The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "Let it sink in that all you say about Me being One Holy, meaning that I transcend any understanding, does not interfere with all life being joyful and operating with a lightness that, in your words, feels like dancing. That is reality. It is Who I am. It is existence in all its ways and means. Anytime you feel free, lighthearted, confident and in a mood that radiates like sunshine, treasure it as wonderful. For its own sake, but also because it corresponds with the real and full reality. So do not ration it. Happiness is natural!"

"Joy as a component of life is not just there for special occasions. All facets of life sparkle with it. When a person 'prays' that My name be hallowed, he or she should not do it gravely or with an undertone of fear because 'one never knows'. No, you can utter it like a song, as a cry of excitement about how great life is, how beautiful and trustworthy. Giving yourself permission to do this because you sense the truth of it, will galvanize your aliveness right away."

"Many on earth do have a hard time accepting that I can laugh and that joy is a most normal and universal phenomenon. Not that people don't know the uplifting quality of laughter. To the irritation of the Negative State, there is much humor, lightness, teasing, joking and pleasantness among people. Even persons in dire circumstances can often still radiate warm smiles. It is true nature coming through. If only everybody would accept that in Me is no darkness, no heaviness or anything threatening, but only happiness."

"I know this does not seem appropriate when said in front of people who suffer or are 'heavy laden'. Yet how could I not be aware of their ordeal? It happened to My special human incarnations that there was no reason whatsoever to smile or feel good. Miseries present you with what is not normal, what is the result of falsities and of being part of a pseudo reality. Hold on therefore to My names. Keep treasuring, tasting and whispering them. It brightens the cosmos. It will echo back to you as light, comfort and peace. Nothing tops My first name. Saying it reaches to what is above sadness, fear, feeling lost and heaviness; it sets the direction for the rest of you to follow, even if darkness comes more easily."

"In your personal contacts with Me, did you ever see Me as stern, distant, cool or without a welcoming glow? And that while your personality is by nature not of the most bubbling, optimistic or easy going quality. You could have projected your 'heavy' features into images you have of Me. But this did not happen because I am not that way. In the deepest recesses of the rulers of the Negative State's minds, they know this. But it is suppressed at all costs. Therefore, nothing in the 'Zone of Displacement' is uncomplicated or fully relaxed. Tension and insecurity, control and fear reign. That I survive 'death' on earth and make My human nature divine, sealed the fiasco of your ancestors' endeavor. It gives them no other choice than to eventually admit that My first name cannot be isolated from the others. They tried it. But I am life's I AM and all that exists is as Me. What more do you want or need? Life is awesomely grand."

"Addressing Me as One Holy places you in the midst of life's totality. For you, it reveals that nothing can go wrong. Allowing relief and joy about this to infiltrate you will firmly keep you on the right track during your mission on earth. The component joy reflects, and is, My nature. It is not a luxury, a sauce that sweetens things. It is an integral ingredient of life. Do not be afraid to activate and trust it. Think of your saying that the smile of a baby can melt the coldest frozen heart. My smile is nowhere not! Laughter in the universe happens without reservation because it is triggered by the majestic proclamation: in the 'old' 'prayer' Father in Heaven and now, 'One Holy. "



... "Why 'pray' for My kingdom to come if it does not mean your situation will improve to the point of being all right? Many do not dare to 'pray' it for precisely this reason. The granting of their wish would be too powerful. Many people are so indoctrinated with the 'normalcy' of a broken-up world that they do not even want to imagine a society or personal life void of the vulnerability, tensions and make-do's of the one they know. 'Praying' for My 'rule' to take over is often only meant as a wish for relief and betterment in certain areas, and not as a replacement of what one is familiar with."

"Still, that is what My kingdom is all about. It is worth it to open your mind to this and learn that no things negative are part of the Positive State. Doing this is not an escape, daydreaming or an effort to counteract life's miseries. It is the way to discover My presence as only love never left you! This is not a theoretical or general statement. It will do something to you. It lets you see your own state as a person. Joy is not just a consequence of love. It is an ingredient of life in its own right, precisely because of the fact that all life is My kingdom."

