Part 3



This part came more or less as a surprise. After I had readied the first two parts for being printed, I AM indicated He/She would like to say something about the experiences I had on my visits. Now I am editing the conversation that followed, I realize it has a special focus. It places the, for me, weird event of being able to make the visit in their prime context, which is the oneness of all. To my relief, also the shocking event at the end of Part 2 was interpreted. During the conversations I wondered whether I may have arrived at a point that I don't have to hear or see more of the other world. Not because I know 'enough', but because I am so positioned that I can figure the scope of Reality by myself. It may be my own 'oneness with all' acting up. Very strange. Very peaceful.


I AM communicated with me as in the 'old' days - directly and calmly. She/He let me know that what would be said could be added to this fourth Writing if I thought it was useful. He/She mentioned that I had questions I did not address. I could let them nap in my subconscious but why should I? Wasn't it to be expected that my visits and what I heard from Gamaliel would have a profound effect on me? So why not face the questions and the impact of what I went through?

"One problem with every human being living on earth is the inborn, or better, the conditioned resistance to start all one's thinking by positioning oneself within the totality of all that exists. The 'Person' I am is the All of existence. Everything occurs from and through My nature. It is My spirit and desire that creates Reality. My presence is everyone's breath of life. Ignoring this in whichever way prevents true living to take place, to say the least."

"The guiding dynamics of human behavior on earth are surviving, achieving goals and, for many, doing good. You observed that literally everything functioned well in the world you visited. Therefore you could say that the real reality exists as one joyful 'good deed'. It is the manifestation of all perfect functioning together. Doing good is not a motivation for living fully. It is the nature of life. Life is good because it is Me. All moves and happenings of and in life are positive. That is the normal situation in the universes. You saw how that practically works for the human realm."


"You still wonder whether an increase of well-functioning and, on a personal level, more good deeds can change life on earth for the better. What if globally a change in mentality takes place and everywhere people become more sensitive to the needs of other members of their species and of nature? Voices to that extent are raised! What if politics, the economy, technical advances and cultures move in the direction of what you saw? Wouldn't that bode well for life on earth? Yet even while you entertain those thoughts, you know the answer lies in realizing that questions like these are not based in reality."

"You have been told that even if today all members of the fifth generation would return to normal and give up the pursuit that led to the Negative State and the structure of your planet and generation humans nothing would change really. The damage is done, you could say; it is irreparable as your situation is unreal. Yet what I say, and what, of all people, you should know, is that the hoped-for better world does exist already; you saw it! On your spirit level you did dwell there for short moments. What all My speaking to you have been stressing is that access to the true reality has everybody who is willing to not expect solutions from the externals but goes inward and meets with Me personally. Everybody is invited to integrate the true state of being in their person. When they do, their resurrection to Reality is taking place."

"The prime objection to what I just said, also in your mind, is: Fine, on the spiritual level is may be possible to find a spot of profound peace and to see wisdom and beauty shine, but what the spirit realm offers does not match the hard realness of our external world, our daily life. That seemingly indisputable objection proves how successful your fabricators are. Isn't their goal to demonstrate that external facts determine life - not I? Well, I simply say that seeing things primerily as external only leads to lies. The desire to detach yourself from this falsity has to be your choice. This is so for everybody exposed to the Negative State. The towering reason for the existence of isolation, imperfection and suffering is precisely the exploration of what happens when My all-ness is rejected."

"I do not judge the perpetrators of the lie and those who fall for it. I open my arms to welcome back to reality everything and everyone. I did it for you. Even if your mental and physical status may seem not different than before, you know that the spiritual context in which you operate changed dramatically. You now understand true life. It doesn't make you a saint or places you 'above it all' for the rest of your earthly life. Yet, you learned that the way your person was seen and treated by all those you met during your visits counts more as real than how you are judged in your earthly life."


