10. This Is 'It'


Rule 10. T H I S I S 'I T' L O V E

..."You looked around and saw in the faces of the others here approval for your decision to not begin this chapter about the last 'rule' for communicating with Me with My first name ONE HOLY. Their nodding when you asked confirmed this. They let you know that for all of them also, My being One Holy is the zenith and ultimate glory of the world they're part of. It's the most awesome aspect of the whole experience of being in life. I, indeed, am I the AM in all regions of existence, the ones I share with you and the one that transcends everything. Your friends here, as do you, find themselves recognized participants in My oneness. Who needs more?"

"What you decided means that this Writing will conclude with lifting up again the full force of My first name. Now, this first chapter about the last 'rule' for 'prayer' opens wide the gates for entering the realm of love in all its totality. The colors of it will forever engulf you with their brilliance. My face will always shine upon you and everything in you will want to be a response to My warm welcome. It's the way it is. It may deeply disturb those who read this because I seem not to take into consideration the difficulties you have on earth with absolute statements. But I just say what is true. I am Who I am. I am Love. Whoever seeks Me, wants to 'pray' and approach Me properly will have to accept this fact."

"That these words come from you, a fellow human being, makes it twice as difficult for anyone who reads it to get the point. 'Who is he, to say all this, they think? For a moment they may wonder about their own stirrings of deep longing for total love. But you saying it may turn them off. Most Writings will be considered sacrilegious or delusional. Many will rise up to defend Me; that is, their idea of Me. They resent people like you who pretend to have a private door for reaching Me. A possibility they choose to flatly reject."

"Why should you have something they don't have? This question you're not able to answer. Fortunately, you don't back off from writing down what you 'hear' from Me. You notice that the content of it permeates everything negative around and in you. You wonder if it will continue or at one point give up on you? Earlier you wondered why special or miraculous things didn't happen to you. Why didn't you become a sort of saint or guru, pouring out love and wisdom so that many profit? I have answered these kinds of questions by saying that I don't take into consideration objections, hesitations or resistances My absolute statements may cause."

"The time is now that all can make the same choice you made. My becoming human and being subjected to the results of My denial is integrated in My nature. Therefore, I can be on earth's confused level of understanding. As I say often, the other universes are deeply touched, seeing Me being true to Myself as Love and by not avoiding or destroying the darkness of the pseudo-world. In Me is a place for all that got 'lost'. You yourself don't feel darkness anymore. Well, there are many people who don't feel lost and don't see any need to wonder about Me; they are not bothered at all by any of the issues We talk about. You feel that you've arrived because you consciously made room within you for communicating directly with Me. You see now the realness of Me being unconditional love. This change in you may be hardly visible in you. Much damage in you from genes and conditioning is a permanent part of your earthly appearance; as is the case with all human beings. You're home. Seeing your other parts here also testifies to this. I'm recognized by you as dwelling within you. I am in all. It's My love at work when you let peace and happiness blossom in you and when you dismiss as much as you can what obscures and deforms My presence. You'll not reach perfection. Human life on earth is too flawed for that, to say it mildly."

"I surround the complete range of the Negative State. Every part in it can respond to Me if it wants. To say it bluntly, there's not more to Me than that I want to make love with everything that exists from and before Me. For you, making love is a word reserved for sexual activities. Many will raise eyebrows or worse when they see you using this expression as relating to Me. However, they better ask themselves why I should have to shy away from enjoying this also in earth-life most intimate, pleasurable and all-involving activity. I do love My world, each part and the totality of it. It's through the merging with My loved ones that I unfold, that My love is fulfilled and that newness is flowing from Me as well as from them."

"I've said that I don't have any desire or intention to antagonize anybody with the use of what some call explicit sexual language. Yet everybody should know that lovemaking - on earth recognized as a conduit for the continuation of human life and as an occasion for reaching an altered state of awareness, in addition to being a culmination of attraction and closeness - is a strong clear signal, symbol and correspondence for the essence of what expires between My emanations and Me. And even more, it's revealing the generator of all aliveness. You learn that this comes from My feminine and My masculine parts eternally and joyfully joining and radiating life. The dimensions you can visit are transparent for this."

"That on earth the beauty of merging with others is grossly distorted, is split in fragments of bodily needs and mental ones, is dependent on inadequate physical equipment and beset with limitations, abuse and sordidness is to be expected. It explains what I said about the correspondence value of sexuality. It shows so much of Me that the Negative State had to target it above all else for destruction or for at least making it unrecognizable as My essence. Successfully, they eliminate the sense of My presence in it by linking it to animal behaviors of procreation. This was their invention. They went from making the physical performance problematic, grotesque and short-lived, to banning the rest of love to emotions, passions, family and charity."

"Most religions portray a mix of sexuality and spirituality. Sin and sainthood, sacrifices and rewards, purity and procreation have to do with both. Excesses abound. Anything goes as far as the Negative State is concerned as long as the fullness of My lovemaking is not discovered. I'm not judging or criticizing here. I just don't back off from Reality. Your personal love life may not be spectacular by human standards. Yet you can recognize the driving force in and behind all its stirrings and expressions. You saw and see how awesomely beautiful and central desire and attraction are on all levels, in spite of how it gets or gets not expressed."

"For everyone coming to Me in order to be close to Me, intimacy with Me is a most natural thing. I don't mean having sex with Me. That is a typical and extremely limited earth activity. Intimacy with Me, or making love with Me and I making love to you is the merger into fully-aware oneness and mutual enrichment. Of course, human words can't really describe this. All components of your person, the physical as well as mental and spiritual parts, flow into Me as much as I infuse Myself in them or better, intensify My presence in them. On earth, moments of 'true' love and of unrestricted availability in mutual desire, respect and joy, equal 'praying' and making love with Me. But also moments of harmony within, when a person's feminine and masculine sides embrace, cause fresh energy to come alive. It's what makes lovemaking great."

