The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "Can you see that life's first component, oneness, and the last, harmony, beautifully come together to 'close' the full circle of My nature and, by consequence, the nature of all that exists? You now have the total picture of what existence is all about in terms of its components. In all directions, dimensions and densities, the universe shows harmony. You could say there is a golden glow everywhere. Life sparkles. I do, and so do all. My being the One Holy, which is My everything-transcending Self, clearly and evidently does not interfere with the splendor I share with what is before Me as emanation of Me. Everything reflects and rejoices in My greatness."

"In case you still suspect that there must be something threatening to Me, don't you think that by now, after so much information, it would have come up or been hinted at? It did not! So be amazed that in My twelve-fold nature, you find nothing reflected of what on earth is so familiar. You say, there always is another side to the coin. Well, there is not. I am the fullness of all life's components, and that is reflected in everything in existence. And it all is in harmony. There just is nothing 'behind' Me but My being endlessly 'more' than all the glory the twelve elements speak of. You, My friend, wrote all these things while unprepared. Nothing of it was premeditated or thought about. So you and everyone on earth should take what you wrote down at face value and check its truth and validity within the depth of your own heart. There, 'it', I, your true nature, will have you sense that all this information comes from the true reality."

"The Negative State has done everything in their power to put fear of Me in people's minds. They keep suggesting there is another side of Me; that I can turn around and show an angry face. Taking literally stories from so called 'holy books' seems to validate that. Cataclysmic events that will destroy creation are projected into the worlds of gods or supernatural powers. It is not so! In the totality of My seven names, the first, One Holy, functions not as a secret that is kept away from you and logically would make you uneasy. No, it can also on earth solicit the universal and unrestricted joy that it is Me Who is all life's I AM. Saying My first name underscores and guarantees the absolute and eternal safety, fullness and harmony of life."

"Those that can somehow picture that I became human out of My free will can find in My first name, face, candle, an extra assurance for the realness of it. All in the 'Zone of Displacement' are exposed to so many lies and distortions that the first invitation of the 'old prayer' is to just look away from anything that earth has to offer. Hallowing My name, lifting up My names, treasuring all seven names, is an act of realism. It comes from seeing with your spiritual eyes. The full reality can be praised even where it is not grasped.

"No fear is ever caused by Me. It is experienced because of not knowing Me and not wanting to know Me. You could say that proof for getting closer to Me, even to My unknowable part, is that your thinking becomes uncomplicated and straightforward. This is conclusively presented by the last of life's twelve components, harmony. Signs of harmony in a body, a family or society, in events, nature or thought processes, and above all in your relationship with Me, indicate that the real reality is breaking through. I am not talking about conforming to certain human norms. Things are in harmony and in their best possible place when they are transparent for their spiritual center. You have known moments of feeling the 'completeness' of interactions or events. It is the normal situation in the multi-verse."

"These moments may be rare on earth. But when they happen, treasure them. When you relate them to My name One Holy, you will notice their glow. For many, these moments may be limited to just fantasizing or daydreaming, as their life is so harsh they cannot afford lofty contemplation. I am very close to those people. Their faint hope or silent protest, their despair or numbness, I hear and see. When they leave their bodies, they fast recognize what life's true nature is, even if on earth they hardly witnessed it. However suppressed or smashed into pieces, harmony is the crown of existence."



... "Why should one 'pray' this, that My kingdom come? So many settle for the way life is, do the best they can and do not build dream castles. Why not give all energy and attention to living in the here and now? What more to expect than the daily fact of evidently being alive, conscious and having to survive. Indeed, the 'prayer' challenges this idea. It asks to acknowledge a different, fully realistic way to experience life. I do not criticize anybody. I just suggest you look around and within you. If you are completely satisfied, so be it. But nobody is. It is impossible to function perfectly and be happily fulfilled as product of the Negative State. So the 'prayer' zeroes in on this fact and appeals to all on earth to not settle for the imperfect, the broken, the limited and whatever not-love situation, but to let the light of the true reality enter."

