....... 'ONE HOLY'

... "Something puzzles me," the councilman said. "You are very serious for your age. But I have also seen you having a good time with your friends. How do you reconcile your grave judgment over our earthly affairs with your living it up when you have a chance?" It made Jesus laugh. "I am a happy person!", he cried. "That is my nature. I am never sad for myself. I want to bring back laughter and good times for everybody! It is so inappropriate for anyone to obscure the bright rays of heavenly sunshine. Yet that is exactly what many people do when they hear me."

- "People have set Me up in the most extreme roles: as ultimate mystery or final 'nothingness', as lustful goddess or as supreme judge. Few people believe that, above all, I like to laugh!"

- "Lightness surrounds Me, because it is in Me. I am the lightness of life!"

- "How I transcend everything, including the totality of all the universes, you have no clear idea, still it provides a never disappointing and always pleasantly surprising background for enjoying all the characteristics and manifestations of Me that you can understand."


... "By the way," Jesus addressed the councilman, "I do appreciate your interest in what I say and your checking out what I do. In me is lightness and inner peace, but this does not mean I automatically know how to react when I am confronted with the miseries that are all around us. Therefore, I regularly retreat into my most inner self, where the full force of love shines and where I can connect directly with the One Holy. When I do that, I am surrounded by the humor and the invincibility of the heavenly sphere. Its very nature of love leads to cheerfulness and wanting to dance."

- "The urge to warmly smile and so approach life comes from deep down in you. Give it free passage. It is My spirit joining yours; it is true reality breaking through. It can occur everywhere, at any time."

- "During its journey through your internal system, your inner smile can loosen and clean out debris like tightness and fear. Let laughter and humor do the job. They revitalize and sparkle."

- "There is no tragedy in love. Love always is Me in action. In the midst of pain or panic, this secret stands: nothing will stop Me from desiring you, from loving you, from wanting to embrace you if you let Me."


... Some protested. "We see you as a somber and pessimistic character! You do not smile enough!" Immediately Jesus jumped in. "And why is that? Every stone I put down in order to build a path to heaven, you pick up, turn it to all sides to check if it is kosher, and when you can find nothing wrong with it you throw it aside as not needed because you do not want to get closer to heaven. It is pathetic that you throw away the pearls of truth offered to you. I treasure their beauty but you do not share my excitement. Beware, the last laugh is not on you and your pickiness!"

- "The negative forces always undermine happiness. There is no comfortable relaxation in the hell's, and no spontaneity. Cynicism, ridicule, poking fun of, are among their outlets for this 'joy' component of life."

- "In the real reality, all units or single items are always aware of being wanted and loved, so why shouldn't everybody and everything sing, laugh, play and enjoy the open-ended facts of life?"

- "The first cries of pain ever to disrupt the celestial sound waves were thrown into space by humans. All tears shed since, visibly or hidden, are typical for the human situation. Nobody in the universe ever laughs at your predicament."


... "You told us funny stories at bedtime!", Jacob said. "Yes!", his sister, who had come in the house again, beamed, "of those quadruplets that couldn't marry the young men they loved so much because their father didn't have enough money to pay for four weddings." "That wasn't funny!", Jesus protested. "Yes, it was!, because you always had us looking for solutions." "And when we found one," her brother chipped in, "you always asked sternly, 'You are sure everybody is happy?' And then you came up with the craziest things that would make that all four of them could marry. Wild!"

- "How to describe what you are not equipped to even fathom? Take what now I say literally and as a strong foundation for thinking things through: My reality, the eternal edifice I am, in which all life takes place, is a happy one. For all."

- "The human race, when turning to the externals and eventually placing themselves on the other side of the fence, to use your expression, lost this lasting joy, lightheartedness, spontaneity and innocence."

- "Since your planet is their handiwork, what you call joy is fragmented. But it is around! It is worthwhile to build your physical and social structures according to a blueprint so designed that all equally can find happiness and derive pleasure."


... Fondly, Jesus looked at the children. "You know where those 'weird' solutions came from?", he asked. "While you were trying to solve the puzzle, I pictured the great time everybody has in heaven. They joke around a lot there, so I figured what they would come up with, since they only think in terms of making everything pleasant for everybody. That is where my ideas came from. Of course, they sounded unreal because in my book nobody is ever disappointed or left out. And as you know, that is, sadly enough, hard to accomplish in the way people live together here."

- "The involvement of your galaxy in the rebellion of the negative pursuit is total. It is on all levels. In moral issues and natural phenomena, in the workings of society and individuals. Everything is prone to deterioration and regression."

- "Joy is more than having fun. Joy as component of all life sees to it that existing is pleasurable, deeply gratifying, stimulating by its constant freshness, always surprising and moving forwards and revealing new areas to be developed."

- "Where laughter stops, the hell's have entered. Persons living in misery, poverty, or with illnesses, know how wrong, misleading or treacherous external situations are; they have to live in them. Yet blessings are stronger than darkness."


... "You all have a choice!" Jesus slowly looked around, had each person meet his gaze. "What do you portray, a sad story with no ending or a sad story with a happy ending? All stories of all life-forms originate in the happy lovemaking of the One Holy. All that exists stems from that. And as far as the earth is concerned, all life here will be resurrected from having been stuck and stagnant. Let that thought arouse you. Anticipate your personal liberation, your own eternal fulfillment. Look at yourself, you can be on the right track in everything you do and in all that you are!"

- "Most humans experience moments of happiness that can flare up at times. For some it even happens in abundance. Joy belongs to living. It is hard work for the negative forces to suppress it."

- "Existence in all its forms is a happy occurrence because of Me. Even the doings of the negative state serve, ultimately, this all-including situation."

- "Being able to contribute to the beauty and grandeur of life is, even with your limited capacities, a most gratifying activity. It honors the meaning of life. It amounts to, what you can call, 'praising My name'."


... "There you go again," the councilman said. "It sounds good enough, but from where comes the energy to pull oneself out of pain or conflict? Look at sick people, look at our country, look at your own family problems!" "You are so right," Jesus answered. "I ask you to consider that the strength to go on has to be given to you from elsewhere. The spirit of the One Holy can do what you cannot. Meet that spirit within you. You are its temple. Hear it tell you that the One Holy loves all as himself. Then, step into that beautiful sound. Hum it. Rejoice in this one thing nobody can take away from you!"

- "Any part of the twelve elements of life that is not given free rein to participate in the blossoming of reality becomes a disruptive factor."

- "The disturbances caused by the human race could, in theory, have generated annoyance among the rest of those in existence, to say the least. They did not go that route. Momentarily, something like disbelief may grip them. But the scope of My intercession turned that 'almost fear' into awe and renewed innocence."

- "The waste of energy by the hell's is not appreciated anywhere. Yet the tiny steps taken on earth to properly use the energies in nature, minds and interactions are warmly welcomed in the heavenly realm."