1. All Are Loved


Rule 1. A L L A R E LO V E D ........ 'O N E H O L Y'

"While walking to this place where you now write, you saw in your mind a broad spectrum of people who, throughout the ages, wrote down the things they heard or saw while being on their innermost spiritual level. They gave a voice to characters appearing on their mind's screen who spoke and acted on their own accord. It reminded you of phenomena like multiple personalities, channeling, altered states of mind and artistic inspiration. It annoyed you that seeing them forced you to, again, question the authenticity of your visiting and speaking with Me, and, more pertinent, of having Me speak to you. You wondered for the umpteenth time whether I, the One you talk to, however 'otherworldly' I may come across, am actually just a product of your imagination that takes on a life by itself."

"Please, keep wondering in the back of your mind now that you start this first chapter, by listening with your inner ear to what My presence inspires you to write. It's within the range of the human psyche that this out-of-the-ordinary connection, considered by you as a break-in from another dimension, can be activated. It's what you experienced and write about in these Writings, It's good at this point to be very clear about the two themes of this writing about Our communication. One is, the simple reality that I am the 'I AM' of all existence. The other is, the ability for an earthly human, - you, in this case - to personally connect with Me."

"The first realization when approaching Me in the context of My first name ONE HOLY could amount to feeling surrounded, filled and warmly embraced by the whole universe and beyond. In other words, it may just overrule all your hesitations about the authenticity of your spiritual experiences. Correctly, you can feel being positioned there where true life takes place, literally. You are in the space, energy, openendedness of the Full Reality, which is Me. Strangely enough, you can approach Me as if I were a person. Well, I am as a person and am in a personal relationship with you! And the 'I' speaking to you is also in a personal relationship with everything and anybody else, whether this is recognized or not. Of course, also this statement can be seen as a good example of a human projection, originating in a desperate need for a belief in something that transcends their own so-limited spot in the seemingly endless cosmos. So it is understandable that people create 'higher beings'. But I leave this for what it is for now."

"The first 'rule' for connecting with My realness invariably overwhelms any human being who takes it seriously. It says that in the most comprehensive way, it is being loved that characterizes all life and living. This is difficult to swallow for humans. Everything on earth contradicts it. Even if, deep down, a desire for goodness and happiness may linger, this statement seems to belong to the realm of day dreaming and fantasizing, more than to the concreteness of scientific findings and day-to-day practicalities. So this first 'rule' has an almost revolutionary quality for most people. It says that by accepting it, by stepping into its light, so to speak, everybody can discover a dimension of life that otherwise would remain hidden. Well, if you still want to consider this to be a projection that's treated as reality, you could do worse! But I guarantee you that you find yourself on firm ground when you allow yourself to believe that you are unconditionally desired by Me. My reality is love. And nothing is outside of who I am!"

"I like you to understand that when I say that I am 'all-love', it includes what you learned is My first appearance, name, spirit, light, sphere, face, candle. This 'part' of Me is unreachable for imagination or conceptualization, even if taken symbolically or as correspondence. So, what about this not-knowable part of Me, My One Holy? Does this perhaps cause that the majority of people, often with all respect, do not take Me too seriously as I am non-graspable? Or is this all-transcending part of Me causing that deep fear in people that they are being judged? Not thinking about Me makes life for many less complicated. Another solution is, to regulate and formalize possible interaction with the 'Divine' by prescribed rituals, prayers, sacrifices, dogmas and behaviors. Faithfully adhering to those should get people off the hook. But let Me tell you bluntly that entertaining even the tiniest formal or not personal thought of Me, is a waste. Talking about projections: seeing in Me anything harsh or negative is a full-fledged delusion."

"In the other dimensions of the universe, the content of My being Holy cannot be fathomed either. And that, while those there are completely familiar with and treasure what My other names stand for. Do they have any suspicion that in Me is a hidden aspect that may contain a potential threat? You will hear Me say it many more times that whenever you see Me, you're in the presence of My fullness. My being also the One Holy may transcend your understanding, but it is still Me. Mentioning My first name gives you, right from the beginning, the glorious assurance that you don't have to worry about Me! And how do you know whether this is true? Ah!, there you have it. I like you to check the person you are, right now, whether indeed you accept Me as the one I say I am. Ask yourself whether you like Me to be the all-love, I say I am. This challenges to the core whether all this is 'just' a projection. What is your deepest desire? If you want the truth about Me, about life, about yourself, then your projection skills and My reality correlate beautifully."

"Let Me approach this from a different angle. The ones who manufactured your generation of human beings made many mistakes. They were good in obliterating all direct contact with Me. Earthly human brains are in most areas defective and cross-wired. Spontaneous access to the real reality is impossible. But there are weak spots in the web they spun tightly around humans' spiritual sensitivities. Infinitesimal tiny openings allow for wondering, desiring, yearning, wanting to be be with Me. The instant your mind peeks through those little holes, the glow of My love will touch you. So this is the first 'rule' for 'praying', for getting in direct contact with Me."

"For you on earth, the seeming mystery of My nature causes wondering. Logically. Not so in the other dimensions of the universe. There are no contradictions whatsoever in their seeing My presence, and their knowing that I also am this, their understanding-transcending part. For earthly humans, recognizing that they are loved and that from that position they can approach Me, will take care of most of their wondering. It creates such a different environment for thinking about the 'mysteries' of life. Trusting that you're unconditionally loved is the most fundamental step on the road to full living."

"Let Me come back to people's ability to project and have those projections, those creations of the mind, lead a life by themselves; often seemingly out of your control. Technically speaking, something like this takes place when you invite Me to speak to you and I do so. The difference with the common use of projecting is that it operates on the mental, the psyche, level of your person. However, I meet with you - and with anybody who wants it - on your spiritual plane. I project Myself there, you could say, so that you can communicate with Me. All that exists is in this sense My projection, is an emanation of My desire that it exists. My 'projections' appear in forms and dimensions that are all distinct and different according to their purpose. But all do manifest My nature as love. Therefore, whoever wants to connect with Me, to be close, to unite with Me and with everything in their life, the way lovers do, out of pure attraction and admiration, can do so. In other words, you don't project Me but you react to and activate what on your spiritual level is throbbing, namely the desire to respond to the call of total love."