"In terms of life's twelfth component, harmony, all-around well-being and well-functioning is not to be measured by comparing what you see, but by experiencing what My direct presence in your life means. Or, saying it in another way, by activating to the fullest your spiritual part that provides the proper sense and data about what really goes on. Saying My love is all-involving is the basis from where to start when you look inside and around you and see deterioration everywhere in your galaxy. What happened in your personal life shows that it is possible for this 'prayer' to be 'answered'. My kingdom does not have to come from somewhere. It is within you, however overshadowed by what is negative. You, and all, are already within My all-encompassing love. The issue is to not suppress this."

"Can you see that the element 'harmony' in you could sing and bristle with happiness and excitement because of fitting in, enriching the whole and feeling loved and capable of giving love? There is nothing static about harmony. Just as it is with love. It is the summit of humans' value, performance and zest for living. This now may seem evident to you. You are fortunate you had parents who were realistic. Yet much not-love and untruth settled in your mind. Priority became what people expect of you and might do if you did not adjust. For people born into dysfunctional situations, believing in life's fundamental goodness and harmony is even more a 'tour de force'. In the midst of so much disarray, it is amazing that earthly humans find ways to survive and to keep - with their laws, traditions and personal input - individual, family and society's systems going."

"I am not negative about the human efforts. Even if by their very nature they fall far short of what the rest of the universe is able to display. But I like you to be very clear that anything that looks like true well-being, on whichever level, is only there because of the influence of this twelfth component. It enables the positive joining of segments of life in order to show some of its fundamental beauty and strength. It allows every part to feel appreciated, loved and as contributing. With all their efforts to create an alternative world, as much different from the real one as possible, the Negative State could not eliminate completely any of the twelve elements of My nature. Its essence, love, cannot be destroyed. It is Me."

"'Owning' this last component of also your nature can set you free to go all-out. It makes it natural to go for what is uplifting, light, well-connected, shared, beautiful and pleasant. Therefore, laughter, playfulness, pride, being dedicated as well as family, friendship, sports, hobbies and all to-good-cheer-related events are not the result of your creative vision but the consequence of clearing debris and opening windows. Love in all its brilliant colors is the essence of all that exists. You do not have to fabricate it or pull it towards you. It is there where life is; for all. Ever more sparkling harmony is its 'ultimate' result. I am composed this way as I am that love. My 'rule' of love, My kingdom, does not bring anything new. It brings out and shows off the essence of reality. There are no exceptions. Only denials."

"To personally open up to Me and to experience the splendor of all this is difficult. Your ancestors have done a thorough job in disrupting harmony. Going by the observable fact that anything can go wrong at any time on any level makes people understandably suspicious of people like you who claim to have seen another reality. Within yourself, pockets of resisting love as central force remain. But as I said so often, I do not give you concepts or theories. I just tell you that in each particle of life My nature pulsates. It makes it part of the glorious flow and dance of all existence. The lasting and eternal identity of everything is lushness, abundance and graciousness. Love has no beginning, end or limits. It is life itself. You are, as all, member of the club of the living!"



... "If all people on earth started to do My will today, would that change human society overnight? What do you think would change if My will was done by all? Let Me tell you that in 'heaven' - meaning the rest of the universe - indeed My will is done. There, harmony operates everywhere. I talk about the well-fitting, joyfully cooperating and blending to greater beauty, of all elements of life. This involves matter, space, nature and 'things'. So if people on earth would try to do My will, it would not mean that automatically, for instance, nature would stop being violent, or all soil would become fertile or you could not get sick. In the interaction with these aspects of planet earth you could not do My will because they won't cooperate and are too dysfunctional."

"Your planet's negative situation is insolvable. Its constitution is as a broken vase; it cannot be made whole again. Many people think that I, or they themselves for that matter, could with an all-out effort pull off a miracle and make it all work properly. It cannot be done, because the pseudo-creation of the Negative State is the result of a deliberate effort to not express and follow My will and to unsettle the truth I am. Therefore, all-around harmony is nowhere to be found in their 'alternative' world. They infused decay and conflict in what they touched, because their touch is poisonous. They did not invent or intend that, but by trying to create a world that would not recognize Me, the components of life were taken out of their natural context. They abused My nature, in other words. Therefore, all their products are always in the process of falling apart."