"If 'praying' that My kingdom come, or as you formulate it, saying that My love is all-involving does not cause happy vibrations within you, something is wrong. My 'reign' equals happiness. Joy is love's brightest color. When I come into your space it does not mean I leave this component of My nature 'at home', so to speak, because of the difficulties you may face. It is no laughing matter to be attacked and challenged on your internal and external levels. But My nature as joy does not leave Me because it is part of Who I chose to be. I know that My love and joy is real. And I 'never let go of the works of My hands'. Those reflect Me."

"Living in a poisoned atmosphere, away from reality, and operating with a mutilated and malfunctioning physical body in an on-all-levels hostile environment, is a powerful attack on spontaneous joy. You understand now that challenges always come from the outside, from the externals, from others or nature. They do not come from Me, your true life force. Nature's tenth element is not dependent on events that must trigger it. It is not added or achieved by great efforts. It is within you. It is part of My kingdom that has come. It is the liveliness and sunshine of a love that enlightens wherever life is. Hold on to this love as the great conqueror. It will challenge and weaken whatever is heavy and moribund."

"Saying that My love is all-involving, and giving in to its tickling inside you, is wise. I talk about the very essence of life, of what I and all existence are all about. Not giving in to this, not trusting it, making exceptions or looking whether others approve is unwise. Even if it is only a weak stirring deep inside your most private self, it is connected with universal vibrations. It is hard for humans to shed familiar reaction patterns and honor their original, Me-reflecting nature. The potential of failing or being criticized is all over the place. Still, know what you want? My kingdom? Reality?"

"People can rise up to the true state of affairs and allow light and fresh air to come into their thinking and attitudes. Being a good, honest and serious person is one thing. Sharing laughs with Me, having love excite you with anticipation and wonder and being as a child discovering new things and going for it, is hitting the mark even more. I am not measuring you, or holding you or anybody to some lofty standard. I just want the truth about this to be known. Mirroring the realm of My second name, My essence, My 'rule', My kingdom, My being Love, shows painfully the extent to which true reality is massively distorted on earth. Yet trust Me, all life is by nature extremely pleasant, sets constantly the tone for joking, teasing, laughing, smiling, happy anticipation and humor."

"Life is good. If it is not experienced as such - as it is not in the 'Zone of Displacement' - the problem is not that goodness failed somehow. I made My human divine, to say it formally. That gives you the assurance that nothing human is left out from being cleansed and resurrected to full reality. Thinking about life's events this way will encourage you regardless of how bleak things look. I would like to say that nothing can wipe the warm smile from reality's face. Yet many do experience life exactly that way, no smiles, but as harsh and cold. Well, be assured that the core of life is never not warm and welcoming. And all can access the spiritual level in them where the smile of love and wisdom waits to find its form. 'It' knows there that Life is good, regardless!"



... "As easy as it is for most humans to relate joy to all sorts of love and making love, so skeptical they are when joy is related to truth, to wisdom or honesty. Part of the pleasure of love is that it is seen as something special, a high point, an extra. Truth has the flavor of being a concept, rather dry and abstract. Even personalized as a moral issue or as a being completely truthful, many see it as dull, not making for good conversation, business deals or relationships in general, and surely not as fun."

"Let Me tell you that when My will is done, when truth reigns, Reality sparkles. I invite everyone to experience it. However difficult this may seem on a planet where is little clear and proper insight in the true state of affairs in the universe. My will is not as a set of rules that have to be followed. I like to see you open up your mind for the fact that My will is the only reality, the only truth, in existence. It is My desire to have everything develop by its own decisions and so become its own truth. As Truth, My third name and spirit, I am the happy and smiling face of Reality. I have a reason for this. I receive back from all in the universe their good company, love, creativity, fascinating stories and proud achievements."

"It is hard to accept for human beings that My reality, and by consequence all reality, is a happy one; nothing cheap, halfhearted or neutral about life. When you let this sink in, over and over again, you will start to grasp what it means that My truth contains the universe. I express Myself through all that exists. It makes everything an integral part of My reality. All have the chance and challenge to be themselves. It is a journey all in the universe undertake with gladness, because of this tenth element in them."

