One Holy

"One of the most amazing statements I make is related to this 'all is connected';

not the fact itself that all is connected is surprising, as you observe it on earth.

Direct 'touching' is limited, but indirect all-connectedness makes good sense.

You and, say stars, are separate worlds; yet what is in between serves as link.

And so it is with everything. All that exists is acting in the same play of being.

Let the word play conjure a sphere of playfulness, team spirit and adventure.


In these booklets I reveal My role, and so Myself, in all life's universal oneness.

This chapter is about the all-connectedness, which you have in you, like all else.

I now place before you this most amazing, or, if you want, most intriguing issue.

All is connected, also with that of Me that is beyond this and is not connectable.

I don't play with words. For all that's in life, direct or indirect connecting is real.

Yet My One Holy indicates one aspect, side, of Me is not accessible but for Me.


"This positions Me in all absoluteness as origin of all. From Me anything happens.

The all-connectedness is there, as all life flows from Me. I'm the only source of it.

Yet, the source itself, as its origin, resides in realms completely non-comparable.

You can think of Me, meet with Me; yet, the totality of My volume is beyond you.

From My fullness you get inner and outer life, but My fullness itself escapes you.

I, now connecting with you, have as My first aspect a side that defies connecting.


"Does it have any purpose to talk about what surpasses connecting? Who cares?

It can lead to ignoring Me altogether. Ask your 'makers' who like you doing that.

So, what good does it to confront you with what is without practical relevance?

Being connected with the 'One Holy' or not, what difference makes it for you?

Well, the point is: My transcending all-connectedness leaves not one loophole.

Life flows as an ever more beautiful river. About its source, no guesses matter.


"This is the answer to wondering where life comes from, or what existed first.

There was no first beginning! Nor will there be an end. My fullness always IS.

Through Me as source and space, everything fits into life. Yet, I transcend it.

All thinking about how things relate can start with Me, Who is unthinkable.

It was Me, Who suggested the option to explore possible alternatives to Me.

Also because of you, it is now shown whereto ignoring My full totality leads.


"What I consider, think or desire, materializes, becomes, shows up and occurs.

My 'within' is never disconnected from My 'without'. What I show is Who I am.

My totally untouchable realm is not in conflict with My caring for you and all.

These words say that all that's in life relates to and is relative to the One I am.

All, with their specifics, form the one family of being and do add to My fullness .

This connecting, visible or not, is 'the' dynamic in the liveliness of what exists.


"Nothing is just by itself, as I am life's occurrence in all its multifaceted splendor.

Only problems arise from treating My all-transcending first aspect as irrelevant.

For those knowing Me, My 'unknown' elevates the luster by which they see Me.

All that they touch or are touched by enhances the close relationship We have.

They praise Me, love My attention, create and laugh with Me; I do not fail them.

So I am the opposite of a mystery to them; 'not grasping' turns into celebrating.


"These words say all universal dimensions are included in the act of connecting.

It is My nature. It therefore shows up all over. You can't not connect. I like it so.

The negative state tries to distort this obvious feature by causing much friction.

My unknown is downplayed as a zone of irrelevant forces, gods, illusions, fate.

They do not mind at all you fearing or worshiping those with whatever rituals.

Framing My One Holy in realms 'out there' removes it from life's daily doings.


"There's nothing wrong with leaving some questions unanswered while on earth.

With your limited and confused intelligence, much of life just won't make sense.

In these words, I do bypass common human pathways of observing and learning.

I'll address your inner spirit, where remnants of wisdom do still recognize facts.

Not connected and yet with you, is no duplicity. With Me, things do fall in place.

Talking about falling in place, this is what connecting does: making things whole.


"You could say that connecting 'the' tool is through which My presence spreads.

Telling you about My transcending side affirms how well life's soil is prepared.

Your life sprouts from Me; like all else, all that is lends its voice to life's song.

I hear that sound. My presence in you sings. Connecting is by nature positive.

You should not try to honor My One Holy with pious words, rites or symbols.

It creates distance. Just whisper the name when you honestly want Me close.


"How do other worlds perceive this 'side' of Me that transcends connecting?