"What you know as getting old, tired, sick, as deterioration, distrust, violence, as ugly, crummy and short-lived, everything that is not gloriously harmonious in showing off and contribute, is the result of your world being built with their back to Me, so to speak. Only a rebirth or resurrection of what remained of the original reality can turn things around permanently. This already happens on the spiritual level by any act out of free will that disowns and rejects the lies and falsities in which one as human is enmeshed. In one's spirit, one can connect with some of the splendor of My world. So the real reality, life's truth, can only break through and be fully recognized within a person's most inner self. There, My light can enter when it is sought and not resisted anymore. Then and there, your and My will merge as part of life's true oneness."

"There is only one reality. It is Me. I am the Truth of all existence. Closing your eyes for this by choice or conditioning does not change this fact. But every tiny bit of the real reality shining in your mind or actions will bring wisdom and beauty. You, and those in the real world who are aware of this happening in the Negative State, rejoice in it. Seeking harmony and activating this component, from your within to the without, is therefore a wise decision. Waiting for some point in the future for everything to be restored to its true proportions is a blatant cop-out. Eternity is now. So are you. Your place is in the universal harmony. To align with this as much as possible is the highest calling in people's mission on earth. It is joining the rhythm of My love and fullness."

"As you write this, you are in the midst of Christmas celebrations. Many, also outside of your culture, are touched by its sphere. 'Peace on earth', indeed, means global harmony in activities and interests for all pulling and pushing forces. Each human being, with or without religion, has moments of longing for this. Naturally, because it is a component of their own constitution. Allowing this longing to grow and act upon it, solidifies your connection with eternity. It will not bring 'heaven' on earth, but it uncovers what existence is all about. My will is the truth, is the realness in everything and everybody. Each person can 'step' into it and organize one's thinking by its light. This means taking a position based on where one truly belongs. When you do it, it is very powerful. The Negative State has to back off. Even more, you then invite their forces to go that route also!"

"The 'old' 'prayer' loses its impact when 'heaven' is taken as a place somewhere out there. Its true meaning is correctly expressed when you say that I, as Truth, contain the universe. This includes everything. It is a wonderful message, isn't it, that everyone is in a position to join each other and Me in the 'heavenly' reality now. In your own life, you can hum the song that invites to dance. In spite of faux passes and unfamiliarity with heavenly rhythms, you still fit in nicely. All do. Your blinders are coming off. I like to express My beauty also through you."



... "What you say about My fourth name, Proper, that My structure is right and of beauty, relates directly to life's last component, harmony. All that originates in Me has as its position, drive and quality in relating to self, others, environment and of course to Me, that it is joyful, of beauty and vibrantly alive. The bread of life stands for harmony, health and the ability to enjoy it all. Or you could say that My bread is the banquet all in life happily attend."

"Receiving daily bread is not a dependency as you see in pets that need their master to provide. I am not ladling out life. Those existing in freedom before Me give the sustenance of life to each other, showing that life's adventure is a sharing togetherness. Your food is not given by Me but by the soil that produces it. In the real world, all live together in a completely uncomplicated way. They create, exchange and see to it that all interactions bring the maximum of comfort and happiness to those involved. This applies to the plans made and the materials used."

"To say one creates one's own reality is not a bad expression. This phenomenon includes what I just said about the uncomplicated ways all parts of reality see to it that harmony is the outcome. Uncomplicated does no mean simplistic, just one or two dimensional, so to speak. The intricacy of the ways real life is structured and functions is way over what even your brightest human minds can comprehend. What you saw in the other dimension is not 'just there'; it is designed into every minute detail and then built. It can be changed if so desired. The most sophisticated machinery or computer system on earth does not even touch the impact of the techniques used in the real world. And do you know why?"

"One obvious reason is that nothing on earth has the capability to achieve perfect harmony with other components, or to make an infallible product. Nothing on earth owns the full force of love and truth, so one has to work with conflicting faulty elements. Just think of the efforts for your air- or space-craft to overcome gravity. They do not have the cooperation of the law of physics. They have to force their way into the sky. The reason is that the earth reality is broken up in segments and lost its immediate connection with Me. Even if you agree theoretically that 'dead' matter is alive with power, movement and codes of behavior, you cannot communicate with their motivating, choosing and, yes, loving factors. Your common oneness in Me is lost."

