their position

Gamaliel let me know several times that he was aware that much of what he said I knew already and could be read in the Booklets. But now I heard it from one who had been part of 'the other side'.

In order to understand anything at all about the situation on earth compared with life in the rest of the universe, it is necessary, he said, to know about the background of the difference. The challenge placed before the human race was to explore whether loving I AM was truly a free choice and not some automatic reaction or predestination. So they were challenged to see how far freedom goes.

G. wholeheartedly threw himself with the others of his generation into the fascinating opportunity before them. They had complete data concerning the ins and outs of the existing universe. What they faced was an unknown, a potential, but of what? They were supposed to put together something that had never existed. No blueprints, no model, no limits; only complete freedom to explore. The one agreed upon guideline was that it should be a clear alternative to the existing universe.

They did feel free, motivated, powerful, determined. They had no warm personal relationships with each other, but this was seen as progress as it was something novel as far as they knew.

Later, when he again mentioned this, he showed a - sad? - smile when he compared their sphere with what I know as one in a prison among inmates.

They were very conscious of the uniqueness of their situation. Nobody had experienced it before. They were trying to create what potentially could replace life as it was. It helped greatly that none of them had been exposed directly to life in the rest of the universe. Their generation had come into existence in complete isolation. Everything was up to them.

They were aware of life's origin in and from I AM; their personal life also. But they decided to cut off any contact with I AM. They finalized in the life-forms in their realm, the old and new ones, the separation of the internal and external systems from the most inner spiritual connection with life's source. It was the only way to prevent life from manifesting itself as it did in the universe.

They became obsessed with their work. The potential outcome loomed bigger than anything else. It promised creator status for them. They used a focused, clinical approach in their research and experimentation. They rejected the idea of checking in with their 'parent' generation.What these could offer they considered useless as it belonged to a world they were going to replace. There was no open access to that world anyway. Correctly, they sensed that any personal or collective contact with I AM would be counter productive to achieving their goal. Suppressing within themselves the spirit realm allowed them to fully concentrate on and embrace the outer sides of life as the new core from where to think and operate. In other words, they turned existence 'inside out'.

They did not have to start from scratch. The basic structures for a different world were already in place. They knew of the activities and innovations of the earlier human generations that separated the internal and external female and masculine principles and produced offspring from their own material. This had facilitated progressive isolation within and without.

Also the protective galactic shield was already in place.

He reminded me that I learned about this from the writings of Peter Francuch (see Epilogue) and had received further information myself, that now is on the Website.

how they live

I asked him about where and how they lived, bracing myself for not getting an answer that would satisfy my curiosity.

Indeed, he recognized my limits for imagining their world and reacted with, "Yes, where do people live that are capable of moving around Milky Ways and can be bigger than your sun?" He said, "Let me put it this way: Even while my generation lives in isolation in our self-created negative state, this is experienced by them as the equivalent of what you would call being blessed, paradise, 'home'."

In terms of the external appearance of their realm, it reflects their self-imposed, feverishly pursued and in everything manifested separation of I AM. For me, it would come across, if I could observe it, as the opposite of what I associate with things like safe housing, happy family, peaceful social life, beauty and free flowing lifestyles. The outside of everything in their realm I would see as completely distasteful and ugly, including the physical features of their bodies, dwellings and environment. But I would not be able to fully observe this, even if I could and would like to go there. He said that it is similar to not being able to observe the full glory of the Positive State. Seeing what I saw on my spiritual level during my visits here was possible only because everything I encountered, from matter to I AM 'held in', adjusted and to a point limited the full glory of their nature for my sake. Like he was doing right now. Still, because of my openness for it, what I see during my visits here is quite transparent for the real reality. So in that sense I see it as it is.