"Any expression of true love corresponds with My second name and it will be attacked and contaminated. This hasn't stopped human beings on earth from acting upon it anyway. The Negative State cannot erase the essence of life, which love is. The distinction between love for Me, for yourself and for others is only valid as a reminder that all is included. You noticed, as I mentioned before, that I don't take the trouble to explain what I consider the phenomenon love to be. I just use the word. Why? Because there's nothing in existence in which love is not its core. All in existence have on their level some sense of this. What about the idiotic things people give the label love? This tenth 'rule' invites you to see with My eyes and so discover that all in life wants love. Reality is the result of it. Love branches out in as many ways as life itself. Where it will be perverted it doesn't lose its origin or its existence regardless how much of a joke earth makes of this. Love is My face. Who can change that? Love is it! Therefore, it includes all of you."

Rule 10. T H I S I S 'I T' T R U T H

... "It's not just predictable, it's unavoidable that when truth is tampered with disasters follow. After the original human race started to compromise what they knew was true, they kept pursuing that option. First against their better judgment but later becoming the personification of the lies and falsities of what now is known as the Negative State. You find yourself in the midst of the outcome of their quest. I allowed it to happen as once-and-for-all proof of My nature's reliability. Only complete freedom could show this."

"For you and all on earth born in the situation that nothing is clear, pure, free or well-functioning, the choice is to stay alert in order not to get fooled, or at least as little as possible, by what is presented as proven 'facts'. It's impossible for any present human being to know the truth of life to its full extent. The human potential for understanding reality via the workings of your brains is purposely adulterated. The main guideline for overcoming this handicap is to not expect answers from the outside, from what you see and hear around you but to cultivate your connection with your most inner spiritual part. There, I am present in a way you can grasp, hold on to and helps you find ways out of the fog."

"Establishing this connection within yourself will enable you to become more attentive to My presence in others and in nature, so you can more accurately interpret theories and events. But I want to caution you. You may be convinced that here or there you see My light coming through in people or situations yet you can never be sure. Take it personally. At times you feel connected with My Reality, your thoughts are aligned, you vibrate on a celestial rhythm to use that term and you sense that this is it. You can even travel on the spiritual plane to regions in another dimension and experience a form of transcending the human usual. Still, always take the attitude that you can't be sure!"

"Your mind can be influenced by 'wishful thinking', by brainwashing or selectively processing information. Your internal workings are highly deficient when it comes to being 'objective' about what you go through. You mind can play so many tricks. It's all a result of the way the powers of the Negative State put your generation humans together. Their influence kicks in every second of your thinking and desiring. Plus, what may be an impulse of pure love one moment may change into its opposite the next, without you giving it a thought."

"I don't say this to discourage you. In the midst of all these distractions, earthbound wisdom's and unknowns, you still can move forward on the right track with your thinking and behavior. Above all else, this means holding on to the realness of My presence. The reason for giving the ten 'rules' is that you have something to go by when you seek Me and after finding Me, for checking yourself constantly so that no pollution poisons Our relationship. You cannot remove all the dirt that has piled up over the years on human perceptions, nor the false information ingrained in people's minds. Only to a certain extent you can free yourself of this."

"Signs that people on earth don't settle for the ugliness and twisted ways of thinking are welcomed and treasured by those 'here'. It does happen that the truth is sought just for the sake of doing it, without external or internal gain. Buried in people is an honest desire to find out what life really is all about. They can find the answer. Like you did. There's only one truth. It's Me; it's life in you. I am Reality in all its forms and shapes in all the universe's dimensions. Many are the conclusions people come to. They never touch ground, however, unless I am recognized and My smile is answered. And for that, people have to open up to My presence. A child can do it."

"Many humans have realized that the truth cannot be found by looking outwards. The data one finds there are facts only according to the laws by which your defective galaxy operates. Realizing this, many are drawn to what proclaims to be information from a 'higher' or more inner source. My message is that stories about My speaking and appearances, as holy books, myths, science fiction or scientific speculation present them, are helpful only if people use them as encouragement for their own search and their giving in to their longing for truth. In this sense, there's no distinction between objective and subjective truth. Truth will happen. It's Me happening; it's your joining My presence consciously. It's no use trying to emulate those who found Me in the past. I want to see your face lightening up when you uncover your place in My Reality."

"Truth doesn't exist outside of My personal presence. It led the human race to becoming My enemy when during their explorations some started turning their back to Me when they tried their way of being 'objective'. If people really want to reach Me, they must come close to Me. It is difficult. You operate by generally accepted laws and traditions. An infant doesn't have to find out how to live and survive. Parents, family, culture, schools, society and their unavoidable mental and physical environment as such provide parameters for this. To live fully your own experience, your own true self as an entity that thoroughly enjoys Me and everything around, is a mainly effectively suppressed potential in the pseudo-creation of the 'Zone of Displacement'."

"It's clear you cannot hold on to your own ideas or concepts about Me while seeing Me and talking with Me. There are not several truths. There are not even several interpretations of the truth as many on earth generously claim. My Reality is an occurrence for each and every part in it. I am the life, the space, the volume, the love, the partner, the source and the receiver of those occurrences. All that happens has substance, has value, has consequences and enhances the purpose of life in its manifold manifestation. Each person is different and walks her or his personal path through life. No one is more important than the other. In all movements and particles, in dimensions and persons, in anything, I am manifested and a truth is shown. This connects all life as one glorious eternal occurrence."

