7. No Exceptions


Rule 7. N O E X C E P T I O N S ....... 'O N E H O L Y'

"Can you imagine anybody denying a completely obvious situation? For instance, that your planet is surrounded by air and sky? Whatever theory one can come up with to challenge this fact, the situation remains as it is. Some of My statements may sound as truisms. No theories about them can change one little bit of what they say. I state that all that exists is before Me, within the range of My attention and the radiance of My seven-fold spirit and face. Everything is related to Me and is relative to Me. There is nothing, no spot, occurrence, time, space or entity that is not invited to respond to My desire to be with them. This is the completely obvious situation in the universe, whatever people on earth may think. There are no exceptions."

"Efforts to look at this statement as an outsider who can either agree with or deny the truth of it are based on not hearing what I say. It is like people who first want proof that they are dependent on breathing air, before they start breathing. It doesn't work that way. All efforts to analyze reality or My nature take place within and from being a part of that reality. I keep reminding you of this, so your thinking and looking at life will remain realistic. Everybody on earth turning to Me will discover the monumental implications of this. There is so much safety in accepting you are in My Reality and in letting go of your reservations. It is the bottom-line of all I have to say. It is the saving grace for all who wonder, struggle, feel lost or see themselves as outsiders for whatever reason. Nobody is excepted. I am the I AM of life."

"The universe thrives on this given. It literally is an endless source of excitement that all being alive takes place within My being alive. It enables all to live for the glory of Me and the good of all. 'All' is to be taken in its most inclusive sense. All in their distinctive forms, places and roles are part of the same movement of never- diminishing joy, of love increasing, beauty perfecting and learning deepening. All let Me know, in their particular way, how great life is. The relationship between Me and all that exists is an extremely, mutually rewarding and ever-challenging one. It is for you, imperiled from all sides as you are, the final word about life. This is locked up in My first name. To My I AM, all is relative. And as One Holy I transcend all that is observable or thinkable in the universe."

"Coming to Me while holding on to this in your heart provides for the most peaceful comfort that can be experienced in your world. For this you don't have to thank Me or love Me. You don't even have to respond to it. It is just the 'is' of life to which you have access not by a special privilege or by thinking or by knowing proper words for it. Everybody has access to the Real Reality because all are already in it! There only is one Reality. I am the One. 'It' is Me. Denying this doesn't mean it isn't so. Obscuring the truth continues darkness on earth. Yet all of earth is still relative to Me. It is within My attention and exists by My attention. Since there is only one truth, the fabricators of earthly life as you know it were faced with the impossible task to eliminate facts. What they do is, they squelch the true nature of whatever is within their reach, divert attention away from efforts to uncover it and add lies or poisonous embellishments to it. Ultimately, to no avail."

"The possibility of the existence of other dimensions pops up in the wondering of people in every culture, race and level of freedom. In a corner of the human system hides a tiny hope against hope that earthly reality is not all there is. And that there is a meaning to it that escapes rational thinking and understanding. Or that, maybe, life somehow is good after all. How right they are! People may not get insight in the fullness of My world as you did. But the signs are everywhere. It is wise to see this clearly and to dare to fall back on it when difficult questions arise. You notice that when you do this, satisfaction wells up within you. Unbeknownst to you, you then are one with your other parts here. It is the most real you can get in the present circumstances."

"This also is a reason you can see and speak with others here. By accepting the totality of My I AM without inner arguments, you activate a reality that puts you in the right orbit for accessing the other human dimension. On earth, everything is upside down or inside out, as I told Peter D. Francuch. People's minds are wired so they can't be smooth conduits of truth and will resist Reality. This comes with arguing, misinterpretations and an all-out gravitation towards the externals that dismiss the 'unseen' to fantasy land. Point in case, if you would try to 'sell' what you write, a wave of ridicule and irritation, to say the least, is likely to be poured out over you. That is, if anybody is going to listen at all. What you write is too direct, personal, positive and above discussion to be welcomed or taken seriously. This is quite ironic, since you, as could everybody, experience how natural, beautiful and entirely non-threatening True Reality is."

"Nevertheless, writing it as you do makes the truth present on the level of human words. For those you meet here it is a source of satisfaction. Many had their own connection with earthly life. They are eager to see that the ugly and untrue interpretations of the real situation are rebuked. They know, as you do now that there is no hierarchy or preference in My being the center, or Lord, if you want, of all. So in whatever place or through whatever person the light comes shining through, it is welcomed wholeheartedly. They know all excuses, avoidance-mechanisms, masquerades and games the Negative State engages in and supports in order to keep people so tied to the earth situation that something 'vague' as My One Holy has no day-to-day relevance."

"Everybody is welcome when on their human spiritual plane they take My Spirit seriously. I know the frustration they experience that in the rest of their personalities they cannot live up to the awesomeness of being consciously part of the Real Reality. The prime temptation is to set up unrealistic expectations. It is easy to start hating parts in you that don't change or to make excuses for them. What you do then, is making exceptions in your person in terms of My attention and My all-involvement. Don't fall for it. Of course, your external part can't 'feel' the closeness to Me as your spirit can. Your mental faculties can hardly digest the connection with My reality. Yet from My perspective and from your spiritual perspective also, only love and truth flow out to all corners, including the ones you would prefer to disown."

"All that malfunctions and contaminates will be replaced and resurrected to its true nature. Go by these facts of life. Whatever is in your way when you do this, don't take it tragically or dramatize it. It is the way it is. Yet in the midst of it you act and can choose. It is up to you how all-inclusive your thinking and doings become, or not become. The resistance to heed to this 'rule' for 'praying' is part of the human condition. But that is a temporary situation. Life's current still moves towards the homecoming of all that seems lost. My being One Holy is the univocal, glorious and all-understanding-transcending guarantee that all aspects of life are included. This is not subject to any misinterpretation! All is all."

