Story & Conversation

Writing 7

Conversation. Six.

When we are seated opposite each other in the living room, I at times am aware that my mind is not too receptive, preoccupied as it is with events of the day, or is simply not focused.

"That bothers you, doesn't it?" She/He asked me.

"Yes," I replied, "because I badly want to be alert during our meetings and while I write the story. I'm ashamed when I'm not."

Then He/She said something that shocked me. "I like you to write this story."

I heard myself say, evidently trying to be funny, "And, of course, Your will be done." I hated myself the moment I said it but I had no time to dwell on it because the enormity of this statement hit me. This was a validation: She/He 'wants' me to do this! Nothing else matters as long as that is true: He/She wants me to do this.

(We all know that factual information about our beginnings as human beings is absent. We only have theories and myths about it. Those are noble efforts to approach a mystery. Ancient stories about it are often taken either literally or they are ignored. In both cases the possible grains of truth in them are lost. Scientific data deal with what exists, not with the purpose behind what we call reality. The message of the 'New Revelation' as given to Peter Francuch, addresses head-on the issues of our human origin. What it says opened many windows in my mind. On top of this, I hear today, in my own house, 'If you want, you can contribute to the real story being known!' At least that's how I interpret what She/He said.)

Holding in my emotions, I casually remarked, "I've not the faintest idea how to get this story out. Will anybody ever pay attention to it?"

His/Her reaction was immediate. "You consider that your concern, do you? Well, could you leave this up to Me?" It felt as a correction.

(Our communication is always on my level. I (re)act like during any other interaction I engage in. Her/His talking with me has nothing to do with automatic hearing or writing, with channeling or hypnotic trance states, or what have you. I feel that the only requirement is that I consciously and deliberately choose to be aware of His/Her presence. So I trust that somehow everything I think and write will be shaped by the fact of that closeness. There is a great intimacy to this. It has to do with being aware of the changes She/He decided to go through; for which our human race was and is instrumental.)

I told Him/Her that I consider it a miracle that I can experience this special way of being with Her/Him. Many parts of my mind treasure the closeness. Other parts still try to pull my attention away from it. "Yes," He/She teased, "the factory defects will show up as long as you're in your earthly body. It makes that all our communication remains provisional. It will be easier once you'll be recalled."

I thanked Her/Him for allowing me to have these moments. I said something like, "I shudder when I think about the way I have been thinking and talking about You in the past. It was abstract and distant while all along You walked in my space."

"The other way around, My friend," He/She pointed out. "There's only My space. Recognized as such or not."

She/He then went on to remind me of the situation with the fifth human generation. He/She may have used the term 'fifth human wave'. She/He let me know that it was very grave what happened. It affected the universal totality.

What had been a latent possibility, spontaneously rejected by all, began to be considered by part of the human race as a viable option. The nature of reality and its one source was being challenged and would eventually be denied. The spiritual principle of freedom turned into its opposite: dependency. Dependency on externals. This critical situation required that the realm in which it took place was to be placed in an isolated dimension. There, it still hangs.

The rest of the universe realized that vital lessons came from now being illustrated what happens when what is emanated tries to divorce itself from the source it is emanated from. All in existence decided right away that it was not the direction in which they wanted to go.


The changes proved to be catastrophic. What happened?

Since the new project had absolute priority, the twelve twin children set up camp on an island in the Great Current, just off the coast. They saw it as the launch pad for the planned big move. New equipment had to be built, like transport vessels that had to be stronger than any used before. Work proceeded uninterrupted. No social or family obligations sidetracked them. Their parents - the twins - never came to visit and only sporadically they contacted the 'old world'.

Working they did

with abandonment,

one in spirit and

glued to one goal.

They felt special,

doing it for all.

But wait! The twelve, unified in enthusiasm and appreciation for each other's gifts and dedication, began to realize that somehow their ways of thinking diverged. They all wanted to make the journey and were intrigued by the possibility of creating an experimental society there.

One group took it for granted that it would be a temporary situation, a project to learn from. By contrast, the majority came up with what could be called an inclusive agenda for raising a new type of humans. They suggested not just using their own genetic material and implant specific codes in their new offspring. This, in addition to the planned complete isolation.

Their logic was straightforward. They were going to migrate to an alien environment. For children born there, it would be the only world they knew. When the newborns' memory banks would be disconnected, they would be completely on their own, really authentic. They would have no knowledge of prior events or of their ancestors, so could not use those as model or example. They only would have themselves and the things around them by which to judge anything.