Or, for that matter, how will you perceive it once you're recalled and you die?

For everyone it is the same that My One Holy has no equivalent on any level.

The word One says: 'I cannot be compared'. There's nothing like or outside it.

All that's emanated from Me always approaches Me with awe and gratitude.

Only those in the negative state are at a complete loss regarding 'One Holy'.


"In all dimensions except yours, My first side is perceived as totally fulfilling.

Being able to communicate with Me, Who is the I AM, never stops to thrill.

The point here is that I am for them what you call an open book; no secrets.

Not only this, but contact with and the awareness of My presence is all over.

What they can't grasp of Me, they don't care to know; there's no reason for.

You could say there's no need to grasp; by trusting Me, they're well attuned.


"My presence with all is of an ever-abundant touching and a sharing in love.

If questions would come up about My unknown side, I simply look at them.

I ask them to look at Me. Connecting this way provides delightful answers.

Yet, there is more. The abnormality of the negative state writes its stories.

It writes the dire results of disconnecting and defying Me by severing ties.

Still, it allows Me to show I am present, even where the oneness is broken.


"Human history shows isolation didn't lead to being annihilated as a life-form.

My dwelling on earth says that 'all connects' isn't a theory or figure of speech.

My presence IS, even in the perpetrators of what's negative. They block it out.

The other dimensions know better. They correctly assume I hide no secrets.

You can position yourself similarly when welcoming what all My words say.

They tell Who I am. My unreachable has no hidden sides. It's just beyond you.


"When you die, this'll become very clear to you. Well, if you want to see it.

You're not forced to see My nature's splendor's realness if you don't want.

All acting in the universe not from free will amounts to ugly abominations.

When you die, you're exposed to the true way of living. Then, You choose.

While on earth, choosing seems not simple or free. You hardly know facts!

Your negative conditioning goes deep; human systems handle data poorly.


"The open-endedness of My being the All and beyond can take time to sink in.

Yet, truth has ways to overcome confusion, to a point of restoring clear vision.

For this, you've the whole eternity at your disposal. So do not worry or panic.

Realize the sixth component of being well-connected is already a part of you.

For present humans, this connectedness is severely disturbed. And it shows.

Yet, in you, 'all is connected' waits to be recognized and be applied positively.


"Not grasping My first name is by those with Me processed differently.

Yet, except on earth, it inspires to a never- ceasing happy zest for life.

In your situation, only some of this shows up, as lines of supply are cut.

After your dying, you'll be exposed to the ones adoring My first name.

You then can still avoid those and stick to only external attachments.

It will be respected. Yet, do ask if this really fills your deepest longing.


" What is, is always before Me; now, after you die and in any phase of being.

As the All Who Is, I am always connected with you; life itself is My content

When you let Me be the One I want to be, you'll yearn to stay close to Me.

My touching you, through the life stream in you, liberates to real freedom.

I love to be loved. And so do you. Through connecting, this actually shows.

Keep this in mind when you oversee your life: how you long, think and act.


"If on your inner level you do connect with the universal sphere, boundaries blur.

You then experience that your universal links are not vague or impractical at all.

You can hook up to a world that poses no threat and lets you know and feel that.

Your circumstance or personal performance may be a joke, un-saintly or a mess.

But I'm not interested in these human qualifications. I just say, go for My touch.

Let your mind fathom the awesomeness that you can fully trust all My aspects.


"Whatever the technicalities of My being beyond all, it won't affect the oneness.

The other six appearances make Me abundantly available. It is not some theory.

Your spot in life consists of connections in every possible direction. How come?

Because it reflects Who I am. I could have left out My first name as too abstract.

But revealing it here will let all humans in on the full scope of universal existing.

What is to be known of Me is exclusively positive and all of this I want to share.


"What I desire in My Innermost Self is processed and emerges as external form.

Because of it, My love can be expressed and connect even in the negative state.

Since all is before Me, it's relative to Me; while I am all being's absolute Totality.

This can make 'all is connected', on all life's three levels, an ongoing orgy of joy.

Your sixth component is a never-retiring fountain of an abundant give or take.

Connecting is Me; it offers My first name as a brilliant, all-embracing horizon."