"Humans see themselves as superior compared with 'things', and use violent means to shape and control those. This disharmony is not only observable in the external world when parts do not fit and fear or oppose each other. It is also in attitudes when people do not see eye to eye or are uncomfortable with others or themselves. The most devastating brokenness is internally, where peace and respect, trust and passion, privacy and availability, the desire to be close to Me and personal ambition should freely mingle and inspire all activities. Yet, this is the case in true life's structure, among the family of the universe and in the one grand edifice My reality is."

"Having said this, it is also true that on earth, from its inner core, the inspiration to connect, contribute and play a positive role emerges. In no structure its relatedness to Me can be fully eliminated. Even where I am denied, I am. All the beautiful things you see and enjoy in nature and man-made structures, in architecture and art, and in the wonderful things you see in families, relationships, friendships, joint actions and individual achievements, it all confirms that none of life's twelve elements can be destroyed or completely obscured. Whether people are aware of it or not, they all live from the daily bread I am. If they allow it, they can feel the prodding of the desire for harmony in their system. Everything is meant to serve as daily bread for each other. Not in the 'have to' or 'dependent on' mode, but as steward of 'plenty' and 'enough'."



... "It makes sense to most people that being reconciled and aligned with the 'gods', the power behind the powers, the forces of nature or whatever they are called, will facilitate functioning optimally. Why I link a clean relationship with Me to having that also with all people, and specifically with those who are a disturbing presence in your life, is less obvious. The reason I brought this 'prayer' to human beings' attention, was to make them aware that in the full reality 'not-loving' is absent. Healing, My fifth name, means that everything moves towards more loving and wholeness. It is the way life is processed. 'Forgiveness', letting go, is the earthly equivalent of this universal occurrence. All thrive by joining Me on My personal journey. How could I enjoy forever expanding if My company uses a different and inaccurate map?"

"I do not imply with this 'prayer' that you 'have to' like each other, or 'have to' condone everything someone else does, or to 'forget' trespasses. Nobody, including you, is to be trusted. Knowingly or not, you will offend, shortchange and hurt others. There's no excuse for this in view of what your true identity is. Attitudes like humility, honesty, sensitivity and truly caring can minimize your negative tendencies. But forgiving is not something you do once a while. It is living with the awareness of the greatness of My world, in which hostility, injustice, wrong-doings, afflicting pain and failing yourself or others just do not exist."

"This means that people have to learn to think from their spiritual level. Wrongs that are done, you can try to correct as fairly as possible, but allowing them to pollute your soul with rage, revenge, self-righteousness, self-pity or passivity, drives you away from being healed and from identifying with wholesomeness and feeling the lightness needed for moving on. Anger welling up in you may very well be a correct indication that something or someone is intruding into your private and therefore 'sacred' space. Speaking up, letting the intruder know that you are not pleased, taking responsibility for what is entrusted to you and protesting any sign of violence and injustice, are all practical 'necessities' on earth in order to not get stuck emotionally and physically."

"The bigger picture is that everybody, even on earth, can join the movement to more wholeness, can live up to My nature in them and play one's part in the universal celebration of creating more harmony. It amounts to composing music that echoes the sounds of 'heaven'. It is the secret of mental strength and effectiveness when you detach from things negative because you have 'better' things to do on your journey through life. You know already that, if you want, My presence travels with you. I consider you a partner, co-creator, lover and companion. The unfolding of My wholeness, as you see this 'prayer', cannot be measured by human standards. It is the very process of existence; it's the liveliness of My person."

"Nothing in My world is dull, stagnant or is a permanent fixture. Your presence in life and the way you participate in it changes life's picture. Also on earth it is true that every second shows a different you because you are part of a living organism that always is in flux. When you live up to your nature as a free contributor to the totality of life, and do that as harmoniously as you can by being a bringer of peace, forgiveness and new perspectives, then your journey is a blessed one. If you do not do this, or only halfheartedly, then you deprive yourself of mental health and spiritual freedom. You still contribute to the picture of life, but with colors and shades that do not match and have no substance. They are headed to, in your computer language, being deleted."

