3. Trust


Rule 3. T R U S T ....... 'O N E H O L Y'

"Why should you trust Me? I mean, right now, while you're writing this down. It could easily amount to being an illusion or a projection, this talking with Me, couldn't it? You carry it further than most people do. On earth, believing in the existence of a Super Being seems a logical and needed commodity. If I were not for real, people have to invent something like Me. Without a divine, celestial, supernatural or whatever other-dimensional ultimate power, people on earth would feel a hundred times more at a loss about their planet hanging somewhere in the immeasurable space. So they make up stories, fantasies, theories and beliefs. They endow them with relevance and importance. That way, the void gets filled somehow and the gods or theories become interactive players in the fabric of human living."

"Am I different? I do function in your life. Clearly. But what distinguishes your taking Me seriously from others keeping their fata morgana's alive by intricate setups of fear and empowerment, neediness and adoration? Most people take it for granted that there's something like a Prime Power. Elaborate systems to sustain the notion of it have been built. Religions, theologies, myths, rituals and moral laws, all testify to this all over your planet. And they work, don't they? Human history is full of their influence. So it wouldn't be too unusual if you realized you're caught in a similar delusional system."

"My first name, when you take it as a projected one, provides a word for the not-knowable and not-nameable dimension of life. It reflects the unavoidable human predicament. Mysteries abound about space, origin of life, physical limits and how it all relates. In whatever direction you look or think, you hit impenetrable walls. The chance whether this will ever change is completely a matter of speculation. There's no guarantee it will happen after you die! So, again, what is wrong with giving the unknown the venerable name 'Holy'? At least it indicates a direction, an 'above', to turn to in your confined state. It sort of takes care of the ultimate real or unreal unknowns."

"Why should you trust that I am real? How do you know that this, your writing, and, in general, any turning to Me in 'prayer' is a factual interaction with another dimension? Am I for real as the One you've been so busy with describing? I see you smiling. And I know where that comes from. You know the answer to these considerations. It flashes on you that only because you see all of reality as being Me, My realness makes all the sense in the world as it is the occurrence of life itself. You realize this insight was and is on earth suppressed and disconnected. Yet you learned that direct contact with Me can be chosen and experienced. All theorizing, having opinions or fantasies about the unknown, all projections leading to a belief in gods or a supreme entity are waste and irrelevant compared with taking the actual step to meet with Me personally. The irony is that some theories can be right, but are as useless as discussing swimming without getting into the water. Getting to know the 'unknown' happens by embracing it. Only by stepping into My all-ness you discover true life. It's in the personal experience with Me that the lights go on so to speak and reality takes place in and with you."

"The experience of trusting My first name is Me 'happening' in you. When it started to dawn upon you what the name meant in conjunction with the other names I portrayed for you, all started to make sense. It took a long time to come to this point. You always wanted things to be clear, even when you were young, but usually you avoided going for the final answer or thinking things completely through. You didn't see a road that seemed to fit your expectations. Only by taking a hard and honest look at your person, desires, history and questions, you got 'wet'. You realized it was a hundred percent up to you whether to proceed and take meeting with Me seriously."

"When people come to Me, it would seem logical that after that first step more insights follow. But here I come, telling you that My first name is saying that I am not-knowable and beyond your grasping as the Holy One. Doesn't this place you exactly in the same position as before, and there where others are who don't bother to figure out things that aren't for human brains to grasp? Your quest may have led you to a more sophisticated manner of thinking, but you're still not capable to penetrate the seemingly ultimate mystery of existence. So, what do you have to offer? What's the big deal of your writing when you, too, must back off from fully understanding Me as all have to; from scientists to common folks, from religionists to atheists?"

"You can answer these questions yourself. I say that all people who desire to communicate with Me should know they can come to the same awareness as you do. Your reaction to the reality of My 'not-reachable' part is like it is in all the universe. It showers on you an enormous, all-involving sense of security, comfort and relief that you can be just yourself, as everything everywhere is in place on the basis of Me being Who I am. In other words, My being One Holy makes you aware that you don't have to be Me, life's totality, or 'everything'. It frees you up to just show your colors in going all out in being alive your way."

"All reactions of joy and love extended to Me together match what I extend to them. In Our relationship of love We are equal. What's beyond that, in terms of why it is so and how it came into being, is only an issue when you place yourself 'outside' the love experience in which every segment of life is happily involved. When one is outside of life's dance of love, as you are on earth, then you feel the void. Correctly so. Then you want answers to ease the frustration of it and the threat in it. You want your intellect to give you at least some sensible parameters. Yet, how to know facts if you're not part of the Real Reality? Trusting Me doesn't come from understanding Me but from allowing Me, at your own request, to be present in your awareness."

"The fear that experiences with a divine reality are a projection of human minds, caused by human neediness, is appropriate. In the collective awareness of your human race, much non-truth is introduced by your ancestral creators. The result is that from that reservoir the most outrageous ideas are retrieved. As they come from 'deep' sources, people treat them as revelations or supernatural insights. Yet amidst all the falsities, the truth is also present. By the very fact of being alive, the connection with Me is there. The link with Me cannot be undone because it would mean that I can be undone. Here, again, you have the name One Holy facing you. Reality is from Me. Your 'happening' as a person is from Me. True connecting with Me is based on being real, which on earth amounts to trusting Me as being real."

"By asking why anybody should 'pray' or trust Me, apart from the evident psychological advantages of this mental activity, I'd like you to consider that I am not affected by the amount of faith you have in Me. It doesn't mean that I'm not pleased when you or others open up to the real reality, but I don't need this. Trusting is not one of My commodities. In all that is My presence is and that stays, even if this notion is denied and buried as in the Negative State. But I am also more than a presence in all that exists. I am the One Holy. Nothing in Me depends on anything. I am the Fullness of life. I say this not as a truism but in order to have you see yourself not as dependent on Me but as participating in My being Myself. I'm not playing with words. You may know your true identity. It grows on you by bits and pieces. It allows you to become a better lover of Me. I deliberately use this, for you and many so loaded word."