"Your other two parts will merge with you. The mechanics of it, as all practical and technical aspects of Real Reality's functioning are in place. Don't worry. There are no gaps between the spiritual and the other levels like you experience them. Reality is integrated the same way as I am. Putting your trust in Me is the most natural and efficient act you can perform. It will overrule resistance and invalidates interference from the outside. It connects and fills you with My all-greatness. Nothing is excepted; nobody is or will be. You wonder or worry about who you must leave behind on your spiritual journey? Do not be concerned about it. Everyone has the chance to shake off in their own way and at their time the sense of being victim on a malfunctioning planet and can align themselves with others who trust Me. You can't do this for anybody There are no conditions, except that the desire to do so must be sincere; no questions asked, you can say. All places in the universe are a safe place to be. Because I am there and what is known of Me everyone can now learn!"

Rule 7. N O E X C E P T I O N S L O V E

"Do you agree that in terms of the implications of My names for the 'rules' of communicating with Me, this present one, Love, sounds most powerful and comforting? I, being Love itself, extends My nature to all that comes into being. This fact colors the universe. Never is there no awareness of it, as it is as the sunshine in the real world. There is no interest whatsoever in having My light not shine. Nothing of the typical 'Zone of Displacement's' doubts or avoiding it is present in it. My all-involving and never-diminishing or hesitating nature as love is seen as My most precious gift to life. It thrills, penetrates and lightens up every aspect of existence."

"Especially, you could add, seeing Me not shying away from allowing the question to be answered about what happens when entities move away from that light and turn their back to it. In other words, allowing an alternative to love come to fruition. You personally feel the presence of total love in those you meet here. You sense it even in structures, streets, things and nature. You feel a warm glow in them, a sense of well-being and celebration. It stems from reacting with joy to My approach toward humanity's Negative State. They totally believe the guarantee I give that every part will be united in the universal love experience, if it wants to."

"It is easy to observe that in all instances when something of love shows up on earth, shadow sides are active and are plenty. Possessiveness, dependency, abuse, manipulation or frustration seem all automatic by-products that pollute and spoil the beauty of loving. Much of the Negative State's evil sulfur quality is seeping into your region. In the midst of it, I reveal My names. So anybody who wants to connect with Me and keeps acting on that desire can already experience that she or he is surrounded by an all-surpassing caring sphere."

"Earthly parents often love their children unconditionally. By choice and by instinct, they're fully dedicated to their well-being. You also know that even in the best of circumstances and in the most ideal relationship, flaws, lapses and shortcomings abound. Yet this closeness between parents and children with elements of unselfish love in it, can symbolize and function as correspondence for the essence of all relationships as seen from My perspective. My love is without exception and without condition. I, as the I AM, am Love. It, therefore, is the core of all functions of life. It is the essence of all My other names and spirits. It means that also non-love situations are not outside their reach or are excepted from the all-ness of My being Love."

"You remember that it was not easy for you at all to let this sink in and apply it to yourself. Agreeing theoretically was not difficult. It sounds good. But applying it to actual situations you are involved in, that is another story. However, you did persist in taking Me seriously and without you realizing it, the truth of My being all-love has been growing on you. It led to your being able to be with Me without fear, frustration or wondering. With small and big steps, with bits and pieces, you claimed your spiritual side. You wanted to know what living was all about. You found the reality of My love, that that is all there is. You walk in this light now."

"It enables you to look around and apply to whatever you see that My love could manifest itself in it if it is allowed to do so. I know the question keeps coming up in your mind, what about people who are corrupt, evil and beyond repair even by human standards? There are those who deliberately reject anything having to do with Me as well as people who set limits to My love. There are people who violate any law of decency and goodness. I don't deal with this question right away, apart from continuing to say that I remain Who I am."

"These Writings, read or not by anybody, affirm My desire that all on earth yield to the fact of Me being only Love and accept, whatever their story, that they are part of it. Anyone can examine their heart, search their inner self for even the tiniest desire to be really honest and good and go with that. It will open their spiritual eyes. It will change their outlook and ideas about what is happening on earth and about life's priorities. In your case too, if somehow love is not the factor in your thinking, doing, speaking and observing, you invalidate what you write about Me. It, indeed, is a matter of 'all or nothing'. Love is 'the' happening of life itself."

"Love is the driving force in all interactions and ways parts are connected or touch. It is an act of making love when by mutual desire and agreement entities enter each others' space, speak, play, share and join in a productive togetherness. The same applies to joint undertakings or to matter being fit together to build structures. Everything that connects does so by the power of love being the energy in it. Even in earth's circumstances you can see some of this way of coming together in people and things when it is done to beautify, for comfort, to give pleasure and for exploring newness. But in the realm of the Negative State's disharmony nothing is uncomplicated. Conflicting factors will always play a role, like neediness, inhibitions and expectations. Physical restrictions interfere with all-out lovemaking. It is good to realize that what you experience when you are with Me, short and different as it may be, is so much closer to true love than the warmest and most intimate moments you have with loved ones on earth."

"The love, closeness, oneness, warmth and excitement experienced with Me and with the others In My world, however much enjoyed by you, at the same time makes you realize that you can't just transfer those experiences to the regions of your internals and your external situation.Not that they are not affected! The positive potential in these areas can come alive in unexpected ways. Love's radiation will permeate your person persistently, calmly and strongly. But the damage in these areas is severe. All reactions to love on earth are inadequate, intermingled with distracting elements. Yet, don't stop your own blossoming for this reason. I keep telling you that even the greatest offense against Me personally doesn't tempt Me to withhold love. To the contrary. This may encourage people to follow Me in their quest for goodness, which on earth is not easy."