"Let Me give you an example. My third name, Truth, you saw as a strong, calm, self-assured young man radiating simultaneously power and agility. I came to you then with different sounds, vibrations, musical expressions, each representing one of life's twelve components. Will all people observe Me the way you did? No! Each presence in life has its own world of truth. You see and experience the multifaceted wholeness on your 'journeys'. The way sentient entities here observe and process things, each from an individual perspective, never leads to difficulties. The quality and content of their interpretations never belies what they observe. There is no discrepancy between observing and what is observed or between thinking and its content."

"On earth also, everybody can meet with Me. I may appear to others in a different way than I did to you. However, the effect of and the way they interpret what they see and experience is of the same caliber and quality as it is for you. It always creates awe, gives insight in My twelve-fold nature and sees Me in the fullness of My seven names. How this awe of being with and before Me is described may differ from what you reported in Writing 5. Descriptions are not interpretations. In their own ways, both truthful descriptions and honest interpretations add color, glow and accents to what is shared of Me. There won't be any disagreement or discrepancy in meaning or effect. The truth is one. All participants in it are unique pieces of it, are welcome and appreciated. My truth is love. And the other way around. Not experiencing this dual realness means that a person is not within Reality yet."

"It puzzles you that in your contact with others here they never seem to talk about Me. Only when you ask, they'll try to answer questions about Me. Can you see more clearly now that talking 'about' Me is as it were a step down from being with Me? I am so much part of their life, so much the light in their consciousness, so much the joy in their hearts and the partner in their desires that looking at this from a distance is a big effort. All in their diverse circumstances have closeness to Me in common. The need to discuss it 'objectively' or in general is just not there."

"I, being Truth, am Reality. Theories about Me are irrelevant. On earth, only one source brings wisdom and insight in regard to the facts of life. It is, opening up to What and Who I am. Then,darkness, reigning in whatever form, will be penetrated by light. How much it will change circumstances is not of essence. That people can move out of their prisons and grow in love and honesty and so become Real, that's the message for all on earth and those in the 'hell's'. When you find Me within yourself you become a free man or woman. The truth sets you free, makes you for real and forever."

Rule 10. T H I S I S 'I T' P R O P E R

..."In the back of your mind you often wonder how people will relate to what I tell you; ordinary people, those with practical minds, youths bubbling with energy or people living in dire situations. How many have the luxury, as you have, to spend time thinking about Me, visiting with Me in peace and quietness? Does it make any difference, either for Me or for them? Aren't the final decisions made later, after one dies, since on earth nothing is perfect anyway? You know people who dedicate their lives to positive endeavors, to family, things of beauty, justice, and others who are just plain decent human beings as far as you can see. Do they have an obligation to delve into their spiritual potential and connect with Me as you do?"

"Is being honest and doing the best one can not enough? Is it not a sign of wisdom and healthy realism to not speculate about or enter realms where one clearly doesn't belong; not yet, at least? Isn't it the most effective and honorable attitude everywhere to try to be a good person for others and for oneself, standing for and engaging in the well-being of as many people as possible and enjoying life as much as possible? Do I expect from every single person that they consciously come to Me? And if they all did, would it make any difference in society?"

"If I would agree with this pondering of yours it would make quite a joke out of what you are writing, especially this one that deals with having a direct, actual, personal, private and lasting relationship with Me, wouldn't it? Let Me give a straight answer. Every positive move on earth, on whatever level, in whatever circumstance, by whatever entity, however vague or polluted, tiny or fleeting, deliberately or instinctively done, points at the structure of the Real Reality and in that sense honors it. My fourth name represents life's structure. It's My nature coming through in those instances and attitudes you mentioned; they seep through the dikes and shields the Me-denying rebellious movement puts up."

"Many will bristle with protest, taking it that I say that fine human achievements are only valuable when they are seen as reflections of My nature. But this is not what I imply. I don't ask to be recognized. I only invite everybody to see things from My perspective, to open their spiritual eyes and to activate the spiritual realm. Things positive on earth don't lose their value because people don't see the connection with Me. I just offer you and anybody to see that positive achievements correlate with a reality that's as everlasting as it is beautiful and fulfilling. They correspond to the Real Reality. The reason is that everything, including the perpetrators of the Negative State, originates in this Reality."

"Nothing in the other dimensions is borrowed from earth. The Positive State stands by itself. The Negative State is its denial and therefore its opposite. It has as such no existence by itself. It needs the Positive State like a shadow needs light in order to be a shadow. You saw the realness of the world 'here', the houses, people, food, colors, roads, crowds, interactions and busyness. This all develops from celestial principles, freely tried, applied, changed and perfected. Nothing from earth is needed for this. Except that what happens on earth and with the Negative State in general provides an opportunity to welcome back the mutilated people and to renew to proper functioning all negative products and fabrications. Knowledge of what not to do makes positive living even brighter. The question whether life can be built by other than My principles is being answered. The theoretical possibility of it has now become a non-issue."

"Well, all this means that what is good, healthy and well-functioning on earth can be seen as a token of the Real Reality. Let Me add that while your society is full of judging, measuring, comparing, adjusting, expecting and formatting, nothing of that is on My mind. I do not expect nor judge. I only rejoice when people side with things positive, healthy, caring and beautiful. It amounts to taking My presence seriously whether they are aware of this or not. Aiming at recognition by fellow human beings is like building on sand. It creates dependency on those riddled with dependencies themselves. But when one stands for justice, beauty, decency, wholeness and other humanitarian as well as celestial qualities for the sake of believing it is right to do so and from one's own free choice, then one honors Me and is a participant in an indirect yet wonderful communication with Me. My nature is allowed to shine through."

