One Holy

... “When ‘love’ is mentioned, all human beings will have personal associations.

Past experiences with love, good or bad, will color their reactions to the word.

Also your hopes and dreams will play a role in how you think and feel about love.

I deal with life’s second component in a personal and in an universal way.

As with all components, My first focus is on what is ‘unknowable’ of Me.

This means that while saying all is love, the ‘why’ of it is beyond your knowing.


... "Having to accept this without a chance for discussion may be unacceptable to you.

But hold on to your judgment. First face it: Who tells this? Who speaks to you now?

It is the 'All Who Is', Who addresses you at this moment as precisely the person you are.

I can do this because I am 'always' and am not restricted to any place, time or event.

I am the 'IS' of all life. Your human nature contains and exists of My 'material'.

So what you cannot grasp of Me is never in conflict with what of Me dwells in you.


... "My first aspect transcends all. So love is anchored in not measurable absoluteness.

My non-graspable aspect holds no threat whatsoever. I share Myself voluntarily.

A beautiful fact is that I, the ‘All’ and the 'More' of life, can be taken as only love.

There just is nothing in reality that is not ignited by the nurturing flames of love.

This is what I want you to grasp. There are no exceptions. All is love. You included.

I do not say, all is 'meant' to be love. It is! Living equals love in all its facets.


... "Few people ask why love is so central. Earth shows little of it in the first place.

Yet you can rightly wonder why I say love is the second component of all existence.

Only one answer is correct: love is what I choose to be, as Myself and as everything.

You cannot look behind Me into My origin, so to speak. You’re not Me. You are in Me.

What can be seen of My full glory by all in life is that it consists of only love.

Immediately include yourself in this. You are of My nature. Your glory can also shine.


... "It’s a waste of time and effort to figure out My nature without loving Me.

Getting some insight in the boundaries of the unknown can only occur in love's realm.

In some way, children are a model. Feeling loved, they anticipate only excitement.

To learn about anything, you first have to love it and see its potential to 'love'.

This is difficult to practice on earth; little seems to warrant love so central.

Well, these words inform you about your place and role in the full real reality.


... "Think of the question: 'Where does love come from? Does it have to exist?'

When you face this question, you face Me. Regardless whether you take Me for real.

Answer to the question is: no need for speculation. Love, like being itself, IS.

No theorizing, formulating, fantasizing about love has any relevance.

I have nothing mysterious in Me. Neither has love. My unknown 'seals' My fullness.

My aspect, One Holy, indicates that love is endless in its absolute absoluteness.


... "The totality of life, including what is beyond and behind experiencing, is Me.

This totality can be met as a 'Person', a Presence addressing you individually.

When this happens, as it does this moment, you transcend your internal functions.

Listening to My words means, hearing the sounds of true existing sing for you.

Your life, person and very existence vibrates similarly as other dimensions do.

It’s an option for you to represent Me and 'be' like the universe, a song of love.


... "'Why' love is, can only be discovered by stepping into its all-presence.

All other dimensions react to the 'why' of love with an outpour of happy celebrations.

They don’t feel at the receiving end. Their lives yearn to respond to Me in kind.

Exactly the name, One Holy, gives an air of immeasurable abundance to their loving.

Every thought and touch heralds the joy of 'owning’ the things beyond knowing.

In other words, nothing is ever in the way of celebrating the grand love affair of life.


... "Truly, by loving you 'grasp' more of life than thinking about it can ever reveal.

You can study forever the mysteries of life and so clutter more files in your head.

Love negates boundaries, reaches horizons, ignites changes, creates constant newness.

In you, it can mirror My all-involvement as the One with no beginning or end.

My first name allows you to adorn with what can be known that what is beyond it.

You can activate your love component by drinking in the reality of being loved.


... "So, this is the beautiful world all belong to. In love are no restrictions.

The doubts or conditions people can come up with portray a profound distortion.

I have no other side to be experienced other than true love and caring truth.

What’s not known of Me holds nothing you should fear or must second-guess. Relax!

As I speak to you now, so I am; I do it as an appreciative and dedicated friend.

Disturbing mysteries only arise in human minds when My closeness is ignored.


... "Throughout human history, people 's curiosity bangs against confining walls.

It’s caused by deficiencies built into your system by those who fabricated you.