"Every part in Reality is accountable for itself, for how it functions. Only in the 'Zone of Displacement' this sounds like a threat. In the rest of the universes it is a welcome stimulus to bring out the best. Love is never not-love. It is always there with all its surprises, newness, creativity and push to greater heights. Every part has the wonderful glow of its own beauty or specialty and its ability to share and desire. As you did write, 'love isn't just making the world go around, it 'is' the world'. Since it is My nature in them, nobody or nothing gets tired of it. Do you see how insane it is to think there can be exceptions to this? What may seem to be the opposite of love isn't just a foolish and doomed denial of eternal life: it also shows what I am not."

"All participants in the Negative State are accountable. They will not be punished by Me. When they are exposed to My love it will be painful for them to let go of the lies, falsities, destructive habits and twisted pleasures they were attached to. If people come to Me with traces of wanting revenge or punishment for the evil forces in and around them, they must leave those behind. This seventh 'rule' is given for that purpose. First of all, they learn to see themselves as not being an exception. And then, this will be applied to anything and anyone else. The road leading to Me is different for each entity. Those choosing and being dedicated to evil start from a place unlike yours. Yet, important is only to figure out how through you My love can shine."

"If people see this seventh 'rule' not as an invitation to marvel at hearing that love is everyone's future, then they dig for themselves a very unhealthy hole. Why would you do this? Love is life at its fullest. Accepting this,is coming home to Reality. In that reality, to which all are invited, I ask you to 'dance' with Me. Whenever anybody wants to be that close, intimate and active with Me, I am ready. It doesn't have to wait till all the scores with the dark forces in and around you are settled. Working on harmonizing your steps with Mine can be very rewarding, as you know. When We meet on the dance floor of your innermost self, other areas in you will open their doors sooner or later to let in the music, the gaiety and the purity that comes from My loving presence."

Rule 7. N O E X C E P T I O N S T R U T H

"Generally, when on earth the word love is used, it has the flavor of something dear, something sweet and personal. It is not seen primarily as a powerful, concrete and effective piece of reality. For this reason too, it has to be clear for those who want a conscious relationship with Me, who want to 'pray', that love and truth - truth being the substance of life - are inseparable. Yet love is My essence and truth isn't just a name for Me. It expresses that I am the one Reality occurring. Nothing is not relative to Me. This is covered by the name Truth. It is correct to say that in the marriage of truth and love My full power and presence shows. The two sides are never separated because, though distinct and being a fullness in their own right, together they are the innermost core of My being the I AM."

"This may sound abstract and not too relevant for figuring Me out. Still, I make these statements because human thinking tends to cheapen the intricate designs of what is not easily understood. It is like preferring ordinary glass over crystal; or a casual or prescribed liaison over a mutually treasured marriage; or self-centered sexual acts over happily merging. Real Reality, truth, shows itself only as all-love. Love is the meaning of all life. Love and truth are not just operational forces, they 'are' the occurrence of life itself and the way it is expressed. They don't need to be explained in order to materialize as experience. They are intertwined not by necessity, but by desire. Their uniting produces the everlasting spark leading to life being alive. They cannot be separated since both constitute the innermost nature of existence."

"Yet, truth and love seem separated. It is what the Negative State is after, with its quest to establish an alternative reality that, if successful, would absorb My world. It would show that I am not all and everywhere. It is not easy for the perpetrators of the Negative State to achieve this goal. On earth, often spontaneously, the glow of true life peeps through. In young love, old friendships, family closeness, the beauty of nature, moments of bliss and products of creativity. Pieces of truth break through and can be experienced as such. It can happen anytime, anywhere, under the most adverse circumstances and in the midst of lush prosperity. The brain-damaged human species in general, has no way to know what the Real Reality is. For this, it needs a sense of My presence in its thinking and observing."

"Only by opening up to Me and coming to Me in order to connect personally with My world, human beings will start smelling the fragrances of 'heaven', so to speak. The word 'heaven', I reserve for the totality of My world, while you use it in a narrower sense as a celestial dwelling place for the purified human race. Stories float around about different other-dimensional worlds. You find them in myths, fables, fairy tales, 'sacred' scriptures, visions or science fiction. They may function as a reminder that your world is not the only one."

"When people approach Me with specific requests or with a general desire for closeness and a connection with what is eternal and not polluted and when they thirst for enlightenment, they should know right from the beginning of this process that what they are going to discover, hear and be exposed to, is the absolute truth. They better be prepared for this. It is the reason I formulate for you these 'rules'. There are no exceptions to this situation. I am not an option to be considered. I am not susceptible to manipulation or playing games. If it seems that way, when 'success' is claimed because of Me or when My name gets attached to great achievements, you can be sure that impostors of Me are to be credited. More than you realize, I am imitated: inner voices claim to be Me; splendid visions are said to come from Me; healing and miraculous turns of events are presented as Mine. Impostors parading as positive forces have successfully fooled the masses and individuals alike. Trickery by the forces of the Negative State are underestimated by humans in terms of their sophistication and their power to control. After all, they are your fabricators; they know their product. Many humans are misled by showings of power and 'achievements'. They are impressed and deceived by how things look instead of staying in touch with what their intuition tells them."

"The truth is that I never 'show off'. I don't use special effects to get attention so people start moving towards Me. What I will do, is repeating like I do right now for you, that My presence and therefore the presence of the full Reality, the truth, is for all everywhere and can always be found. Going to special places for it, waiting for certain times, expecting it from sacrifices, works of art, nature or religious symbols or rituals, this all leads you into dead-end streets. The full Reality is only Me. Everything is part of it. It is wise to face this fact and seek a connection with the core of life, which is Me, your friend."

"I am as a person. I can be talked to, can be loved and am good company. There is nothing complicated about Me. My realness is simple, natural and available and within anybody's reach. I almost add, it is inevitable, but that would take away from the freedom to choose. If you do not connect with Me during your lifetime on earth, it will be a choice when you detach from your earthly body. Realize please, that I don't forget or ever lose interest in anything that is Mine. This is the truth in which you all operate. There is no place anywhere to run to or hide in, although you have the option to create such a place in your mind - thanks to your ancestors who installed the ability to have delusions as a feature in the present human species, their product. Their tampering with human minds enables you to have the illusion that in the content and workings of your whole known cosmos, I am not an active, daily and personal presence."

