You come to me as a woman, whirling in a many-layered shiny white silken dress.

It curls around You as waves. Self-absorbed You seem in Your slow dancing.

You smile coyly, looking at no one in particular. The fabric of Your dress is delicate.

I can almost see through it. The white is pure and its shades are soft.

You ask me, 'Do You see Me? I am Love.

'I show you the second of the seven faces that are Mine.'

I see You slowly rise. The rustle of Your dress fills all space.

Gently moving, You touch the universe. You say that Your

Dance reaches, excites and intrigues all what You emanate.

I grasp it that You entice all that's in existence to love You.

I can see why they want to do just that wholeheartedly.

You allowed humans to pursue their now infamous path,

You allowed life's oneness to become mortally sick.

You yourself, however, show You do 'survive' that all.

All the destructive forces are invited to join Reality.

You invite me to experience Your being solely love.

A love that is forever, is everywhere, for all that is.

You are the Presence in which all of life is unified.

All that is, is invited to participate in the dance life is.

The presence of lust, desire or longing, as ironically we call our 'love' for things

is a clear sign that everything belongs together even if it's sad slavery it brings.

It's no use to analyze human behavior in terms of what's good and what's bad.

All our expressions of affection are polluted, are a try, a need, a token at best.

Yet what unites people, nature, things while as all in life filling an unique slot,

Is the thrill of the common adventure in representing the love power of God.

'You see Me as a woman Whose whirling dance as in trance you witness from a distance.

'I appear in this undulating flow of brilliant whites to reveal Myself as the essence of all.

'Who designed them or painted the shine? Who wrote the steps? You do, by loving Me!

'I show Myself to those who honestly desire it. In their spirit I dwell. I like to be wanted.

You strive for insight into My realness. Your road has been long, yet here is your price.

'It sure is not easy to meet with Me directly. Nothing in you is automatically wired for it.

'But love transcends earthly limitations. Seeing Me dance is seeing the full Real Reality.'


You are positioned in front of me. Friendly is Your engaging smile.

You calmly invite me to explain in my own words love on earth.

You wait while I now focus on love and goodness as I see it:

Children cuddled, caring friends, lovers in love, artists creating.

In everyday life some good of the Positive State can be seen.

Laws protect and teach caring. Many societies favor decency.

You nod and say to go on. 'What more is love or goodness?'

I think... Then I say that You embody it by now being with me.

I also see it in good people who truly forgive and seek peace.

I admire people in physical pain who persevere, not complain.

I think of young soldiers embracing while being ordered to kill.

Of people not backing off from caring at a great cost to them.

I mention people who sacrifice, see as priority helping others.

You nod again and tell me that You're aware of human efforts.

You smile and say, "How could earth not be affected by Me being love?'

You look straight at me and say, 'Love is polluted beyond recognition.

'What matters most therefore, is not what shows up but what is intended.

'It means for you total honesty about whether you like Me to be involved.

'Only so you learn whether you mirror Me or leave Me out of your actions.

'The big surprise shocking people is that My love has no strings attached.'

I look at my body, check my mind. Are my stirrings of love related to You?

While I am checking my motives, as by magic, Your white is engulfing me.

I start to tremble, I sense that my love for You definitely found its partner.

The word 'love' needs no definition. Even on earth its meaning seems clear.

Yet we better entertain the suspicion whether it's truly meant what we hear.

Also, a problem is love's fragmentation. For all it can mean a different thing.

Each person's idea is a stigmatization, 'Critique not the clothes of the king!'

As Love, You permeate life's system. It causes Reality to be well and alive.

Yet, we doubt this solid foundation, cast You in the role of a battered wife.

We restrict love to emotions, to sex, sentimental endearment or romance.

In Real Reality it is all over, yet we tend to treat love as an happenstance.


You're still here and say You're ready to talk about life on earth.

''Life' is one of the twelve elements by which the one reality exists.

'Therefore it is all-present; even on your earth and in the 'hell's'.

'In the 'hell's' it is perverted, its fullness dissected and mutilated.

'The Negative State arranged life so that it ends in forced death.

'It is completely unlike 'heaven' where all is based on freedom.

'Earth is for the fifth human generation their prime showcase.

'A fraction of true humanness was preserved in their products.

'Your fabricators painstakingly planned the planet's isolation.

'Enough real life had to be left, so they can make their point:

'The point that true life can occur outside My direct presence.

'The little of true life left does enable communication with Me.'

I already know what You tell me, but I do thank You for confirming it.

Your presence is peaceful, pure and wide. All this is very enlightening.