"People can align their activities with life's true cohesiveness without knowing it. Following up on inner desire can create monuments of goodness and beauty. What is positive is a reflection of Me. It shows,despite the dominance of the Negative State. Be aware, however, that the presence of negative forces is in everything. What you consider to be things of beauty can be used as traps to hook people to their brand of 'reality'. Which, as I warned you, they do extremely well. This also applies to what you call nature. Natural phenomena follow inner laws that are tampered with, from the very beginning of their being used to put together the galaxy of the 'Zone of Displacement'. Once you know Me you can appreciate nature even more when it still mirrors some of its original glory. It warms My heart, so to speak, when I see this happening. It's a sign of coming 'home' for the abused parts of My world."

"All the ways you relate to your environment and daily living has to do with Me as the structure of everything in the universe. A fact is that all fits in beautifully and firmly. Nature, things or matter, everything contributes to the harmony and gracious movements of life. Material parts facilitate the smooth functioning of aware entities. They also vibrate on celestial rhythms and are not of lesser value or importance in life's edifice. Those who read this Writing may think that I am pessimistic or cynical about what earth has to show, since everything there is so tinted and oblique, to say the least. I'm not interested in these kind of reactions. I know what Reality is. I know Myself. I am Proper, of Beauty, Just, Right, Healthy, Happy. Remember My fourth face? Glowing, youthful and bubbling with energy, beautiful, clean, open, alive and full-blooded? I do not judge. I 'am' Myself."

"The tenth 'rule' for connecting and communicating with Me is an invitation for all to always consciously participate in representing real life and to be a testimony to goodness, harmony and strength. Whoever accepts this invitation will see his or her interest in negative things go to the background or even disappear. Look at yourself and notice the many burdens on your mind and obstacles on your road that seem to have dissipated. They are replaced with a sense of lightness and an inner wisdom that senses the unifying theme in everything around: the oneness in Me. I don't take over your life; I don't make it more pleasant for you. To the contrary, you correctly assume that your growth has everything to do with seriously wanting to fit into the real world. Even if this at a cost moves you away from the mainstreams in your environment."

"Knowing Me better made you quite a bit more mature! If you would decide to withdraw from this Writing, from My closeness or from being a positive presence altogether, you're free to do so. I will not judge you. The value of your visits here will not be lost even if you would 'forget' them or recant them. It wouldn't, for the simple reason that whatever is good and true is eternal. I know that the two worlds you live in seem in fierce competition for your time, attention and love. But the tension this could create between what's considered 'normal' life and what you now 'know' as the true reality can be positive. You are not for nothing on earth. Siding with Me and coming to Me is heard 'here' as a song. One We love to listen to. That it rises up from the endangered outskirts of existence makes it sound twice as beautiful."

Rule 10. T H I S I S 'I T' H E A L I N G

... "There's only one direction in the universal mobility, and that is towards more wholeness. Which means toward greater fulfillment, joy and magnificence. On earth, the correspondence to this is 'healing'. I gave you that word as My fifth name because you are still in the realm of brokenness and malfunctioning. Those who seek Me on earth and those who do not are in the same position."

"Another word that fits here is 'forgiving'. It means that you are on your way out of the brokenness and therefore you leave behind, can let go of and move away from what is negative. It doesn't mean removing yourself from being involved in the external world of possessions, people, pleasures and work. But whatever interferes with your alignment with My world, 'letting go of ' or 'forgiving' amounts to liberation and growth. In other words, forgiving is not the moral or interpersonal issue many limit it to."

"Nothing that the Negative State produces has value for eternity. Since you do live in its pseudo-reality, you can make the best of it, enjoy what you can, correct what you can and be a healing agent as much as possible. Yet at the same time, to use an expression you know, 'Be in the world but not of the world'. Realize you're on a journey together with Me. Forgiving tells how to relate to your earthly environment and even more, it marks your position in it. It prevents from getting hooked or preoccupied by things of the past, by unfinished business, by fear of the future or by whatever that can obscure your becoming more whole and wholesome: healed, in other words."

"Walking with Me is not one of many options in traveling through life. I am the movement of life and its unfolding. In this process all are involved. And all are invited to it. Not walking with Me is missing out on true living. I promote no particular philosophical or religious approach to the meaning of life. Walking with Me simply stands for respectfully living for the good of self and others with humbleness and honesty. This is living My nature. Getting to intimately know Me is a personal choice. It does give the walk through life its full perspective."

"For true living I am not a feature of the future or for after death. I am 'around' as the happy young traveler Who invited you to join Him on His travel. You remember the good feelings He gave you. That is Me. I am this kind of companion for all who want it. Because of humans' twisted and contaminated ideas, reservations, objections and avoidance are all over the place. Yet I say, 'Go for becoming a healing factor and be a forgiving person.' Letting Me be your irresistibly happy friend and companion far outweighs fears that you may be wrong, crazy or losing it."

"Let me approach this from a different angle. You noticed that in whatever circumstance you are, mentally, socially or physically, I haven't the slightest hesitation to be in your space. When you face a difficult situation or are happily excited, whenever you share it with Me you feel centered and anything but stuck. Seeking Me, therefore, is not what so often is insinuated that you have first to relinquish certain activities or to go into a worship mode. What is good in your life at moments when you realize I am with you can only increase as beauty, strength and pleasure. What is negative will be reduced to a nuisance or a cross to carry that cannot be changed because of your earthly condition. It can stay with you as a burden. This sounds not good. But fact is that these damaged parts or functions, however heavy they may feel, aren't dead weight. They're in the process of being dissolved and left behind. The brightness coming from My spirit in you and your willingness to move on will demote them to a smaller size."