"You know better. What is negative and denies the truth is not eternal, because it is a fallacy. The Negative State itself with its pseudo-reality coming across to you as solid, real and improvable is no exception to the fact that life's essence is My nature as Love and its substance is My nature as Truth. How they hate it when I tell you this! It is good that you learned to confront them when they act up in your life; which they will continue doing. Keep confronting them with your firm affirmation that you know Me, and let them know that you are not falling any more for their arguments, ploys or temptations. Real life consists of love as much as love creates all Reality. Wherever life's true core surfaces in the 'Zone of Displacement', it is jumped upon to prevent it from making inroads into the established pattern of the Negative State. Nothing in your societies escapes their control. Especially not life's external and internal manifestations."

"I don't go into any specifics. I tell you these things to support your seeing everything from the spiritual perspective and from the 'celestial' plane to which you have access. Placing conditions on being close to and at home with Me is one of the most slick tools the negative forces use to turn the tide in those who seek the truth. A most convincing argument is pointing at human failure to live up to the high standards I supposedly expect. Falling in this trap, many treat Me or whichever God or godlike power they believe in, in a halfhearted way. They think they cannot really win. The shadow sides in and around them are too obvious and all over the place. They give up on thinking of Me in a personal way or they accept living 'under a cloud'. Yet the facts of life do not change. What matters for each and every one is that My invitation stands. Whatever obstacle is faced in understanding Me or whatever failure in being perfect, nothing of this is a valid excuse for not letting My presence and spirit of love infiltrate your person."

"In each sentient entity on earth, the welcome to real life is built in, you could say. Amidst all confusion and misinformation you are conditioned and bombarded by, I am still the true center and the only outcome of all that occurs. Obscured as it may have become on earth by layers of human 'wisdom's', values, legalism, logic, etc., connecting with Me personally is possible. It is an act of cleansing oneself from preconceived ideas. It is letting Me be Myself within and through you. By choosing that, the lights go on and real wisdom awakes."

Rule 7. N O E X C E P T I O N S P R O P E R

"It seems logical for you on earth, to think that everything that is ugly, malfunctioning or broken, is, of course, excepted from belonging to the elite of celestial properties. It makes sense to most people that in order to enter My space, one has to leave behind what can't survive there, and what is, in other words, not material for perfection. Didn't I say that products of the Negative State cannot be repaired but have to be replaced? And that what becomes void of My presence, by consequence, does not exist anymore? Isn't this what you see happening in death as you know it, that the body becomes dust, and that regardless of what one believes about the spirit moving on, the fact remains that the earthly presence is gone? This logic has one fatal flaw. It is one that over and over again lures people away from seeing the true arrangement of Reality. It is the flaw that thinking about the statement that nothing is excepted from being relative to Me is done from the position as outsider, as someone looking into My world and believing that so one can come to correct conclusions."

"When the issue is raised whether there are situations, structures or configurations of whatever shape or form in whatever dimension that are cut off cannot access Me any more and have no potential for surviving in eternity, this must only come from someone who knows that he or she figures in My Reality, from someone who knows he or she has eternal life already, is in it already. Then, that person or entity has the ability to hear the answer to the question and has the responsibility as part of the whole to make up their minds what they do with this information. Those who for whatever reason are rejecting Me and choose not to be aware of Me are still operating in the one and only reality. This is so for humans now on earth. When they consider questions of death, eternity or life's meaning, their conclusions are inevitably limited by the artificial-yet-effective shields that separates them from seeing Me. Therefore, they cannot see how everything fits and functions in the total edifice of life."

"As far as I am concerned, even those who deserted their original place in the universal development are still related to Me and so are their victims and products. They are not disowned by Me or are in for annihilation. Say, it happens that an entity refuses to acknowledge Me, even when exposed to the full glory of My love and truth and, therefore, their very existence is taken away from them, does this mean they are the exception to the rule that all is relative to Me and therefore eternal? Or is 'cessation' their own desire? Do they choose to be no longer part of existence and, therefore, what you would call 'retroactively', were never part of it? But then, of course, the question is what part in them decides this? Whatever it is, isn't that part clearly the exception to the rule, a part for which I have no patience any more and, therefore, after giving it a last chance, have to cut it out?"

"This sounds reasonable, doesn't it? But you sense already that it isn't happening this way, even if I would respect a decision like that on the basis that it reflects My nature's freedom element in all. The key to understanding the real situation is to realize what is choosing in them to reject Me, if that happens. The decision against being part of true life does not reflect Me, it mimics normalcy. It is as a cancer or tumor; it looks and in many ways acts as the rest of the body but it doesn't contribute to the total; it interrupts its well-being. It is a malignancy that copies life. In this sense, it is an illusion.. It is as darkness. It comes into being by blocking out light. It is a rebellion, yet it has no feet to stand on by itself."

"Now you think, does this mean no part of life whatsoever that once existed will ultimately get lost? To which I reply, 'Do you finally get it?' All the understandable questions at the beginning of this chapter are inspired by the lie and illusion that something can be outside of the structure I am, can be completely disconnected and on their own. If a man runs away from his family, does he have no family anymore? The whole human endeavor and all the doings of the Negative State with all its Me-denying aspects still falls within the scope of the one Reality. Nothing is outside of it. Well, besides My being the One Holy, right? But that isn't even so, because that pertains to your privilege -and joy - to not having to be Me!"