I, again, asked where knowing and treasuring all this leaves me in terms what to do with this knowledge. Realistically, I have no audience here. It is as if I speak into a microphone that is not on. Few show up to listen anyway.

"Does that invalidate the truth of what you learned about the real world? What about you, are you not worth to know all this? Besides, what do you grasp of the overall strategies of the fourth generation, or the machinations of the fifth for that matter? Your role may remain doing what you've done before: looking and checking within yourself whether you still trust Me. Although you are firmly anchored in real life, it doesn't mean you are familiar with the complexities of all that is occurring with the human generations. May I refer here to your personal ability to see and sense problems without compulsively 'having' to solve them?"

"You can print what I say and put it on the internet. Potentially, it could give you the exposure you have been avoiding quite successfully up till now. I do not ask you to do anything. Whether you publish this is up to you. I want you to know, however, that I delight in seeing you try to stay sincere in your dealing with Me. Will you witness a breakthrough for these words? My friend, you have seen that already, right within and with yourself. Believe Me, it's the only thing that truly counts for you."


"I know you wonder whether the world you visited is the one and only or the permanent human realm. And also, what you saw, was it just a phase in your spiritual perception ability? During your visits, you were often told that those you met adjusted to your level of grasping. That could imply that what you saw was an appearance for your sake and not regular life there. So you wonder whether the world you visited presents a phase or a temporary situation in the development of human history, or that it is you who goes through phases of insights."

"What you saw during your visits was part of the external manifestation of the human realm. For you, being earthly, you can access that realm only on your most inner, your spiritual level. Let Me remind you that everything in existence has the tree levels, innermost, internal and external, but each of the three themselves also have these three levels; this distinction goes on ad infinitum. What your witnessed was the external expression of the human realm, one that takes place after and away from the one you are used to. As such, it is not a phase at all. Remember some saying that they could be somewhere else, too? All people there can. You didn't pick it up then, but what they meant is that they can 'go to', 'activate', 'experience', their internal and innermost selves, whenever they want to. It means that where you met them was not their only, fixed or permanent domain. You could not join them in their other realms because you're still too attached to your earthly features. Let me just say that you can trust that eventually you also will be able to access the other realms of your innermost self if you so desire."

"As you see, the word phase is misleading. Everything is accessible everywhere for everyone at any time in My reality. So, why not have patience? It all will fall in place beautifully and lucidly. The realness you will experience on any of the limitless levels of being is incomparable with how you experience yourself now, sitting and writing this down. Truly, however attractive your environment is right now, that situation qualifies as a phase. You know too well that nothing that is good in the pseudo-creation lasts."


"Another question you have is, 'Will eventually all people discover who I am?' Well, that is an easy one to answer! Of course! Don't worry about it. Even the spiritually and emotional blind ones will. All human beings are participants in the Life I am, in spite of their ability to corrupt it."


I have been wondering lately whether I should give up contacting I AM directly, the way I have been doing. One reason is that I cannot imagine there is anything more to know for me that would top the information I have received and could put down in the Booklets. When I made this into a question, this was the reaction.

"Now I laugh! Would you know what else to do that for you counts as worthwhile? Why don't you just wait and see what happens when you finish editing this booklet? You learned that it is up to you anyway what you decide. I will be there, regardless. I have never not been present in your life and I know you treasured that from the time you realized it."


I brought up the situation with Gamaliel.

"I know it has been bothering you that you couldn't understand what happened to him, although intellectually you accepted my suggestion to not try to figure it out. You had thoughts about it anyway. Some of those were correct. You concluded that the Negative State is indeed one of ugliness, perverted power and destructiveness. And that the fifth generation humans can call the shots even in the outer spiritual realm you where in at the time. You saw that their forces stepped in and changed the course of events in threatening ways. Well, for that matter, they can step in as well with what you call 'healing', in pleasing ways, if it suits their purpose. Clearly, in an abrupt way, they cut into your conversation with Gamaliel."