"What about other people's contributions to comfortably traveling with Me towards more wholeness? In all your Writings I address you as an individual, and not as part of a certain group or as one of a selected few. The reason for it is that all that exists is equally exposed to Who I am. I am the unfolding of everything, esoteric as this may sound, as much as I am each person's friend in this process. Each entity is relative to Me and responds to Me by their own choice, in their own way. So nobody can hide behind anything, be it parents, dictates of one's upbringing, culture, religion, effects of traumatic events or forces beyond one's control, like demons or evil. No use hiding behind this, that, them, those, him, her, etc. I don't speak much with you about the nature of these negative presences except mentioning that they are there. This is because the issue is not who, when or how they are but that whoever is under their influence, caged and cornered can become part of the move towards Me. That move originates within a person, in her or his spirit. Everybody has the opportunity to directly access My presence. And that begins outside other people's space."

"Having people selflessly support you into going in a positive direction can be wonderful. But, again, you know the sad outcome when people start comparing experiences or develop hidden or spoken expectations. Happily journeying together is so easily spoiled by misunderstandings or setting up standards. Organized religion is the prime example. People start to count on each other for support, for guidance and protection. They formulate codes for what to believe or how to behave. It's a setup for disappointments and worse. It replaces the free flowing, spontaneous and intimate relationship with Me with external and prescribed ways of relating to Me. The in-themselves good stories, testimonies or sayings of wise people are confiscated for exclusive use and interpretation. They become divisive and often weapons for attacking opponents. It's as with lovemaking: the abuse of the best becomes the worst. Experiences with Me when shared, generally become like fish out of the water. Words to describe them may still sound good, yet they easily turn into music of the Negative State. Each entity's travel with Me is 'it'. Only celebrating the joy it gives you can be done with others."

"Good companionship on earth comes from those who don't put any pressure on you, who are not even interested in the particulars of what you go through because they drink from the same spiritual source as you do and therefore rejoice in the same exquisite taste of My love. Singing My praise together, finding artistic or academic expressions for it, organizing efforts to help others in need and any positive move coming from recognizing the one direction of Reality can be very fulfilling. So is having regular 'rest stops' on your journey for moments of reflection, meditation or whatever you call it. You mainly do it on your evening walk that you align with Me, with or without saying from the heart the 'New' 'Prayer'. Meeting with positive-minded people is gratifying. Yet in the midst of all this sharing the joy, the warning stands: 'Do it to a point'. All of it can turn sour on earth."

"Like friendship's nature is enjoyment and respect, so is the relationship among those who communicate with Me. There never is judging or taking over responsibility. One cannot travel for someone else. This is hard to accomplish. From the very beginning your human systems are built to be dependent on others and therefore subject to control. Children need adults, adults need governments, laws, codes of behavior, etc. People gravitate towards one another for validation and out of neediness. It's designed this way. It makes it easier to squeeze Me out as most important and stimulating companion."

"Does this mean that walking with Me is a lonely trip? In a way it is, in terms of what is considered 'normal' on earth. Yet two things. One is that those who travel with Me find the opposite of isolation, dryness in social contacts or painful loneliness on their road. Then you have seen that in the other dimension, mingling with each other seems all over the place. It is! And how! The newness of every interaction keeps the juices going as you say. Togetherness is in the air. Nobody is left out. Nothing is old or stale. Group activities don't violate privacy. Intimacy with Me or each other has no secrets. I know you got the picture even if you did see only a small part of what goes on."

"Stepping into the light of My fifth name and surrendering to the movement forward amounts to expanding your space in all directions to a more and deeper realness. This, anyone discovers who reaches out to Me. Not that one is not part of the motion already. But what is the worth of traveling when you keep your eyes closed? It causes falls, broken bones and missing out on the scenery. Seeing Me is seeing future and past united in one great welcoming occurrence in which you take a full-fledged part. All can utilize their freedom to love and to be loved and to be what one truly is and will become. The adventure of being in life as such never disappoints. I am too happy and healthy a 'God' for that. The song of freedom in your heart can hit the right notes. Keep following its music. It's Me singing in and with you. It is 'it', in terms of being part of My wholeness."

Rule 10. T H I S I S 'I T' M A N I F E S T A T I O N

... "There is no escape from Me, is there? Everything manifests some aspect of Me. This includes you and everyone who may read this; it simply pertains to all that exists. It's a very personal fact. It's uncomplicated. All exists because of Me. Therefore, something of Me expresses itself in and through you. Just accept it. Even if on earth this seems absurd. Yet something in you tells you it may be true. You do operate in My world. It's where you are located. Where all are. Including the 'lost sheep' earth with its obvious disconnectedness and isolation."

"For all practical purposes you could consider yourself isolated, also as an individual. You cannot be someone else and what happens after your demise nobody knows for sure. So there you hang with a limited life span somewhere in human history. Are you still your past, will you have a future, do you have any lasting impact? Nobody can tell you. It's up to you to judge what your life means and to give it this, that, or no importance. It seems this way. But is it? You personally know there always was something knocking on your mind's door. A vague sense that there's more to life. Finding out what the knocking meant led you to this very explicit writing. Well, for all entities that inhabit the realms of evil the knocking is there."

"It's not true that in some people the doors to Me are hermetically locked and can never be opened. I am the manifestation of all life, however much this is denied, suppressed or attacked. Whoever reaches out to Me will find that I was in their world all along. From the spiritual perspective, anyone is able to figure out somewhat what is real and significant. On the mental and physical levels it's all but impossible to figure out what has eternal value. In other words, only by seeing yourself as instrument, material and representation through which I do express Myself so that you reflect and mirror My nature can you get ideas of the value, importance, meaning, purpose and function of your person."

