I share the following statement that literally every human being can use. It is not a prayer, mantra or verbal ritual in the traditional religious sense. It simply is a way of joining the frequencies of the true and full universal Reality. Already now!

Based on the 7 names, appearances, faces, of the One Who Is Life's Totality:

One Holy, Love, Truth, Proper, Healing, Manifestation, Energy,

I use this 'affirmation' that replaces all formal and informal 'prayers'.

....... ONE HOLY, I treasure Your Names

Your Love is all-involving Your Truth contains the Universe

Right and of Beauty is Your Structure Your Wholeness unfolds

Everything manifests You Your Energy is Life

I want Your Splendor to sparkle ever brighter, also through me

May all the sayings of this Website touch a cord in you that lifts up your spirit.