One Holy

"Harmony, the last element of life, may to you not sound much like a climax,

yet it presents a culmination of your and My life's fundamental attributes.

It has nothing to do with falling in line or bravely playing an expected part.

In Me everything seethes with life, variety, newness or colorful contrasts.

Are fireworks boring? Or a dazzling display, nothing dull or monotonous?

So is the fabric of My nature. By consequence, vibrancy rules everywhere.


"In an orchestra the different sections aim at reaching optimum expression.

The sound of instruments fluctuates high or low, soft or loud, cold or warm.

Now I'm telling you that the One Who speaks to you has no restraints at all.

I've no beginning or end; I transcend ideas of time or space, of fullness itself.

I'm the One Holy, the I AM. In Me are no limits for colors, sounds and forms.

I invite you to see yourself as a part of this, trusting your 'piece' falls in place.


"My for-all-unknowable aspect is the glorious crown on this twelfth component.

It tells you, all in life cooperate in the most beautiful way. There is no other way!

To this reality, you, the one who reads this, belong already. It should startle you.

Good or bad events on earth frequently jolt you so you are not easily shocked,

yet hearing your person is intentionally embedded in My nature may stun you.

Can anything more indicative be said about what your personal life is all about?


"It is peculiar for you to be addressed by the totality of life as if that's a person.

Yet My nature as harmony implies that in that totality nothing poses a threat.

The harmony I am forms the basis and outcome of all life's glorious wholeness.

If you sincerely want to be aligned with the only true reality, you instantly are.

Telling Me this, and letting it saturate your thinking, results in an inner peace.

Earthly problems persist or may increase, yet your position is eternally safe.


"I often mention the Real Reality, life's eternal totality, which contains no negatives.

In it, experiencing harmony is one of the greatest stimulants to add to perfection.

All life is permeated with My presence; it bursts with the desire to love life more.

How? Well, how's declaring unrestricted love to any cell, thought or drive in you?

What comes from love and wisdom desires to harmonize, embellish and embrace.

Why not take My first name, One Holy, as an unseen halo around all appearances.


"Your ancestral fabricators correctly figured that harmony does top off My nature.

So they thoroughly disturb it and all that relates to it: love, peace, beauty or trust.

It is an indirect assault on My first self, which itself cannot be reached or touched.

Harmony on earth can only provide a taste of what life's full luster really portrays.

As such, it can come alive in joy, art, health, nature, friends and in everything else.

Your honestly striving for the best represents the exquisite texture of My nature.


"With these words I invite you to what all universes show: unrestricted fulfillment.

The negative state lost this completely when it tried - tries - to split My Oneness.

Most people see there's somewhere an unknown, a 'more', a 'beyond', a 'whatever'.

But how many want to know its precise scope? Most let science or religion worry.

I tell you, whoever you are the solution for this issue is within reach, rests in you.

No division is in Me. So when I embrace you, the All of all does it, wholeheartedly.


"As others do or did, you can find true harmony in your life by seeking inner peace.

Still, your twelfth ingredient involves more. It offers all parts of you a dance of joy.

You most probably dislike pieces of your life that malfunction or cause dissonance.

Your challenge is to still see these 'enemies' in you as family, as meant to be whole.

Life has no loose ends; there is no lasting loss. Life is there to magnify My All-ness.

As being One Holy, I am even more than the source of life so all attacking Me fails.


"Managing your own life you could do with My all-exceeding absoluteness in mind.

It prevents you from being taken in by productions that will obscure My presence.

Your insight in My names influences the way you prioritize your thinking or acting.

You can be an agent of peace in your circle of friends, colleagues or social contacts.

Acting as inspiring leader or quiet observer the issue is what radiates from within.

Harmony integrates what is positive, sifts out what's not love or truth. It's realistic.


"Your preconceived and conditioned ideas about any values or goals will have to go.

I say your person participates already in the universal happenings of joy and peace.

It comes with life and being of My nature. You cannot stop Me from portraying Me.

Therefore, you can consider yourself and all in your world as worthwhile, as sacred.

I am in harmony with Myself in spite of the massive challenge of the negative state.

Trusting Me enables you to see through evil; it brightens your color in life's mosaic.


"As many ideas or opinions about life's unknown circulate as there are people.