In the negative world nothing is transparent. If someone would want to uncover and explore the scope of it, they can. But only to a point. Complete exposure would instantly obliterate their sanity. This also is the reason that our fabricators and their minions appear to us in all sorts of disguises. Their presence is on all our levels, including the outer reaches of our spiritual core. They do not respect our freedom, so in contrast with the approach of representatives of the Positive State, they usually force themselves upon us. In case I really want to get an idea of their living conditions, the best way is to look at anything on earth that is not glowing with love and joy or is fake, and see that situation as only getting worse. That mirrors their sphere. Yet it is where they choose to be, so for them it is ideal.

He kept mentioning that the most promising formula and actual key to creating the alternative way of life with earth as show case has been prioritizing the externals, giving them the power to inspire, to create dependency and parade them as ultimate reality while being disconnected from their spiritual core.

their hatred

I interrupted him once by asking, how come the hate for I AM and the 'old' world? Is that necessary?

He did answer the question. It originated, he said, in the frustration of doing things that cannot be done. With all their freedom, ingenuity and drive, they could not eliminate their own existence and the phenomenon of existence itself.

They did discover and then exploited what I would call 'forced' death and dying; but even that did not produce a real cessation of life. Being irritated by this led to a deep resentment towards the One they knew was the cause of it. They started to hate I AM who gave them the freedom to disturb and potentially eliminate Her/His nature and, yet, did not provide tools to let that nature disappear.

They could have thrown in the towel but instead, striving for the impossible became a passionate obsession. It brought out a fury in them, the antithesis to love, or call it love in the 180th degree. It makes them blind for the havoc and miseries they cause and proves to them they indeed created something hitherto not existing.

He said that this can help me understand that it is their icy fury that is reflected in so much in what we call nature. The original harmony in nature 'evaporated' when it became exposed to their powerful non-love vibrations. Ironically, the confusion and deterioration this caused forced them at times, to their great chagrin, to restrict the measure of destruction. They had to, otherwise their realm would completely disintegrate.

What people on Earth may consider to be an act of some benevolent god or the result of some stabilizing natural force is actually often their doing.

facts and fiction

Stubbornly, his generation holds on to the belief that achieving the impossible is within their reach. He explained that his generation promotes in all areas of life on our planet a total disregard for the spiritual realm. They do it by strengthening external dependency. Our present human exploration of outer space fits into this scheme. Whatever will be discovered there won't change the universal situation as described in the Booklets.

They deliberately created, or with another term, they laid the groundwork for, a way of life dominated by externals, the 'outside' of things. Once the basic universal principles were distorted and 'unnatural' alliances forged, developments took care of themselves in terms of firming up externalization and pushing back information from the full reality that still keeps seeping through.

He said he realized that all this may seem far removed from my day to day life. How can I picture their activities like cosmic control, events manipulation or interference with people's choosing? He said that giving examples was of little use but that I most likely agree that each and every situation I observe in my world is fundamentally flawed and prone to fall apart sooner or later; in human life and in all of the cosmos. He said he did not talk about morals, but about being vulnerable to malfunctioning and being a threat to self and others without clear-cut rhyme or reason. What I AM, Wisdom and now G. tell me is not for the sake of satisfying my or any reader's curiosity about details of how our earthly situation came about but is to give the context of it: the reason for it happening, the forces involved, and the outcome of it. Above all, it should be clear that literally everything in our personal life plays a role in and contributes to the 'impossible' pursuit coming to its closure. When a person realizes her or his own involvement in it, hearing or reading all this will start making sense.

As an aside he added that I wouldn't grasp the technical details or particulars of the changes they made, even if he would explain them. (How did he know!). He said that the brightest minds in physics may have inklings of it. Yet they easily get sidetracked by details and forget that their prime value in life is not in their scientific genius but in their personal alignment with the reality of I Am. Thinking from that position will bring out insights reflecting eternal truths and greater sensitivity for unmasking misleading theories. Enlightenment and wisdom do not come from discovering 'objective' facts but from first of all being in awe of being personally part of the one reality. He emphasized that from a universal point of view, of interest is not that and how things went 'wrong' and defy reality, but that everything related to this is in the process of being resurrected to life in its fullness; thanks to I AM who doesn't waver in being Him/Herself as the One Holy.

their social life

When I asked him about how they socialized as 'siblings' he was so gracious to stoop to this prosaic question. He had me think about myself. Here, I see him, talk to him, ask questions; he is there, concrete, visible yet that happens on the level of my spirit. My earthly body of which I am fully aware is sitting in a chair on the beach. Well, in a similar way, those of his generation meet whenever they wish. They have a personal individuality and volume but also a mental awareness of each other's existence. That awareness can lead to actual encounters when they desire them.