"In making love, more than in anything else, the oneness of all, including Me, is portrayed in its all-dimensional splendor. My first name is honored when you give up your ideas of 'objective' or 'subjective' and other distinctions and instead just join the festivities of living. This third 'rule' for connecting with Me points at implicitly trusting Me. It isn't an easy one. Yet, the Negative State cannot eliminate people's wondering about the 'other side' of their observable world. They can't do anything with or about this, so they grudgingly leave My first name alone and focus on the six others and continue to undermine them."

"The splitting up of reality into, what some people call sacred and secular, has played havoc in religions and scientific thinking, as well as in how the average person deals with Me. Children can come closest to not acknowledging the separation. They accept that My being completely different is a most natural and beautiful part of life. Indeed, there's nothing threatening about it, because it is Me, One Holy, the I AM, in which your and their reality takes place. Trusting Me can be a truism! Words trying to explain all this dissolve the moment you meet Me personally. The oneness and the fullness of life is so uncomplicated!"

"You use the appellation ONE HOLY in your speaking to Me. It's correct when it comes from the heart, from a spiritual 'knowing' its realness, and as long as it is not a concept of Me you believe in. You are not above that temptation! Nobody is. Yet without being able to conceptualize this 'side' of Me and embracing it, because everything in you tells you it's more than just true, sets you on the road to profound wisdom and unadulterated gladness. Actually, it is the only 'secret' that doesn't need to be revealed, because being with Me leaves nothing unfulfilled. Trust Me, and your whole life becomes one uplifting 'prayer'."

Rule 3. T R U S T L O V E

... "In this chapter you can lay the cornerstone for understanding upon what true 'praying' is based. I tell you these things so that there doesn't have to be any guessing and misunderstanding any more. In the same way you are ready for it, because you sincerely wanted it; others can learn what connecting with Me is, if they want to do so. You have a complete trust in Me despite being still attacked from different angles. In the past, your way of relating to Me had the color of either frustration or ambivalence. You didn't overcome this by emotionally struggling with it or by intellectually making up your mind one way or another. The idea of copying people you respected stayed mainly in the consideration phase. You were aware of options, but only halfheartedly set a few steps in their direction. This didn't give you the inner peace you possess now. Let Me tell you something you never thought of. What finally gave you the inner peace and this unrestricted trust in Me, was the dawning on you that everything in your life and in life in general can be approached with love and from love. When you held on to that things started to fall in place."

"Before, you spent much time and energy arguing in your mind with other people's opinions. Then, you started to take your own angry, rebellious and frustrated side seriously. You acknowledged your defensiveness and depressive tendencies. You came face to face with destructive reaction patterns that were firmly and comfortably embedded in your personality. You started noticing that everywhere dark forces, or, if you want, the Negative State, had infiltrated not just your personal systems but also those of your particular culture and religion. You began to look at the 'enemies', not as being 'out there' but as operating right in your own private backyard, as you say. Then came the crucial turn. You started seeing those as entities, influences and powers that were also manipulated, controlled and conditioned. You began to confront them with love, instead of with fear, criticism, judgment and intellectual arguments. The method of how to do this you learned from your teacher at the time, Peter D. Francuch. Now, you rely completely on what you learn in My presence."

"The important issue for everybody on earth is, to not fight their negative parts or 'demons', argue with them, hate them, try to eliminate or suppress them, but instead to hold on to what earth and the Negative State have in common, which is that they originate from love and can reflect My nature. Love just is the essence of all that exists. You didn't use this concept in the beginning of your 'awakening', but when the insights from 'The New Revelation' fell on you as water on parched land, the realization of Me being only love grew very fast in you. It at last gave you the assurance that you were in touch with the ultimate Reality, with the core of it. No horizon you face has any cloud hanging over it now you open yourself up for meeting with Me in a personal way. How, or if, this would affect or change your behavior was of less urgency than having to practically re-invent yourself. This pertained to new ways of dealing with your shadowy sides as well as to learning about the 'celestial' world."

"You knew you were on the right track because an inner calmness grew. The sense you deep down always had that somehow things would turn out all right, got its focus and was not mixed anymore with melancholy and confusion. More and more trust surfaced as solid basis for your thinking and wondering. So, when you kept approaching Me and telling that you wanted to put the dots on the i, so to speak, and that you didn't want to waste any more time with wandering around in the gardens of others people's opinions or in the yard of your own inadequacies, you followed this 'rule' of trust as condition for connecting with Me without even realizing it. Your surrender to the all-reality of love brought out the sunshine. Trust started to blossom. So here you are. You're ready and able to visit with Me!"

"Your path in itself is nothing special. You know it's said that you have to trust yourself first, meaning that you have to be completely honest with yourself for better or worse, before you can trust someone else; or Me for that matter. Likewise, that you have to love yourself first for better or worse, in order to be able to sincerely love others or Me. It is healthy thinking. But this kind of reasoning easily gets distorted and turned into what you know as a 'me', 'me', culture, one that serves the self and leaves others in the cold. Genuinely trusting yourself is trusting My presence in you. And love only deserves its name when it mirrors My love for and in all. I am Love, not just its source or object. It's the essence in all existence, so it shows up everywhere. When this fact is accepted as the ground of your being, as the space you live in, as the air you breathe, then trust is not anymore an attribute or attitude. It becomes the very axiom of you being what you are, like it is in the rest of the universe."

