The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "The image of a father has something fiery in it; he lightens up life for a child by his presence. There is power in his just being there. How can you not be aware of him as child? The reaction to Me being the One Holy can have some of that, a spontaneous, pure, pleasant and secure feeling that all is well. And more than an emotional response, being aware of father can ignite intellectual curiosity. Life for a child is a mystery, with horizons to explore on all sides. Father knows about them. So life is safe. Although this is not always the case, it still is a good image of Me that I am in everything you cannot understand. As for a child, it makes life exciting."

"This fourth element of life, fire, is its activity and inspiration in everything. Except in the 'Zone of Displacement', there never is in the universes even a thought of running out of energy or out of things to do. The zest for life and its potential is everywhere. It is in matter and in sentient entities alike. As you know, nothing on earth (or in the rest of the universe) relates directly to My first name One Holy. The name indicates a side of Me that transcends life as it is known. But having the fire of life within yourself makes treasuring the inexhaustible source of it normal and spontaneous. There is no reason for wanting to question father when he is perfect."

"Having a good father means for a child that life is safe so it can play and laugh. As long as it feels the love, the energy and warmth coming from parents, a child is satisfied and its needs are met. Fire, being a component of My nature and therefore of all that exists on all levels, stands for the aliveness of life, its passion, its drive. Not as a matter of speaking, but as daily experience. Your generation of humans has some understanding of this because of the discovery of the almost limitless power encapsulated in each atom. It is healthy to ponder this once awhile. All life has this core. The replacement of body cells and the working of your organs have to do with a burning process; even the tiniest particle in you functions because of the universal energy coming from life's spirit core."

"I do not suggest you become a philosopher or should stay on top of scientific discoveries. I say these things so that you do not restrict your perception of Me to only certain areas. I am the spirit in all life; I am the fire that keeps it going. Speaking of 'spirit', the Negative State had to distort the force of life into seemingly disconnected segments. They separated the unity in and of spiritual, mental and physical drives and passions. Some people think that in moments of religious ecstasy, My fire burns. The opposite is the case. It indicates spiritual dead-end streets, away from where My power is. The spirit - or fire - of life never 'takes over'. You operate by it on all levels. From your perspective you could say that without it, life would not just be empty, it would not be there at all. It is wise to keep connecting with this component; first thing in the morning when waking up, or whenever you find a moment to do it. Saying in this context that I am the One Holy, the One even beyond and above all cosmic forces, places you in an untouchable position. The Negative State knows this better than anybody else of humanity. They are the only ones to consider challenging My first name and the possible flames in it."

"In your mythology, stories figure about fire stolen from heaven, from the gods. There is some truth in this. Recently, your species seems closer to domesticate some of nature's powers and take some control over the hitherto elusive transmitters of life and aliveness. My speaking to you, however, is mostly about what a person can experience of Me on the spiritual level. It is there that you 'see' clearest and can sense you are in a different sphere. This dimension is within you. It lets you 'travel' to the other world. It makes that meeting with Me comes with peace and a level of insight that tells you are in the true reality. It does not mean you can grasp this intellectually. But you are aware now of the glow true reality radiates. It has everything to do with My inspiring all-presence. What cannot be grasped except by Me only adds to the completeness of life."

"My One Holy, or, as the 'old prayer' says, being the 'Father in Heaven', provides a name for My nature's absolute absoluteness. So, the fiery element in My being goes in all directions. It is existence. A fire spreads light, warmth, energy; it changes things. Nobody can take it away from you, as you exist by it. Even in the Negative State it is the use, or rather the abuse, of My nature's fire that makes their operations possible. So indeed, hallow and treasure My names, beginning with the first one. Mentioning I am the One Holy unblocks your understanding of Me. Now you know that My shining presence comes from a source that you do not have to be. See in this light your fear that all this meeting with Me is just a human projection. Even if it was, I am still more. I am the only reality that cannot be projected!"



... "Praying for My kingdom to come is asking for fire, for a cleaning out debris and for burning obstacles in front of you, so you can make progress on a path that reflects the way things happen in the real world of love: like peace and excitement for all. Love has all the features of fire, even on earth. It can melt resistance and kindle liveliness. Ultimately, it is love that as a fire will consume the Negative State in all its endeavors; so even those will come out purified. My entering the human death heralded My 'rule', the rule of love, into the inner sanctuary of evil's bastion."