Existing means living to the fullest one's potential as a happy life-form.

Earthly living languishes amidst confusion, dubious purpose, isolation.

With its hustle and bustle keeping people busy earth life is abnormal.

A joy or satisfaction we can treasure seems a short-term intermezzo.

Life's spirit core saves it from futility. The rest is temporary, won't last.

Here, life is a prison. Real life must be set free. This begins in our spirit.

Now, a whiff of true life-giving fresh air does enter our planet's cage.

Real life is for everyone; it takes place when we dare to see Your face.

Even still behind a veil, Your white is so bright. It can enlighten us all.


You're clothed in shades of red. As dancing flames they whirl around you.

You seem so alive and assertive. Who could ignore Your blazing light?

Does it indicate that this presents the masculine side of You being Love?

You exude an urgency and determination, igniting passion all around You.

Who could resist the attraction of being embraced by Your 'hot' energy?

You are as our sun, on whose blaze all earth's external life is dependent.

Yet You do not at all threaten to devour us when we come close to You.

You want to warm and inspire. You want to share Your fiery passions.

Sadly, many believe that closeness to You overshadows our personality.

The idea of You being too holy for us sends people promptly into hiding.

Yet, what's happening to me is for literally all humanity the way to go.

Fire wants to purge and to empower.

What's left of our previous software

Can be erased, burned off, deleted.

But what is eternal, blatantly here,

Is the fervor of Your love's passion.

There is pain from many things gone wrong in my life.

Caused by my doings, by others or by nature's foibles.

As humans, in general, we are part of a miserable lot.

Niceties can cover a cleverly hidden self-serving plot.

Much energy spent on acquiring or protecting things

Or pleasing my ego may be wasted as utterly useless.

Our planet, too, can at one time throw up or implode.

It can, spent and barren, just be left alone to corrode.

From day one we are enslaved by a need to survive.

We crave a share of shelter, food, sex, of a good life.

Where love is, it's challenged, as light is by darkness.

Passions within us burn, but are they for our good?

Whatever we say, there's pain in living in our world.

Yet Your healing radiation invites to claim health.

Negatives, like darkness, can be absorbed by light.

Your fire's might cleanses what obstructs our sight.


By now, I expected to see You as a different color.

I even guessed that the color was going to be blue.

This is how here the sky and oceans are depicted.

So wouldn't You, as 'Space', have that color, too?

We take up space with our spirit, body and mind.

We are radiating, the volume and story we write.

This is how You desire it. Your space being filled:

Innumerable presences and each their own kind.

All this in accordance with what Your nature is:

A limitless vastness with only peace and bliss.

There is no place in 'hell's', on our planet or in 'heaven',

In the Positive or Negative State, outside of Your Love.

All do breathe Your goodness while filling their space.

There's no ground to walk or build on or to be worked,

Of which You do not lovingly say, 'Is it not all Mine?'

We are space as much as space is us. Its volume heralds love's vastness.

You, our Source, share it all with us. All of us in existence may relate to

Life's purpose. Together we are a reality, with You as center and horizon.

Fortunate are we by living in the awesome wideness of the multi-verse.

We can try to mirror the deep blue of Your endless love and newness.

The immensity of space in which we find ourselves can overwhelm us.

We grasp little, but shouldn't stop feeling part of this royal abundance.

Earth's most truthful creatures are our children, as the time since leaving 'heaven' is still short.

Negative programming in them isn't yet effective. They go by what from 'heaven' they brought.

All newly-born creatures, humans included, are very tender, fragile and innocent in all respects.

They don't respond yet to life being a bitter fight. They act as they feel and do what feels right.

Children and newborn animals bring out the best in us, hardened-by-life, grown-ups on earth.

They remind us of the loss that at birth we were thoroughly disconnected from things normal.

If we all would again become as children, the Negative State would lose its appeal and control.

Love would enjoy a permanent foothold. Then, innocent trust would return that adults stole.


Now, You show a mixture of colors. Curving stripes play and change positions.

Nothing is stagnant or dull. Are the bright colors projections from within You?

Are they perhaps signaling the harmony in and of Your seven-fold appearance?

Or do they show the positive togetherness You see in all life's happy entities?

The rainbows we know on our planet are standing still.

Will they one day spin, waving the colors of harmony?

Love's opposite is not hatred, as is commonly thought.

Hate is typically hellish, a conditioned human reaction.

It's making contact, but in a sickly, perverted manner.

No, love's opposite is being empty and disconnected.

In other words, there's not such a thing as true living

Unless all the nuances of life's love colors do connect.