"You communicate with Me in order to receive information that's not based on what others say or think but that enters your realm of understanding precisely because of your trusting closeness to Me. It's the reason you feel no need whatsoever to argue, compare or seek validation for all the rather 'peculiar' things that you've been told and for what you saw in the other, celestial world you've been exposed to. Nothing on earth is pure. Everything is affected by being a product of the Negative State. What to trust about Me, therefore, can never be based on any earthly example, demonstration, expectation or logic but only on insight coming directly from Me, from My presence in you. It never comes in general, but can only be received in a personal way, like it happened with you. It is never separated from the love dimension. It cannot, because all my aspects, spirits, faces and names are one."

"What you hear and write down is defined by the depth, length and breadth of your ability to absorb and express. If you were the most brilliant writer around,the same would apply. If you are to continue with these Writings by hearing from Me about the 'rules' to follow in order to be on the right track in seeking My presence and light, then your main concern should be to hold on very consciously to your own glorious discovery that I am indeed only Love. For all. You noticed that this fact never fails to inspire you when moving along on the road of wisdom and compassion. Don't forget, I do not just talk to you. I 'am' My speaking, My word. My 'person', nature, existence, always speaks as much as it always loves. Listening to Me brings you into a sphere, a consciousness, a dimension, in which love reigns despite all the static that is put on your lines of perception. It is not a command that you 'should' trust Me. Trusting Me is in the rest of the universe such a natural element that the word isn't used at all for describing their relationship with Me. So you could write down that those in the universe do not trust Me! Why should they? They unequivocally go by love for Me. That's the light by which they live. It simply mirrors what I radiate!"

Rule 3. T R U S T T R U T H

"My third name is Truth. Truth is My substance, it is the content of Who and What I am. It presents you with the total reality, the whole of existence from, in and through which all takes place. You, too. Nothing exists that is not relative to Me. Please, see clearly the consequences of this. When I ask you to trust Me, it is not a matter of having confidence in Me, neither is it an invitation to ask Me things. Nor is it a promise that I will not disappoint you. Trusting Me, approaching Me with that attitude, amounts to consciously seeing yourself participating in the realness of life. No ifs and buts anymore. It pertains not to certain aspects of Me, for example that you can trust that I really speak to you or that words in your 'holy books' are trustworthy. Accepting that you are part of the truth of life itself is so much more than that."

"In the 'prayer' you use you say, when you lift up My names, that 'My truth contains the universe'. How true that is! In a way, I am the universe. It is, in a way, because the Negative State has maimed your understanding so that you take a statement like this as one-dimensional. Which would mean that what I emanate, My creation if you want, and I are basically the same occurrence. No, what I say is that there is no existence outside Me. My nature is in everything. All I let come into being as free and authentic entities is before Me, gloriously portraying in their totality a sort of mirror image of Me in an all-out active way. The universe's desire is to position itself as My partner, learn from Me, play with Me and unite with Me for creating more. When I see Myself reflected and mirrored it is not a matter of divine narcissism causing delight in Me. It is with immeasurable pride and joy that I see they all freely choose to love Me as I do them, and that they want to use all opportunities to contribute to My fullness."

"I know that this doesn't make much sense on your logical level. Although, I can point at a correspondence of this. When a mother is deeply moved by something her child gives her, her joy is in no way diminished by the fact it was paid for with the allowance she gave the child. For the child this isn't an issue either. As I said, trusting Me amounts to without reservation embracing reality as it really is. Not doing this on a daily basis is plain foolish from 'heaven's' perspective. I speak to you from that perspective. Nothing in the universes relates to earth's attitude. Why should it? They're too busy with being wholeheartedly and totally involved in their free and joyful existence."

"The Negative State is thorough in making sure that doubts about the nature of a divine existence continue. Stories with direct correspondences to the truth, as they keep popping up among humans, and also information found in myths, folk tales, 'holy' books and religious traditions are infested with misrepresentations. True things said about Me are linked to blatant lies. Like, for instance, Me being 'just' in addition to being love. I am supposed to rage when My standards are not met. Or I am seen as emotionally cold or neutral. Most religions have made truth rather complicated. What one hand gives, a sense of Me, the other takes by setting conditions. Again, I refer to children who spontaneously relate to the magic in stories, events and things. Many adults long for the lost simplicity of being able to just trust life and live on that basis."

"When people plan to 'pray' and seek the divine presence, they should think for a moment about what type of reality they're going to touch. What if, indeed, I am the only Reality there is? Are they willing to give up all other ideas about life? Trusting the truth leaves no other options. On earth, unclouded insight, proper information or total trust are impossible. Those coming closest to being aware of the Real Reality, be it artists, visionaries, scientists, prophets, or just caring, wise and honest people, are prone to be rejected, ridiculed or side-tracked. Be aware that this also applies to the parts in you that are closest to Me. They are suspected by your other parts, like your traditional logic, your public image, your career needs, etc. 'The truth can kill' is a saying, isn't it? It means that living the truth is intolerable for parts comfortable with falsities of the Negative State. So what is pure has to be silenced, vilified or rendered impotent. You know what happened to My incarnation on earth as Jesus."

"In the name of love, in the name of truth, in the belief of doing Me a favor, the most gruesome and vile acts are committed. I say this to make sure you see that truth is not a concept one can adhere to; it is not an aspect of this or that; it is not a viewpoint validated by past or present authorities. The truth, the all of Reality is Me. Trusting Me leads to a correct understanding of 'everything'. How to know that this is true? You won't know unless you step into that reality and let it speak to you, let it reveal itself. That is the scope of trust on earth. It is a potential for anybody who wants to connect with Me, who wants her or his 'prayer' to be real. Having trust is letting Me be Who I am even within and through the disjointed pieces and fragments of life on your planet."

