. Yet I know suffering first hand because of My presence in all that exits. My spirit in each of you, in the 'trillions' of you, is immune for anything negative. But you are not. Therefore, as I am with you and as you, and as I do not withdraw from Myself, which includes you, I do 'feel' the brokenness, the hurt, the injustice, because you do. We are one."

"Practically, you and everyone on earth can go by the truth that what is evil is the exception, is abnormal and unnatural. As you know, evil is everything that is not glowing with love and transparent as truth; or in other words, what does not show My features of all including goodness and everything brightening togetherness. I am the totality of all existence. And each of you, however un-harmoniously, is the totality of your person; free to make choices, capable of creating your space; being unique in your thinking, attitude and behavior. There is no other you. There is no other Me. There is no other existence than Our oneness. You have seen more of it than most people, My friend. Yet the challenge to open up to reality is the same for everyone. Even the Negative State with all its problems exists within the one reality I am. And you know who I am!