One Holy

"These words are meant for whoever reads or hears them. They are for all to ponder.

All people can communicate with Me directly, individually, personally and privately.

Whatever you believe, hope, trust and worry about, now this, My speaking counts.

You can give it the benefit of the doubt, yet its sole purpose is: to let you know Me.

Knowing Me amounts to knowing yourself, your identity and your value and future.

Everything in life has in common that it always belongs to the one and only Reality.


"Reality isn't something abstract. It is the totality of all existence and more: it's Me.

You take place, like everything, within the unlimited space, time and life that I am.

In that sense, you're part of Me because you're alive, occur and do take up space.

Let it sink in that you are part of the oneness of all. You're one of its constituents.

With the words in these booklets I give you and everyone insight, so you 'know',

'knowing' not just in general, but having personally access to what life is about.


"I reveal Myself in ways that are blunt and specific. I do address all human beings.

Let Me start with the first of the twelve elements by which all in existence exists.

It is the 'oneness of all' in the universe that's number one. Not at all arbitrarily so.

The oneness includes all of Me too, also the part of Me beyond any human grasp.

This oneness includes anything of you, reader; even what looks far from perfect.

'Oneness of all' correctly implies that all what is part of life finds its origin in Me.


"What happens on earth, also with the person you are, seems to mock oneness.

Your world is full of malfunction and brokenness: the very opposite of harmony.

Yet My presence is in all that is. Also if this is ignored, denied, rejected or fought.

It can be hard to take seriously that these booklets are revealing the All Who Is.

You're comfortably used to deal with typical fragmented pieces of life's puzzle.

Why bother about this vague oneness? Plus, what authority have these words?


"It can come as a big surprise to you that I present you with only one request.

No more than this one question I've for you all; I won't push or threaten you.

I ask you to check if these words stir up something on your most inner level.

In other words, do they ring true even if you wonder what to do with them?

Oneness says you belong to it. Therefore, it is in you to recognize My 'voice'.

I am present on all life's levels, yet most clear on your innermost, spirit level.


"I do not discuss any ideas or argue with your or other people's established opinions.

I know how saying it is the All Who Is, Who addresses you, will be received on earth,

especially when I now make it personal and invite literally all human beings to hear.

All belong to Reality's oneness, yet how a person is reacting to it is by free choice.

I speak about life's twelve ingredients in clear, direct, simple and unadorned terms.

Human words as such lack universal meaning, yet suffice for this specific message.


"The person putting this on paper and on a website is of no significance to you.

I am for him what I can be for you: a personal presence in your personal space.

For Me, it's not difficult to visit with you. My spirit dwells already in all of you.

The blockage in connecting comes from the being conditioned not to hear Me.

Yet I do speak! Also to any resistant or hostile people. Listening is up to them.

When actual listening, you activate the remnants of humans' original oneness.


"In other dimensions of life's totality, no difficulties ever occur in relating to Me.

There, no language, distance or differences are negative facts for My closeness.

There, it is rightly assumed that what one doesn't see is also basking in My light.

The awe and love for Me leave no need or desire to even try to look beyond Me.

With Me as an ever available partner, life's fullness is experienced as lasting joy.

For human beings on earth, unawareness of My closeness spells only problems.


"Don' t search for My presence; it is there, when you are honest with yourself.

I am already within you. The words you read do represent, and are!, My voice.

As your earthly eyes can read them, so 'spiritual' ears can hear, if you let them.

I can be heard and met. You can develop a close, normal relationship with Me.

What for you is unknowable of Me adds most superb reasons never to worry.

Embracing Me amounts to having arrived 'home'. It is all life's natural center.


"The 'oneness of all' is the one stage for existing. Anything will perform on it.

Applying this to yourself is a challenge to re-evaluate your and earth's limits.

The brokenness or imperfection of earth's functioning can never be repaired.

But realizing that all remains relative to Me gives insight into life's workings.

Nothing of what makes life on earth so tense or complicated comes from Me.

Embracing life's true nature triggers liberation from what's negative or dark.


"As with a cracked vase, your world can't be repaired to any measure of perfection.

Your earth's nature, societies or body, nothing qualifies for lasting improvements.

These words point at My all-presence; by 'tasting' them, you ignite a re-creation.

On the level of your innermost self, your spirit, you have access to Me, if you wish.

