THE 12 BOOKLETS Writing 1


In this Writing 1, nothing was premeditated. The seven Names of Life's Totality (often called 'God', 'Allah', 'Higher Power', 'All-Consciousness', Ground of Being', and similar appellations) are used as the titles for segments that have as focus life's 12 components as they were given to me. The content of the booklets comes from me, P.N., but I cannot call myself the author. I 'heard' them within me when I specifically sat down to 'hear' them. I listened while they formed in my head. I guess that the best way to describe this is to see it as a 'merger' on my spirit level of the voice/presence/spirit of Life itself and my ability to be consciously receptive for that - as much as a human being can be. I never evaluated what I wrote down. But I was alert to make sure that the words accurately expressed how I 'perceived' them. I wanted to avoid that they would become my invention. (Communicating with the One Who is Life's Totality will be extensively dealt with in these Writings). This kind of communication is unlike what is known as channeling, trance, automatic writing, through mind-altering substance-use and whatever other means that induce not-ordinary states of awareness. It is still unbelievable for me that this direct contact is within reach of any thinking person.

Each of the 12 Booklets has as segment the 7 names, faces, appearances, candles, sides and revelations of life's I AM. Those 'names' developed in my mind over time. It was only after I sensed that these 7 were 'it', in terms of having names for life's 'All', that I realized they remarkably paralleled the biblical 'Lord's prayer' (see Writing 10). For instance, both have 7 'prayers' and follow the three-fold nature of all that exists: innermost (spirit), internal (psyche, mind) and external (outside). I am deeply in awe that now we can understand - and visit with - the One I AM in a personal way. The 12 components of life 'came to' me during my evening walks on successive days. It happened at a time that I had consciously searched in my mind for conclusive insight in what my being alive is really all about. 'Out of the blue' one evening, the word 'Oneness' filled me. Day after day, 11 other words came: crystal clear, loud, within me and around me; just one word, without comment. I was stunned. The first three words (Oneness, Love, Life) made immediately sense to me, but when the word 'Fire' came, I wanted to drop the whole scene as too bizarre. I'm immensely grateful I didn't do that. After the 12th word no others came.

As the sayings in the 12 booklets make clear, the only thing asked of the readers is to look into their hearts for what lives there as their deepest longing. When one finds there the desire to be a positive, caring and honest person, the connection with the other 'dimension' is already active. How we follow up on it, is completely up to each individual. There are no expectations, guidelines or even goals from the side of the I AM. Whether we respond to Her/Him/It with respect and love, that must come from us; exactly because our freedom and capability to choose one way or another is 'the' reason why we human beings exist on our isolated planet.

Throughout the Writings, unfamiliar words and concepts are used. For instance: She/He, Him/Her, pseudo-creation, the earlier human generations, the three-fold nature of everything, zone of displacement, the Negative and the Positive State, from within to without. Those particular terms come from the publications of Dr Peter D. Francuch, 1934-2001. (See Epilogue). On this website they function by themselves.

The different colors of the covers of the 12 booklets, as you see them at the end of this chapter, are taken from the printed version and stem from the way the I AM showed Him-/Herself to me, as reported in Writing 5. The one-line verse form replaced the two-line one as used in the original printed 12 booklets. The content was not affected by the change.

The true Author of the following sayings in Writing 1 is the One Who Is All; is life's Totality; is the I AM of all being.

The 12 Components of Life The Seven Names

Oneness ....... One Holy

Love Love

Life Truth

Fire Proper

Space Healing

Connectedness Manifestation

Progression Energy






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