"Can you see that your irritation this morning was understandable? You already abundantly experienced the glow of Me being only love; and that not just for you but for all that reaches the shores of your concerns and thinking. The thought that you have to question the reality of all this over and over again, or to bring it 'down' to something psychological, is understandably almost repulsive. Yet living on earth as you are, being exposed to negative influences within and around you, and having to use human words in your writing in the first place, makes it necessary that you stay alert to the workings of the human mind; especially when, on the spirit level, you transcend familiar boundaries."

"Now you put this on the computer, you sense that writing about Me as the One Holy moves you away from your usual level of awareness. You find yourself surrounded by a sort of crystalline radiance in whichever direction you look. I tell you that all people who turn to Me have to leave their old and comfortable seats, so to speak. Now you come to think of it, you realize that every time you meet with Me, some sort of pure light within you gives everything a glow. Nothing is hiding in Me or tampers with the love I am for all. Hold on to this first 'rule'!"

Rule 1. A L L A R E L O V E D L O V E

"The universal scope of My being Love is so beautiful and exhilarating that I wish you could grasp all of it. One way to truly be in touch with it materializes when you apply this 'rule' to literally anything you happen to think of. Often, love is seen as a special gift, as a quality attached to something or someone for some reason. But that's not valid at all. The essence of all that exists, operates and is in life, is in the fact that it manifests love. That is its true nature. My nature acts up in everything you call reality; in all its millions of trillions of facets - to use a number that may impress you. All that exists glows with the joy, richness and liveliness LOVE stands for."

"Keep in mind the word 'essence'. Who I am and how My worlds sparkle, no human words can properly cover. One reason is that all human words are subject to interpretations. Think of the word 'love' itself, how easily it can become controversial. But connecting it with the word 'essence', anchors it as the ground, meaning and function of all that exists. In whichever way the word love is used, it being the essence of all that exists immediately invites to include all universal as much as personal implications."

"Allow your thinking to take wings for a moment. Let them go to anywhere you want, to whatever, wherever, whenever. The essence of whatever it is that you happen to picture, is love, and is its being joyfully engaged as a tinkling and sparkling element in some happy configuration. If what you picture doesn't show any of this - which is likely - then you can use your fantasy to have it transformed into something beautiful and exciting. You can do this with all the aspects of what you think about so that nothing is left out. See everything as being desired by Me and being capable to love Me. In the real reality everything is involved in a most gratifying act of moving, exploring and discovering; all is carried by elegant emotions as well as by the gracious results of embracing. True Reality is as a dance, in other words. Love is the dance of My life; it's the dance of existence itself. Don't be afraid to be in on the action."

"To the universal dance everybody is invited. Including those on earth who couldn't care less, who are spiritually crippled or cannot imagine that living can be light. I do imply here that coming to Me means that you will be swept off your feet of clay and that, if you want, you will learn to fly, spiritually. In lovemmmmmmmm there are no restrictions. Being surrounded and energized by it comes with the sense that there are no limits, that all is eventually reachable and will be able to engage in love and become a song of pure joy. I know this sounds romantic. But in your own life you've noticed that it becomes concrete and practical. For all who in honesty approach Me, this is what they will be exposed to."

"You remember it took you quite a while to let the enormity that all is love sink in and penetrate every nook and cranny in your system. You are impressed now, when looking back, to see the strong roots of your resistance. You also are amazed about the fundamental liberation in areas where you were stuck. The Negative State is extremely thorough in painting reality as not directly involved with Me, or as not love-operated. Since love as essence of life cannot be suppressed entirely, they labeled it a luxury, an extra, a temporary commodity or oddity, an emotion or a release of physical needs. All these are a far cry from what love is as My second name and spirit."

"Most people who seek My presence have a hard time accepting the uncompromising totality of this first 'rule'. It amounts to being asked to give up traditional concepts of what love is and what it isn't. For instance, that I love the sinner but not the sin, or that I have preferences. What a clever way of diverting and limiting the impact of who I am! On earth, love lost its all-inclusiveness. You can say it operates by the characteristics of what is called 'fetishism.' Loving is cut into pieces. Certain parts, certain times, certain areas and certain ways of expressing are considered proper and legitimate. Others are suspect, judged inferior or whatever. Nothing of that you encounter in Me. The fullness of love is activated from within, when you reach Me. All human fragmentation with its legal, moral and emotional distinctions disappears in the warmth of My not examining you but wholeheartedly wanting to be close to you."

"Of course, I know the charade of what is paraded as love on earth. Possessiveness, dependency, neediness and fear are driving dynamics in what is presented as caring, law abiding and proper behavior. Many forget that I'm aware of where the motivation and intention to love come from. I know what's genuine and honest in seemingly desperate efforts to connect somehow that by others is judged as inappropriate behavior. In other words, when facing Me, what counts is your deepest desire. That tells Me whether you're on My wavelength, whether you're sincere. I have no interest in measuring accomplishments. I treasure your willingness to have My essence as love function in you. This is what you're in for when connecting with Me. You'll find yourself participating in an all-out festival of goodness."

"Signs of true love and goodness are present on earth. Before approaching Me (or before you 'pray', if you use that word), it's wise to ask yourself the question, 'What's my honest desire, about myself, about my loved ones, about my enemies, about the world around me?' It will facilitate Our conversation if you are able to separate everything negative, destructive, non-compatible with forgiving and healing, from what you hope and guess that in 'heaven's' realm is normal. Approaching Me is like touching water. You will get wet. I'm not neutral. I'm not compromising in any shape or form. I am Love. So that is, I repeat, what you get. It's useless to think you can make exceptions, or that I make them. I don't."