"The freedom to deny Me, the one Reality, stands. The truth is never forced on anybody. All life originates in love and, therefore, has the desire to connect and blossom. No life-form will protest that it s there. Why should it? It is pure happiness for all that participate in making things, others, themselves, and through that also Me more impressive and beautiful. The role your ancestors decided to play by choice, which ended up for them becoming the perpetrators of the Negative State, did not maneuver them outside of My structure. They dwell in the most outside realm of Reality. So outside, that for all practical purposes it can be called a non-reality. This is because of their exclusive focus on only the external side of life. They definitely pose a challenge to My nature, seducing Me to get entangled in their anti-universe. By turning upside down the Real Reality, they would like Me to use their inventions like violence, separation and getting even. What they never can undo is that Reality stands despite being run away from. I am the I AM, the All, the Truth of being!"

"Reality will catch up with all aspects of the Negative State. Your Writings do it; the way you face them does it. Their falsities and deceit will reach their apex. The results of their rebellion will be held up to them as a mirror. The questions about what happens if things or people are operating outside of My closeness are being answered. My staying even in their darkness and so becoming a part of their fabrication, broke their teeth, so to speak. They know that all they have been doing lacks the solidity to stand by itself. They need pieces of Reality. They invested and invest in a charade, a cancer, a caricature, a delusion and rebellious denial of what the beauty and solidity of existence is all about."

"What they leave behind when they want to desert their self-chosen ordeal is basically what you leave behind when you come to Me in order to connect with My full Presence. It corresponds with what you leave behind when you physically die. It pertains to your external appearance that was formed for your earthly mission. But don't be mistaken. In these elements, your external content, My presence is also. Even if they will turn to 'dust'. All particles, all forms of life, are to be respected, regardless of their hopelessly deformed and often destructive appearance. It is easy to see the severity of the corruption and erosion of life's sturdiness that undermines living's safety and happiness on earth. Yet, you begin to grasp that never has anything been out of My caring sight."

"When I say that all of the Negative State's 'achievements' will be replaced since they are not just beyond repair but have never been 'celestial' potential in the first place, you can take that literally. The real world may look somewhat like earth but believe Me, it is constructed quite differently. This is why, when you visit this dimension, you recognize people and things as such while at the same time they are 'other-worldly'. You experience yourself there as you normally do. Yet you are also very different and so you are seen by all. Your appearance is built from and around the remnants of your true nature, or, to say it even more simply, you show some of your eternal self."

"All that has been bent or broken will appear in 'heaven' as whole and straight. The corrupted use of life's ingredients ends. This seventh 'rule' for connecting with Me could mean to hit earth as a meteor, shaking up everybody who has doubts about their belonging and fitting in. All may discover Me as the one grand volume of life to which they also belong. Nothing can write itself out of My history book, so to speak. Your ancestors tried to not fit into My structure and hate Me for failing to do so. Yet they remain within reach of My beautiful all-including whole."

Rule 7. N O E X C E P T I O N S H E A L I N G

"It has become quite clear to you that when I am called HEALING, My fifth name, that it does not just pertain to what on earth healing is. There, it is putting things back together. Yet nothing of what is produced by the Negative State has a future. As in the parable of the prodigal son, nothing of what he acquired during his being away from home, especially what was related to his idea he could survive out there, he could bring back. He had to be fed and clothed from his father's supplies. It is important to bring this up, because when the issue is how to approach Me, most people take it for granted that I am the right address for fixing human brokenness. That perception of Me is wrong."

"I am not, to use a colloquialism, the repairman on call, not even the surgeon, although that comes closer because under My care all that is not healthy has to go. I am also more than an alchemist who melts down what was ordinary and comes up with something precious. You're aware of how cleverly misinformation about Me is spread by the Negative State and their agents. Around the idea of Me as professional divine helper in need whole religious systems are built. I am set up as super mother or father. But the truth is that when one seeks My presence consciously one is not seen by Me as a child who needs comfort, a kiss, a soothing word or touch or more dramatically, as someone lost for whatever reason and in need of a strong arm to be saved from her or his ordeal."

"Everybody is welcome to open up to My attention because everybody operates, even in your world, within the scope of My attention. I am aware of everybody's plight. How could I not! My presence is in all elements of life in the universe. When you come to Me something is activated that is already there. It brings into your awareness that you are not the mutilated or suffering soul you may judge yourself to be. When My fifth name enters your space because you desire it, you find yourself in the midst of the flow forward, together with the rest of the universe. All entities connect with you in that movement. 'Healing' in the limited human sense is not My focus. Moving forward spiritually is real healing, that is Me. All growth goes from the within to the without. In the without, your external world, one cannot really improve, unless a sincere desire for wholeness is present. People's future as humans is irrelevant when their spirit level is closed."

"Living in the midst of a spiritual nowhere, it is hard to gain insight in why all is so fragile, threatened and temporal. Many learned that moving on in a positive manner anyway, led to some wisdom. What I say is that traveling with Me - and this is what 'praying' is all about - will have consequences. Realizing that you are in the flow of real life will impact all levels of your human personality and body. Often, people thank Me for giving relief, for recovery or for problems resolved. And why not? But please, write on."

"Asking Me to provide a cure for whatever is negative, fosters dependency. Worse, with all your pleading it will pin you down more to the external realm in which the Negative State has its greatest power. They love it when you drag Me into that area because it prevents you from getting to know Me in My fullness. You know how easy it is to become absorbed by external concerns, health, finances, sex, success or status. The negative forces don't care at all whether you 'pray' and thank Me for success in those, as long as your focus and goals remain tied to the earth reality which they consider their dominion."

"I am the motion in all existence. I become more, I expand. It doesn't mean that everything constantly changes or that what's new now will be 'old' or obsolete later. Old and young are no opposites. Like 'here' and 'there' aren't in competition. Challenges abound, changes welcomed and improvements suggested. Nothing in life is not participating in this. Transformations take place. Creating newness isn't automatic. It is the desired outcome of uniting and togetherness. It is a busy world, the universe. Its rhythm you join when you connect with Me. All on earth who practice 'prayer' for the wrong reasons are invited to change direction and, while sharing with Me what goes on in their lives, start aiming at more engagement in the expanding love reality."