"You wonder whether the dark entities were 'real'. Looking at how you reacted, they were, don't you think? Do I still have to remind you that what occurs on your spiritual level is more 'real' than any of your earthly experiences, even if it seems vague or impossible? I know you still have a hard time grasping that, restricted as your understanding is. Well, you saw that Gamaliel got yanked away and suddenly went through an ugly transformation. It happened within the frame work of his eyes that had impressed you so much with their clarity. In a corresponding way, his eyes as you saw them represent his having become liberated. I tell you that the sudden change only could happen because within him was a remnant of fear of the world he came from, a fear he consciously rejected. The 'sadness' you right away picked up in him, he rationalized as a mark of gratitude for being free. And it was. Yet it also related to what you would call a suppressed reaction in him. Your commenting on it activated his vulnerability. This alerted his former co-workers and when his system sensed their sudden overpowering attention for him, he, for a moment, became his 'old' self in its sphere of violence and hatred."

"You played a role in what happened to him. Yet as you noticed, the two giants did not come for you. It was an internal confrontation within their ranks. You know that in people on earth it happens that hidden fears materialize. Gamaliel was not prepared for it, so instantly his 'old' self took over and had him scream and spew hatred in your direction. To him, this incident is extremely painful. Yet it is part of his conversion process. On some deep level he knew he was testing himself by coming to you. Being so calm, caring and patient with you was what he sincerely wanted. He truly was and is the wise teacher you perceived. By the way, do you realize that it was not by accident that all the time he came alone? He wanted to enlighten you personally, prove himself, you could say."

"As far as you as a witness are concerned, can you accept that his monstrous colleges will have to let him go if he insists on coming back to Me? Which he does! Also, did you notice your own power when you invoked My presence? The result of being a witness to this encounter is that now, with your own eyes, you saw the 'hellish' face of the forces of the Negative State. It tells you that many of the stories, myths, testimonies and pictures that portray evil as dark and threatening are not that far off. And also, and more importantly, that every situation on earth exhibiting violence, hatred, illness, destruction and non-love represents the sphere of the generation that produced yours. Yet as I made clear in all the Booklets, the threateningly dark appearance and behavior of the Negative State's agents is only one aspect of their modus operandi. It is second to their poisoning the minds and hearts of people with lies and confusion about Me and the real reality in rational and often pleasant ways. That kind of killing true life is done with a smile and the promise of 'success'. Because of it, people, without realizing what is going on, worship the externals. Until they find out."


I hoped this would be the last time I had to bring up the 'authenticity' of the worlds I visited on my spiritual level. Are they not too suspiciously looking like an idealized earthly society? Everything picture perfect? And even more suspect, equipped with gimmicks from childlike or science fiction fantasies. Isn't 'there' just a portrayal of the opposite of what is negative and impossible 'here'? I AM interrupted my train of thoughts.

"What do you mean, 'there'? Please, think back to a few months ago when you noticed your desire to go 'there' seemed diminished. You had difficulties with writing down what you observed. Did it mean you had seen enough? Where you overloaded with information? Well, the real reason was that your deepest intuition told that you 'got' the picture. You also noticed you never had the desire or were temped to escape to 'there', fantasy or real, when things 'here' are bleak. Is it possible that 'deep down' you firmly accept as real the world you visited and that you start using in your thinking a wisdom based on it? Is that proof of its authenticity? Let me ask you a question, 'Why don't you have more plain old-fashioned curiosity about the world you saw, urging you to see more?' Can it be that the wondering and questions you had from early on in your life are convincingly answered? Or do you think that it just is getting older that slows down your interest in things weird, wild and wonderful? But let me go to the core issue."