"It's sad that many fall for the lie that I am the cause of both the miseries and the blessings on earth. Many, therefore, beseech Me to give them a tasty slice of the pie and not a bitter piece. You see the falsity? In Me is no darkness. How could I measure out to anybody what I don't have nor am? It's a completely twisted way of seeing Me. The pain and awfulness so many people go through is the result of earth as such not being aligned with Me. Everything can go wrong and is imperfect because everything is fundamentally corrupted. Every move, thought or act, not coming from love, is a threat, a perversion, an abomination. But also, efforts to express some of the original goodness left from before the rebellion - or whatever you want to call the breakaway movement orchestrated by your human ancestors - are signs of and do represent the Real Reality and therefore have a built-in blessing."

"Fragments of true love are the real healing forces on earth. In this sense, don't expect Me to heal. Don't ask Me that even when you're in pain or in any form of distress. Instead, tell Me that you want to be so close to Me that the miseries become bearable or disappear. Tell your affected parts that you want harmony in your body and environment. Approach the hurting parts and all malfunctioning in your earthly life not with resentment or despair but with love, with proclaiming that somehow even the darkest darkness will be filled with light. Affirm what you know about My nature."

"Then, your mind and thinking are on the right track; they will allow calmness and inner peace to enter. More than you realize, your spiritual health will touch your sick areas. Why? Not because you asked Me and I granted your request. No, it's because love is a stronger reality than its denial. By remaining Love, even when being spit in the face, so to speak, I showed that I am what I am. Holding on to real life is holding on to yourself as one being loved, whatever the circumstances. That fact shall set you free. All people will hear this from Me, if they listen."

"I know that 'praying', as usually practiced by those who believe there is a Divine Presence or Power, is expected to provide all kinds of benefits. When those happen, I receive praise and gratitude for it. However, by what I tell you today and in the rest of your Writings, I give you the whole picture. You don't have to look any more at the confusing and seemingly random stitches from the underside, wondering what the real pattern of My being and My doings is. You've seen Me personally. You've sensed the 'normalcy' of My being Love. All can experience that. 'Praying' has been reduced to 'asking'. But what it really is, is stepping into My presence within oneself and discovering there only love and the universal situation of being desired."

Rule 1. A L L A R E L O V E D T R U T H

"Rightly is on earth the nagging question asked, 'Is it possible to communicate or be on one wavelength with other worlds that may exist; and specifically, with a divine dimension, entity or God-like presence, if there is such a 'thing'. The reason for this question has a surprisingly solid base. It is, indeed, an unlikely proposition to think that these out-of-sight dimensions would desire dealing with the upside-down world your ancestors put together. Plus, that nothing of their sphere would be understood by you. Whatever on earth is held up as truth or fact is so pathetically incorrect that there's no spontaneous interest whatsoever to make contact with the isolated 'Zone of Displacement' as earth can be called. Simply said, in the context of today's subject, those in other dimensions don't want to know about any non-love situation, period. This is one reason why it's so difficult for earthly humans to connect and find technical means to penetrate anything outside their allotted space."

"You remember that when I appeared to you as Truth (see Writing 5), you saw the strong features of a young masculine person, sure of himself, open-faced, friendly. I, being Truth, am all that. Everything in existence reflects it. There's nothing to hide and nothing is secret. Whatever is 'not yet' or causes wondering can be explored. Gaining insight in the true state of affairs is an ongoing and ever exciting adventure. It invariably leads to a deeper understanding of the true substance and the never exhausted variety in life. Reality occurs. Where there's openness for it and the wish to participate in it, wisdom becomes its beautiful sound. Learning takes place constantly. You can say that I learn! I am not a monolithic given, a certain amount of energy that won't change. I am Reality 'happening'!"

"I, being Truth, the happening of life, am in all that occurs. This is universally recognized. Where you are, even people who say they believe in Me often don't know what to do with it or how to have a meaningful relationship with Me. Many efforts to connect with Me and much 'praying' falls flat because I'm approached as an 'outside' entity. It's so wrong. I am in all reality. I am in you. You could say, you live a piece of My life. Where love shines in actions, intentions, attitudes and creations, there is the connection with Me. Only that qualifies as truly 'praying'. It may give you goose bumps when you face the truth about yourself, and learn that the only substance in your life worth that name is where you respond as part of the universal love reality and so reflect My nature. As I explained elsewhere, My names Love and Truth stand for My, what you call, feminine and masculine aspects. These two being wedded creates the energy by which all existence exists."

"On earth, the concept of 'truth' is usually linked to something not being a lie. It's hard for you to grasp that everything that's not expressing My nature, is a distortion, a delusion, a lie. When I mention, what I often do, the Negative State and its pseudo-creation as consisting of only lies and falsities and being hopelessly corrupt, I never mean that in a moral sense, as something that is 'bad'. I don't judge your darkened situation. I just indicate that only My presence makes for reality. There only is one true existence. By definition, all that denies, resists or ignores this, steps into darkness, cannot see straight and creates only non-truths. Searching for light, what 'praying' is supposed to do, doesn't allow for holding on to even the tiniest ideas you may have that are inspired by the dark side. The moment a person opens up to My reality, all lies and its associations act as shadows when light isn't blocked anymore. They're gone."