When they meet, they focus on common concerns and make decisions. In a way they function as one body and mind. On the emotional level is only coldness and distrust, 'like among your prison inmates', as I reported earlier. They consider themselves to be freer than any other entity or unit as they are free from 'having to' relate to I AM and free to explore anything that's different from what is 'out there'. It includes being able to hate and ridicule at random.

At times, a sphere of euphoria takes over. They feel like being what people on earth would call 'gods'. They see themselves as superior to their parent generation, if only for the reason that those had backed off and had lacked the courage to go 'all the way', leaving that up to them. Now, of course, he sees that they are incarcerated by their own lies and unnaturalness. They keep indoctrinating themselves with the idea of I AM's irrelevance as source and center of existence. They still believe a world can be built and survive without the need for a spiritual realm. They marvel at playing a trick on I AM by using the universal energy to obscure and perhaps eliminate its source.

our situation

When we, their human offspring, by accident or purposely uncover some of life's true nature, they minimize the damage it can do by seeing to it that it is mixed in with half-truths, gets attached to philosophies or is frozen into 'the way it is'. This handily emasculates the impact of correct data. He remarked that I know most of this, even though I am frustrated by not knowing how to draw attention to the information I have besides writing it down, having it printed and putting it on a website. He assured me that for now it is the only way to represent the real world as I got to know it. Any gimmick or manipulation to lure people into paying attention to the words of the Booklets would be defying their purpose.

I should recognize that the indifference to the message of the words reflects the mentality of our fabricators who try to eliminate relating to I AM. Nobody can avoid their active presence. It is everywhere on earth. I or anybody should not take up competing with them, directly or indirectly; or try to outsmart them. We would be the loser. I should stick to just making the information I receive available.

In a broader perspective, it means that the presence of truth on earth alone has already broken their hold over us. He stated again that the key to understanding the negative situation on earth is that their generation turned their back to I AM and 'fills' the void with attachments to the external side of life.

In the real world, as I saw for myself during my visits, everything's outer side is transparent for the awesome beauty and all-ness of I AM. The three levels of being are in complete harmony. Disturbing that and insulating the spiritual presence is still the main activity of the negative forces. It therefore colors all our earthly situation.

key change

How do they achieve it? Partly, by finishing the process started by their ancestors. They perfect the blockage of direct access to life's core dynamics. The first element of I AM's nature, oneness, was already fundamentally damaged when they physically got isolated. Then, with their immense power of mind they changed in their realm the formulas by which celestial bodies as well as microscopic units normally function.

I am not capable of grasping the technical aspects of their manipulations, he said. Yet the results of their interference in the natural order all humans are exposed to. We are 'victims' of it. He used as example the workings of our sun. Its benefits are as powerful as its murderous potential. For all practical purposes, all life on our planet is slave to the sun. Keeping earth in this vulnerable position is essential to them.

The big picture is, he explained, that they tampered with the basic structure of life. They undermined all twelve elements reality exists of. Parts of those elements collapsed by themselves when they became detached from the unity with the others. The most notorious being the last element, harmony. At times forcefully, at times through subtle pressure, they keep diverting the direction of life's currents. Normally, those branch out from the one energy source I AM is. They cannot change this, but having manipulated their offspring's brain and having separated in all life-forms the innermost and internal levels, the new 'natural' mode of maintaining life became outer directed. Dependency on external forces is 'normal' on earth, not only for our physical aspects but for our psyche as well.