"You see that trusting requires that one takes a completely personal position. When children ask their parents, 'Can I trust God' or something like that, then the answer shouldn't be, 'Yes' or 'No', but, 'I believe you can', in case the parents do, or otherwise, 'that's up to you'. The whole issue is to not have concepts about what is true or what you can trust about Me but to become, if you want to, an agent of the Real Reality. This means that you share with Me the adventure of life. And, by the way, this position includes the connections with the world around you so there's no danger of solipsism (being self-absorbed) or isolation."

"Trusting Me correlates with trusting yourself, accepting the truth and realness of yourself, the good and the bad. It comes with honesty and humbleness; with sincerely wanting to know where and how you can confront the dishonesty and negative conditioning within yourself. On earth, gaining in genuine wisdom comes from visiting with Me. The content of the Negative State of which you are a part makes less and less sense to those who learn to see the true substance of life and are honest about their own confusions and failings. Gaining wisdom doesn't come with the elimination of one's 'shadow' sides. That is impossible anyway. Everything on and in you has the marks of non-truth. All life on earth is marked by them. No part of the Positive State can survive on earth without being damaged. Where the positives show up, they immediately become contaminated. No, gaining wisdom only comes from the act of trusting, which is stepping into the realm of complete honesty, with the desire to learn about true living, also on the levels of your mind and body. That connects with life's positive forces. The ensuing insights and knowledge will turn into wisdom and inner peace. While most areas of your personal life remain firmly hooked to delusions and imperfection, from your closeness to Me on the spiritual level the light to walk by on your road though life will increase. Talking about 'prayers' being answered, this happening is the answer!"

"You noticed your own progress in being more honest with yourself and by consequence losing interest in the shortcomings of others. It signals your trusting yourself and allowing My nature to come through. Still, when people turn to Me in 'prayer', the focus should not be on how they have to change. They may externally not change at all as long as they are on earth! Failing is, like falling, an integral part of living on your planet. Yet trusting Me is an extraordinary happening. It is a step consciously taken and repeated over and over again. It changes a person from within, whether this becomes visible or not."

"Let Me point, again, at something that causes much confusion among honest seekers of Me. True 'praying' has little or nothing to do with asking. It has everything to do with telling Me how close you want to be to Me and what you would like to learn or change. Sharing with Me your falsities, as far as you're aware of them, is more enlightening and productive than asking Me for solutions. Let Me know that you want to gain insight in the areas in which you're still caught in the evils of dishonesty, fear, rigidity or phoniness. You won't get rid of all things negative during your time on earth. Of how much you'll get rid of is irrelevant. What counts is your willingness to face whatever goes on in your life from the position of being together with Me. Nobody can travel the road to meeting with Me for you. You'll have to come alone. The surprise is, you are not alone! I am the road on which you walk! And the desire to come to Me is from My nature in you. 'Praying' is the act of reclaiming pieces of your true reality. Closeness to Me gives life its substance."

3. T R U S T P R O P E R

"Trusting, being in a trusted relationship, being trustworthy, is considered to be a positive quality. Nobody will disagree with this on earth, don't you think? Even if some glitches and moments of doubt are unavoidable, the overall desirability of trust is firmly established. When, for a moment, you disregard the fact that nobody can be trusted completely, for the simple reason that you're all so different as individuals so nobody will ever know the precise extent of somebody else's needs, leave alone fill those to perfection, the times when trust is indeed the link between people, groups of people or people and nature, these are treasured and seen as important. It promotes the security and pleasantness of living together,"

"Yet, in the rest of creation, trust is not an issue. All actions are in the open; there simply is no reason to develop something as trust because by all is My all-presence perceived and counted on in their dealings with each other, during working on a project, in the planning as well as execution stages. The realness of that presence excludes any doubt or hesitation, fear or whatever it is that makes trust such a positive commodity for you. Spontaneous and full accountability is the proud basis for the structure of the universes. With all they are and have, participating in the building of an ever more perfect world is a given for which nobody even considers an alternative."

"No time or efforts are ever wasted with checking out whether anybody is right. Everybody is always right. Things are approached from different angles and positions, yes, which makes planning, involving others and discussions exciting, refreshing and tremendously stimulating. There just is no undercurrent of having to be careful or questioning motivations, leave alone scheming, or holding back. There's nothing to hide or defend since all ideas, suggestions and wondering are offerings from happy people who are eager to work together. In other words, no energy goes to breaking down. Only building up takes place, and perfecting, adding, changing and enriching."

"This is another reason why the universe doesn't relate well, actually hardly at all, to the doings of your ancestors and fabricators. Their freedom to do what they wanted was respected without any second thought. But when the the quest of some of them turned into what now is called the Negative State, the others looked to Me, not knowing what to think of it. They sensed something they didn't want to sense. I gave them assurances and explained why it had to happen. I promised them that ultimately it would not affect them in a negative way. I told them that I had the answer that would turn this strange, alien occurrence into enrichment for all and that for evermore. Knowing now what not to do gives an extra color to the freedom in choosing. Above all, they witness that I 'survive', and add the experience of My own denial to My nature."

"This occurrence evoked in the universe what comes closest to trust. Nobody questioned My commitment to upholding the structures they were part of. The path some of the human race took was universally rejected as an option, not to mention that it wasn't appreciated. It violated the sense of being one 'family' when things were done they couldn't share. They, for the first time, felt excluded. So My asking them to endure it as something that would not be permanent was gladly accepted as the way to deal with it. I told you before that only specific entities will be asked to deal directly with issues pertaining to the Negative State. Those are equipped with special tools, mentally and otherwise, so they are able to survive any contact with your contaminated world."