"The brokenness and dysfunction in your isolated and disconnected world causes much suffering. Pain is pain. Lofty words about it don't comfort or heal. It is good, therefore, that now the news is out about the origin of earth's miseries. Nothing of it I wave away as just a temporary situation or illusion. Everyone should know that My presence in the midst of whatever horror is real. The human experience takes places within My being life's I AM. Nothing and nobody is 'lost' or 'left out' or cannot visit with Me. Even when down, one's life is on the move. I recognize your hardships. But your place within the harmony of life is never in jeopardy. The foundation for this is built into your nature. It's a matter whether you choose to see it."



... "Several times in these Writings I used the phrase, 'Do not think too small of Me.' This applies in all absoluteness here. Think of it. You can only come to the conclusion that it all somehow, directly or indirectly, manifests something of Me. All in life originates in Me, is of My nature and therefore sings My glory. Wholeheartedly, I share of Myself. On earth, this is hard to believe or, if you are willing to believe it, it is hard to picture and even harder to experience it. Everything you observe is so remote from what the real reality shows. Worse, it is deliberately conditioned to not show the real grand harmonious oneness in Me and of Me."

"Those of you who are able to think clearly or intuit deeply, still have the problem that the contents of your thinking and sensing must be processed, labeled, filed, expressed and verbalized by inadequate tools that belong to the 'outside', the external level. Not that the external facets of all that exists cannot mirror My glory. My nature is represented on all three levels. But in life's most outside area, the Negative State fabricated their pseudo-world away from Me. Their purpose being that things, creatures and societies would show survival without knowing Me. Your earth, with its particular brand of humans, is the most pronounced result of their endeavor. This means that every manifestation of life there is distorted and fundamentally flawed."

"My sixth name 'Manifestation' says that I have an 'outside'. As you know, the spiritual, inadequate, internal and external levels each also have these three aspects. Both of My last names, Manifestation and Energy, represent My 'outside'. I realize that hardly anybody knows what to do with this information. However, most important is that you take the name not as something related to the past or as a religious term, but as indicating the full scope of also your reality. When I revealed Myself to you (Writing 5) and came to My two last names, they were shown to you in the context of you yourself being part of My expressing Myself. Your eternal 'parts' appeared to you; to your great frustration, because you still do not know what to think of it. Yet, it did make clear that your external and internal person is connected with and an expression of what you are eternally. It is of no use to 'objectively' talk about how or when or why I manifest Myself. How, when and why you do it, that brings you to mountain tops where you see the full reality."

"What life's twelfth component tells you is that everything about you is in harmony with the universal perfection. I talk about the 'you' that is with Me in the fullness of life, the 'real', the 'true' you. In a way, you lead a double life. For you, this sounds vague. But not to Me. Everything of you manifests life even when on earth it is not harmonious at all. The great temptation is to ignore, neglect, reject or disown your true nature, your 'real', full self. It is what the Negative State hopes to achieve: a human race that creates its own model and values and de facto disowns Me."

"Yes, everything manifests Me. The drama of the Negative State is that they try to turn around life's flow from within to the without, by taking the externals as life's center and purpose. At stake is proving that, at one point, the externals can be so perfected that acknowledging Me becomes superfluous. Which, of course, would mean the end of Me. Which, of course, means the end of them too. You see the absurdity!"

"As everything in existence is relative to Me, it seems logical to blame Me for what is broken and for what malfunctions, like natural disasters and illnesses. But, believe Me, nothing negative comes from Me. What is not love and harmonious is a distortion; it is an attack on your true nature. All ugliness, discord and suffering are consequences of the full reality being denied by excluding My presence. It is such a temptation to put Me in a box, only to be opened at special occasions. As if I am not everywhere! Matter, without having the awareness humans have, 'understands' this better than do humans. And it lacks their pretense."

"I do not say this as a put-down. It is your mission to be born into earth's problems. The wonderful fact you can write about is that harmony and splendor bloom in spite of whatever earthly life shows. Please, whatever is 'well' on earth, treasure it, build on it and improve it. It signals the universal harmony. The ability to be close to Me is greatest on your spiritual level, because you are less tied to mental and physical dependencies. My presence cannot mislead or tempt you. The moment you realize this, you know you are 'home'. The 'mother of all' temptations is to not believe you have a 'home'; or worse yet, to not believe you are a home for My beautiful presence."