I now had witnessed parts of the real world, he said, so I could judge how much being disconnected from life's true center had caused deterioration for literally all segments our earth is composed of. Because of my spiritual connection, I know now that in the real reality a sense of oneness, love and realism permeates everything and everyone.

Using freedom the way his generation does has tensions, power struggles and life threatening situations increasing everywhere. It is welcomed by them as it simplifies their plans to reveal at one point who they really are and then offer earth's population to publicly embrace them as the sole power capable to have our human race survive. Actually, that 'at one point' occurs already.

Present day scientists can trace some of the laws by which life in our galaxy takes place. But insight in the involvement of his generation escapes scientific thinking. It is, he said, one of the reasons he doesn't even try to speak to me in academic terms.

the future

He warned that it is not possible to predict on the basis of discoverable patterns of developments what the future of our planet holds.

Of course, I asked, "Why not?"

His answer was, "For one, their way of disturbing the normal functioning of life's systems is severely flawed. It means that patterns they set are inherently unpredictable, can collapse or change direction. In other words, nothing they establish as seemingly solid is to be trusted. Therefore, to base the future of our planet on what has been happening thus far is idle speculation.

In addition to this, they do have the capability to step in at critical moments and influence the course of a particular trend. This happens in individual lives and on a global scale. They can do it discretely so none of us guesses that other than human or nature's forces are at work.

A main issue to remember is that the fifth generation, in spite of their clear direction, still works in the dark, so to speak. They have no model for their own subversive actions. Taking over reality is their goal but they have no clue of what exactly this entails.

As a matter of fact he stated that his generation has been extremely innovative in elevating the externals-focused and interdependent way of life on earth. All structures in nature and their environment are preoccupied with surviving. The harmonious and free-choice-quality of the real reality is all but gone. It was not easy at all for them to come up with a sentient entity that was human enough to qualify for the final test of freedom of choice but alienated enough from its origin to opt for the alternative world. Many experiments to produce a proper humanoid offspring failed, but finally they came up with a specimen that seemed adequate: our present brand of human beings.

He said I don't have to develop a philosophy about all this, or wait for science to verify what he tells me. He repeated that only connecting with I AM is of essence. From that position insight comes. Most of what is negative in living on earth developed by itself once the core connection was cut off. 'By itself' means that nature and humans started making negative choices without even realizing it.

The fifth generation did and does not cause wars, illnesses, destructive behaviors and the like. People and nature do that to themselves and to each other because of their individual and corporate disconnectedness from I AM's sphere. This will continue until the end of this cycle of existence when all the negative potential will have exhausted itself.

Again, G. brought up the element of oneness. Once this becomes compromised, everything is up in the air. His generation frantically works on denying the importance and even the very existence of the all-encompassing oneness. Any sign pointing at it they either destroy or place it in another context. They reckon that eventually, when their realm is established firmly enough, an open confrontation of the two worlds will take place. Until then, showing interest in I AM is taboo among them.

What they do not recognize is that the moment of truth, of confrontation, of facing the real reality, of the last judgment or final solution is happening right under their nose, so to speak. When and where someone on earth uncovers the presence of I AM and embraces Her/His nature of love and truth, the final choice is made and his generation's reign in the core of the life-form that person is, ends.

All his generation does amounts to preventing us humans to change the course of life in the direction of the Positive State. They have been quite successful. The distortions of the workings in our cosmos and the faulty wiring of our human brain and other systems prevent our sixth generation to repair our planet's fundamental brokenness.

The way his generation sees it, either they 'win' and the rest of the universe joins them in detaching from I AM, or they continue and double their efforts - even without us in case we would choose to embrace the world of I AM! They refuse to follow the logic that if they would win, the all-reality I AM pretends to be would be unmasked as fake and evaporate - with them in it! But for this absurdity they are blind.