"You notice that when you are in My world on your spiritual level your 'earthly' you is limited in taking in details of what you observe. I'm not even talking about grasping or understanding it. You were told that those who talked to you were of the human race themselves. Some had lived on earth. Your thought the reason for not catching all aspects then is that you're not ready yet as mutilated product of the pseudo-creation to peek outside the human realm. But let Me tell you, it is also because other entities are, to their joy, not equipped to face any appearance that in one way or another 'smells' of the Negative State. While you visit the real world, the markings of your exposure to the earthly world you come from are easily spotted."

"All in the universe deeply love Me for the risk I took to let the human race do 'its thing', and for not compromising any of My names. They are in everlasting awe for the way I expanded My nature with it. They are without exception delighted when entities like you 'find the way home'. Yet they still wished the human race hadn't turned against Me and had pursued their quest differently. I remind you that not all humans went the way of those who became the pseudo-creators of your world. This may have you wonder about the role your other part, here, played in the human endeavor. It is of no use trying to explain this to you now."

"When people seek Me, want to connect with Me and be honest with Me, it has everything to do with thorough soul-searching. It's not a glamorous activity. For you, honesty always leads to humility. Every aspect of your life is involved because every aspect is affected; also your past. All that you are and have been is in the same boat, so to speak. All parts of you malfunction somehow. In approaching Me, nothing of you is excluded or will be excused as something not really you. You are a segment of reality; of its structure. Can you see yourself in every aspect of your person as a welcomed addition to the glorious, strong, vibrating volume of life?"

"Overseeing your life has a painful side to it, doesn't it? All 'praying' does include an evaluation of your earthly reality. Your shadow sides, your failures, if you want to use that word, do not evaporate when you come close to Me. Facts are facts. Yet, what you will learn to understand is that the damage human frailty and ugliness does to your world, indirectly augments the scope of rightness and beauty. The true structure of the universe now integrates the victory over the destructive delusions. For earthlings, it is hard to think from this premise as everything still shows brokenness and imperfection."

"This is the reason I give you the third 'key' for accessing Me personally, directly and intimately. Trusting Me amounts to being realistic about the way you are composed. Whatever you find during your ongoing soul-searching, it won't be used by Me or any of the entities involved in your life to rub it in or as an accusation. To the contrary! Dirt cannot be removed unless you spot it. Instead of having it rubbed in, you are encouraged to scrape off as much as you can of what you find as ugliness, pettiness, fear and as not pointing at the pride, strength, joy and beauty of the real world. If meeting with Me doesn't have this effect on your thinking, dreaming and standing for what is right and beautiful, you have to examine the nature of your 'praying'. The 'rules' I give will guide you."

"It is beneficial for children when parents practice openness and honesty. Friendships are based on trust and playfulness. Nature disperses an abundance of beauty in smells, colors and forms. People's artistry hints at perfection. The ability to relate to and taste these positive presence's can lead to desiring more of them so they can infiltrate more segments of society. Yes, My structure, the Real Reality, can be sensed on earth. Trusting this sense can inspire to visible breakthroughs of the full reality. Yet the best can turn into the worst. Beauty or richness in any form can easily lead to dependency or false pride, or to being absorbed by external commodities. I am inundated with requests to support all kinds of earthly goals that people have become dependent on."

"Knowing what I tell about the magnificence of life's structure can prevent anybody from coming to Me with submissiveness or pleading. I cannot relate to those. I am what I am for those who approach Me; which is a friend, lover, partner, co-builder of ongoing beauty and splendor. That is what true 'praying' reveals."

"If people fear Me, they do not trust Me. It indicates they don't exercise honesty. Fear may trigger a person to get on the road to Me, but once on the road, any fear is obsolete. That I can be trusted is discovered when you engage in building beauty on all levels. Being in existence is an all-around positive adventure. Not believing this or refusing to work in this direction while still on earth means not knowing what 'praying' is."

Rule 3. T R U S T H E A L I N G

"It seems self-evident that trust is a healing factor. It brings people together, deepens relationships, provides security and is a solid basis for growing and progressing. This component of the healing process is always a factor. It makes it possible to work through scary and painful moments on the road to recovery. Ultimately, all parts enjoy being whole again. Trust, in other words, is an agent of healing on earth. By nature, even if, by your logic, you have to create healing methods. My fifth name reveals the process of My being. I am the ever unfolding reality in which all is moving beautifully forwards."

"The rift with the Negative State will be undone. The solution is that it will be replaced. In a way, this solution is already in operation. The tools are provided, the mechanism is in place and the choice to go for it is freely available. What remains of the negative world will be recycled. What represents true life will be purified and joins its 'brothers and sisters' in the universe. Another way is to say that they rejoin their eternal selves."

"There's no chance that in the process of purification the pollution from the 'Zone of Displacement' will spill over into other realms. Not so much because of the protecting shields around it but because of My having accessed the control center of the negative powers and having rebooted their computers, so to speak. I know this way of saying it isn't typical religious language. Many are the stories, guesses and dogmas about Me personally interfering in the affairs of the dark forces. The secret is to take this as an event of cosmic proportions that turned the page of the human cycle. You and anybody else can experience this by having access to Me. Resurrection is happening in your world. Remember that counting in units of time, future, present or past, is a human invention. Real 'time' pertains to the density of My presence."

"All in the 'occupied territories' are presented with the opportunity to find the way back to the full reality, away from the truncated one they're in. Anything can trigger asking the right questions and following up on the inner desire to be free of the corruption in nature, society, environment, people, body and mind. Unbeknownst to you, positive energies align with you when you trust their presence in you. Never forget that in everything My presence is, however obscured, suppressed and mutilated. I, as the Whole of life, am not a concept, a theory or the content of some belief system. I am for humans as a Person, as My speaking to you now indicates. The horrors some people go through are not in vain. For the simple fact that I go with them. The joys of crossing people's paths can teach them about what is to come. Looking for or even expecting events to show up in your life that reflect true existence isn't a bad idea at all. When you see them, wherever they manifest themselves, side with those."