"Can you dismiss for a moment all the just raised questions and suggestions and focus on the direct contact you have with Me? Is that 'real' beyond any doubt? And is it really so that more and more, in a pure personal way, you experience a sphere of oneness within and without? Something you didn't sense before? I know you do. The strange thing for you is that this new sensation of oneness includes not only your earthly life and the world you visited, but, to your surprise, also the unfathomable dimensions beyond those. In other words, you experience oneness with the universe in all its majestic wholeness. Which equals the 'everywhere' and the 'all-ness' of Me. You now grasp that earth and its galaxies, your daily realm, is not an 'alien' object floating in space. Everything on earth corresponds with something that is present in the full reality. What in your world is displaced, though disconnected, is still 'there'. What is dysfunctional in societies, nature and people shows what full reality is not, as you could write down so often."

"Now I can respond to your idea of 'there'. You became more and more aware that 'here' - where you live - and 'there' - where you visited - are invalid concepts. With all its differentness in manifestation and appearance, the Oneness of Me stands as the glory of all that exists. Forced by evolutionary processes as in the Negative State's realm, or developing from truly free choices as in the rest of the universe, there always is I, the Center, the Totality, the One Who is Love and Truth, the I AM of all. I emanate reality. It is My external side. And therefore, because of My nature, you are always 'home', whether you accept this or not."

"Taking what you saw during your visits as the opposite of the earthly dysfunction, or calling it life as it should and could be ideally, is misleading and therefore incorrect. You can admire and treasure the renderings of poets and other artists that aim at portraying beauty and realness at its deepest or highest. Some of what in fullness operates in the universe can be sensed in the Negative State. What is pseudo and manipulated still draws from life force I am. I tell you that all on earth corresponds to something in the real reality - often in a inside-out or upside-down way. So what you saw during your visits is not the opposite of earth life, nor is earth life the opposite of the 'ideal' situation. No, both are manifestations of the total Truth of My new nature, of My Love in action even where it seems non existent. One sign of My new nature is that information about it is now available to all in the Negative State."

"People can completely reject everything I talk about here. They may take it as irrelevant for daily living; it will irritate because it doesn't say what their religion says or they think. Yet there are those, like you, who honestly seek and listen to their deepest longings. They find Me and the unconditional oneness in Me. For them, the 'there' and 'here' are Me, are the one current of existence that carries them to the places they create themselves. From within My and your center the harmony of eternity is being restored. It is a personal discovery. The words of the Booklets are one grand invitation to fully live. If people have an honest desire to be connected with true life, without secondary gain motives and just for the sake of it, they may experience some of what you did. Your story tells them it can be done, meeting with Me personally and being restored to normalcy."

"'Is there any proof that people are on the right track in uncovering the full reality?' you wonder. Well, however strange this will sound to most people, one sign of sincerity and spiritual progress is losing the need to share the experience! This answers your question about where you personally should go from here. You wouldn't mind sharing your spiritual richness but you correctly realize that you have the tendency to explain, be selective according to your preference, defend the words, or will get caught in the externals-based logic of others. All of that would take people you talk to away from embarking on their own unique and pure personal adventure with Me. Could that make you and others like you loners? Observing your own behavior, you learned your journey has purified and economized your energy. As far as you are concerned, your new sense of oneness wants to include everyone. In that way you represent Me. You can't call Me a loner, can you?"


I told I AM that I feel my range of grasping things is frustratingly limited. At times, I really feel at the edge. I then don't want to hear new things. When that happens anyway, I often conclude it cannot be I AM speaking. The nasty implication of this is that I may constantly sift what I hear in order to accommodate my level of intellectual comfort. This, in addition to the possibility that I pull the words of the Booklets from the deep recesses of my unconsciousness, whatever that is. I AM's reaction surprised and delighted me.

"I laugh again. Yes, it is exactly what you do, sifting and making up your own words! But what you consider your unconsciousness with its deep recesses is in fact part of your spiritual realm, it touches the real reality. Granted, it is very difficult to access it and its outer layers are filled with falsities. Your fabricators saw to that. So information about reality coming from there has to be sifted out. But do realize that I am, or if you want, My spirit is, not a stranger coming from outside who whispers nuggets of wisdom in your ear. I exist within you. My presence dwells there all the time, ready and willing to communicate directly with you. Think again in terms of our oneness. Yes, OUR oneness."