Also the isolation of your galaxy in the universe prevents correct insight.

Your confusion is completely unlike the joy of the worlds that adore My 'unknown'.

It simply means that their eternal love affair with Me is entirely without worry.

My being love is not in spite of, but arises from being the One Holy. So it is.


... "You may wonder why I stress that knowledge and insight can be transcended.

When you can visit Me and speak with Me, does it matter what is 'behind' that?

I want to stress again that being human, as you are, has a specific purpose.

Your original human species was brought into being for a well-defined challenge.

They accepted to thoroughly explore if love is 'imposed' or is a free choice.

'Is there a freedom to not love?' became the main focus of their strange pursuit.


... "In the process of their quest, they challenged My transcending aspect.

They thought that perhaps new life could be established outside of My presence.

Eventually, they started to exclude Me and compromised our close relationship.

But where is no love, is no truth or wisdom; nor health, beauty or progress.

So, problems, limits and frustrations are directly related to the human race.

I Myself became a 'problem', instead of being embraced as the lover of everyone.


... "Present human beings have some of the original urge to explore: curiosity.

To them, it’s unsettling and unacceptable not grasping the full scope of goings on.

The void, caused by severed connections,is filled with falsified information.

Love is a good example of this. Every time, group and person has its own ideas.

Love is fragmented; it causes tension; it hurts when unfulfilled; is uses control.

Yet true love never confuses. My decision to be Who I am defies comment. It stands!


... "My One Holy aspect can’t be explored. Yet it offers you an overflowing richness.

It can cause waves of happiness when you whisper My all-transcending name.

Love is, in your terms, 'backed up' by all that is and was and will be: by the I AM.

Frustrations, doubts or hitting walls are unnecessary. My love is already in you.

Love is not just a pleasant emotion. It’s life. Reality or love are simply the same.

The information in these words unmasks guessing and lies. It shows life's core.


... "The dimension you live in prevents you from experiencing My full glory.

Be not discouraged. The love left within you tells there’s still beauty to life.

In moments of excitement or deep joy, you can sense as being in 'another world'.

Little breakthrough's of real reality happen in your so often cold space.

Within each person is a yearning for what will satisfy one's deepest hunger.

You will be satisfied! My presence does. With Me, you can be a full-fledged lover!


... "Those in other dimensions don’t take it for granted that living equals loving.

The nature of love is that it’s felt as a gift, inspiring more sharing and joy.

My by all unknowable part surrounds all happenings with unbridled excitement.

I appear as pure love and pure truth; no thought of Me being secretive comes up.

Most of you agree that if love and trust are combined, it is as 'heaven' on earth.

Not having to think beyond Me, stops any wondering if love is all there is. It is!


... "Love has no secrets. It relates to warmth, light, playfulness and lust.

Ever creative and inventing new forms, love can negate any limiting boundary.

In this sense, My first name sanctions as sacred and eternal all that exists.

Existing is the result of Me wanting it so. It is what 'All being love' says.

The universes and all those in them participate in a lively dance of love.

Remember, your top in portraying love is real reality's 'beginners' level!


... "People blame their destiny or gods for not meeting their needs for love.

Ask yourself whether you hold grudges, blame others or yourself for missing out.

I speak these words from the firm basis that I love you unconditionally.

Therefore do I first speak about Myself, as it is from Me that life evolves.

If you want inclusion in love's all-involving universal 'dance', you are.

Your doubts, reservations or fears have no ground. Your life occurs in Me!


... "You know what 'worship' is. It’s adoring those that throne above you.

It’s used to honor gods. Do I like it? Is loving Me an prime act of worship?

In these booklets I share the realness of My nature. How you react, is up to you.

I do not need rituals or symbols. I do not even ask for your love or trust.

I just say that everywhere all details and totals glow with deep satisfaction.

All that occurs is a love song; is one happy response to My all-closeness.


... "'All being love' is no teaser or a goal. You operate from its power.

Unbeknownst to people on earth, love is the cohesive factor in all living.

In the positive state, whose fullness is outside your reach, it propels life.

Only in the negative state you live in, is the splendor of goodness darkened.

Therefore you suffer from limits and confusion. But that is not forever.

In facing Me as the One Who Is Love, you discover your eternal status."