"Of course, the question keeps coming up why I allow the misery to continue, since the solution is at hand, to say the least, or, more accurately, is happening. Why not speed it up a bit? It's impossible for you to oversee the gigantic implications of the Negative State's appearance. So I say that those reaching out to Me should know that I understand their situation. I am in it Myself through them. I am not an outsider, observing from the sidelines. All that happens is part of Me happening. My fullness contains all Reality, even the repercussions of the efforts to break it apart. True, the darkness created by denying Me mainly occurs on the outer side of the universe. This is the 'place' where the stolen energies operate. Its illness attacks all in its realm like cancer in a human body. For you humans it is enough to trust that the true body of all creation is alive and well; that everybody, however affected by evil and sickness, is invited to let My presence touch them and convince them that I am with them on their journey through the ordeals; that healing is taking place. Diseases and evil, as you know them, can only dominate you to a point. They have no future. You have."

"Is there any merit in saying that the end is near, or that pains suffered are temporary, even if some people seem to have them all their life and the human situation, in general, doesn't seem to improve over time? It is in terms of My nearness to all individuals and their ability to travel with Me that the end of this cycle of time is within reach and occurs. By consciously accepting My closeness it happens: the liberation, the homecoming, the being on the right path, regardless of how others interpret outer circumstances. You now know the facts! Trust, from its basis in the spiritual realm, will instigate changes in many other areas in which a person operates. It is a light that shines within and without, in front and behind, left and right, above and beneath. How come? Because where you go, I go."

"When people experience joy, happiness and wholesomeness, it is a double blessing when they take it not as a counterweight to misery but as a foretaste of what eternity, My world, is all about. Only what is right moves towards perfection. Only what is wholesome expands and only what is true creates more insight. On earth, people are skeptical about this. With good reason. It is natural to worry since, indeed, the other shoe can drop any time, as you say. Nothing is safe. Blessings of one day turn into curses the next. It will not improve, this situation. The reason for investing in more happiness, beauty and freedom for as many as possible should therefore not come from anticipated improvements but from the firm conviction that what is positive connects already with real life and moves on the rhythms of eternity. All what's positive is true life pulsating."

"Everybody may hold up wholesomeness and healing as standards while traveling through life. When confused, one can look at that compass. Not the results, but the process of staying in the proper direction will tell that you are safe. Everybody may step into the reality of My fifth name. Nobody except yourself can stop you from capitalizing on being part already of the movement to more wholeness. This third 'rule' for approaching Me invites you to not waste time with false or superficial healers but to go straight to the source of all well-being; which is as close to you as your life itself. Given your earthly predicament, you will have times of doubt, hesitation or despair. Don't let those stop you from moving on. If you consider giving up and do so, your life still moves on. It means you have to catch up later."

"Can you prove the validity of relying on My presence on the path you've taken? I notice you tell yourself that you worst fear is losing the faculties of your body or mind. Well, would it invalidate your visiting with Me and having access to the world here if memories of it are taken away by some illness? Will deterioration of mind or body hurt your spiritual part? Of course not! Your present self-awareness is tied to the color and density of your internal and external features. When these deteriorate, it means that the separation from the earthly attachments sets in visibly. The spiritual aspects of your person continue to move forward more freely, even if you're not conscious of them anymore. If I were a parent I could say, 'Don't worry about it!' Instead, I say to whoever reads this, 'Trust your being alive. This, the real life in you, will know how to move on. In addition to this, the more you accept the awe of already being connected with Me, the more use you'll be able to make of that strange journey on earth you're involved in!'"

"Every type of what some call 'doom' thinking or pessimism obscures true Reality. It is a farcical approach to life. It honors the perpetrators of the Negative State by putting them on a pedestal because of their power to cause destruction, pain, disasters and stagnation everywhere. When you disregard the information I give you, then, yes, things look bleak, with little or no hope for substantial healing. Many for that reason accept the obvious dark side of life as a permanent fixture. Or as a yin and yang phenomenon, in other words. You chose not to believe this. You have invited Me to tell you who I am. This enables you to see all the signs of the coming resurrection to fullness."

"Everybody may discover that being part of this moving forward has as a built-in climax a sense of continuously arriving. While still on earth, you will reap many benefits, psychologically and practically when you see yourself as a contribution to the overall adventure of life. In all your private and social doings, creativity and spontaneity will increase. Worrying, tightness, comparing or holding back are not compatible with trust. Traveling on in trust greatly enhances pleasure with friends, in intimate matters, in taking on responsibilities and having obligations. Moving to 'more' lets you breathe more freely; it puts you there where you belong!"

"The implication of what I say under the heading of this 'rule' is that it is completely irrelevant from what point of brokenness you start moving toward healing, towards Me. I am already in people's lives. I invite them to join Me and to let go of whatever past, persons, ideas or fears are trying to hold them back from the adventure of becoming more whole, more eternal, if you want. This process always starts in the spiritual realm. It is there that the fullness of life can tickle you."

Rule 3. T R U S T M A N I F E S T A T I O N

"When you checked in with Me just now, before starting to write, you were surprised to see Me surrounded by a group of men. I told you they were invited to be present because they were highly interested in your way of reaching out to Me, particularly in your being so open to hearing about things from the spiritual perspective which for you is so other-dimensional. It was an encouraging moment for you when one of them explained that he was intrigued because you are not equipped with, or hindered by!, any brilliance of mind, by an exquisite taste or sensitivity, by a specific charisma or any other outstanding quality in the make-up of your personality."