"You see the relevance of this seventh 'rule', do you? Nothing is excepted from Reality moving on. The point in one's history from where one starts to move in My direction is irrelevant. The moving and traveling itself is the secret. When crying out to Me in pain or despair, the sense that there must be an answer even if it doesn't show up yet, is the true power of 'prayer'. It frustrates the agents of the Negative State to no end that where My image is most shattered - which they consider a success - the chance that people listen to longing within for something better increases. It can lead people to entering a level beyond their misery, where wholeness reigns."

"I mentioned to you words that could remove the - for many - so stale and traditional association with the word 'praying'. Speaking with Me, telling Me, talking to Me, visiting or meeting with Me, these words could do. When interacting with Me, all your earthly concerns can be brought up. Why not? I know about them. But I know more than you do. I dwell in all as in My own. Also for this reason people are precious to Me. In the context of this chapter it means, I want to travel with everybody. When closeness gets established by out of free will joining Me, positive changes happen in your internal and external workings. Things do fall into place and recovery and healing can occur when, within you, the spiritual connection is activated. If one limits the conversation with Me to only requests related to external circumstances, then 'praying' feeds the bonding with the negative energies that dominate that realm. If improvements take place, they are just external."

"Making one more observation: what you call 'supplications' or intercessory 'prayers', as well as lifting up people's names for My blessing or intervention, individually or as group, may be uplifting psychologically for the one who does the 'praying', but it has no spiritual value as such. As if I need to be alerted or prodded to do something! I do not 'do' anything about any situation.' I am 'in' all situations and persons. Everyone can discover this in their own way. This doesn't sound pleasant to you, I know. You are taught to care for others, so bringing up other people's needs when visiting with Me seems very appropriate. Let Me be very clear about this. You are for Me as you are, no more, no less.and so are all others. If on your mind is pain or worry relating to others then, of course, it will come up in our conversation. Because that concern is in you. In other words, it is your problem or frustration you share with Me. So you, from My presence, will find what you can do or not do about it and you can radiate your love to them. But it is your healing that for sure takes place by your honesty, love, wanting wholeness for others and working on that."

"Prayers for other people's needs as liturgical formality, or 'lest we forget', do not in the least impress Me. Do know whether you waste words or incense or candles and time when you compare your words with what you actually 'do' to alleviate the pain human brokenness causes. Check whether your thoughts, acts and radiance consist of practiced love. Striving to be a blessing? With that, My spirit joins. That vibrates on My fifth name's wavelength. The more care you take of your affairs and of people within your reach, the more peaceful you will be. 'Prayers' for others are redundant when your actions are in place. Here, nobody 'prays' for you on earth because they always radiate - you could say, they are - their caring attitude; towards earth also. They think from all-inclusive love. They are as Me."

"All people on their journey through life will be confronted with the Real Reality. If one connects with it, as you did, that person automatically becomes less insecure and more assertive, becomes a builder of bridges over any abyss. How can you not be that way when realizing you are part of a universal procession to more wholeness? It is not your brokenness on earth that gets healed, it is your spiritual connecting that gets more and more activated and powerful. Improvements in your earthly situation, like recoveries from illnesses, are not as such a sign of spiritual progress o a result of Me granting it. Connecting with Me, in order to learn about the all-involving scope of My nature and friendship and practicing what you learn as much as you can, that is the fulfillment 'praying' provides."

"The Negative State doesn't attack you for saying 'prayers'. They couldn't care less whether one does. But when they sense an influx of strength that doesn't come from outer circumstances, then they become extremely suspicious. They will test you and try to trip you. They will use mental gimmicks, like inner voices or 'feeling good' emotions. If you don't fall for these non-spiritual gratifications, you force them to wonder what it is that makes you go your way with gladness. Without you being aware of it, you may entice them to change directions. Without you planning or even discussing it with Me, you contribute to this seventh 'rule' being implemented. It says: all aboard."

Rule 7. N O E X C E P T I O N S M A N I F E S T A T I O N

"It s a good start to think of all the universes, when hearing there are no exceptions. Everything manifests Me. How could it not? What exists is because I let it come into being. All life emanates from Me. Therefore it is like Me. It has to be of the same elements as My nature. There are no other ingredients than Mine. In your other Writings you were able to give that information. Let it sink in over and over again. The situation for your planet is the same as for worlds outside your galaxy, for non-observable dimensions within and around you. The source of all life is one and the same. In all life's appearances its origin is reflected."

"You discovered some of this. You're privileged that you can enter a world most people don't take seriously. In it, you saw how true it is what I just said about all appearing and operating as expressions and, if you want, materialization of My nature. You can be in that world while sitting in your chair, during walks or at any time you focus on it. Nobody on the outside would notice. Yet anybody can have this experience if, from their within, they open up to it."

"Being a manifestation of Me has nothing passive in it. Ask any entity in the universe about it and they will enthusiastically explain how they want to honor Me by perfecting what they are on their three levels. No particle is excepted from being relative to Me and having its existence from Me. Since I am all aliveness and vibrancy, they too are ready and eager to love, to produce and to put themselves on the map, to use your term. All want in all their aspects to have My glory shine through. This provides their greatest joy. For Me, too! You know that at moments you think of this, your heart tends to skip a beat out of pure excitement."

"It is a wonderful and universal situation. What about the Negative State? It seems an exception to the rule that everything manifests Me, isn't it? There is not one element properly in place in their realm and nothing is authentic or unspoiled. When there still is an honest longing for Me, which is the most pure human manifestation of reality, it is always under attack within that person, and the yearning often is difficult to integrate in the rest of one's life. Still, even if a vase is cracked and cannot hold water, it does represent a vase."