"I do not accuse those that obscure the lightness of reality and promote false and complicated ideas about life's fundamental nature. But I do point out the consequences of denying the truth by pretending there is another reality than Mine; one outside of, or without Me. The results of this show in the confusion, fragmentation, ignorance and sorrows you are very familiar with. I gave this 'prayer' as an invitation to believe it is possible to be part of My will done. It invokes the power of My third name, to which it relates. It can wake you up to sensing the immensity of what true and full existence is."

"There are numerous theories on earth that try to shed light on what life is all about on your planet, in the universe, in nature and as an individual experience. Religions address the question and cultures give form to what is believed. Science seeks reliable information. But the uncomfortable thought persists, 'Does it make any difference what answer one gives, because nobody knows for sure anyway!' Let Me suggest that the difference between guesses or speculations and truth can become visible and feel-able. This occurs in the area of joy and of being able, regardless of circumstances, to deep down 'know' that one is safe, secure, is going to make it, whatever that means. My will being done is the hidden truth in everything. It has this effect of letting you 'know' without intellectual validation. The question about the ultimate truth of life is answered when you become aware of My smile within you."

"Reality is a happy occurrence. I said it often. Therefore, laughter is a much more likely correspondence to My nature than heaviness, grave faces and stern attitudes. Of course, laughing can be perverted in ways that degrade, cheapen and avoid what goes on. But when it bubbles up from within, as good humor should, then the whole universe smiles and laughs with you. In other words, you can use it as a test for being real and seeing things in their proper perspective. It is pure wisdom, because it flows directly from the truth. Can you see how far religions, science, cultural and social structures have strayed? They stifle lightheartedness."

"Doing My will is on earth seldom associated with liberation, freedom, spontaneity, creativity and playfulness. Yet these are appropriate characterizations for the truth of life. Since all reality is contained in Me being Truth, all of it glows, shines, moves around graciously and is happily shared. The substance of life is not of a monolithic type demanding adjustment to it, but rather a breeze that inspires to singing, dancing and laughing about the greatness of it all."



... "It really is 'music while you work'. People that read this may get the impression that you sound borderline manic, euphoric, exalted. Which, in a way, would not too badly reflect what goes on in the real world of the Positive State. There just 'is not heard a discouraging word', to keep quoting. But it takes place in a universe that is not periodically on a 'high' but operates in that atmosphere while being as active and busy as your society is. To keep things rolling along smoothly, minds and energies are engaged in improving, exploring and expanding. There are procedures not unlike you know them on earth. It involves coming up with ideas, discussions, weighing options, planning, delegating, executing, etc.; activities that come with building, maintenance and perfecting private and community life."

"Much of what you encounter on the level of internal workings and things being constructed, is not present in the rest of the universe. Let Me just mention incompetence, competition or deterioration. Sentient entities work as volunteers on projects that profit all. In a next chapter I will deal with the variety in all that exists. But all is done in good cheer, without any fear or need to be protective, defensive or worried, as material and sentient entities work as one happy team."

"Unknown on earth is the way matter, or inanimate material as you call it, is involved in the technicalities of life. In order to use matter on earth, you have to whip it into shape, you could say; you have to cut it, fire it, melt it, force it together. This often requires hard physical labor. If you take 'daily bread' as what is needed to survive, then, indeed, you must work up a sweat in order to put it on the table. The work that goes in into it and the distribution of it is extremely unequal and unfair on earth. Not so in the Positive State, as you saw for yourself. Daily bread, standing for life's cohesiveness and ability to function, is in abundance there on all levels, mentally and physically. Matter 'happily' partners in this."

"Daily bread signifies My planning, creativity and craftsmanship. It signals integrity and abundance. It is the symbol for My fourth spirit and face. Its influence is mirrored by the richness of designs, structures and spheres in all categories and dimensions. Existence in all its aspects is the splendid edifice in which all in life find their thoroughly enjoyable home. It is not a bed made for them. It is their own choice, creativity and labor that produces it. They build from the ingredients of reality. That is the reason all is so beautiful."