The fifth generation knows something is going on that has to do with the closure of this cycle of time. The present availability on earth of plain information about the true state of affairs in the universe, including the story of their own doings and the invitation for every person on earth to activate their spiritual connection, has surprised them. They, correctly, sense that this phase of existence in which humans in general but they specifically are the dominant and crucial players is ending. It drives them to go all out. One indication of this is indeed the 'explosion' of communication techniques on earth and the globalization in general as he pointed out earlier. They actively invest in it as it nicely figures in preparing for the final human choice. From their perspective, they are on target.

As is often stressed in the Booklets, he, too, emphasized that what I experience as beautiful, right, wise, loving, fair and the like can be signs and vibrations of the presence of I AM's reality coming through. The Positive State is not something static or ephemeral; it is eternity acting up; for us, it is the desire of our innermost spirit realm to come out of the closet.

understanding it all

Once, when we visited, G. started without any formality or introduction to tell me that I should not worry if I do not immediately grasp everything he was saying. Where I don't see any relevance, someone else who reads this may see it, he said, and asked then whether I had learned enough by now in order to 'survive'.

First, I didn't like the question. What is enough? But then it hit me that the wealth of insights I was introduced to was actually only an infinitesimal tiny fraction of life's complexity. I didn't answer. (I had an image of starting to read a book and being so engrossed and moved by what is on the first page that further reading seems superfluous.)

human suffering

He continued saying he would like to talk about suffering, as it is for us such an integral and always frightening aspect of life. He said that his generation was the first to witness the breakdowns that led to pain and miseries. The fourth generation that brought them into being had been setting up the stage for the rigorous isolation in which they operated but was not directly affected by the spreading brokenness. Only as part of the one human body they, too, became marked by it. In this sense, also I AM, as the One and All of existence, was affected.

When his generation started to operate in the insulated realm and the tampered with core principles of life, as a wild fire and in literally all directions the collapse of the oneness in love began to poison and devour what was present in their domain. He said I could call it frantic, the way they tried to catch up with the changes occurring because of the broken-off relations with the 'old' world. The task to bring some order in the chaos was at times overwhelming. Any reminder of harmony in the other world frustrated them to no end. They had to shape the now clueless elements of life's composition into something viable. 'Suffering' started immediately when segments of nature, separated from their inner core, became uncoordinated and began to clash with each other. From the smallest particles on, units started to protect their space. Animals and vegetation had to vie for food. The external side of life, deprived of spiritual input, could hardly maintain a balance and began the hitherto unknown process of deterioration and falling apart. Thus death, dying and atrophy as I know it appeared on the scene. It was an extremely disturbing phenomenon to them. Yet, they also considered it a good step towards being really different. Soon it became a terrific tool to scare and control the later humans.

He remarked that seeing this happening led them to the conclusion that they had to produce a new generation of humans that would be an integral part of this new 'reality' and would be truly representative for it. They themselves, the instigators of this situation, did not qualify. They had too much information about the other reality and, by upsetting it, they were too involved to make objective choices. They didn't want to be part of I AM's world anyway. Their choice was already made.

The disappearance of harmony, the fight for space and food, the often at random shifting domination pattern and the ensuing unhappiness and suffering for practically all species and units does not please them as such. Only in as far as it is unlike the other world do they see the useful potential of it.

The frustration with the confused situation and not clearly knowing what to do with it went hand in hand with their excitement of having this world all to themselves. Both sets of feelings led to an ever greater alienation from what they had heard of the smooth functioning other dimensions. It led to value breakdowns as an achievement, as innovative, as proof that a completely different realm can exist by itself.

He stated that telling me what they went through was not meant as asking for sympathy or better understanding. He simply shared this as information. It now can dawn upon everybody that there is exact knowledge about where all suffering comes from.