"We talk about fire as element of life. Nothing exists without it, since all that exists mirrors My nature. In this second 'prayer', it is integrally present. Welcoming My kingdom is asking for Me to be what I am, also in your life. And that is only love and goodness. This is what you get with a vengeance (if you excuse the expression) when you allow this fire to be kindled and the real reality to ignite in you. One reason for not being interested in this and not 'praying' it, is because it may cause burns. So true! All that is not compatible with love is not My kingdom. It will be sifted out. And that is scary. People are so used to negative presences. You all are programmed with them."

"Still, My kingdom comes with the warmth of My embrace. Unconditionally. Not with judgment or measurements but with the assurance that everything is all right, because I am. It comes with light for understanding what life is all about; it comes as a wind that gently guides you through unknown territory. The fire of love in you is a beacon. You learn to pick up on its rays and set your course accordingly. This component of My nature in you lets you clearly see your path; it energizes your spiritual self."

"You state that My love is all-involving, instead of 'praying' that My kingdom come. With the 'old' formulation I did not address life's external manifestations. I wanted to alert everybody that within themselves they have My presence, fullness and power that as an engine keeps them going. Only from recognizing this can real living take place. It then shows life's essence. Saying that one originates from and exists by the ever-glowing and spreading fire of My love is for all in the universe self-evident; it is mentioned in happy songs. It is by the energy, passion, warmth and brilliance of the fire I am, that they are filled in the most pleasant way by the drive to love, to make love, to bring about newness, and to create more light and joyful lightness."

"Sitting around a bonfire, people often reach a closeness and sense of peaceful togetherness with each other, with nature and with their deities. It nicely points at the love nature of fire. But the message is that My fiery presence is always there, in all circumstances. Life exists by it. It is within you and everything. To call it My 'spirit' is appropriate. My spirit has the radiation of fire as it penetrates, warms, cleanses and brings light. It is the ray of love that stops for nothing. So, My friend, is My kingdom."

"You see the predicament of earthlings. Your power goes only so far. Light has a limited reach. High spirits cannot be kept up for too long. Simply look at your need for rest and sleep. Is during those periods My fire in you not active? Feeling 'burned out', is that a symptom of having 'false' fires going? Remember the way you see the other dimension functioning. Is there any 'nervous' energy? Overdoing it? Pressure? Only during your trip into the 'hell's' fire was threatening. My fire is peaceful, youthful, sparkling. You could say that the flame of life has as many brilliant appearances as there are living entities and things. Like explosive potential in an atom is in the real world each entity the carrier of an enormous force that can explode into laughter, playfulness and creativity. Tiredness or a need for rest or sleep is unknown. Living in a world of love is just too invigorating and beautiful."

"When I speak of peacefulness, harmony, perfection and love, it is not just that. It has nothing passive in it, nor is it a reward for having achieved something with 'sweat and tears'. The dynamics in all life's functioning, be it in matter, nature or in people, are one and the same. It is the fire of love; it's universal. It keeps everything going and gives it its brightness, meaning, uniqueness and everything else. The essence of all life is the passion of love."



... "You saying that My truth - that I as Truth - contain the universe, and the 'old prayer' asking that 'My will be done on earth as it is in Heaven', are more similar than it seems at first glance. My will, if done on earth, would clearly do away and render useless all concepts and ideas stemming from lies and falsities. My nature as fire would see to that. Anything negative ends up as your proverbial snowball in hell anyway. My will, being only love, is not just manifesting itself in what is before Me; it is the very origin and nature of existence. There only is one true reality or full truth, and that is Me. I am My will."

"Only in the realm of the Negative State this all-encompassing fact got lost. My being Truth means that reality is a glorious occurrence. Nothing is not related to Me, says the name, says the 'prayer'. One Spirit breathes life. My fire. It inspires existence to be. The fire component of My nature keeps reality going. My will is as a fire. It does not burn, scorch, hurt or destroy. Stories about Me being a deity of wrath, revenge, swinging a sword, demanding sacrifices or to be feared are inventions of the Negative State."

"Their policy is to have earth people project their own fears, power needs and violent nature in gods or superhuman forces. My fire is a beautiful fire; it is the light of life as much as its energy; its nature is joyous and playful. You can credit it for the technical functioning of life. Staying close to the light and radiation of this fourth element also prevents spiritual or mental burn-out. It keeps you personally connected with the reality in which the negative forces cannot breathe. This way, you are a real person, and your will merges with Mine in beautiful harmony."

