....... "ONE HOLY''

... The councilman grumbled, "The problem with you prophets is that you have too much time to think. Regular folks are immersed in keeping their families and cities together. You dream too much. In council meetings we make decisions; we make long hours; we often are tired. You are not. You avoid getting your hands dirty." Jesus stared at him for a long time. Then he said softly, "Yes, this world is tied up by what you mention. My mission is to put it in perspective and to let you know that the One Holy is more practical and interested in those mundane activities than you tend to think."

- "On earth, being different easily becomes a source of alienation, isolation, fear, or worse. It is what the Negative State does to this rich component of life. It infuses it with suspicion and the need to compare."

- "Differentness is beautiful, stimulating, fascinating. It is unlimited. It is the way I am. In all the universes this is reflected. You know that no grain of sand is the same. This gives you some idea of how fundamental variety is in My great world."

- "Is it not an amazing adventure for you to be part of this kind of reality? It is so because I am 'it' and you are 'from' Me."


... "What do you mean by that?", the quiet friend asked. "Better listen good now," Jesus said. "Without exception, anything and any person in the world is unique. The One Holy does not repeat himself. All that exists is meant to glorify life's source in its own way. I do it as the one I am. You figure out how you contribute to the universal all-involving nature of love. You may be a tax collector, a housewife, a fisherman or a prophet, all are meant to add to the color of One Holy's goodness. However you do this, it will always be personal and special. It is up to you."

- "I know it is difficult to implement that you saw Me as Love in so many varied colors. But do not let go of what you saw. You are included in the colors, and so is all else that you can observe. Get used to seeing all colors coming together in the beautiful painting of the one love-reality. It gives you life's true picture."

- "In Me is no sameness or boredom. No facet of love takes away or overshadows the glow of another. It always complements that."

- "Differentness between and within life-forms inspires to aim at the perfect pitch. Meaning, all can contribute their own most exquisite and specific touch of making love."


... "Mary seemed bothered by that. "Is not faithfully and humbly fulfilling our religious and civil duties, and living decently, our highest achievement?" she asked. "No," Jesus said emphatically. "The tragedy on earth is that people do not accept the divine's personal interest and investment in each of them. There just is no life that is not special in One Holy's eyes. You have difficulty with what I say because it does not fit your familiar way of thinking. I say, the highest an individual can achieve is choosing to positively contribute the specialty of their own individual person and mission."

- "The essence of this element has the profound implication that denying Me and trying to search for reality away from Me is potentially possible. Being different does not exclude that unnatural striving."

- "For this reason, by My bringing into being the original human race with their inquisitive minds and their urge to explore, I set the stage for answering the question about how far differentness could go and with what results."

- "You, and all on earth, are part of the consequences of this pursuit. What earth and the hell's show is the epitome of being different: but in a negative way. In the rest of the universe, variety is treasured as a never exhausted source of amazement."


... "Trees and fish have their own place and destiny, I guess. But we as humans are part of families and tribes. Doesn't that come first, being dedicated to common goals? Isn't a nation more than the sum of its individual citizens and our race more than personal interests?" Whoever said this got a lot of approval. "No!" Jesus said. "Look!" He picked up his little sister. "A child is precious in One Holy's eyes for her sake, not for her belonging to David's or Joseph's tribe. A heathen is part of the structure of life as much as the law abiding Jew. How each person functions counts!"

- "There's so much beauty, playfulness and creativity in the interaction of all the different aspects of life. The totality is as solid as it is fluid, as individually experienced as shared in ever surprising moves."

- "Your earthly distinctions, like gender, race, age groups, nations, have's and have not's, promote stigmatization. They feed problems and threats instead of treats, suspicion instead of admiration or compassion. Only learning, enrichment and bringing out the best in each other should sprout from them."

- "One of the great thrills in being different is that it is an invitation to make love and embrace so that new combinations and creations come to life."


... It happened quickly. The councilman stood up and without a word left the room. At least five others also stood up and stormed out behind him. Indignation distorted their faces. Or was it hate? Or fear? One could cut the thick tension. Calmly Jesus said, "Differences between people are complementary. Humanity together is as an image of the One Holy. On earth, you are suspicious, you judge, take sides, you wish dead what is not to your liking. This, while everybody being different should thrill you and ignite a longing for becoming more special yourself as contribution to life's totality."

- "It is a logical question for you whether right or wrong exists at all. Is perhaps variety always positive? I did mention that in My world discussions are held, mistakes are made and corrections applied. Indifferent-ness does not exist in the universes nor do conflicts."

- "My presence is in all the ever evolving aspects of life. In this, I am like the mighty ocean, the totality of all individual drops of water. All of you play a role. When all answers from the negative pursuit are in, isolation will exist no more."

- "You can think in this direction already. Be continuously amazed. Respect your own being different; everybody else is, whether you or they like it or not. Rejoice in My infinite varied nature. Doing all this prepares you for what is to come."


... "Shouldn't you be more careful?", a concerned friend suggested. Jesus shook his head. "You know that I do not shock or shake people for the fun of it. But I do not hold back either. I have little time left to show the world what my mission is. I know where it will lead to. You are my dear friends. I want you to follow me as good as you can. Do it in your own way. Listen to the prodding in your heart. There, the divine spirit dwells. There, it will be confirmed that you, too, belong to the world of the One Holy and that you, in your particular circumstances, can manifest his nature."

- "The way I deal with denial of the real reality as it still takes place on earth and by the negative state in general, is universally recognized as proof that I stay true to Myself by not forbidding or preventing this deviation to unfold."

- "The perpetrators of this turning away from Me 'feel the heat', to use your term. Cracks appear in the protective shields that hide their foolish ways. Some of them wonder whether their effort to eliminate Me amounts indeed to abusing freedom."

- "Earthly humans are positioned between the positive state and the negative one. They can use their exposure to the evil forces to challenge and reject their 'successes'; they can even be instrumental in their conversion."


... The atmosphere remained tense. Nobody smiled. Jesus looked around, clearly noticing this. He said, "I have nothing easy to say. Nothing that will make you feel good. The situation on earth is sick. There are no satisfying solutions. I am not here to comfort you in your misery. I am here to testify to the power that set things right. Which I do, not by fighting the evil forces with their weapons but by penetrating their territory with the truth that they, too, belong. In addition to this, do know that all energies now used for attacking, controlling and causing sorrow will be revoked and redirected."

- "I am both masculine and feminine in the strictest and purest sense, which sense got lost on earth. Being both is the ultimate model for all differences. Life's energy erupts from My continuous state of being love and being real."

- "All life-forms are reflections of Me and contain somehow both genders within their composition. This is how they receive their energy for living and evolving."

"Most physical and psychological differences between men and women on earth as you know them, present an animal-inspired, crude, caricature-like and pathetically confused picture of what My two sides are all about. Therefore, your present bodies and most parts of your mental system are useless in the real reality."