"I gave you 'all are loved' as the first guideline for connecting with Me, so that right from the beginning it's clear that persons who want to be closer to Me better check their willingness to change their way of thinking and to change their parameters. Experiences, including spiritual ones, people measure by human standards. Those are all inadequate. You have to be introduced, reborn', to a different reality, to the one Real Reality. This is what happened in you. Because you honestly - and stubbornly! - wanted it, your 'inner' eyes and ears have been activated. The way you experience reality changed. Besides being on earth you can access another dimension. You accept, without understanding it at all, that another part of you exists. You observed My appearance before you as Love. You heard sounds accompanying My showing Myself as Truth. Now, again, you write words, thoughts and insights that arise from being consciously in My presence. Many earnest seekers of Me forget that they must be extremely alert to the possibility of infiltration of wishful thinking, of human logic, and above all, of the ever-present cunning of the representatives of the Negative State in and around them."

"Yet your experiences are available for everybody. Your embracing the truth that all is loved by Me can invite others to find out for themselves. Everybody who wants to know, I will answer and I will show Myself in a most personal way; as I did and do that for you. You're very aware of the monumental obstacles on the road to taking My closeness as all-love and all-reality as a daily, practical and self-evident factor. Yet those obstacles don't take away your sense of being greatly blessed with what you know of Me. All human beings are in the same situation."

"Throughout the history of your human generation, elements of the Real Reality have been touched upon by scientist as well sensitive lay people. Or by children, for that matter. Traces of the truth have been found. People should know that only because of those life can continue on your planet. Finding them, happens in settings where the lights are out, so to speak. When a little bit of insight is gained, it's not cynically observed by Me as not measuring up to universal knowledge. Everything rising from the desire and intention to beautify, to comfort, to heal and to, consciously or not, mirror elements of My nature, is pleasing in My eyes. I love to be seen! You know that from Me only love radiates towards all in darkness. Don't expect judgment or a paternalistic pat on the back. If people want, if anybody in the Negative State wants, they can come to Me and learn that they are an integral part of the real world."

"The very position of your planet and its galaxy indicates displacement and isolation. This in itself disqualifies everything there as fit for eternity. Love cannot be isolated. Where I am not the center, all is oddly situated and disoriented. What on earth is considered magnificent and glorious, or wise and true, I don't argue with. But you see the difference between the two worlds you observe. The message is that from whatever starting point, anybody can turn to their origin and 'see'. Their eyes lose their shortsightedness. Anybody can begin to challenge the falsities of the world your ancestors fabricated. Nobody needs to have the slightest doubt I am serious about 'retrieving' all that got lost. Why? Because there is only one reality. It's the one from, through and toward Me. I can tell you that in the inner circles of the Negative State itself things are not the same any more. Cracks appear in their pretenses."

"Never will I force anybody to believe Me. You, too, are completely free to reject or doubt what I told you this far. This freedom has everything to do with the fact that I am who I am. My being love can only be acknowledged and mutually shared by free choice, for the sake of the joy of it and for the newness it creates. On earth, this kind of unrestricted and freely-chosen love is non-existing. Tightness, fear, control, dependency, vulnerability and all things negative are a part of love's manifestations. However, anybody can learn to not use those as yardstick. Connecting with Me is receiving a taste of something that never diminishes and is never not fulfilling. What I am is always personal, always on your level, always real. It doesn't have to be understood that all are loved, but it can be experienced. Now, and forever."

Rule 1. A L L A R E L O V E D P R O P E R

"Today, I speak of the name, appearance, part, spirit, candle, that reveals My structure. This, by consequence, is the structure of all that exists. How can anything not reflect Me? You know this fourth name. It is Proper, of Beauty, Just, Right, Healthy, Happy. All that exists is, in its outer form and in its inner cohesiveness, a pleasure for itself and for its environment. Everything is part of the magnificent whole, while every particle and detail is a thing of beauty in itself. It all acts out and mirrors My nature. The workings of the innermost dimension, which you call the spiritual level, as well as the internal operations of mind and psyche, and the outward expressions, the external world, it altogether is conceived only from love and held together by it. That's the reason for the exquisite harmony in the universe."

"However, you face painfully the phenomenon that on earth, although it cannot be completely eliminated, beauty appears only as splintered, compromised or disjointed. It always is subject to disagreement, criticism, rejection and ultimately, decay. Nothing is happily shared, used, utilized and treasured on a global scale. When people turn to Me, they usually 'pray' for a slice of beauty, for something they conceive as good, positive or right. The full and all-inclusive way of relating to everything around and within, as you witness it in My world, escapes humans. Most times, the strength, healing or perfection they ask for is linked to what hurts and threatens them or to what they personally lack. The glorious richness of all My emanations is hardly on their mind."

"To the great joy of the powers of the Negative State that planned it this way, there's on earth very little awareness of the fact that all that exists belongs to the one structure of My nature. It escapes practically all earthlings that all forces in nature, in societies, in individuals and in interactions between all of those, are designed to be exclusively the domain of love expressing itself, massively and delicately, as titillating as fulfilling. For you, complaining about life's imperfections and misery suffered because of its ubiquitous malfunctioning is more standard fare than excitedly sensing that you are already part of the greatness of existence."

"Still, splendor is Who and What I am. Such is the world you access when coming to Me. You step into a realm full of luster and warmth. It only radiates, 'Welcome! We love to have you here.' Of course, during your stay on earth this entering can only happen partially. Only fragments of the total person you are can experience it. It's on the spiritual level that you see best the full scope of how everything fits together. The love you feel in that realm is capable of transforming your present person into one big, happy smiling one."

"Yet also on the internal level, the longing for love, for belonging, for uniting and for being 'real' can escape the control of the dark forces and fill you with some peace and wisdom. The negative forces will always try to detach those longings from their source and attach them to objects or situations in the outer world; cutting off the direct connection with Me, in other words. All on earth has been conditioned to look for solutions coming from the outside."