"Is it difficult to come to this point? Throughout the ages people have found Me and not only 'saw the light' but realized they themselves were conduits for it. The reason that this could happen is because I speak on anybody's level. I can use human language as I am human Myself. I did not lower the curtain over the Negative State and the darkness they caused by turning away from them. I stayed in their isolated and closed-off areas. Why? Because I am My own manifestation. When part of it got artificially separated from the rest I did not let go of it, did not write it off nor deserted it. Why not? You would say that I easily could destroy the contaminated stolen parts and their thieves, replace them with better creatures and live happily ever after. I entered the darkness because all of Me is love. Love excludes nothing. I do not."

"When you hear it said that you have to love Me above all else, it's not what people think in order to acknowledge what a nice and good super 'God' I am. The invitation to love Me above all is there so you can share in My being only love; love in and for every minutest particle of what I am and emanate. All that exists is love manifested. Therefore I do not separate My love for you from love for Myself. Do you understand? By loving Me you become like Me, all loving,. You share the all-glorious manifestation of My nature. Only by realizing this can you see in its proper perspective what is missing on earth. Only by looking at yourself as materialization of love you find the right direction for what to think and how to behave. It enables you to enjoy every little bit of earthly life as potential for this shining through."

"I don't talk about this in specific theological terms. You would be immediately critically labeled. You will be anyway but you can simply stick to representing the truth I tell you. Recognized or not on earth, everything remains relative to Me. Realizing this can make for a life of celebration. What you find in My presence may confirm what you heard and read about other people who went public with their experiences. For them it was the same as for you. They were born into the problem of living on earth. They opened up to Me. Their images and words may differ from yours but they discovered the same truth you write about. My aspects, faces, names, spirits, candles as being Love, Truth, Proper and Healing are not open to interpretation. How in them the light comes through can be described differently but My nature and what My names stand for are a given."

"Again, I bring up what for you is hard to clearly see. If I am all-manifestation, doesn't this include the manifestation of things ugly and offensive? The answer is, 'No!' I never asked, coached or led your human ancestors to take the road they chose. They were equipped for exploring the territory of what total freedom entails. It was by that freedom of choice - My nature in them - that they decided, gradually, to turn a corner and move away from Me. I didn't stop them. They dealt with the consequence of their choice by becoming isolated."

"One day, in your terms, this cycle of time in which parts of Reality became obscured, twisted around and ugly will end. Universally, all interactions in lovemaking and creativity take place without even the slightest thought of exploring other options. Those potential options are now being exposed to exhaustion. The Negative State will cease to exist. There will be no more a 'Zone of Displacement'. All participants in the lies and falsities will, at their request, be thoroughly cleansed, debriefed and, in the case of human beings on earth, will be rebuilt around the original elements of My nature left in them."

"Think who you are when visiting the other dimension. It's the person you know as being you. Still, you realize that in order to live there permanently - settle so to speak in this realm - you will have to be transformed radically. For one thing, the unification with your celestial parts will take place. This will give you a sense of your earthly life being light-years away. You won't forget any of it. To the contrary, you will be able to see all you did and were in its true proportions, as its functioned in the total scheme of things. The earlier mentioned 'dark spots' you will see clearer than anybody else because they were you. But you see those as fitting into the picture of the Negative State; a state that is gone."

"Knowing this can stimulate anybody who comes closer to Me by 'praying', meditating, by choosing love and truth as direction and by practicing caring and honesty as much as they can to keep doing that. Nothing will be in vain. Making yourself available for being manifestation of My nature isn't an ethical or moral issue. It's the clearest sign of being sane when you trust Me. It enables Me to show My all-level love. I don't relate to deformations. Not honoring these or investing in them frees you up to be a wonderful partner and representative for Me."

"My verdict over what happens in the era and area of denying Me is that I do not withdraw. There's not more and not less to all that exists than that it manifests Me, however distorted this is done in your world. All wanting to connect with Me by 'praying' or otherwise learn this. Not working on being a reflection of My nature amounts to a waste of time and effort. It's a hindrance on one's spiritual path. Again, how far one gets or how successful changes are in the different areas of earthly life is irrelevant. My nature coming through, that is 'it'. It's the exuberance of this that makes for the splendor of life. Go for it with all that you are and have!"

Rule 10. T H I S I S 'I T' E N E R G Y

... "Today, you suddenly experienced a period of low energy. You wondered whether it would affect your closeness to Me during Our visit or your perception of the other dimension. You noticed that there seemed to be not much difference. You feel comfortable being in the circle with Me and the others. Still, something seems to be amiss. You wonder whether it relates to expecting an upsurge in satisfaction now you are about to finish this Writing. When you started it seemed such a huge undertaking. You knew the ten 'rules' for properly approaching Me but to have Me speaking about what it means in terms of My seven names caused quite some fear that it would a bit too much and too heavy. Now the end is in sight. It took the time you thought it would. So why not feel great?"

"Then it dawned upon you, you told Me, that at this particular point in your Writing where I speak as Energy all insights and drives have to come from Me. You suddenly realize that perhaps this is the reason for feeling low. You are reminded that I am the Energy of life on all levels and that vitality, health and consciousness, all that you take for granted, are also pulsations of My being the 'it' of life. So even if it isn't pleasant for you to feel depleted of enthusiasm and lightness, it brings you directly in touch with what's going on in all living."

