all is unique

Many trees cover plains and hills all over the globe.

No two are alike or will ever be.

Most of us take this for granted or say: 'So what?'

Grains of sand or fingerprints, none are the same.

Nothing of the past equals the now.

We admit: 'Incredible!' Then we think: 'So what?

That I'm distinct and an original from top to toe:

what to do about this? It's my nature, it is my lot.

A moment it bedazzles. Then I shrug, 'So what?'

God!! He/She is the reason that no things in life

are interchangeable and not all totally unique.

It's full Reality's nature, that's why, that's what!

I AM recognizes no clones. Yet we are fearful to be an exception.

We long for what's similar. Looking around, we copy the familiar.

But uniqueness is meant; we can be thrilled by being so specific.

The I AM, seeing Her-/Himself reflected in us, does say of us all:

'How special they are and how beautiful!'

Masses are easier to control than an individual soul.

Earth's ruling forces do see non-conformists as foe.

A child hides under mother's skirt so avoiding hurt.

Yet wisdom comes from being ourselves implicitly.

We lost our fullness when we were born on earth.

By evil surrounded our missions can be grounded.

And to survive, we conform to a standardized life.

Yet, eagerness to copy or follow others, smothers.

Our fabricators despise who are original or wise.

Our lifeline is contact with God, how much this may be fought.

Cut out I AM, and our identity is gone, our value is withdrawn.

Whoever may think, this person is still 'me', is only dust-to-be.

When caving in, joining the crowd: we're a nobody, we're out.

Close to I AM, we endure under protest attacks on our quest.

Any sameness I am forced to carry, I still can refuse to marry.

I can decide to stay rooted firmly in all the pride of being me.

Every entity, in whichever realm, harbors just one intention:

it's to, with one's own comma and dot continue praising God.

Each flower has its language in which it speaks to me.

Each star above, ejecting light, tells gently of infinity.

Babies embody adventures we humbly watch unfold.

Any move can surprise and differ from what I'm told.

Only in I AM's presence I'm able to fully understand.

He/She lets me know that what has life, is so meant.

Life's complexities color the I AM's exquisite power

that will show up in me, in others: and in a flower.