"Still, the reality of My fourth name can inspire to express true life. Poets find words to sing about it. Young people have visions of justice and renewal. The desire for things just, right, beautiful, happy, is deeply ingrained in human nature. It is Me in them. So is the longing for health for body, family and society. Yet you know that this healthy desire for joy and safety gets easily perverted by fears, jealousies and power needs. In the real world, the different societies thrive without any disturbing element. So do various lifestyles. Actually, everything is always evolving; nothing is repeated. Living is as safe as fresh. What all compositions have in common is hospitality. This includes external ones and materials used; the total as well as the detail. Artists, visionaries, dreamers, religionists, scientists and children are on the right track when they come up with images of an earthly-limits-transcending scope."

"Yet coming to Me is not a dream or concept. It is a happening. It transforms a person. It did you. It's not unlike a person who, deaf or blind from birth, receives sight or hearing for short periods. It leads you to figure which dimension has priority in how to spend your time and energy. Up till now, you're able to avoid conflicts in having access to both worlds. You keep observing how your visits with Me affect your earthly life. Writing down what you experience keeps you busy. You know you're part of a perfectly well-constructed world, while on a daily basis you dwell in its often opposite earthly realm."

"I know you wouldn't mind if I would be more concrete and address directly certain problems. Above all, you like Me to reveal things you've never heard of yet. But, My friend, you can realize My presence. This means you do know everything! Not just as a potential or in principle to be later developed by study or asking questions. No. With Me, you're in the midst of true life with its operations and achievements. You can forget being intrigued by how earthly life hangs together because it's on its way out, although you're still part of it and are responsible and accountable for each and every move you make. Yet being able to see My love nature coming through lets you view earthly life in its proper perspective. Your tools for adjusting to the Positive State are still inadequate. But that shouldn't stop you from feeling perfectly at home in it. You are at home! All people are, if they want."

"You want Me to tell you interesting, revealing or shocking things because those would give more weight and value to your writing. But whose values are you talking about? I do not deal in different values. All is valuable and right. In everything My love comes through somehow. It applies to all designs, units and singularities. I don't order you to side with things positive. That would mean I put pressure on you. Which I don't put on anybody. I can tell you, though, that in the Positive State one can't fathom dreaming of or pursuing another reality than the one they have. Not living a life from and by love, beauty and happiness does not make any sense to them. It shouldn't make sense on earth either. Is saying that shocking enough for you?"

"You learned that the Negative State is not formed by Me. Neither is earth as you know it. They're put together from 'stolen', abused knowledge and materials, you can say. Therefore, since they will be replaced, your focus can stay on what is real, not on things that are faulty. Enjoy anything on earth during your time there that reminds you of beauty, honesty, harmony, strength and health. Side with and promote this whenever you can. Throughout human history, signs and tokens of the real world have surfaced. Instinctively, many sense that there must be something better than what they see, something that's well-functioning and positive. Correctly so. The true nature of universal functions cannot be suppressed totally by the destructive forces. Though, cunningly, they keep diverting the stream from positive springs to polluted rivers."

"When approaching Me in honesty, with a desire to do away with all that's crummy, fragile, inharmonious or plain ugly and evil, one will be exposed to the beautiful world you saw. Why? Because so is the structure or composition of true life. I am represented as much in matter as in animated creatures. My nature as love is always manifested, visible, expressed, observable, operational, materializing. It shows up in everything. I am the structure of life. You, as all else, dwell in Me. It is, therefore, not really hard to find Me, connect with Me and as My loved one dwell in the 'eternal city'"

Rule 1. A L L A R E L O V ED H E A L I N G

"When people reach out to Me, when they 'pray', it is because they want healing and an improvement of their situation. If there's no particular problem they want Me to correct, they may express gratitude for what goes right and focus on growing to more wholeness. It shows that this aspect of Me being Healing can vibrate in people's minds. I am the 'whole' in and through and before Whom all existing takes place. Any honest desire to participate in it, to be whole oneself, will, by nature, try to connect with Me, seek Me, since in Me is the source, the purpose and the goal of being in life. You remember (Writing 5) that I appeared to you as a young exuberant traveler who was on his way, radiating one big happy invitation to follow him, to be on your way with him. You did, and you do. You're 'on the move', as you can see by what you're doing right now with writing all this down. You moved towards, and then within, My presence. What a widening of your horizon it gave you!"

"For human beings on earth, travels of the mind toward new territories within are constantly interrupted by reservations about the value and realness of it,or by outer circumstances that demand all your attention. In other words, there seem to be always roadblocks and obstacles to interfere with walking the spiritual path. Let Me tell you that, invariably, the most powerful roadblock, the most treacherous trap to fall in, is not holding on to the fact that I am only Love, that all is loved and that all movements taking place on any level can testify to this fact. The moment people overcome resistance and start breathing the truth even if still surrounded by mountain-high doubts and skepticism, they make progress. From 'heaven's' perspective, it is the only recognized motion. You could say, it 'automatically' echoes in 'heaven's' realm when people go by the truth of My loving them and detach as much as they can from things negative, ugly, oppressive, unproductive and from anything that hasn't in it the joy of traveling with Me."

"I hear your argument even before you formulate it, that all this may sound nice but that it's not feasible for you to operate on a continuous sort of 'high'. And you're right. In the thoroughly corrupted society on a barely-making-it planet, what can you do with love as central theme and program? What power has it? Does believing it help you to survive better? Let Me ask, 'Do I survive, being in your human situation? Does My presence survive when I am among people now?' The obvious first reaction is, 'No!' I cannot survive. I get stopped, killed. The purity of My presence on earth is still being killed, to use that cold word. You personally have stopped Me, killed My closeness thousands of times. Even consciously, by choosing to not 'being' love. You're a tough cookie, young man, if I may borrow your expression. Like most people on earth are. You want healing and wholesomeness, you talk about it, but are you an all-around healer yourself?"