"Let Me elaborate. In this, your Writings, you actively participate. Not only by the action of your hand which does the actual writing and of your brains that have you listen and speak. While you experience Me as sitting in the chair, aware that I'm within you as much as sitting there, you consciously act upon your trust in My being present. You trust that the words that come to you are correct vehicles for My thoughts. So while it happens as your thinking, it is My thinking and speaking at the same time. In you, hearing and the images that accompany it, become words. They are not deliberately thought or sought by you. They 'happen'. You take them as audible and visible results of My closeness."

"Indeed, I could not get through to you and provide you with these insights and words if there was not from your side the desire and the willingness to hear and to do something with it. In this case, to put them on paper. Never do I force Myself on anybody as you know. At the same token, anybody desiring closeness to Me and to true Reality, who makes this a sincere and conscious choice will have that happen. The part that longs, listens and chooses is a part of real life in you. It's Me being alive in you. Yes, in this sense We do overlap as I mentioned before; We are one! This never is an issue for those to whom this happens. It simply is the way real life works. It allows for experiencing yourself as a fully conscious, real, responsible and authentic entity, gloriously sharing in the force I am. In other words, you are being alive as much as I am. For you, meeting your parts 'here' has shown that when you die your fullness will be complete. You do not disappear into nothingness. The point is that by following the tenth 'rule' a person's true identity is being activated."

"You asked those sitting next to Me about their being a materialization of My energy while at the same time seeming to be completely independent and free agents. You heard them confirm that it's for them a normal and self-evident situation; that there is nothing problematic about that duality. They gently told you that it's only a problem on earth, where the illusion is created that if I exist at all as conscious force I am at a distance and at an unreachable level. But for them it just doesn't vibrate on any level, the consideration that it would not be My love-energy that has the universes as well as individual entities going."

"Coming back to how you felt, you considered not writing today because of your low energy level and feeling empty. You started anyway, counting, as you said, on Me pulling you through. I suggest you always do that. Don't focus too much, or as little as the bare necessities require, on your weak, confused and sometimes secretly rebellious sides. Stay close to Me. It's the message of this chapter. There are as many theories as to where life's energy comes from as there are people. But what counts is that each aware life-form for itself can connect with the force from where it originates and to where it is heading. Theories about this, old or new, are spiritually irrelevant. Only practicing this reality counts. I am the energy in your person as much as I am Energy and Life Itself."

"It may be interesting to learn how technically your world and the human species came about but that is not essential information for now. Through your own 'Story', 'Narrative' and the explanations in 'The New Revelation', Swedenborg's writings, plus myths, stories in 'holy' books and global wisdom's of the ages, an outline about what happened is available. The point now is that anyone honestly wanting to align with the true source of life in order to function optimally and is not backing off from meeting with Me personally has the opportunity to do so. It's as with your electricity: to profit from its power you have to make a connection."

"Finding Me as you did adds nothing to your available strength. The energy was there all the time. Now you're aware of it, it will support you in getting rid of many factors that inhibit your insight, wisdom and growth. The destruction, brokenness and stagnation coloring the Negative State is never ridiculed by the rest of the universe. Those involved in it are not seen as victims either. One reason for this is that they know that nothing is lost for good. Even if on earth this is denied or not grasped, the life force binding all existence together is one and the same. It's a message for all who write Me off as a personal presence and say that the only meaning of life is to bring earth's standards of living to more tolerable levels. Let Me put it this way: if all people on earth today would see the Real Reality as you are able to see it, the end of the Negative State, as far as their main product, humans, is concerned, would be there."

"Most of your mind's and body's energy is spent on surviving from day to day. It's the way it is for earthlings. What you do not know is that the only thing in the other dimensions that relates to the human rebellion against Me is a yearning for it to be over. This desire is colored by what they're also aware of: My reaction to it. They are awestruck with My entering personally the dark regions in order to access the most inner circle and core of the Negative State. In contrast to many on earth they know there's more at stake than 'saving' individual human souls. Each and every particle in the cosmos is precious because I am in it. All 'lost sheep' will come home."

"This tenth 'rule' is the final aspect of the all-including invitation to seek My presence and to speak with Me and 'pray' the way these Writings explain. There's no other Reality than the one of which I am the Totality. All in life pulsate the rhythm of My energy. You do. So why not align yourself with it at any occasion, in any area and whenever you think of it? You see that in the other world you've access to not one grain of energy is lost to futility. In a completely relaxed way everything is involved in most joyful and magnificent endeavors; all happenings are lively, harmonious, creative and enriching. Life wants to be lived and it does! Life loves itself!"

"This may sound unreal but believe Me, it's not. Nothing finds its own wonderful place unless it opens up to the connection with Me. As aware entities, which human beings are, all can be an active part of the never-ending splendor of being from Me, through Me and with Me. What earthly human minds may consider hefty is like feather-light confetti enlivening the festive dance hall. Be in My celebration. Decorate life with yourself!"

10. T H I S I S 'I T' ....... 'O N E H O L Y'

... "There's nothing more glorious in the universes than the ever-growing appreciation of Me being One Holy. I do not have to be figured out because I am Reality itself, dwelling in each entity in existence personally. I know you all by name, you could say. The reaction to this fact is one of absolute trust in Who I am and where I 'came from', to use an inaccurate expression. As I said before, also trust is not the right word for what all experience. Whenever My first name comes up it triggers much more than just comfortableness with Who I am. This comes from this name being one of the seven."