"He suggested what I, too, have regularly told you, that it is completely irrelevant, and please, take this as literally as you can, how you measure up compared with other humans or sentient entities in general. You saw him pointing at the others in the circle and you heard him tell that each and every presence in life, every particle of it, is of equal significance. Equal, because everything and everybody in life is relative to Me, is a manifestation of Me. I manifest Myself in everything. Outside of Me is no existence. Reflecting Me and having My nature shining through, that is the value, purpose and satisfaction in being in existence. There are no exceptions."

"Again, take it literally that it's because of Me that you are not failing or deficient in any way even when you play into the hands of the Negative State and contribute to the destruction of what is positive. From your perspective, this amounts to blatantly failing true life's standards. Yet I do not judge or condemn you or hold it against you. You manifest yourself in ways unrecognizable for your other part or other entities here. Your behavior in many ways mirrors the opposite of what I radiate. Still, that is 'forgiven'; it is not important to Me. You could say that I don't see it because I'm not interested in it. What I do see with great joy is what comes through in you of My universal nature."

"What counts is that you chose to explore and follow up on that deep sense in you that kept longing for what truly is true. Not as a viewpoint or philosophically, but in what you can 'own'. You're somewhat familiar with what throughout human history is proffered as wisdom, psychological insight and religious dogma. However interesting this may be, you felt deep down that it helped you little in finding your personal identity. How true that is! Each entity in existence has its own relationship with Me. Only from that connection it discovers its identity. There's no identity away from the connection with Me. Can you see, therefore, that your 'shadowy' parts and the problem of how to handle those in view of what you are for Me, present a terrific challenge for those produced by the Negative State? My sight is not darkened by clouds. I love all in existence. All are beautiful; you included. I don't validate the markings the Negative State puts on all its products. I just embrace those that turn to Me and trust what My nature in them whispers."

"This is what made My friends here curious about your Writings. They realize that whoever may read it on earth will be extremely skeptical of what you are saying, to put it mildly. The group you saw wanted to give you a sense of being supported. That support you won't get from people on earth. Partly because you decided not to have many even know that you write all this. Correctly, you fear that unconsciously you would be tempted to live up to their comments or expectations. In addition to this, it saves you from becoming defensive when, very likely, people attack you or argue about what you write."

"Another reason for you to work on this in almost complete isolation is that you noticed that I never encourage you to aim at publicity. It is left entirely up to you what to do with this when you finish. In this sense, I want you to consider yourself as My manifestation. I don't hold your hand. You have to allow My nature to come through and you are the one that sets the pace and direction. This third 'rule' for 'praying' that asks to consider complete trust in My realness invites anyone to operate from being their own unique facet of life. Accepting and trusting that you can manifest Me comes with a blank endorsement to discover what it all entails. All aware entities are thrilled by the realization that I endow them with life in order to represent Me and to share in My beauty and love. They offer unique expressions of life, each and every one of them. All are free agents, proud individuals, generous and sensuous contributors to the love affair I have with them."

"You have responsibility for your personal appearance on the stage of life. There's no end to this. You already learned that working on yourself on the spiritual plane within you stirs up a cleansing wind that chases away clouds of prejudices, fears and conditioning. It opens vistas to the width and closeness of the Real Reality. This, everyone taking his or her 'praying' seriously, can experience. However people appear to themselves or others, they are potential mirrors of Me. The demands to survive in daily living absorb most of people's energy and attention. But what about the voice of desire, the longing for meaning and the sense of right within? It is quite a discovery that the answer to the quest for identities is going to be portrayed only by yourself!"

"All new emanations endowed with life directly by Me and those coming into being as result of the joining in love, have an immediate consciousness about their being in existence. You saw that in your 'child'. He thanked you for being instrumental in his becoming a life-form. There was no doubt in his mind about being loved, wanted, important, precious, fitting in. He knew he was going to contribute with his particular personality. Being born on earth is different. It means an arduous road ahead to understand what one is all about. Yet the fact remains for all that life stems from Me. However hopelessly closeted being a manifestation of Me may be, it still is what you are meant to be and ultimately 'are'."

"Obviously, your negative sides don't reflect Me. They obscure My glow. But the distorted picture you show is still an expression of life. Life, as it is not meant to be. All that I emanate shows a way of life. What happened is that now the negative portrayals are incorporated in the data about the use of freedom of choice. On earth, nobody can get themselves out of the bonds of deficiency and distrust. You're born into it. All you show is tainted by it. Yet also, any action of your mind or hand inspired by consciously or intuitively trusting Me, detaches a piece of you from the process of deterioration. It's applauded here and greatly appreciated. You would say, it outweighs a hundredfold the falsities and inefficiencies. But it's more to the point to say that what doesn't reflect Me, is in the process of disappearing."

"So don't honor whatever is negative in you by worrying about it. Especially not, now you are willing to move in My direction on all levels of your earthly self. Anybody can decide to make being a manifestation of Me the centerpiece of their life. It allows for a proper evaluation of whatever living on earth presents. Trusting Me is trusting the very life force in you, the energy you are, the self that never deserts you. Don't fight your 'shadows' or 'demons' that are all over the place in and around you. Instead, remind them firmly, from the position of your trusting relationship with Me that you side with the better option, which is, living My way. When you make that statement in moments of personal darkness and not having much to show for, it will as a laser beam zero in on the negative powers' weak spots. It may make them doubt. Again, trust this. Trust Me. All entities in existence are invited to show off the immensely intriguing and glorious artwork life is."

Rule 3. T R U S T E N E R G Y

"You noticed that I most of the time bypass psychological aspects of the issues brought up. Like now, when talking about 'trust'. It is not the purpose of this writing to give insight in human dynamics. They have no direct relevance to the Positive State. I meet with you on your spiritual level. Of course, the moment you hear or see Me, you have to process what you experience; for that, your physical and psychological systems provide the tools. I don't take over your person or have you write as a puppet or robot. And you are not a sponge, just absorbing and releasing what is put into you. What you're doing in this writing is not what some call automatic writing or channeling. When being with Me, you are absolutely free to listen to Me or not. Writing what you experience as My speaking to you and giving you insights is not a cut-and-dry task. You are highly active in staying on the frequency on which We communicate."