When going there to meet Me, a sense of being home spreads to the other levels.

When your spirit is at home with Me, your person gets a sharp sense of direction.


"These words cover life's facts and do also address what escapes your observation.

As, for instance, that stones are, in their own right, as relative to My fullness as you.

The direct or indirect connection with Me is the unifying factor giving life meaning.

You originate in Me and are before Me. As all else in its way, so also you reflect Me.

It makes everything and everybody equally important, precious, special and lively.

My nature is of unrestricted splendor; it fills and illuminates what flows from Me.


"On earth and in human life, the natural harmony got everywhere deeply distorted.

Oneness with all became an elusive concept. Moments of bliss are very short-lived.

I offer a picture of life's true consistency and of the fullness of which earth is a part.

As humans, you have learned to live with fractions of a hopelessly split up oneness.

The way you observe is through slivers of a mirror, shattered into thousand pieces.

Yet, the information I give now allows you to re-capture your place in the oneness.


"Of course you ask: "Who is the I, the One who says the things I'm now reading?"

You may be comfortable with how you believe in the god or gods of your religion,

or think you have found personal answers in regard to life's source and meaning.

Yet, realize that My reality encompasses the totality of life, its sum and its parts.

Any part looks and feels as being unique. It is! It shows My inexhaustible nature.

You are a world by yourself. As is anything. In each, I can be beautifully mirrored!


"It's from the oneness in and through Me that what you radiate becomes effective.

It calms many fears when you see all as flowing from the same spring, which is Me.

It increases your wisdom when seeing all what's imperfect and evil as life abused.

Why not treasure knowing Who it is, Who is your source, center and companion?

My fullness includes you. Do not let any inadequacies stop you from blossoming.

You can turn away from the negatives that 'steal' from what is meant to profit all.


"The isolation of your earth prevents fathoming a full, universal, happy oneness.

Your limited range of thinking and ability to observe makes insight even harder.

I address the main reasons why you all find yourself in this abnormal situation.

For now, I will let you in on what you can call My first aspect, name: 'One Holy'.

It says: I am more than all that can be thought. This 'side' of Me transcends all.

Still, the name conceals no mystery; you and all that is are part of My All-ness.


"What I am, I do share. I hide nothing. Not once will pop up unpleasant surprises!

That I am is a given from which everything flows. In it are no secrets. It all is Me.

Your existence as person is anchored in a fact that only I understand: as I am 'it'.

Many just don't know what to make of the deities traditional religions speak of.

When the word 'holy' is used, it will point at distances, at something 'way above'.

Yet, I share this now to correct ideas of Me as not being directly present in you.


"Many ideas float around about Who or What I am – if I exist. You must have some.

Life's twelve elements show the full scope of My nature; so also of who you all are.

Thinking or acting as if I am not involved in all life leads to accumulating delusions.

You are already part of the oneness of all. I invite you to treasure this to the fullest.

All people believe in something, be it firmly or vaguely. I point at their core longing.

You will find My personal presence when you take these words as being the truth.


"Only in your isolated zone of life, force is used, with its related hunger for power.

It led to many situations, unnatural compared to the real, true life in the universe.

You all can rightly wonder why you came to live in your isolated, displaced world.

For now, do see your life on earth as a mission for which your spirit volunteered.

Consciously, you've no knowledge of this. Which doesn't mean it did not happen.

Hold on to the oneness you belong to. It enables you to unmask much deception.


"I gave you My first name, One Holy. It tells you that I'm more than can be grasped.

Hearing the name turns off many people, as 'holy' may be covering up its opposite.

'Holy' people can be phonies, or worse. Gods or 'holy' causes do incite hate or war.

Still, when saying the name sincerely, it will vibrate on the universe's wavelengths.

I am the One Who is Holy. This unmasks abuse performed under 'divine' banners.

When you honestly desire the closeness to Me, your inner soul will 'breathe' freer.


"This page ends the first segment of My talking to you in a direct and personal way.

It is about oneness as first component of everything that is, including you and Me.

You can take this as fact or as a joke. I tell you, it shows My desire to share Myself.

My closeness on the level of your spirit is direct. Yet all else relates to Me as well.

That I am the One Holy makes life the uncomplicated and beautiful adventure it is.

I am the All-ness in which you occur. And even this all-ness I gloriously transcend."