"On earth, in individuals and in nature, so much pure energy is siphoned off and used for destructive purposes like hurting, destroying and killing. The substance of life's nature - as bubbling with joy and creative passion - is so fragmented that it is an alien concept for many people. Earth is indeed 'planet Zero', hanging in an 'impossible' position between the truth and its denial. Fire, literally and figuratively, is used by people to wage wars, to intimidate, to impose their will by force. In nature, it is barely contained and in many ways remains a threat. This is also what goes on in people's internals."

"This fourth element proclaims life's power. It is the force that keeps life going. For matter, it means being of use. For persons 'praying' for being real and honest in being aligned with My will it means a glowing identity and a zest for life. It gives her or him conscious access to the universal spiritual realm. Not embracing My will, the Truth I am, or not aligning with the full reality, keeps damaging your system. It gets frozen. Not operating by the light, spirit and power of your and My nature's fire component leads to coldness, disconnectedness and confusion, to say the least."

"Having your flame over and over rekindled by Me amounts to being free to be yourself, finding direction and creating your own positive world. It sets ablaze your potential and ability to become your own will. Your passion responds enthusiastically to My having 'willed' you in love, as this is the reason you are in life. People can discover a 'thirst' for My love and for realness, not leading to dependency but towards more sharing and intimacy. I treasure seeing humans charged with a passion to contribute and to abundantly celebrate life. I treasure hearing their songs of gratitude and joy for being so fully alive."

"It is unavoidable on earth that My will, My truth, will be attacked with whatever arguments or violent acts. It happens within you, when conflicting needs fight each other. In society and in nature, it is obvious that the fire of life is disconnected from its source, and is so fragmented that parts turn against each other. Trust and wisdom are destroyed by unbridled passion. Holding on to My will and truth, which leads to goodness, wisdom and honesty means holding on to the one universal life force. Making exceptions for yourself in whatever shape or form, means you extinguish the very life in you. My life force explodes as happy firework, giving pleasure to all."



... "Asking for daily bread is bringing your attention to the complex issue of how life is structured. Where does bread or rice come from? Why do you need food so badly? Why is there no guarantee it will do its job? Are alternative sources of sustaining life available? Raising these questions enables Me to point to the only, exclusive and universally life sustaining fuel, which is the power of My presence. Also in the midst of the malfunctioning, dependencies and uncertainties you face. 'Ask Me and it will be given to you', is a truism that people still like to hear in order to hope that things will be all right. Yet, all energy in life, the fire by which it exists and operates, comes directly from Me. It is Me and is given with the life you have."

"Your planet's situation puts in question what you saw in the other dimension, the inspiring propriety of all constructions, the free and joyful sharing, the validation of even the tiniest contribution and the togetherness in receiving, producing, exploring, building and utilizing. This 'prayer' relates to the internal level in all existence. Bread stands for all that motivates, processes, creates, shapes, desires and perpetuates life. I am the bread of life. My own, too! What allows life's different units and particles to be themselves while closed in by millions of other presences? What makes the universe that enormous occurrence in which nothing repeats itself, is forced or duplicated, and in which all parts thrive?"

"The answer is that all runs so well because the fire component of My nature keeps it all alive, available, clean and eager. My being the one life force in all does not mean I am the same as everything. Everything exists because I radiate power to all. I do not mind calling Myself the bread of life. My aliveness and spirit glow in everything. It makes existence transparent. Nothing is unchangeable, stuck or permanent against one's will. You see this quality in what you observe in the other dimension. You can go there as often as you want. What is seen as dependency on Me, on bread, on air and on fellow human beings on earth is in the real reality radically different. There, the true food is My always feel-able and welcomed presence. It not just feeds the desire, but is the desire to personally honor and contribute to life's edifice in which all is magnificently and abundantly alive."

"Positive connecting on the mental and physical levels for a project or social interaction has everything to do with sharing one's passion. Fire seeks fire. It loves embracing itself. It is having a 'blast' when it can freely roam. On earth, this is complicated. Your planet's history shows the unholy use of fire on all levels. You cannot just step out of this scary situation. What you can do, however, is seeing to it that the fire of freedom in the core of your person, the warmth of your all-including love, and a passion for honesty keeps radiating in all areas where you connect with your environment."