"It also is true that when you are with Me, you feel energized by being so directly and personally exposed to such an open-ended range of reliable information. Your mental and thinking potential is greatly enriched. Visually too, you transcend the boundaries of 'normal' images. The vastness, the happiness and beauty of the other world impress you deeply, even if you have no words to describe them adequately. Everything you hear, see and intuit is of a positive nature, to make the understatement of your life."

"For you, to write about all this and, shall I say, up till now not losing interest in it, is only possible because you have accepted the reality of it and trust it as a genuine experience. You are very aware of the deliberately-induced complexities of human minds, including yours and of the misinformation programmed into it. You also became aware of the well-intended but futile attempts throughout human history to understand the workings of My nature from the position of looking and thinking of Me at a distance - what's called 'objectively'. As if any particle in existence can place itself outside its own self, or not be relative to Me! Insight and learning the facts of life can only begin on the spiritual level where the remnant of universal life is hidden. As it is said, 'It's only by My light that you see the light'. It's only because I am that all else is. Taking this seriously and personally provides the launching pad for entering the realm of life's true, full nature."

"This doesn't mean there is on earth no correct information about the ins and outs of reality at all. Thinkers and scientists, poets and prophets can offer valuable insight in some of the dynamics that keep earth going. Apart from those, people in general wonder about the primal power behind the awesome cosmic manifestations in and beyond your galaxy. When taken personally in the sense that people recognize that they are as life-forms somehow part and result of those interacting energies, it can lead to a genuine humbleness. Also to a deep-felt desire to honor and relate in the proper way to the powers that are of god-like proportions. This can lead to connecting with Me. It prevents a narrow earth-centered world view and makes wondering about My nature a preparation for getting to know Me and trust Me as the source and center of all power."

"Some fragments of how the forces and energies by which the universe operates have been figured out. Your fabricators were not able to do away with all 'laws' by which life operates, otherwise they couldn't have created your world. Now, I revealed the elements and components by which existence, including I Myself, exists. I gave them so you could write about them. It is something of a joke, isn't it, that a scientific ignoramus as you, with no particular writing skills, puts on paper the exact principles of all existence!"

"This shows two things. One, Reality is simple. There's nothing threatening in it not being comprehended in its totality or in its not-yet- discovered aspects. Do realize that also in the other dimensions is a learning, exploring, experimenting and research in order to get deeper into life's treasures. 'Heaven' is not a dull place! Secondly, what your Writings deposit as truth on earth is that only from within the Real Reality, accessible on your spirit level where I meet you personally, any sense can be made of life. Remember the comparison between people living in a dark closed cave with their guesses of other worlds out there, and those outside, living in full sunlight and able to build their ideas of reality around what they clearly can see?"

"My 'laws', the elements by which all exists, have nothing confining. They are universally understood and applied. The little insight in them available to people on earth can serve as an appetizer, pointing at how endlessly intriguing and exciting getting to know more about life is. Most awesome should be that everyone can personally know the essence and fullness of My being the I AM of what is. I hardly have to mention that as it is, any information hitting the truth too close is not left alone by the Negative State and is immediately used as divisive tool, distracting from its source. It will be monopolized, used for human glory, undermined or whatever is done to eliminate its potential of bringing people closer to Me."

"Many people deny, at least publicly, the presence of a dark side in life, evil forces, satanic powers or whatever it is called. I don't argue with mystifying negative energies but I want to point out that any 'enlightenment' not including the full truth about Me being life's energy, fails as a liberator from lies and unproductive thinking. It actually serves the dark forces. You meet and met negative presences on all your three levels. So does everybody, with whatever images and means they may come. As person on earth, you can't step out of the sphere of their activity as you function within the texture of their design and fabric. From encounters with them on your exterior and internal levels you cannot gauge the true nature and scope of the negative forces. On those two levels, the powers of the Negative State cannot be fully disarmed."

"However, this doesn't mean that efforts to undermine and expose the negative forces cannot be successful. Even if these will not bring about fundamental change, they do represent My seventh name. People that mean well, actions that fight injustice, violence, poverty, physical or mental illness and efforts to contain nature's violence, I welcome. These correspond to and reflect the ongoing celestial eruptions of goodness and beauty. In other words, the efforts are right on target. Yet their results, if there are any, teach nothing about Me per se! It is when in the hearts of people involved in these positive things the longing reigns to go for it because it seems right, that they have eternal value. Not the result, but the decision to trust goodness has roots in Me. Whatever name used for that inner inspiration, it is My nature and power coming through. It connects with Me. So when people 'pray' correctly, they are in for being energized and inspired to a lifestyle that carries them right into eternity. On the spiritual level the connection will be permanent. In this sense, turning to Me, 'praying', is the most revolutionary step a human individual can make."

"When the realization of being in the midst of and being part of My seventh name begins to hit your system and you start acting upon it, then the concept of trust becomes obsolete. Our relationship can be as it is in the rest of the universes. Because then, you personally know that I am real. Whatever evil, negative, dark or unknown forces may try to scare you, you have your own existence to fall back upon. The life in you is from Me and is Me. In your efforts to cleanse yourself and your environment, this fact will prove to be a blessing. It is the source of these efforts in the first place! All life is My energy. On the spiritual level you can grasp this. There, you can treasure it more than on the other levels. It is yours, an aliveness without restrictions. It is My embrace; it is you embracing Me; it is the real world. Do you see the pathology in all who don't let My energy come through and rather keep wondering than experiencing it?"

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'