It was with great emphasis that the leading group stressed their Guiding Principle:

'We're born to test limits,

'to practice our freedom.

'The edge of what'ss 'not yet'

'will be our dwelling place.

'We need to step there

'Where guarantees are absent.'

Along those lines endless discussions continued. Then things turned into a disaster. To the great consternation of the rest, some of them started to meet separately. Never ever in the family had it been done that things were not shared. Secrecy was unknown. It came to a head. During a dramatic confrontation, two of the Twin children spoke up. They declared that they had reached the point they had to withdraw from the project. They sensed, they said, a hidden agenda that excluded them, which made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

After announcing this, the other ten did not respond. They just sat there in silence. Then the two stood up, looked in vain for any understanding in the poker faces in the room and gravely bid their farewell.

While at the door, the oldest of the ten called, "Remember that we didn't ask you to leave! It's your choice!"

They realized the truth of that.

It confused them greatly.

Walking out was wrong:

They wanted to share everything.

Still, staying and going along seemed worse.

They never felt more the need

for guidance from their parents and

from Grandfather and Grandmother.

Someone should shed light on this awful conflict in their hearts.

They traveled back in silence and pain; confused, sad and angry - feelings they never experienced before.

"Perhaps it's all a misunderstanding; perhaps we can join them again later." With these and similar words they tried to comfort each other.

Their trip back away from their siblings seemed endless for the two.

When they finally reached the coast where their parents, the twins, and some of their family lived, they noticed something strange going on. The shore was littered with objects. Coming closer, they distinguished bags, crates and stacked furniture. "There are my sons," cried one. "Look, they carry....

What is going on? That's our stuff!. And there' s my wife!... They're laughing!" For a moment they thought they were hallucinating.

But it was true. Heaps of household effects and equipment were clearly ready to be shipped. Maneuvering around the riff that hid the harbor, they saw transportation vessels anchored there. Soon, they were noticed. Everybody stopped working and ran to the beach where they were going to land. All shouted excitedly and seemed in a good mood.

The family members they had left behind to work on the project were the first to come forward to hug and kiss them.

Then, suddenly, like a flower blooming in fast motion, all by itself, the group opened up into a half circle. And there Grandfather and Grandmother stood, with Twinhe and Twinshe by their side.

"We're so glad to see you," Grandma said.

"Your decision was right," Grandpa said.

Totally confused, they cried, "What decision? What's going on here?" They looked so bewildered that the whole gathering burst into laughter and let them know there was nothing to worry about.

The explanation was simple. While the twelve, with some of their children and helpers worked on the project on the little island, the family members that stayed behind had many open meetings in which they discussed the future.

A few of them decided to join the preparation for the big crossing. The majority said they didn't want to be part of that undertaking, so instead of waiting for what it would lead to, they decided to rather move back to grandparents' land where the rest of the family lived.

They had come to the conclusion that their particular exploratory mission was over.

They would evaluate the past, regroup and choose new 'assignments', if needed.

Their traveling to this faraway place had served its purpose.

From now on, they could freely map a new future.

The two who had returned had thousand questions.

"You're not going to say good-bye to the ones we just left, do you?"

"Shouldn't they be stopped if you think, like we do, that they're on the wrong track?"

"And what about the young people there?"

Calmly, their twin parents answered the questions. Nobody liked what was going on at the launch pad, they said.

But they would not interfere. The future would tell what it would lead to and hopefully teach lessons all would profit from.

They explained that already invaluable lessons were learned about becoming so engaged in external things that the bigger picture of what life is all about got lost.

The painful part was, indeed, letting go of some of their family and have them find out for themselves the consequences of their actions.

The twins put their arms around the two and assured them that the same gratitude they now felt for their return, they eventually hoped to extend to the other ten,

when those would wise up.

"We love them as much as we love you two, but we don't want to control them!" Grandmother said.

"Well spoken," Grandfather agreed.

It took the households a few days to ready the float. They wondered about taking the files and scientific data in case the ten could use them. Grandfather and Grandmother pointed out that the ten, by isolating themselves, would consider their findings obsolete. So they only took with them the original blueprints and personal belongings.

It was taken for granted that the two who had come back would board with the rest. They did, but in long talks, especially with the Grandparents, they pleaded to be allowed whenever the opportunity would arise, to again join their brothers and sisters, 'when the dust settled'.