"Yes, human society would have long finished its mission if love had regained its position as common ground and bond for operating as a species. As it is, the decay is profound and ongoing. The Negative State, present in each of you, keeps putting enormous amounts of energy in diluting and diverting the healing power of love. It's their cleverest achievement, breaking up the all-inclusiveness of love. It resulted in an global attitude of, 'Love, oh yes, but ...!' In regard to Me, too, people may like the idea that I may be benevolent but does it change life for them? Piously, some say that, of course, I am love, but I am also 'just'. What an awful blunder those people make. As if I'm traveling two roads at the same time! No, My road is the path of love, of more beautiful wholeness for all. I travel that road and invite all to journey with Me. Everything of and in Me is moving on gloriously. Be part of it!"

"When you ask why it is that so many have a hard time to freely and happily converse with Me, the answer relates to the fact that in their systems the concept of love is distorted, is seen as conditional, is not all-involving and therefore vague and impractical. Among humans, the all-faceted nature of love is broken into pieces. You see that the different fragments often are used against each other. Physical love and charity are foreign to each other. They often become opposites! Love for family or country is seen as a goal in itself and leads to possessiveness, fanaticism, exclusivity, to coldness or fighting. Fear or ego color the love dynamics deeper than your psychology can explain. Very effectively, My happily shining face as love for and in all is splintered into hundreds of fractions."

"As long as people do not surrender to the fact that all are loved, which begins with themselves, they won't find peace or make progress in the direction of the full Reality. They didn't even start their journey with Me! At best, they believe I can be of help in certain selected areas. They turn to Me as they do to a specialist. It means I can disappoint them. My all-love is not a reliable compass for most. In order to survive and have some sort of direction or success, being smart tops people's lists. You see the conflict? What is surviving? From My position that is growing and getting stronger in love. Speaking with Me, true 'praying', amounts to traveling with Me, walking with Me. It comes with the glow of mutual desire, of feeling young and welcome, of having already arrived."

"Often, religions teach that sacrifices have to be made in order to please and pacify Me. It's a horrendous lie. It's repulsive to see that this leads to a charade of rituals that bypass completely My personal presence. The only 'sacrifice' that pleases Me is when you let go as much as you can of whatever prevents My love to penetrate your heart and mind. If you recognize any issues, thoughts or reservations that burden you during the journey with Me, by all means, let go of those. Give credence to My reputation as a forgiving 'God', 'Allah' or 'Higher Power'. For you, forgiving means cleansing your mind of things negative, not holding on to them in any shape and form and having the vacated space flooded with the currents of freedom, love and laughter. Forgiving is throwing off yokes so that your steps are lighter and you can soar."

"I am aware that you, again, wonder whether I am not callous or too theoretical by ignoring the daily plight of those who suffer from the absence of love. Like children of unfit parents, victims of injustice, poor and starving people. The image of Me being a happy-go-lucky traveler must be a cruel joke for people that have no feet to stand on, you think. Part of you identifies with the underdog, those on the sidelines in society. But what is your response from your situation of knowing Me, from your personal experience with Me, now for some years already? Can you honestly say anything else than that each and every one who desires more in their life, like you did, can step towards the all-affecting closeness to Me? On the level of their spirit everyone is free to do so. Seeking Me is being on the right track even if darkness around still prevails."

"I know that physical, social or mental pain tends to absorb much energy and leaves little room for spiritual luxuries or comforts. Don't think that I ever am not aware of the effect of the mutilations the Negative State performed. There's no excuse for those who chose to do that. I don't use rationalizations in order to minimize the horror of what is happening. My promise is that those who are hit hardest will be rewarded most. All under the dominance of the Negative State may know that regardless their 'lost-ness' and suffering, their life is still connected with its source, with Me, with love. My manifestation as earthly human shows that the journey through life includes resurrection. It's there for all. Even the Negative State serves indirectly to expand My glory."

"The movement in all forms of existence is forwards. This statement isn't just meant as comfort for those who feel stuck. It's the truth, it's the actual process of life and living. At whatever point a person becomes aware of this and dares to embrace this fact, her or his journey is on. The festivities start. This does include the realm of the 'hell's'. The journey can start there also. Any 'prayer' that responds favorably to My invitation to be love, presents already the sign of being healed. It shows that things come together, fall in place and are on the right track. True 'prayer' liberates from whatever limitations and oppression the past puts on you. The functioning of My fifth name is not abstract or a general idea. To Me, wholeness is: you sitting there and writing this. To Me, being Healing is being on the road with all that exists."


"Right now I ask you, 'How do you express that you're part of and participant in being loved? How does it show? How does it work?' You know that My sixth name stands for the situation that everything in existence expresses My nature. How do you fare in this respect? Don't worry, I won't put you on the spot by demanding a precise answer. I'm doing all the talking anyway, aren't I? Yet it's good for you to closely look at who you think you are and how you operate. Your ability to connect with Me whenever you want and your ability to be in an unfamiliar dimension as you're now, do you think it has changed the way people perceive you? Let Me formulate for you what I see you thinking. I'll be your secretary for a moment."

"For you, the greatest moment of spiritually maturing, of emerging out of the Negative State's fog, of arriving home, comes when you realize that all that is good in you, is Me in you, is Me desiring you and that following up on this is the Real Reality. You realize that what's confusing in you, twisted and destructive is in the process of being liberated from its bondage because of your exposure to My closeness. You're being purified, in other words. And who can observe this process that goes on better than I? I rejoice in you becoming your true self. In doing so you are becoming more a mirror for Me."

"Let Me start with your external part, your outside. Not many notice that you changed into a person who has access to the Real Reality. One reason is that your type of personality prevents you from easily warming up to people. You prefer playing it safe; you avoid confrontations and tend to keep a distance rather than becoming intimate. In your work you share of yourself as far as you deem it professionally appropriate. People will pick up on a general niceness. Getting older doesn't hurt. In your social contacts you more and more move away from superficial interactions. You are seen as self-sufficient. Since you don't bother others, not many bother you. Those who know you, appreciate you but don't expect much of you. You painted yourself into that corner, to use your expression. Am I right?"