"The clarity of enlightening insight and the warmth of My closeness can diminish easily when you leave the spiritual realm. You have the option to not close the door behind you, so to speak, but to stay alert to the workings of My spirit in the often unrecognizable and not-heaven-like constructions of most of earth's productions. Believe Me, I, as life's structure can be denied and ignored, My impact perverted and hacked into pieces, but I am still Who I am - the daily bread, the rightness, the properness, the health, the fire and the only meaning - and sustenance-giving factor in all that occurs."

"Sound abstract? Well, why don't you pick an object and see its total picture. A car, for instance: the material used, where that comes from, the labor, the design, the financial aspects, its use by whom and for what, its functioning and impact, its ending and being recycled. Before and after its 'time' as a car as well as during it, it 'happens' as part of its environment; it can be used in positive or negative ways. But it is there! It is a unit for a while as part of the ever-changing yet cohesive structure of being in life."

" 'Praying' to Me for daily bread recognizes the all-presence of My arrangement in which what exists has the freedom to create a world for itself. It can do this because of its fourth component. The fire of life is there. Everyone can mirror Me by making beauty and put together what is good and right, having that as a goal. When people do this, My bread is not wasted. Through all in life My structure stands. The quality of My fire, life's energy, is the same on life's three levels. It energizes the detail as much as the total. Be inspired by it wherever you 'smell' the fragrance of My world."



... "The association between life's fire element and the cleansing of sins, of irregularities, of cancerous growth, impediments or whatever you call what is not fully reflecting the wholeness of My nature, is for you on earth obvious. The devouring power of fire, you are all too familiar with. Yet fire as component of true life, has nothing of this negative quality. It only has to do with lifting up functioning to greater heights, moving things forward and intensifying the glow of pleasure, joy and anticipation."

"In My nature, fire is its creative power. It shows up in all the movements of life. It inspires the becoming, shaping, forming, adding and transforming of all that exists. It comes with an inspiring and uplifting atmosphere that is highly contagious. Think of a party where everybody gets in a happy mood. More than that, it's a private zest in each unit and singularity. In every move you make, it is there; even if, as on earth, life is conducted in a way that is a far cry from the real reality. Be assured that the reason that your planet does not fall apart instantly, cannot be explained by some cosmic cause or law of physics. It is only because the fire of My nature provides enough energy to keep it going. What you call the 'laws of nature' depend completely on that. There is no separation between the spiritual and the physical in terms of the source of energy."

"My fifth name is Healing. It indicates My becoming 'more', My unfolding in every direction. My wholeness absorbs the dark and cold spots with their painful reminders of how bad it is in the 'Zone of Displacement'. It means that while darkness still reigns in your realm, one can count on My fiery spirit to bring light, insight and energy that enables to turn away from unnatural situations and to get ready, wherever possible, for the metamorphosis. This takes place when My warmth melts what is frozen in you, and My spirit ignites what is dormant. Forgiving is the name for the cleansing and the absorbing of dark spots through love and truth. It is all done from the within to the without."

"The change those affected by the Negative State will go through is radical and total. Your element of fire is involved in this. It enlightens you, so that you recognize My forgiving and forward moving nature. It softens the wax in your ears, so to speak, so that you hear loud and clear My personal invitation to come and travel with Me. Keep checking in which direction you want to go. See to it that you do not leave out any area in which you are involved. Open up to new experiences, expect changes, let go of hurts and resentments, and blow a farewell kiss to what you may have thought of as your 'fate'. My spirit in you thrives on freedom of movement, on flexibility and humor, on exploring new territories. Your own fire nature lets you see through the fog of isolation and negates the blinders put on you by the Negative State."

"I always am Who I am, the Builder of Bridges, the one who becomes 'more'. 'Praying' for forgiveness from Me is simply telling Me you do not want to be left behind or get stuck; that you want to be freer in moving through life and becoming more whole. In terms of this fourth component of life, you can 'pray' for getting hot-blooded, inspired, enthusiastic, passionate, warmhearted and energetic in everything positive. Passivity is not a virtue. Take that personally, when faced with your reluctance at times to act or speak up. You are so used to playing it safe."