"Why don't you focus for a moment on the source of earth's dysfunction, on the origin of its losing the ability to freely demonstrate My nature? There is a reason for being as a shattered mirror that cannot reflect properly anymore. Responsible for this is not the human race as you know it and belong to, even if in each individual some of the birth drama of the evil state is replayed. The origin of dysfunction lies with the group whose story you told, the original humans. They, at one point, chose deliberately and openly to defy My way of existing and began to implement alternatives. With the available enormous technical know-how they built a world designed to not have Me as model. They established their own realm which, if you use the name in the 'New Revelation', you call the Negative State. It includes the 'Zone of Displacement', earth, and what is commonly known as the 'hell's'."

"Does this realm manifest Me? I am not playing with word or offering some philosophical concept when I say, 'Indirectly, yes, they do!' They do manifest Me in an upside-down way, and as the opposite of what My Reality is. They portray what I and the rest of the universe are not. All their fabrications are marked this way. Without Me being what I am, they would have nothing to oppose, to de-throne, to replace or deny. Lest any part in you starts speculating, I squarely place this fact right in your lap, since you, too, are a product of their machinations and part of the anti-universe they concocted."

"So what about this evil and corruption in you? It is a central question for all who want to connect with Me. Where and how are you yourself obscuring the Real Reality, and are not transparent for My beautiful nature? The correct answer is, 'Everywhere'! Don't be afraid to see this and to say it. It is the same for all born on your planet. Yet you are alive. That is no illusion. It occurs. It occurs in all you observe. So then, how do you manifest Me?"

"I am the I AM of life. If your appearance or behavior is not transparent for this fact because you are profoundly maimed and in so many respects disconnected from reality's true nature, it does not change the fact that you do operate somehow. In other words, I am still present in you, in spite of being suppressed or obscured. The parts in you that cannot or don't want to conform to My true nature are not to be rejected, hated or disowned as if they are not you. Your spiritually advanced parts and those you consider good and pure are adrift in the same boat. This is the reason that on earth you cannot establish anything that is perfect. Everything is in the upside-down position. No use grading yourself or anybody else. The ten 'rules' I am giving you are meant for finding the proper connection with Me. But they also provide the answers to the question about how I manifest Myself in your darkened circumstances. They all point at closeness to Me as the only avenue towards the full Reality."

"It is a temporary situation that evil seems to reign in most segments of life. The cute saying that evil is a 'possible impossibility' has its merit. It is better to say it this way than to try to explain it rationally, to defend Me or to declare evil to be an unavoidable counterpart of what is good. Seeing Me as a revengeful or jealous divine entity that can't stand being stood up is a pure projection of despairing or malicious minds. If I were that, My nature would include evil! Nobody needs to come to My defense. The only valid, true and helpful comment on the brokenness on earth is that in the midst of it, My presence still is. What more powerful insight can I offer? This puts everything in its right perspective. I harbor no criticism, judgment or need to measure. I am the AM, whatever your reaction is."

"In everyone's life are areas in which you are 'hopelessly' human and incapable of detaching yourself from negative influences or forces. You surprise yourself by how comfortable you can get with not being perfect. Therefore, you better apply this seventh 'rule' for connecting with Me religiously. Your loose ends, cross-wiring and confused thinking, your substantial record of failures (even by your own lenient judgment) and your unwillingness to do more with your knowledge of Me are not of interest. Yes, these ways of expressing, or rather non-expressing, My nature, do harm to you. They limit your benefit to others and affect the smoothness of being with Me. But from My perspective, I have long forgiven you and will hold nothing of it against you. The situation on earth is as it is. I am what I am. Only Who I am counts!"

"All earth's manifestations will be purified, regrouped, changed from within, from their spiritual core to the most outside part. It is the same with all the Negative State's perversions. Everything is in the process of being exposed to the warmth of My love and through that will be transformed. People on earth compare which approach is right, which religion is true, what effort productive, what style beautiful, which law just, etc. No real insight comes from these considerations. The veil that hides My presence in everything has to be taken off and then, royally and happily, all elements of life can be used to enhance everybody's well-being. It is the only proper use of them."

"Which is a pipe dream, you think, in view of the way life on earth is and always has been. And you are right. It cannot happen. Except that, while life on earth keeps going in against its own true nature, all parts, even while mortally damaged, are still invited to know their real mission. Which is, that they are meant to manifest Me. No part is an exception. As much as you can, you may order negative elements to leave your space; you can learn to live with your shadowy sides and protect your positive parts against evil. But don't deny or exclude anything, or sit in judgment. I don't do that! You can focus on having Our closeness shine in your space and particularly in your 'dark' corners."

Rule 7. N O E X C E P T I O N S E N E R G Y

"The position is taken by many that living on earth is the only thing one can know for sure, so that whatever is beyond the observation possibilities of your brains and senses is not relevant. In other words, staying with both feet on the ground and doing the best one can is the only sensible way to live. All speculations about Me, other worlds, life after death, etc., is ultimately just that, speculation. Which should be avoided in view of the misery it has caused when in the name of that unknown and specifically in the name of the God(s) people believe in, persecution, discrimination and all sorts of violence is performed."

"I agree that one's attention during one's lifetime on earth should be there where one takes place. Why do I agree? Because it is My energy operating wherever life manifests itself. So, I am there, wherever 'there' is. The 'how' of the functioning of other dimensions is, correctly, of marginal interest to you, since in your ability to grasp it are too many holes. I should add, however, that outside the realm of the Negative State, there can be a lively interest in the workings of other universes. Nothing is hidden or inaccessible if one wants to explore."

"Nothing in creation is threatening, period. Not that there is sameness everywhere. In many ways, the different dimensions are like aliens to each other. The principal dissimilarity with earth is that without exception individually and corporately all life's energy is consciously and with gusto received from Me. This is recognized by all, so it creates immediately a sense of kinship. It is ever-inspiring. Being aware where all life comes from makes it impossible to be jealous or to be dissatisfied with being oneself. Everywhere, everyone is a fullness in their own right. All take on their tasks with pride and eagerness."