The way the disruption of life's twelve elements turned out was not foreseen by them or planned that way. Tampering with those was a necessity in order to free their realm from being modeled after the old world. The irony in this initially escaped them. They had no choice but to oppose existing situations in order to prove their freedom. Talk about free choice! When they realized this, it led to more bitterness. The ensuing chaos and miseries were not enjoyed by them. They took it as the price to be paid for doing something 'different'. They assumed it was a transitional phase they needed to go through. Eventually, their world would match, and hopefully surpass, the standards of I AM's realm. Then, they would have proved that the original world is not the only viable one. Mission accomplished!

their issues

In answer to my question about it, he said that his generation does not process the results of malfunctioning the way we do. Although I could say that they 'suffer' in their own way. He pointed out that we on earth, in the midst of our confusion or pain, can raise a protest; we can believe in deliverance one day or dream of another world free from misery. We also can put our energy in fighting the brokenness and even see at times some result. There also is some comfort in the relatively short time we have to endure the brokenness. They do not have these perspectives. They are addicted to their passion to create an alternative environment. To this, they cling in blind ambition and at whatever costs.

He had already spoken about the situation that, at times, they had to interfere with chaos on our planet in order to 'save' it. From the beginning they have been involved with the distortions so they know better than anyone else the ins and outs of the mechanisms of malfunctioning. They can stop certain developments, derail or change them. Actions taken by their minions often take care of details, but I should understand that the now distorted laws of cause and effect have their tentacles cover a much wider field in past, future and distance than I can imagine.

Their sphere is still one of exploration. They definitely believe that the track they are on is one of a final confrontation. The lure of complete control is constantly on their mind. They take it that when they prove it is a lie that life is exclusively in I AM's heart and hands, the old world will crumble, as it is based on that premise. They will have proven then that freedom indeed has no boundaries and includes the freedom to destroy the One who pretends to embody it.

He asked whether I saw that what is at stake is not solving an issue between I AM, who is the Positive State of existence and our (present) human race with its sorrows. The issue is a once-and-for-all clarification whether loving I AM is a free choice or a set condition for all in the universe. The realness and veracity of I AM is at stake. And his generation provides the option without which making a real choice is not possible. In this light I should see that I and all life-forms contribute to their pursuit by our 'daily' choices.

He explained that it requires close monitoring by their generation to prevent that the infiltration from the real reality does not become so obvious that it causes earthly life to tilt too much towards the Positive State while they as 'Masters' are not yet ready for the final confrontation.

In general, corrupting life's original principles was possible thanks to changes the earlier humans introduced. But some use of the basic dynamics of the Positive State remains necessary in order to keep existence going. For the rest, anything inspired by the old world they will mold or turn around so it becomes dependent on externals; thus thwarting its original position.

Coming back to pain and suffering, he said that they suit the Negative State. They absorb attention, undermine any perfection and put the focus on seeking relief with the likelihood of expecting that from externals-based solutions.

His generation believes in an alternative form of perfection; not the universal one that mirrors I AM's nature. They set up the external side of life as inspiration, model and potential perfection. In that sphere they are in their unique element.

For the time being, suffering functions as proof - if only for them - that a world unlike the old one is possible. For that reason they often feel pride when they observe malfunction and people living in fear of it. It really is a totally new phenomenon. And they created it.


Several times G. brought up the idea of oneness. Once he mentioned that it may seem just a word. But, he said, it qualifies for being the best kept secret on earth. All that exists emanates from I AM like waves of light extending from one source. Everything in existence proceeds that way and so remains part of a universal unity. More specifically, all segments of life retain the likeness of their origin by being a center and source of increasing space by themselves. As such, they move on, create their own volume which in turn extends the light further. This natural process is what his generation tries to interrupt. They have succeeded in the internal and external areas of earthly life. The ultimate source of life's energy is inaccessible for them but in its outward manifestation they can mold or channel it.

He sees it as his duty to keep repeating for me that, in spite of their subversive doings and of the negative choices we on earth make, all six human generations still are within the oneness of life, of I AM.

He asked whether this was too abstract or philosophical for me.

(In a way it is. For one, I would have no idea how to talk about all this to youngsters, for instance. On the other hand, I am familiar with it because of what I could write down in the three earlier booklets. Much of what he said sounds like a repetition of what I have heard already. Strangely enough, it does sound logical to me. Besides that, abstract or not, being in life as ordinary person comes with having some ideas about our existence, whether we think much about it or not.)