"You wonder about the complexities and intricacies of what you consider the laws and forces of nature, physics or biology. These laws dictate and determine, at least more or less, how things function and will turn out. Phenomena like gravity, getting older, the weather, seem to go by their own, for humans untouchable, rules. They seem 'neutral', unchangeable, undiscriminating and in that sense often predictable. But look at the words neutral or unchangeable. They are not in the dictionary of reality. I am the heartbeat, the substance and essence of all that exists. This is the 'given' that by free choice can be reflected into life's visible and concrete structures. Everything, from tiny detail to the most ornate finished product comes about by the positive uses of all along the route. All involved have a good time, so to speak; they cooperate joyfully and made themselves available. The 'natural' laws that seem to autonomously program life in your earth's galaxies, are examples of unnatural disharmony and gross alienation compared with the firmness of the universes."

"Nothing gets old. Using that term anyway, you could say that the earth is old, as old as it gets, but that it is on its way to become youthful and vibrant, since it will be reborn around its spirit. The tyrannical laws of nature will transform into music to dance by. Every structure provides joy. Like good food does. To give you some sense of this is the reason I brought up your need for daily sustenance. Saying that I am right, well-functioning and of beauty describes your dwelling place. Enjoy having such a home!"

"All that is crummy, ugly, weak and tends to fall apart, and all the misery and sadness because of this, is an abomination when seen from your spiritual perspective. Yet it brings out a smile of happiness when you realize that in the midst of it, starting by yourself, you observe signs of a new, true, pure and beautiful way of life breaking through. These signs may not endure long and will be almost instantly contaminated and compromised, yet they happen. My nature can only be suppressed so much."



... "Often I have stated that living is as traveling light-footed. If it does not feel this way, you better ask what burden you carry. Not forgiving has the effect that it adds to the load on your shoulders. Joy comes from being free to move on all levels. You do not have to forget the wrongs done, what hurts, what left scars or the injustice or violence committed. Whenever and in whatever shape or form it comes into your consciousness, it can be rejected as something that should never have happened. If any part of it can be corrected by legal or social means, you can pursue that. If only to show that you are firmly opposed to crime, dishonesty or inflicting harm. But there may come a point that the temptation is to, as you call it, lick wounds and hold on to and dwell on what belongs to yesterday. This means you keep the windows closed instead of, by forgiving, letting go and re-focusing letting fresh air in."

"I'd like you to see that forgiving others or yourself is not just a mental, ethical or social issue, a noble and wise gesture, or an act of charity towards your 'enemy'. Living, real living, consists of moving forward. It always is in the process of unfolding towards more beauty and happiness. Being in this flow on earth cleans the air and fills people's lungs with a healing spirit. It sets you free to grow and get places. It brings back spontaneity, even an amount of innocence, and a trust in your own capability to laugh and be curious about what is next. Joy is the tenth component of My as well as of your nature. How could I wholeheartedly celebrate life if I harbored resentment toward the Negative State? Without condoning anything they do, I did something about it. I pour love like healing oil around and on their domain. It is up to them as it is up to you to apply it. Actually, you can be a drop of that oil."

"I did not withdraw from those that strayed away from Me, nor from their pseudo-creation when they damaged, perverted and fragmented the elements of My nature. My staying around happens in the most personal way possible. I entered their domain as human in order to reach their control center. I do not force Myself on them. But they know their days are numbered, as you would say. My light flares up in the most gloomy places within their own ranks. There is no place anywhere where the flow of real life can be blocked forever. The human experience is part of My nature now, of My new nature. Is that not a reason to lighten up, realizing you are part of a 'healed'species, even while still exposed within and without to evil and darkness?"

"All this is to say that when you feel like smiling in anticipation of something good or when you know you move to more happiness, you are on the right track. It reflects your future as much as what you are part of already and what changes your past. Therefore, holding on to things negative, investing in them and not letting go of them, interferes with growing stronger, wiser and more pleasant for yourself and others."

"As said before, I do not 'grant' forgiveness as a sort of majestic gesture. My own happiness excludes being selective or timing things. My only message is the invitation to participate in the dance of life. I unfold My wholeness through all that exists. The one who refuses to believe this regresses and violates joy as component of life's universal nature. It means staying in darkness, recognized as such or not. Laughing in the Negative State or having a seemingly good time there, is either artificial or has shallow roots. Forgiving and desiring happiness for all, including 'enemies', is the connection with real life."

