The Seven Names

Writing 3


This Writing covers the same territory as the two Writings, the 12 Booklets and Lessons. They speak of life - its source, meaning and scope. In this sense, all three cover 'everything'. This Writing, however, includes as last segment a Narrative that more systematically deals with the very origin of our human species and the deterioration of part of it into the Negative State (evil). What is revealed can be taken as history, myth, legend, revelation, allegory, symbol, projection, fantasy, construction, theory or whatever. As in the rest of the Website the information emerged not as a result of my (P.N.) thinking but as an understanding while I opened myself up for it. The value of it can only be confirmed on each person's spiritual level.

The real 'author' of this Writing is the personal Presence within each person, a Presence with whom we can visit. The seven names are not inventions of the one who puts these words on the Website (P.N.). For the question of how my mind and spirit were involved, I refer to the forewords in the two aforementioned Writings. The best I can say is that the content of also this Writing was put on paper by me from the conscious closeness to its Source.

The same is true for the words of affirmation - I avoid the word 'prayer' - as found separately on this Website's homepage. They also close this booklet. They can help us, on a regular basis, to clarify our position in life as what they offer clearly echoes the names as well as the essence of what these words offer.

The 7 names: ....... One Holy, Love, Truth, Proper, Healing, Manifestation, Energy

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