"There is no other reality than the one I am. Even if on earth this still is challenged. All existing is within, through and before Me. Those three pronouns nicely point at the three-layers of My nature and therefore of the composition of everything that is around. As so often said, you are not Me. You are as Me. This is not a mystery. You can let it sink in that We are one. In case you think this still is mysterious, you create a problem. Living in the reality of My love and My truth comes with transparency. Well, there is an eternity to explore your limits."


"For any product of the Negative State it is impossible not to question reality, or Me. It is not your fault. Your generation humans is put together that way. These Booklets explain why and give extensive information about how crucial it is for the 'success' of the human pursuit. Those who read these words know that literally every subject or situation mentioned as negative and broken up, is illuminated by the fact that My light is still gloriously expanding. Your visits add to it. So whoever reads your reports can take heart. The beautiful thing to know is that the real reality takes place now, in the midst of so much that for so many is so dark on earth."

"You were told several times that all you saw, adjusted itself to your level of perceptive ability. This in no way compromised the essence and substance of their appearance. The same applies to your hearing My voice and being aware of My presence. It tells you that even if you only can experience it on your level, the fullness of life is in force; now, always, everywhere. Unbeknownst to most humans on earth, they operate in the midst of it. Reality is not something of the past or future. You could almost say that the full reality is hidden within what you call reality. I say 'almost', because the word 'hidden' hints at something static or secretive, while true reality is one of exuberant showing off and transparency in every respect. It is your world that is constricted, tight and cryptic as it takes place in isolation." "Are you still living in isolation when meeting with Me? You judge for yourself. Many people throughout earth's ages have honestly sought to understand the connection with what they do not understand. Many people, without thinking about it, have found and acted from eternity's frequency within them; have chosen to act from love and honesty. They were connected, aware of it or not. What makes positive desires and efforts fail so easily is the looking to external sources, to other people or to cultural gods or ideals for validation and seeking ongoing support there. Can I say it more clearly and strongly that, like you, every human being on earth is invited to uncover My closeness within themselves, and to learn that the everything else overruling fact of life is that they are within My oneness. Now!"

"Do realize that all human beings are confronted from moment to moment with My reality. They are a piece of it. Humans on earth are masters in ignoring or mocking it. But you saw what it does to those who opened their eyes and embraced My presence. Did you notice that none of those you met, the children included, showed any neediness, seemed to miss out on anything or were waiting for something to happen? They all are like Me. They reflect My fullness. We are one in joy and happiness. The information now being released in these words tells why fragments of true oneness and its glory will always be present in the midst of the Negative State."


"Let me once more bring up the issue whether I suffer. For human beings I am as a Person. I am the Person. Do I 'suffer' because My presence is rejected, My nature violated and My oneness seemingly cracked by the doings of the fifth generation? No, not as such. These are consequences of My love being tested. Yet I know suffering first hand because of My presence in all that exits. My spirit in each of you, in the trillions of you, is immune for anything negative. But you are not. Therefore, as I am with you and as you, and as I do not withdraw from Myself, which includes you, I do 'feel' the brokenness, the hurt, the injustice, because you do. We are one."

"Practically, you and everyone on earth can go by the truth that what is evil is the exception, is abnormal and unnatural. As you know, evil is everything that is not glowing with love and transparent as truth; or in other words, what does not show My features of all including goodness and everything brightening togetherness. I am the totality of all existence. And each of you, however unharmonious, is the totality of your person; free to make choices, capable of creating your space; being unique in your thinking, attitude and behavior. There is no other you. There is no other Me. There is no other existence than Our oneness. You have seen more of it than most people, My friend. Yet the challenge to open up to reality is the same for everyone. Even the Negative State with all its problems exists within the one reality I am. And you know who I am!