He said that all questions I or anybody of my generation ask or have asked about the scope and meaning of life relate directly to the phenomenon of oneness. It includes the agony caused by not being able to figure out why so much is negative. Regardless of things falling apart or not reaching perfection, nothing can undo the belonging to an existence that consists of love and eternal realness.

He, too, had been thinking that he could operate outside the all-presence of I AM. He now sees it amounted to wishful thinking. I should, however, not forget that he and his generation had been given the green light to experience and explore this delusion.

He recognizes that 'seeing' the oneness and truly believing that despite whatever earth shows it still is part of the one love-reality will not automatically lower the feverish pitch of painful evil for those who suffer.

Yet now, directly and unconditionally, each person living on earth is invited with so many words to position her- or himself within the one positive universe. This is done by trusting I AM's closeness as it can be experienced on each individual's most inner spiritual level.

He mentioned that I learned that the only way to discover this is not by looking around for answers given by others but going with my attention to the longings within my innermost self.

Again he said it should be clear to me by now that his generation did not cause suffering on purpose. And also that what we humans call negative, crime, violence, wars, sickness, ugliness and the like is much less useful to them than, for instance, dishonesty, lying, especially to oneself, bigotry, fakery or self-righteousness. Those latter traits are extremely effective in luring people away from even wanting to be close to I AM, let alone merging with His/Her sphere.

He referred to what also is indicated in the Booklets, that evil - which is their invention - is not primarily a matter of external destructiveness but that every manifestation of non-love and non-truth falls under that heading.

like cancer

"Can this situation be changed?" he asked, more to himself than to me. The answer seemed a personal reflection and not directed to me. He said that the presence on earth of his generation with their subversive intentions, combined with the inherent faulty structures of the world they pseudo-created, prevents any take over by forces of the Positive State. But, of course, now he realizes that the positive forces have no attack in mind, whatsoever. It would invalidate the principle of freedom of choice. More importantly, it is I AM's radiation of love that is bringing out the change.

I asked him to elaborate on this. How 'lost' is our earth? Is his and perhaps other members of his generation's defecting, causing change?

With his customary warning to be careful with examples, he mentioned cancer as I know it. Cancerous cells can mimic healthy tissue. They can take over and destroy their carrier; which means their own demise, too. The forces of the Negative State are in denial about this. Partly because they are unable to know personally what their demise or non-being would entail. If they address the issue at all, their reasoning is that whatever their demise would be, it would be something opposite of what I AM pretends to be as only love. It would mean I AM would have bought in into their world and would have violated Her/His own nature. So that would prove there is a non-I AM reality possible after all.

His generation is excited that indeed freedom seems to have no boundaries - I AM should be proud of them that they are proving it! - even if it means the demolition of the nature of I AM Him/Herself.

He then said that there also is the potential that cancer goes into remission. He mentioned himself as case in point. But I had to understand that even if his whole generation would give up their pursuit and ask to be reunited with the rest of humanity, it would leave our planet and human life on it as dysfunctional as it is now. Everything is a faulty product, incapable of joining the Positive State's perfection.

He said that this not too pleasant picture reveals in a nutshell the meaning of this cycle of 'time' with the human race as protagonist. All humans have a choice in deciding to which reality they want to belong. He mentioned casually that to come to this point it may match the equivalence of our idea of 'eons'.

We on earth experience the Negative State first hand. We live it, we model it. Yet at the same time, with the information now available for everybody who reads these and similar booklets and listens to the prodding of truth within their innermost self, everyone can make up their mind and choose to recognize and honor their spiritual origin. It is an individual decision and his generation has no power to stop it.

Right now, earth as exponent of the Negative State portrays for all in the universe that there is indeed freedom to not love I AM. Where that leads to is now visible.

He said that all earthly humans decide to which reality they want to be loyal. The not-human world will be freed from their being mutilated and abused; they can join the universal normalcy. He added again, if they want! He seems to know how difficult it is for me to grasp that everything, from atom to galaxy, has the equivalent of free will on their level of existence.

holy book?

