all is communication, is a word

A mother hears her child through soundproof walls because she's connected.

A vase, a thousand times painted over, remains the handiwork of the potter.

Even when it's badly cracked, his/her brand it is.

Nothing in existence is not connected with life's one source, with the I AM.

To grasp the 'how' of this is for humans not easy.

On our planet, being connected has turned into dependency and not into

a full, happy sharing. We are slaves of so much.

Our body does beg and fight for food. We're preoccupied with providing it.

Our words and deeds hide ulterior motives. Giving and sharing is suspect.

Most things we do we're doing to self-protect.

The 'heavens' hear the inharmonious racket by which we all must coexist.

As one, they react with total rejection, hearing no words that belie action,

or speaking done with two tongues, or wasting words as worthless refuse.

Fact is, we are created by negative forces.

Access to the full Reality is practically lost.

Only our closeness to Who Is All assures over and over we still do belong.

Nothing in the universe isn't connected or can't communicate in rich ways

because of its love and longing for the I AM.

For us here, it's a choice in which direction we'll throw our flames of love.

Where those land, seems out of our control.

You want Our connecting, One Holy. You want me to truly be close to all.

So I better learn to say 'hello' to all in this life that You desire to embrace.

My words may seem pompous or crummy, and my deeds mixed with self-serving debris.

Yet I want to come across as: eh!, this is me!

I hope this for the ways I connect with and radiate to all those I am involved with here,

so that, what I intend they will clearly hear.

Little seems under complete control in my all-over connecting with all that is around.

Yet for what it's worth, I want it positive and sound.


Why should I talk when my heart already spoke?

Why should I ask when my mouth already tastes?

Why use words when our smiles do lock in lust?

Why think while our bodies share their warmth?

Our love yearns to give birth to something new.

Our minds merge, create thoughts that do soar.

Heavenly sounds do flood me as love's fanfare.

We give birth: through us beauty becomes flesh.

Dear God, Your words we are when we are one.

So why talk?

The excitement of life is in its communicating, when gladly everything is in touch.

From atom and quasar to cosmic forces, from me to nature to universes to God.

All other realms get full information when they search for the how, why or what.

My understanding and wisdom increase; stagnation just has no foothold in God.

Only one language is used in connecting. It tells the love of each part for the rest.

It's I AM's device for binding life together in full awareness of its beautiful quest.