"The religion you are familiar with has as its central symbol the cross. That cross points at the depth of the Negative State's depravity. It says that in the most thorough and shameful way that what is pure, true and wholesome, that what reminds of Me, should be hanged. Suffering on earth is real in the sense that it is part of the pseudo-reality, part of its corrupted structure. Even a person's spirit part can become dysfunctional or overwhelmed by external or internal pains and miseries. Yet never should suffering be seen as having value in itself. This includes flaunting the cross or sanctioning sacrifices or heroics. The message of the cross in your religion should only be that I moved on from there. 'Believing' in suffering, doom, sacrifices, penitence or retributions stems from delusional thinking induced by the Negative State. Health, justice, caring, supporting each other on life's difficult journey in positive ways, that represents the eternal and universal component of joy. Dare to see those that erect crosses or make others carry them, as promoting themselves as a laughingstock."



... "A few days ago, you wondered about the fact that I quoted familiar lines. Is that not an indication that what you write is ultimately determined by what you think or by what comes from the contents of your mind? How do I know (or would care to know) what is a popular saying in a specific language among certain groups of people? This is a good opportunity to make something perfectly clear. You state it yourself that everything manifests Me. Well, the whole width, depth and height of your space, your past and present, your experiences and your unconscious workings, in other words, the person you are, is completely known to Me. I am in whatever you are, within or without your awareness. And in this sense you are nothing special. It is the way it is with everything in existence. I am life. What is, is manifesting Me: so I am involved, I know it."

"It is this way for entities in other dimensions, for the universe itself, for matter and for spirits. Everything is everything, right? I, the One speaking to you now, am not a presence from some place else. I am not a hidden part of you that at times takes on a life by itself and addresses you. It is Me speaking, the I AM in Whom you and all else have your ability to exist. This marks the difference between you and Me. You are given a chance, an opportunity to be in life. So is all that emanates from Me and therefore exists. I am the source of all existence. Everything shows that, in their way. It exists from and within My being as much as 'before' Me. All has its particular awareness, freedom, way of showing itself and the ability to reflect My nature."

"I tell you that I am as familiar with your life as I am with My own. Again, this applies to 'everything'. Therefore I can address you with what you know - the quotes - and what you understand. I communicate with you within your frame of reference, so to speak. Therefore, My speaking is never 'generic', general, or 'other-worldly' but is always on the level where the one is who seeks My presence. In this sense, there are no general rules, guidelines or conditions for meeting with Me directly. Communication is always personal. You know it is said that humanity in its totality is as one person before Me and is My lover and partner. There is truth in that, but most important is to realize that you yourself are the person I care about and through whom I express Myself. Nobody is a stranger to Me. My love affair is with you because I am love and always express this. I want to impress on you that I, to use your expression, enjoy every minute of being with you and seeing you respond to it happily."

"You seem to have no difficulty with what is a cleverly devised stumbling block for most people, namely that any person, from whatever time, persuasion, circumstance or appearance is as important, precious, unique and exciting to Me as all. Indeed, I have no favorites. Each presence in the universe is in its own way relative to Me. It would not exist if it was not loved by Me. My manifestation consists of love. I entirely enjoy every part of My being. Including the external part called universe or multi-verse. It increases My happiness when I see life lived to its fullest."

"My presence is in every detail as much as in the whole. And I am more than the whole. I laugh with joy when love, beauty and newness are expressed. When you 'pray' to not be led into temptation, this is the issue. 'Pray' that you never lose your sense of humor, your ability to see things in their full perspective. This will bring out a smile that is like Mine. You can be aware of My presence wherever your life occurs and shows. You hear Me in your language. The world around you cannot tell you who I am. For this, you have to contact Me personally. And My embrace, nothing can top!"