... "You can interpret this last 'prayer' as an invitation to accept My nature as the ultimate power in all existence. It then is a last call to have Me show what needs to be done to be delivered from the darkness, evil and misery of living in the Negative State. And yes, I want all people to be aware that I am the only reliable life force. I like everyone to look for Me in their darkness. It is the only way I can 'help' them to open up to My presence, if they want to live a real life. In this sense it's a plea for sanity, for air to breathe, for a safe road to walk on."

"I do offer, not as a favor but by virtue of My loving nature, a path to freedom and health to all in the Negative State. All can, if they want, become re-aligned with the universal harmony and dwell in their spirit with Me as I do with them. Then, they know that eternity is in them, for them and with them, regardless of the forces that deny this fact and may remain persistent. Yet one thing has to be clear: I am not going to do it for you! It has to be your desire and choice to change direction and look for Me and life's true nature. People may want to surrender to a higher power in utter frustration or desperation. However, it has to be a personal choice, wanting My spirit to illuminate them. That spirit is not going to 'take over'. Passivity is not an ingredient of eternal harmony."

"Saying that My seventh name, Energy, is life, covers this. What exists, is already in life. It originates in the radiation of My power and it is therefore inherently equipped with the ability to reflect My nature. All is of My nature. How could it not be? If not from Me, where does life come from? Its twelfth component states loud and clear that all is well with Me. The full circle of life's elements is an unstoppable eruption of harmony, and as such shows its oneness. If something is in disarray, as all on earth is, it is not just the result of a mistake but it comes from a deliberate denial of reality. Therefore, it is evil. It is as simple as that. This applies to nature and matter, as well as to sentient beings. If there's no harmony, happy sharing, or when I am ignored, corruption reigns and evil breathes."

"It is not a matter of this or that being a bit more or less corrupt. From your earthly perspective you can look at it that way. But do not let it be your guide. I tell you that I am all life's I AM. I am, therefore, also its Energy. Indeed, I am Life itself. Existing means, by definition, belonging to My world. There is no other world even if on earth it seems so. You and all are within Me, in what I emanate out of My desire. My desire is to have what I emanate create itself before Me, with Me and through Me. So I exist also through them. It is My energy that has life occurring. Profiting of this glorious reality is available for those in the 'Zone of Displacement' who choose to disown the evil brokenness. This happens when they relinquish the idea that nobody really 'knows' the scope and the why's of existence. I can be known, and My words can be heard; they will not stop being spoken. They speak of life's harmony, to which all involved in the Negative State may return."

"It is by looking at your own life, be it happy or troubled, and by honestly probing the depth of your yearning and longing, that I can be found. My heart beats in you, too. If you don't want to acknowledge it during your time on earth, you will be confronted with it when making the transition away from your physical body. Actually, saying 'will be' is not correct. Right now, since for Me time is not what it is for you, at this moment, the truth faces you. You can make up your mind now and be 'delivered'. What is affected by corruption or too mutilated to be of positive use, you can approach as being more and more disconnected. Letting My spirit merge with yours means that your internal workings get a make-over. Your mission, difficult as it may be, will gain momentum. Your spiritual eyesight gets sharper and has an impact on your other two levels. You 'know' that I am with you. Whether others observe this or not, you shine. So don't think of this in terms of the future. It is a daily event."

"You notice that I do not focus on what is negative and evil. I know firsthand and also through you, the ordeal presented by being human on earth. Yet I proclaim harmony in the midst of chaos. I proclaim My nature as being resurrected from the ashes to which the Negative State tries to reduce it. I stand for harmony everywhere. That a person like you hears this and understands it is a powerful sign that the efforts to unseat Me by the perpetrators of the rebellion against Me, your human ancestors, failed. Without you realizing it, it proclaims the restoration of harmony in you. Truth replaces the lie of its denial. On earth, your heartbeat and Mine can merge and pulsate the universal rhythm of oneness and beauty in togetherness. It starts on your spiritual level that you sense the all-power of My presence. You can keep making the choice to stay away from negative thinking and attitudes. For right now, come and let Me embrace you. Do you realize how much you are loved and appreciated? And how beautiful you are before Me, and how powerfully alive?"