"Saying that My wholeness unfolds, heralds life's movement forward. It implies that forgiving is a universal and existential phenomenon. Fire cannot be hidden. It's always branching out, visible, smell-able, feel-able. You have this quality because you are part of reality. It is in all that exists. Being in life is a fiery and feisty process. It is open-ended, adventurous, never not fulfilling, and always finding more to fill. Life wants to be lived, as you often say. So true! It is the message of this 'prayer' to not get stuck, stagnant or losing momentum."

"You never will be really stuck. Even what you call 'death' is a transition, despite the illusion of the Negative State that they beat Me by creating something I could not. Many see it as a test of My realness - or rather of My inconsequential not-realness - that I cannot prevent 'dying' from happening. But I am not in the business of having to do with punishment, revenge, getting even, rubbing things in, or interfering and taking away freedom. It is sad that religions often project human sorrows in Me. My nature consists of the the fire of eternal life. I invite everyone to find within themselves the sparkling spirit and warming company that does not leave you when the going gets rough. Remember, I talk about the very power that holds your galaxy together, and that is visible as the happy glow everywhere in the other dimensions. Allow it to unfold in and through you, too!"



... "One could say that this 'prayer' is a loud call to turn away from anything that does not manifest My nature. Everything not glowing from My fire, not showing My face of beauty and love, is unreal. I have been accused of being too removed, too 'divine', to be taken seriously. Indeed, of what use would I be I if I cannot be reached? I am accused that My actions are not benevolent and that, for instance, I do not prevent disasters from happening. It is pointed out that believing in Me is no proof that I actually exist as a personal presence, in the first place."

"It is quite an absurd situation that I am kept at a distance and made almost invisible. The Negative State has done a thorough job in distorting the reach of human antennas and receivers that could connect with My closeness. It is an 'impossible' situation that while everything else in the universe lives by My ever present spirit and happily thrives on it, in the 'Zone of Displacement' one not only does not recognize this but with zeal abuses life's energies for destruction and oppression. The dire results of this are then often blamed on Me!"

"The call is, to turn to Me for warmth, empowerment and positive creativity, so that you learn to see by a light that enables you to sense and see life's magnificent proportions. The enormous temptation for you is to not do that and not accept what is around you as only and final reality. Knowing My sixth name, Manifestation, means that you can reconsider everything's origin, quality, use, radiation and even future. On earth are some reminders that correspond with the overall glory of the universe."

"Practically, this means that nobody has to turn against the upside-down world they are living in, abandon ship as they say, or write it off as a lost cause. Doing that, is doing what I did not do. I do not write off your ancestors who were the willing instruments for bringing about brokenness and ugliness. They used, and still use, the fire of life for negative purposes. The flame in them that they pretend gives them power to the point of being My equal, will devour their illusions when its splendor as truth and love is recognized by them."

"Correctly, you say that everything manifests Me. Through Me, with Me and as Me everything shows its uniqueness. It is not a matter of dependency on Me or being just a vessel or instrument for My doings. I create and emanate only what has My nature of independence, fieriness, freedom and pride. For sentient entities it means flexibility, reliability, usefulness, beauty and strength. And, surprise!, for non-sentient particles and matter it is the same. My fire always lets know it is there. Humans can open up to its force within them, they can find it. It has to be their choice to do so. It happens when they let goodness and wisdom take over, so power and passion can happily merge."

"In other words, the fire of life is within you as part of your nature. You decide what to do with it. It is useless to blame anybody, circumstances or Me for your destiny. How you react and express yourself creates the 'you' in the midst of what goes on. This makes a person the unique entity he or she is. The uniqueness of the Negative State is that it portrays the delusion that another way of existing is possible. But My fire that spirits all existence into being, is the only life force. It is as simple as that. Not opening up to this fact accounts for the human confusion and complexities in terms of life's meaning, purpose and goals. It led to quite idiotic assumptions throughout human history."

"This 'prayer' relates to the external side of life, where it is visible and tangible. On earth dominates the unnatural separation between life's three levels. In the real world, the distinctive features of each flow into each other without flaw or hesitation. They all relate and correspond to each other. For example, body language is always in perfect harmony with the purpose, intention and content of the verbal and mental communication. All levels operate by the same power of love. All expressions of life are distinctive and one of a kind, but they are all transparent in terms of their source and passion. Nobody has to second-guess. It is the way I am. The without, the externals, never obscures the within."