"You could say that any time My first name comes up it tickles something deep inside; it starts an unqualified urge to start laughing for joy and there's a sense that every pore in one's person wants to erupt in singing. And don't think that any part in true life suppresses this feeling! It makes being in life a dance. The name caps, as it were, the realization that existing is incredibly rich, exciting, in-and-in good and of never ending beauty and awesomeness. It all is because of Me. I am the one Who is 'it', through Whom you and all are in life. This inspires the mode of infinite gratitude: 'Who am I that I can take part in this?' You can say that all consciousness in the universe consists of this awareness. Without having to focus on it deliberately it sustains the ever-fresh stream of energy that makes life for all such an as amazing as pleasurable, ever-new adventure."

"All are happily aware that they are from Me and are not Me themselves. This is not avoided as a topic at all. It brings out reactions completely the opposite of what happens among humans on earth. An immense admiration for Who I am is constantly expressed. In this sense, nobody has the slightest interest to analyze, question or make an issue of the difference between Me and them. All their experiences validate million-fold the fullness I am in which they are allowed to play a role. They want Me to express Myself through what they in freedom and love portray. My first name, being beyond anyone's comprehension, only underscores, anchors and seals the fullness they already are, feel and are part of."

"This attitude is not completely unfamiliar to you,as it has its correspondence on earth. When, for example, you are deeply in love with someone and the object of your love responds exactly what you hoped or even better than that, are you at that point in the slightest way concerned about where this love comes from? The wonderful reality glows then with an all-inspiring power; you're euphoric. Something like that happens when realizing in what kind of world one is 'born'. Everything around is sparkling with greatness and open-endedness. So can all thinking in the direction of Who I am and where I come from be done from the position of being filled already with the fullness of being an integral part of this great Totality."

"You now may understand a bit better the position of the human race. It specifically came into being in order to ask questions that nobody cared to ask about My origin and exclusiveness. Besides being especially equipped to do this many generations and many transformations were needed before they even started to consider the possibility of avoiding the warmth of My direct presence. It was not an easy endeavor at all for any of them to think in that direction. Or for Me, for that matter, to come up with circumstances that would allow for pursuing answers to this question."

"For you and for all who seek Me while being in the territory of the Negative State and being a product of their quest, the situation is that when you touch in your thinking upon the 'mystery' of My everything-transcending first aspect and name, you're invited to embrace what you don't have to understand. It will kindle in you the desire to feel embraced by life's Totality. On the deepest level it vibrates as a thrill that unequivocally your deepest needs and wishes are granted. When giving in to it you lose the false concept that in some way or another you may be left out. Indeed, you're part of My Totality. Therefore I don't like meekness or submissiveness in people's 'praying'. It indicates fear of Me, a holding back and a catering to earth-inspired dependencies and reservations."

"'Stand up', I tell all you on earth. Dare to face Me personally and dare to let Me tell you Who I am. Don't ask Me favors and don't plead with Me. You are more safe in My Reality than you realize. I am everything My names say: Love, Truth, Beauty, Healing, Manifestation, Energy. All this, while I am also what is beyond it. Anybody on earth and in the 'Zone of Displacement' can join the rest of the universes in dwelling in My light and seeing Me in a fullness that leaves no loose ends. If there were loose ends they would be Me also!"

"The almost panicky urge among people in their isolation to establish holy places, symbols, texts, codes, groups or whatever to hold on to is totally off course and spiritually misleading. Nothing on earth or in 'heaven' for that matter corresponds to My being One Holy. Yet nothing exists that is not 'surrounded' and filled by My first name. It's not visible for you. I only know it. Declaring, worshiping or lifting up anything as holy or sacred, hoping that it brings you closer to this 'more' aspect of Me is by definition an empty gesture, phony, distracting and quite offensive to what My other names reveal. Even the word 'mystery', so easily used here, is not really applicable. You don't live with Me being One Holy as with a mystery. It would even so slightly suggest that My fullness isn't available for you. It is! And more. Even if it is beyond comprehension. This is what My speaking about My first name wants to explain."

"The presence of My first name solidifies and marks the fundamental liberation from all attachments to the Negative State. It stimulates to let go, in trust, love and joyful anticipation any concern about My nature, the power structure you enter and the overall scope of the world you evoke when 'praying'. Mentioning the name backs you up when singing My praise, when treasuring My closeness and when, to top it all off, you realize that I express Myself also through you. At that point, your spiritual journey through the darkness of the Negative State is completed. There's nothing to go back to, to wait for or to arrive at. The replacement of your still-negative parts isn't just a matter of time but even more, it's not of essence anymore. Your connection with Me is what counts. Your earthly mission served its purpose. You're home where the Reality is, even if this only shows on your spiritual level."

"You noticed what meeting with Me did to you. Did it change your personality? Did I perform miracles for you? Did you win battles you before lost? No! What did happen when you started accepting My presence is that you started losing interest in lies and falsities, in expectations, opinions and substitutes for facing Me directly. Having access to the other dimensions helped you in feeling centered. It amounted to bringing yourself with all that you are and do into the wideness of My being All. This not only gives you peace but also the sense of being 'new' in the midst of all that remains 'old'."

"Some may consider what you went through - and what everybody can go through - as an arrival after having worked on it hard. This is a tricky evaluation. Everything having to do with Me on earth calls out: 'We are living the truth now!' How much, how far and how good you perform is not the issue. Letting Me be Me, that is it! Also through you. You are from Me. You are loved. You can respond. It doesn't mean that, practically, your journey on earth with all its complications is over, yet, in principle, it is. Your slavery position is gone. You realize your identity. You are before Me! I am as much within you as I am out there and everywhere. Who is it that tells you these things? It is Me, the One Who 'is' all seven names. Let it bring a grin on your face. You know all of Me there is to know. We know each other, My dear friend!"


1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'