"The issue here is the distortion the Negative State practices and thrives on; namely, isolation, separation and fragmentation. They paint themselves in that corner, as you would say. You know that even if people on earth honestly want oneness in achieving a goal, for instance or want to worship Me as one solid unit of believers, it never works. The distrust and inability to give the same room to others as one claims for oneself is planted too deeply. Pursuing oneness leads to pressures and dependencies. It plays in the hands of, and often is staged directly by, the negative forces that know it will breed conflicts and separation."

"I am not warning you nor am I pessimistic. It just is the way it is on earth. Each part of life is responsible for the direction their particular flow of energy takes. The option to not recognize and include Me in it is there. If that option is chosen, truncation of the experience of living is the result. To many who read this I may seem excessively preoccupied with narrowing life down to being a matter of individual choices. They may blame you for it and see it as proof you are out of touch because the emphasis in your time is on psychological, social, global and cosmic inter-connectedness. I simply state that each human entity on earth is different and by using and being an exponent of My energy makes all individuals accountable. That accountability relates to both, being a manifestation of Me and to relating to others that way."

"Each person in his or her own way reflects My image. Never has My energy created life-forms that are repeatable or carbon copies. There is not and never will be someone like you, for instance. One reason is that you are also here in fullness. Genetic engineering, cloning and other technical practices on earth are nothing new. What techniques do you think the Negative State used to fabricate the present human race? Nothing new will be learned from what humans may create with their accelerating technical advances. They only portray a caricature or an artificial likeness of what should be solely representing the way I work."

"People casually use words that lump groups of people together. You say, for example, that a nation suffers from hunger or war. It isn't true. A nation, as any other group, is its people. And 'people' stands for the sum of as many complete worlds as there are individuals. If your present world population would be of one mind about something and only one person had to be put in jail for not joining the rest, the oneness is a farce, a lie. But I don't deal in numbers. I am the energy of and in all life. Everything has My attention because it is all My investment. When the adventure of being alive is rejected as a shared experience with Me, it makes whatever is produced a lie. Denying or ignoring My presence in their workings invalidates the meaning of any country, group or philosophy. You know how far earth's 'reality' is removed from being My 'kingdom'! Therefore, the full charge is for each individual to see themselves as connected with Me as source of their energy. Recognizing it in others too, or in nature, can lead to some bonding. But that has to be dealt with carefully on earth!"

"History shows the pitfalls of clustering; religions being a prime example. Groups don't have any more information, leave alone monopoly, on what there is to know about Me than any individual can possess. I don't say this to spite them because of their often exclusive and hypocritical stance. Organized religions follow the path all groupings on earth are conditioned to walk in terms of their dynamics. It is only when individuals take the sense of Me, My power and realness seriously and start acting upon it, that 'mountains can be moved'. Even so, the moment this insight leads to escaping all sorts of mental and social prisons, the negative forces will infiltrate and before one knows one becomes, again, an addition to their legion of minions."

"Should this stop you from joining activities and movements that do good? Of course not! It is wonderful to see that over and over again people follow the pull from their spiritual alertness and challenge the powers of darkness. My presence can never be killed off! Life, real life, in people is indestructible. It is meant to be a conduit for the victory of love, of goodness, of beauty, of justice, of truth - even in the most unlikely places and persons. You could say, I still can breathe on earth because of people letting My spirit in and My goodness out. The Negative State has a hard time with constantly running around to extinguish the 'holy' fires that flare up anywhere and anytime. No, in this sense, nothing on earth should be written off."

"Very cleverly, the Negative State has from its very beginning of shaping your earth and its population constructed a hierarchy of power in a way that accumulation of might and authority stimulates spiritual deterioration. Your economic, legal and political systems, your cultural and national priorities see to it that little of it can function as correspondence to celestial dynamics. Coming back to the first question of this chapter, isn't it enough to just stay with both feet on the ground and forget about venturing out into the 'iffy' spiritual realm? The seventh 'rule' I give you is the answer. There not being any exception to My all-energy means that it is useless to try to exclude things. Doing it anyway cuts off a piece of reality, separates known and unknown areas and pretends that the latter have no relevance. It is exactly what the Negative State hopes to achieve. Crawling into protective type of shells, like family, nation, religion or any grouping and give those the last word is a slap in My face. As if I am not the power of life that embraces all. Only My presence is the unifying factor in all layers and dimensions of the universe."

"My love-power has no boundaries and is not secretive or selective. It is for all, openly. It is not set apart for special people, for certain times or for certain purposes. It is the adventure of living itself that places you and everything in the midst of it. Different avenues for different people in different circumstances leading to this realization will never be in conflict. I welcome personal reactions from each life-form. Whether that reaction is genuine you have no way of knowing. On earth, words and actions can deceive. But don't worry about it. You choose how you want to spend your energy. That is the most important thing. You know what looking in a mirror means, right? Well, anybody reading this and approaching Me can see him- or herself as in a mirror, standing next to Me and hear that person ask, 'Are you, part of me on earth, going to be me as I am on this spiritual plane, a conduit and executor of divine energy or will you keep going around in circles, ignoring, avoiding and forgetting your true power?'"

"One can learn from others. Wise and caring parents for example can be powerful models for their children. But only to a point. The point being that for connecting with Me, you don't need them. I am already present in you. Don't be surprised when you notice that other people seem to walk and talk with Me. It is a most natural thing to do for every entity in life. Let it add to your pleasure to see My energy being recognized by others. People's missions on earth are all different. The challenge is the same. Sensing My spirit and energy working in others can be encouraging. So it can be for others seeing it in you. Yet I repeat, your connection with Me doesn't need to be sanctioned by anybody. Being comfortable with your own part in the unfolding of life allows you to greatly enjoy positive contributions of others. All do contribute in their way. You do it in yours."

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'