"The 'Zone of Displacement' is designed by the Negative State to practice the exclusive focus on the outside of things as much as possible. In the external realm, they see their chance to create a world without Me. In many ways they were successful in eliminating for those on earth the chance to see My full splendor. I am not visible in things ugly, violent or phony. Yet they cannot fully extinguish My fire in everything as it accounts for things being able to exist. They cannot destroy the 'soul', the spirit of life. You can treasure daily its presence. It will show!"



... "Do you realize that this element, fire, is the only one of the twelve that is 'concrete', as it points at something specific and known by everyone? You noticed that My comments exceed the observable outer appearance of fire. But I do want to bring up again its practical use. Electricity, nuclear or solar power, you cannot see as such, but their effect is phenomenal. The same applies to the burning of calories in your body and its effect on the intricate processing your organs do do. All that exists has this powerful and central component. It is responsible for being able to be in life in the first place. So information about fire in all its aspects is existential. Remember it when you feel low. My fire, My fiery spirit is in you always. You exist by its keeping you together and helping you move forward on all your three levels. It will be there at the time of your transition."

"You could say that the greatest 'triumph' of the Negative Sate is that their prize product, human beings as you know them, believe that their circumstances are 'normal'. That thought efficiently eliminates in their consciousness the idea that My personal nature is within them and that they are all visibly before Me. Therefore, the negative forces allow good things to happen. Otherwise miseries would too much stimulate the longing and looking for a different world."

"Delivery from evil, which possibility the last 'prayer' offers, is done by revealing that all reality is My energy. Having this fact fill your awareness, your motivations and planning means you are on the top of the world, as your expression goes. You are then afire with pure and simple universal realness. Using this 'prayer' as a plea for deliverance fosters acceptance of the status quo. It then implies that life is an uphill battle and that only the hope for its ending one day can keep you going. Saying it that way gives too much credit, parity and indirect respect to the forces of deterioration, sickness, violence and evil. The human and earthly condition is then taken as fate or destiny, at least for the time being. But what about My fire in all life now? Positive achievements do seem minuscule, fragile and temporal. They can turn into evil as fast as they are rated good. As with gravity, you cannot by your bootstraps pull yourself out of evil's realm. Even hope cannot do that. So, are you stuck?"

"Thinking this way is sick, from the spiritual perspective. Something in you is alive. There, you have right away the presence of My fire. All is, as you are, solidly connected with My energy. You are always within the radiation of My spirit, regardless of outer or inner circumstances. I know this fact seems only real on one's spiritual level. Yet seeing there the true state of life's dynamics can be more than encouraging. There, deliverance from evil is not a concept or a hope, but has taken place; the change it brings can be felt and seen. 'Praying' for deliverance implies that it has already taken place for your person, if you want it! Anybody turning to Me with the sincere desire to be free from evil, is so. The cleansing fire is kindled in them and will keep burning. It is true life happening, despite the impression it may go too slow."

"I have not and will not give up on anything; in whatever dire state it may be, as on earth and in the 'hell's'. This 'prayer' is not about offering hope. It directs the attention to what is available now. My seventh name, Energy, stands for life everlasting for all in existence. Fire is fire. The destructive channeling of it in nature, societies, others and yourself, can be recognized and placed under the scrutiny of My realness and love. This way, you keep your sanity even if everything around you seems to extinguish the impact of My closeness, for whatever reason. In honest love is no evil. Love delivers from evil. The purifying power of fire within you can remain in the active mode every day of your life, if you want to. Treasure its 'hot' wisdom. You cannot find that anywhere else. It amazed you at times how protected you felt by powers greater than you could muster. Well, I said before, 'Do not think too small of Me'. But here I add, 'Do not think too small of yourself.' You are in life! Evil cannot undo that. And life is, by definition, My energy. You have it. All have access to it if they dare to discredit the Negative State, starting with the foothold it has within themselves."

"'Good' things on earth can enslave people and lead them away from Me as much as 'bad' ones. Nobody can tell you which is what. Only your intuition, with its antennas exclusively directed to My frequency can guide you. This can be said in much stronger terms. My personal presence with you during Our visits shields you against evil. Yes, in the periphery, on the sidelines, evil is warming up to jump you. But what they cannot prevent is that at any time you want, you can connect with your own fire and experience its warmth and insight giving features. And where do you think the 'energy', technically speaking, comes from that enables you to do 'dimension-travel' while sitting in your chair? Who says spiritual energy has less potency and reach than cosmic forces? It is the 'stolen' energy that has its limits."