I do not expect to ever fully understand the meaning of what happened during the last session with G. or why it occurred. It doesn't mean that for a long time the shocking experience was not on my mind. It still is at times. I have some ideas but have peace with not having an exact explanation. Clear to me is that the presence of the Negative State with all its power and ugliness can still be extremely threatening and real.

I have not tried to contact G. again, nor did I visit the other world or spoke to Wisdom. I know I could, but I chose to leave this for the time being and first work on having this report of my visits printed and then prepare it for the Website. I also brought several earlier manuscripts together in a voluminous book, Prologues I & II, that had to be printed and also readied for the Website. In addition to this, I wrote a sort of summary of my experiences on the spiritual plane in my native language - Dutch; had that printed and put it on a Website.

My closeness to I AM has not changed. It is there, all the time.

I am extremely grateful for the beautiful, or should I say, 'massive' way the last visit ended. I never could have come up with that kind of scenario. But that, of course, applies to all I encountered in the Real Reality. It is awesome.