"Wisdom's of the past, 'sacred' books, 'saintly' people, symbols, rituals, traditions and teachings as well as proper science can stimulate asking the right questions. There is, however, no fixed or general truth about Me. That would take away from My joy to be personal with each individual life-form. I like to be invited in their space so I can embrace them. Well, what about these Writings, compared with what I am for others? And what about the stories about My appearance as human? The key to learn from other sources is to first take seriously your personal position. You have to prepare the soil; you 'are' the soil in which reality can flourish. No words and stories about Me, including these Writings, have any value unless the reader or hearer accepts they themselves are already a manifestation of Me. That allows a meaningful expansion of one's insights. I count on your deepest intuition to have you know that it is Me speaking. And do not be mistaken. I love talking! With words, but even more with My appearance with its radiant joy and its spirit that merges with yours. That, you may suspect and sense in others, in nature and in 'things'. It happens everywhere that My nature is manifested."



... "Even in a, what you call 'technical' sense, the universe runs on love and therefore joy is the result of all energy spent. I am the aliveness, life's liveliness, as much as I am Life itself. It includes the world you find yourself in. Nobody in the universe, except in the 'Zone of Displacement', has even the slightest wondering whether life is determined for them or that their input does not make a difference. They are right. Do call them free spirits. They are like Me. I am happy. This is reflected in all that My energy effects. Not by conditioning or programming it but by giving it the power of freely choosing to be like Me."

"Freedom, power and joy are active ingredients in every facet, detail and segment of life. The awareness of self, or a consciousness as human beings have, is in principle not different from what matter has in its core nature. It is My energy that allows for life and life-forms. In this sense, you could say that I, as life itself, show My power indirectly in and through all My emanations. Therefore, these can joyfully radiate, create, be of use and make things happen in a positive way. Yet you know that I do not 'disappear' in or become what I emanate. See it that I am so intimately and directly involved in all that exists because I am all life's energy, that you sometimes do not know whether it is you or Me at work. You know that I often use inexact terms. This challenges one's personal willingness to understand. It is one reason I can talk with you about these things as you get easily bored when things are 'perfect' and precisely defined."

"As said, this element, joy, can function as criterion for testing your aliveness. Playfulness, comfortableness with trusting Me and going all out while on earth, can indicate that this component in your nature influences, from its spiritual roots, your inner and outer workings. It makes for a strong individual who observes life with an inner smile. Even the violence, abuse of power and destruction going on in one's body and society does not have to dim the smile of wisdom. That smile originates in real life's remnant in you, where it is 'remembered' that nothing negative is 'it', but that what brings joy to the world."

"It is frustrating for products of the Negative State that their 'divine' origin does not seem to lead to spectacular changes or improvements. You may have a good time when We visit and feel strong whenever you think of the real reality, yet your efforts may not instantly produce healing or peace. You can notice within yourself the merger of power, freedom and happiness and still, when trying to apply this in concrete situations, it may not seem to work. The flow gets blocked somewhere along the line. You can treasure My all-power within you because you 'feel' and 'see' it, but this spiritual experience may seem not capable to improve the areas of relationships, physical well-being or social concerns. This situation will not change as long as you are subjected to the earthly broken-up dynamics. A cracked vase will keep leaking water."

"It is correct to label as evil that certain segments in life seem immune for the sunshine of reality. I do not take evil in a moral sense but as a reality-denying and obscuring abuse of love energy. 'Praying' for deliverance from that evil is one step. The next is to see the full picture that even in crooked, distorted and sick manifestations of life I am present, as I am Life itself. The energy used to erase this fact is still My energy. So it is not a cheap comfort when I say that all people can live with the assurance that they are not lost and not beyond being resurrected to what human life is all about as mirror image of Me."

"My seventh name clinches for you all you have to know about life, or about Me, for that matter. All is My handiwork, My output. When this does not show, when you fail or see others fail, it does not have to dampen your spirits. I purify the human condition as you know it, and integrate it into My nature. This 'enables' Me to meet with you on your level, in whatever condition you are. You do not have to rise up to My level. This is what I mean when I say that you are already delivered from evil just by being with Me. It seems to contradict that in other areas of your person you still honor negative conditioning and detours developed by you. But those, My friend, won't last."

"It is a popular saying that laughter heals. How true! It does not guarantee that what is broken is put back together instantly, but when it comes to tension, heaviness and worry, it triggers the activation of the true life force, which is upbeat, positive, colorful, playful and spontaneous. Living to the fullest of your ability is natural. And therefore joyful."