Part 1



(I wondered about continuing with the visits on a daily basis. I was busy editing the three printed Booklets in preparation for putting them on a website.)

When entering, before noticing anything else, I saw everywhere a green glow. Actually, there was nothing to see except this greenish hue. It was peaceful and soothing to my eyes. The green could be that of meadows spreading out in all directions. I walked on the green that felt like grass.

I wanted to know what it was, so I knelt down and felt it with my hand. It could be grass but it wasn't. Don't ask me what then it was.

I looked behind me. There were no impressions of my feet. I wore no shoes or sandals. I got confused. What was this green? A relative of earthly grass or what? I still don't know, but it sure had a nice feel to it for my feet. I saw that my clothes, too, had a soft, vaguely green shine. I guessed my face also must have this glow.

Just as I started to wonder whether I would meet anybody today I got 'flashes' of ethereal beings filling the space around me. Like ghosts, but not scary. They did not pay any attention to me. I made no effort to contact them and after awhile they disappeared.

I did hear a soft humming sound. I felt like joining it. I probably did. I felt calm and at peace but didn't know what to do or to expect. I don't know what held me back from walking further to explore the area.

I asked Wisdom to come. He was there. Not as the older man like usual but as a young adult. I found that strange as, being at a loss, I had nothing to teach him. Why didn't he appear as the wiser and better informed person who could enlighten me?

I asked about the grass, kneeling again to feel it. He also squatted and felt it. He did not comment.

I formulated in my mind the question I wanted to ask him about if this green and the peaceful atmosphere were related. But before I could speak, he started to laugh and said, "You know!"

And I did! Weird. Without thinking about it I did know. I told him. I had already realized that I was in the midst of another segment of the human society. One in which 'nothing' happens. 'Nothing', as being void of external or mental moves, yet filled with a calmness and harmony showing the nature of the universe.

"And it comes with this greenish hue?"

He nodded.

I wondered whether this state of absolute harmony had some selfish element in it. Was it sort of navel-gazing that ignored goings-on elsewhere.

The moment I thought that I strongly felt the closeness of I AM.

His/Her voice said, "Your peacefulness is Mine too". Well, it was something like that. I felt the intimacy, the warmth, the love, and above all the sense of oneness with One Holy.

I AM mentioned that the reason I did not see any of the people who form this society is so I won't get distracted by any movement. Yet they are there, She/He assured me. Those who form this segment with their quiet adoration, praise, gratitude, completeness and oneness experience themselves as 'just being there'.

I felt like having arrived at the 'green pastures' and 'still waters' of the famous poem. I felt embraced. I felt His/Her arms around me. All was well, complete and void of anything because I was everything. This, I thought, is a state of existing I could handle for all eternity, whatever that is. It was so quiet, so mighty, so totally whole.

At one point, I felt a great urge to embrace I AM, to merge into Her/His presence. The desire was accepted, I felt. It was beautiful.

(Writing this down, I realize this is what could be called heaven, bliss, nothingness, paradise. A state, not induced by chemicals, certain events or rituals, mind manipulation or anything external or internal. It simply is being allowed to merge with the One Who is All.)