"Should you be more audacious and expose yourself as one who has found 'it'? Should you rock more boats, be more verbal and outspoken about the eternal realities you have access to? You know that I've no expectations for anybody. This includes you. You've complete freedom to be more aggressive or even less and to surrender more to being loved or not. Only when coming from free choices, changes are authentic and have a spiritual quality. So the question what you 'should' do or be is moot. When I see you struggling with 'owning' what you honestly want, then you have all My loving attention. And so it is for all people on earth."

"This brings Me to what clearly did change in you. Within yourself, internally, you changed positions. From holding back, being chronically frustrated and depressed, in the habit of self- centered heavy thinking, you now walk with a much lighter tread. Aging helps with that, but your change is personal, fundamental and above all, is chosen. It's good to see you holding on to your new insights. It relaxes your mind. It facilitates discerning your mental and functional weaknesses and limitations. In terms of reflecting My nature on the external and the internal levels you sincerely desire to improve. The usual disarray in all personal and social systems in which you as a human were born and the cultural conditioning while growing up still color and dominate much of your workings. While these now are being cleansed and restructured, you see that some of those have been assets for your individual earthly mission and for the person you are eternally. You saw the pride and joy of your other self. Your masculine and feminine selves don't watch you critically. They don't ever think you 'should' be someone else! Even if in many ways you may still operate in darkness and contribute to its continuation, being loved is what you're about. It does come through in you!"

"On the spiritual level, the change in you is phenomenal. But don't be mistaken. I talk about how you as human being on earth changed. You chose to spend time directly with Me and now have deep insight into My nature; you see Me in a way not many on earth do. In these respects you are a person who has arrived, who thrives in the light of Reality. However, this change does not apply to Me! I loved you all along. Don't ever forget that I am love, regardless. You don't have to plead for it or have Me grant it to you. Therefore, this first 'rule' for approaching Me, saying all are loved, invites every human being to return to the way things are; lock, stock and barrel, as you say. Returning means, uncovering My closeness."

"This also applies to people you, from your human perspective understandably, despise. Remember, I offered your human ancestors the freedom to specifically explore the unknown territory of being 'free' from Me. That this ended up with their infernal inventions was not a random occurrence, viewed by Me with clinical indifference. My integrity as Love was at stake. The whole of the universe being love was and is at stake. When their activities turned away from Me and became evil, it was on the basis of their nature as free agents and of their conscious rejection of being loved. The end result of their doings will be that once and for all it will be manifested that the full Reality only reflects My true nature. Nothing else."

"The horror caused by the human efforts to sidestep My nature is felt by Me. It 'crucifies' My nature. You can say: any occurrence of which love is not the source, intent and result darkens the fullness of Who I am. How do I feel this? Your brokenness and confusion, the cruelties and sufferings through injustice, wars and illnesses, the malfunctioning of nature, everything negative and the very existence of the Negative State and its 'hell's', obstructs My love being expressed. It obscures and perverts that I manifest Myself. Yet My love is in those who are affected by it. The human race hinders the free flow of My energy. It restricts the flow of love. I am held back from expressing Myself when love is not responded to. That 'hurts'. But it doesn't change the truth of Who I am."

"Life's abuse doesn't take away even the tiniest fraction from Me as the One Who embraces the totality of what I emanate. All that is, exists before Me, appears to Me as My beloved, My lover, My partner, with and through whom I want to express Myself. This way, I eternally deepen My joy for existing."

"To come back to you, spiritually you begin to look more 'normal'! To yourself also, isn't it? You still are greatly unfamiliar with what you see and hear when with Me and in the other dimension. But the path that brought you this far is the direction to go for all humans born on earth. I am the way and the truth of life, the Real Reality. If you continue to hold on to this, your sense of truly living, of being firmly connected and of losing the pressure of earthly dependencies will increase. Your joy and Mine merge. It will show! The clarity of your vision improves; your wondering mind will understand more. It will pull up the reluctant and damaged parts in you. Consciously impacted by love and unpolluted goodness, what you radiate will somehow be tainted by it. But how to manifest this doesn't have to be the main focus or concern for those that seek Me. That can be the realization of being free to let Me to be Myself through them, like through you."

Rule 1. A L L A R E L O V E D ENERGY

"Saying that all are loved and that the essence of life is love, is a far cry from how human beings consider and handle the phenomenon of love. I already spoke to you about the fragmentation and compartmentalization of it, which renders it impotent and 'iffy' as a real force. Human thinking settles for love being an ethical and emotional commodity in relationships. Of course, this is so. But only in an absolute sense! All touching, all relating, joining, being together - and there's nothing in the universe that doesn't do that - is as a dance, is a show of being pleased with each other, is an exciting way of a sharing joy-creating moves in any configuration and circumstance. It is a personal as well as a general endeavor, an exploration and a uniting from which new options arise. You can call Energy, the name of My seventh face and spirit, 'love-energy'. But that says the same twice!"

"The reason that the universe with all its twists and turns exists is only because it is in a constant interaction with Me. It boils down to being eternally involved in one grand act of lovemaking. It causes all reality to bristle with excitement, artistry, newness and aliveness. Each particle participates in its own way. The energy that keeps life going on earth as well as earth itself is no exception. It may seem to you that it is a cosmic given that feeds the machinery of existence and follows rules that cause the rhythm of starting and fading, of pulling and pushing. The idea that I express Myself as love in the cosmic occurrences is lost. People ban speculations about the origin, scope and meaning of life to the realm of myths, religion, philosophy, mystique or science, science fiction or of jokes."