Many avoid dwelling on a before, an after or a beyond of your cosmos or life.

Science will come up with possible scenarios, replacing myths and fantasies.

Biology or physics chip away pieces of data or doctrines that are set in stone.

What I offer won't be affected by what science may still discover or explain.

I speak to your heart, your spirit, where the language of eternity is spoken.


"When there's harmony in your world, it's not because you or your culture create it.

It's there because life's true state of affairs became uncovered, by whatever means.

I speak from a position you've no access to. Nothing or nobody anywhere has that.

Yet life happens and you experience it. Your galaxy or what's beyond is no illusion.

All exists, because I let it come into being, not as finished product, but as potential.

It means that everything can develop from freedom and go in the direction it likes.


"Before I endow an idea with 'being', I first make sure if it wants to be a potential.

This will sound unbelievable to you, yet only a 'yes' response starts a new entity.

All My thoughts receive a form this way so whatever appears is relative to Me.

Must I still tell you that this relating remains positive? It will 'live' life's harmony.

And can you see that any new 'becoming' is forever embedded in My first Self?

I evolve as the absolute All-ness from My Absolute Self. I am Myself, happily so!


"Again, you aren't Me but I become also through you, as you through Me.

All life has this as sole meaning for coming into being. It'll live life this way.

All forms, developing in line with their species, want to 'be' and play a role.

Nothing in life does not happily show Me it is excited that it got existence.

Take it that in each cell some 'awareness' throbs that life is being granted.

Your conscious mind can speak for all your parts if it wants to address Me.


"Above, beyond and within that is in life, thrones majestically My being the One Holy.

For you, as sentient entity, the whole process of becoming involves trillions of aspects.

Yet, for not one second must you doubt the reason for living or for its eternal beauty.

It's therefore very important to hold on to harmony as also your personal ingredient.

I do 'happen' through you in spite of your deformations. You do happen in My world.

Whoever desires this can return to life's fullness from whichever displaced position.


"There's no reason to suspect mysteries in Me. I've told you that there are none.

The single reason for My speaking through these booklets is to reveal all of Me.

You are able to hear Me as an individual, despite others' efforts to do it for you.

I offer you to think of Me as being within you and seek Me where I already am.

In humans' most inner is longing for harmony, love and peace the central focus.

Now you know why this is so. It's My harmony that knocks on your awareness.


"You notice that the booklets mostly bypass familiar or traditional visions of life.

How couldn't they, as they originate in the One Who even transcends the words.

I am the All Who Is. Living as if you're outside of Me amounts to quite a delusion.

I'm exclusively personal in the way I relate, to you, too; just void words 'about' Me.

You live your particular life with Me. You agreed to it. otherwise you couldn't be.

You lost awareness of this. which is exactly what defines your earthly challenge.


"As long as humans live on earth, My presence has been felt; some embraced Me.

In all forms of life something of Me works since I'm the very energy of life Itself.

It echoes in people's souls. It stirs up desires to align and be in harmony with Me.

It comes through in nature's beauty, in events, instincts and in intuitive sensing.

Harmony, the culmination of all relating to Me, can't be destroyed as it's a given.

However, the negative state's wide open traps are many; nobody escapes them.


"Does this mean that human history has little or nothing positive to teach you all?

What about charity, which religions and many humane groups call for or practice?

And what about the impact of decent past or present people modeling harmony?

Let Me state it again that true learning comes from what's genuine, from Me in it.

What appeals to you in models of truly good people may or may not be of value.

If it confirms what you experience with Me: it is a bonus. Needing them is a trap.


"One reason for sharing My first name is for putting time and place in perspective.

You can't avoid their external use; you live by when and where everything happens.

Internally, too, you must know about how long, how much or where to be involved.

Yet, all these for-you normal functions of place and time can be markedly enriched.

This happens when you allow your spirit to whisper My first name with awe or joy.

Then, a flash of peace and harmony on all levels will unveil your universal position.


"I will not put you to the test to see if it works, seeing yourself within My being.

When I seem to suggest something, it's only to alert you that you have options.

My nature as all-harmony tops off in the most absolute way life's all-aliveness.

My nature includes My being even more than what the word nature indicates.

Such is the awesome, ever-alive reality you belong to even if you'll reject this.

These words don't urge you to believe Me. I just offer you My love's embrace."