He wanted me to be aware that what I have been able to write down was not some new 'sacred' scripture that people were supposed to cling to. Much wisdom and information about true life has, over the ages, been spoken or written by persons who uncovered and activated the one spiritual source. Yet there is a difference with what happens today. Up to this time in human history, true information was never that directly and globally available. One reason that the here-and-there-uncovered truth was not happily embraced everywhere is that his generation saw to it that it got mixed up with ideas stemming from the imperfect external world. An easy trap was to have people believe that the revelations 'had' to be believed. In this sense, all religions, visions or theories that demand faith in what they proclaim are as clay in the hands of his generation. Dependency on 'sacred' texts, rituals or spokespeople are effectively keeping a direct, personal relationship with I AM at bay.

He did add, though, that even when true information is misused as a means to control, judge or exclude, it still can alert individual persons to honor their deep desire for a world of honesty and caring, beauty and justice; for the Full Reality, in other words. His generation has to be constantly on guard to see to it that truth seeping through gets corrupted and polluted so that hearing I AM speaking gets lost.

G. stopped here. He seemed to wait for my reaction. I, indeed, had many questions. 'What happens when there never will be unanimity among us humans?' 'What happens to those that keep saying 'no' to I AM?' 'If the universe is not stuck with our linear time concept, what are we waiting for?' Perhaps my wondering is best summarized by, 'How can I ever understand any of these things?'

there are answers

He made a few statements in reaction to my questions. Most of them cover, for me, familiar grounds; they show up in the Booklets. But I realize they come from a person, a sentient entity, who did not only participate in the Negative State but has been co-creator of the phenomenon of non-love and evil.

He stated:

'I AM, being existence itself, cannot not exist'.

'The human pursuit exhaustively proves that the nature of I AM includes unlimited freedom, including the freedom to compromise it'.

'I AM, being love and all reality - truth - is being embraced by all that exists. All existence is of I AM's nature and reflects it'.

'Those who choose not to open their eyes for the truth create their own darkness. However, also in that darkness is I AM'.

'It is I AM's unconditional love that will overcome the denial of it'.

'This cycle of time, dominated by the human endeavor, will not be repeated. It will have served its purpose'.

'What happened with him and what happened with me can happen to everyone. Returning to the truth is within everyone's reach, because of our origin'.

'In a way, each individual is the whole human race. In one person's 'homecoming' all come home'.

'The increasing global inter-connectedness and its dependence on external means is directly related to this cycle of 'time' reaching its climax and closure'.

'The creativity and energy invested in the Negative State will be purified and become transparent and of use for the Positive State'. This process takes place in him, he said.

a wake up call

He called the availability of these words a wake-up call to also his generation! They learn things about themselves they deliberately lost sight of. They now hear it publicly stated that the time of searching for an alternative reality is up. My linear idea of time does not cover this statement, but they know what is meant. Each decision of even the minutest entity in the Negative State, and especially the choice of humans, contributes to finding out whether another reality is viable as a not-I AM reality. Much on earth seems to indicate there is such a world. Yet when everything negative is taken together, it may show that I AM can be derided, dismissed, defiled or 'forgotten' but cannot be replaced. What shows is that exploring the potential of using freedom to demolish I AM's all-ness and establish another reality not just leads to a complete failure but instead serves to endlessly increase insight in the awesome choice I AM made in remaining true to Her/His glorious nature.

I should be aware, he said, that the greatest 'achievement' of non-love is actually a setup for its collapse; it invariably will reveal a fakery, its non-reality, its being a delusion.

He stated that the most hardcore believer in the Negative State as well as their most corrupted product on earth has the choice to return to the reality of I AM. His generation has that choice. He had it and used it. I did. If a person makes the choice, this cycle of 'time' ends. The chosen spirit connection restores the glory of eternal life. All manifestations of the Negative State that still occur are signs marking the story of I AM who remains only love and the one all-encompassing reality despite denial and distortion.