"Yet all that is in life, and this includes what you call inanimate objects or matter, functions within the same design and by the same force. All contribute to the ever-increasing glory of the totality. In this sense, all participate in the dance of life in their own way. All is wanted, loved, desired. It covers all parts within each particle or entity and all their connections with the world around. In this way, all reflect and use the force I am. I perceive the positive workings of all that exists as a gift, as a response to My love. For you, energy seems neutral. It can be judged as good or bad, depending on who talks. I say that energy isn't neutral at all. It carries within itself the life-giving factor and has the warmth of My closeness. Energy is not 'a' power. It is Reality. I am it! Remember this when you start 'praying'."

"You observed the way your friends in the other dimension relate to 'things'. Their minds' activities are in full harmony with their physical appearances. And material for what they want to create is never an obstacle for achieving a goal. It can pose challenges, yes! You've seen that 'material' things change according to the need of the one who uses it. In other words, the act of finding them, using them, adjusting them if so desired, is based on a lively connectedness of mind and matter between the parties. It is so because all share and operate by the energy I am on all levels. The nature of all energy is love. So in the flow of touching and using each other for whatever reason, I am present. It's through Me that life is possible. Whoever approaches Me to ask something has to be aware that I'm also in the asking itself, in the mind's activity itself. Thinking this through can shock people when then they realize how far their issues at hand are removed from My closeness and unpolluted sphere."

"Matter is not dead. It relates, pulsates and is available for helping things move along, change and bring to more perfection. It always contributes to more luminous expressions. It's never an obstacle, old, stuck or unchangeable. I know this is hard to understand for you. When in their 'praying' to Me people ask for love, they usually mean the emotional aspect of it, even if they may agree with the saying that 'it's love that makes the world go around'. They seldom realize how universally true this is! Still, how come you have sayings like that? It's simply because the Negative State isn't capable to eliminate the force that is the core of life. Desiring love, even if it comes up in distorted configurations in the fabric of earth's functioning, it still is a genuine desire. It gets people going, gets nature going. Water running down instead of uphill isn't just following a 'natural' law. It stands for the joy in doing what it does best, what 'feels' good and what is appropriate in the circumstances of its being water."

"The horror of your situation on earth is that so many expressions of passion and power are immediately encapsulated with regulations. Those come from your in many ways disconnected mind or are imposed by the equally malfunctioning outside. Spontaneous desires to connect, to reach out for satisfaction and joy will be right away misdirected. No one on earth can trust their 'lust'. In addition to this, environment and society put strict rules in place for what's acceptable. In other words, freedom to spontaneously express oneself from and with love and the ability to experience life as a being in love and a being loved is basically lost and, in case there are some remnants left, those will be attacked, often violently; or they will be re-routed away from their direct link with Me."

"You remember that I introduced Myself as Energy by asking your female part to step forward. I am not saying that she is your source of power. That, only I am; everywhere. I then asked her - you!- to present herself so that it will permeate you that life's energy is not anything abstract or impersonal. It's life itself. It's you, in this case! Isn't this a great comfort for you or for anybody who wants to be a real person? There is no power but Mine. You do align yourself with it when you, as honest and as conscious as you can, take charge of the little power for maneuvering through the life you possess. Be aware of how you steer your thoughts and behaviors. In this Writing I give information for how to connect successfully with life's true energy."

"This brings together all I have said about the first 'rule', 'condition', 'law', 'nature', 'signpost' or 'guideline' for 'praying'. My energy is the energy of love. With it, all begins. With it, all unfolds. On earth, the understanding and treasuring of this is lost. Therefore, if anybody wants to know the real truth, the true state of affairs in all existence, I don't ask them to first say they love Me. What do they know! I proclaim the universal fact that all are loved. You learned that knowing Me in this way equates wanting to be a love force yourself. This insight gives a clear sense of direction and alignment with everything else in the universe. It becomes the foundation for well-being in the deepest possible sense. It even brought you to other dimensions where you seem to belong. All people may open up to their feminine side and discover, uncover, the sparkling electricity of being alive. That step always leads to expansion, enlightenment and the peace of knowing the truth of life. It positions you in the midst of the flow where Reality occurs. All are so welcome there!"

"When people 'pray' sincerely, this is what happens: they turn away from lies and problems and invite the radiation of My nature. Is this like turning to your planet's sun for warmth and light? No! The dependency on your sun for the sustenance of life is a very clever arrangement of the Negative State. It creates surviving needs and set the sun up to be a source of light as well as of destruction. No wonder that this (for you) seemingly 'normal' situation is projected in human ideas about Me. It is such a farce. My world is not dependent on My energy. It 'is' My energy! Expressed in beautiful, personal, unique ways. Nobody has to be concerned about 'surviving' or about their 'daily bread'. I am the bread of life. All is before Me as being loved and, with the temporary exception of the Negative State and its products, all respond in kind. The volume of love's energy increases eternally."

"A remark here. What traditionally is called 'praying' is questionable. It is associated with restrictions. Childhood memories, language, setting, hit-and-miss use, religious prescriptions, unfounded expectations, to name a few, all color the concept and practice of 'praying'. Now, what you do and experience by coming to Me is over and beyond what in general the word 'praying' stands for. Your kind of connecting with Me is within anybody's reach. It means that, with or without words or specific thoughts you can see yourself in the center of your life and accept that you're in the midst of only love. This opens up the real Reality, however difficult to grasp and to hold on to. The generic word 'praying' doesn't honor this potential. Therefore I asked you to mark it all the time with 'quote-unquote'."

"My energy is within you as much as it carries life everywhere. It is not real or accessible to those holding on to the lie that closeness to Me is the exception instead of the most normal thing in the whole phenomenon of life; or that participating in the flow of universal energy only can come after your physical death. Everybody can embrace Me on their spiritual level since I do already embrace them. I am life itself. Whatever intricate obstacles to full-out living are built into human systems, they're not stronger than life itself. Their ability to blindfold, cage and mislead is relative. By consciously placing yourself before Me, you learn that nothing is outside My presence. It's what you are: part of love shining. Whatever you say or think or do from that position is true 'praying'."

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'