When a friend puts an arm around my shoulder, I surrender to an intimacy warming my system.

When the 'angel' placed its hand on Jacob's hip, his person changed, qua body, mind and future.

So it is for me: because of Your intimate touch I am marked, and thrilled. What more to desire?

It is so tragic that many people confine I AM's speaking to written words from way-way back.

Those have to be interpreted, as they're filled or complemented with all sorts of human ideas.

You always speak. You being life's I AM is for l what's in existence the ultimate communication.

If You wouldn't speak or touch, nothing would come into being.

What's written in so-called Holy Books is mere correspondence;

it points at the all-pertaining of Your love. For the evil State it is

Crucial that humans stick to the letters and so block Your spirit.

It is only when we love You personally, and love others by our

Free choice and not out of a necessity, that we hear Your speak.

True connecting involves our bodies, minds and hearts; all of us.

We are totally tied to others by rules, needs and conditioning.

Yet You as I AM do always express Your three-leveled nature.

Your words sing, and each one of them is invariably enriching.

It's sad that not all people on earth want to read in what exists

The configurations of what love does write anytime anywhere.

I know a painter whose still life's often have eggs as prominent feature.

He told me that he wouldn't mind painting eggs for the rest of his life.

To him - an happy and successful artist - they are the most pure form.

Is it not so that when we'll use many words for something in order to

Embellish it, it gets disconnected from its simple, spiritual essence?

All in life is differently positioned and shows off one way or another.

What links them best is sincerity. So Your dress's undulant stripes

Represent all facets of being. It models love's all-connectedness.


I notice I try to guess what will be the next color of Your appearance.

I see brown and beige flashes. A corner of my brain works overtime.

Then calmly You let me know what the dress 'progression' expresses.

It's transparent. No colors are involved in the movements of the love

Your nature is expanding to everywhere in the universe of existence.

I again hear Your warning to not guess about what I am going to see,

But to listen, observe and watch now You are showing Your fullness.

Your transparency reminds me of glass, beautifully blown with utter precision.

Each gracious movement You make is adding more clarity to Your presence.

I interpret Your eternally unfolding and moving forward nature as not part of a

Secretive scheming or a, for us, hidden agenda or of a mysterious celestial plot.

It is the nature of Your essence as Love that it just is as it was and ever will be.

So where Your presence spreads itself is where new life comes into existence.

You always are sharing Your love for free with whatever emanates from you.

There's no small print nor expectation: You are an open book, for us all to see.

I shiver, thinking of the complications I induce when, even with friends, my

Caring, or what I consider good deeds, gratifies urges of my personal needs.

Humans tested Your patience when they started to pseudo-create. Their lies

Flew into Your unprotected face. Yet You held off and did refuse to retaliate.

Rather than wreck the evil endeavors, You choose to enter their dark space.

You give us freedom to portray the way we seek - or not - your loving face.

As a boy, I fantasized about where the world stops.

I pictured a fence, but then, what lies beyond that?

The same puzzle I faced in regard to issues of time.

Later, I wondered about limits of intimacy and fate.

Now, I realize I am integral part of life in progress.

All that I do is a factor in the universes moving on.

My questions were directed to a cloudy 'outside'.

Today, Your light within me provides the full sight.

On earth, we're held back from freely expanding.

Elsewhere, is only joy for always becoming more.

Here, moves are heavy or darkness will restrict.

Yet, You only radiate an open, bright welcome.

It's not useful for us to blame our human fabricators.

We're up to the great challenge ourselves every day:

To join the adventure of Your liberating progression,

Or worship the doom of being born with feet of clay.


You're not the by-now-familiar lady in radiant waves of clothes.

You sit with me, together with other people, and You speak.

You are relaxed and gentle; it seems You want to make a point.

You want to eliminate any idea that You are vague or abstract.

'Is electricity vague, without power? No life is without it." You say.

You'd like me to grasp that Your seven faces portray Reality.

I use human logic. My insights follow earth-bound patterns.

All thinking, words and feelings are by nature contaminated.

Yet in me is an almost life-long wish to meet You personally.

Wow! Now we sit together in a circle and You talk to me!

You clearly are a happy lady, You are at ease with Yourself.

In this Your presence I am close, intimate, accepted, loved.

I cannot describe the fullness of this. But it is there. It is 'it'.

You ask me, 'Look at Me, see My color; My dress glows green.'

You dance again. Whirling veils of jade. The sky's emerald.

'Causing, effecting, is walking in green pastures; not stressful.

'Feel how soft the grass is. Or how refreshing the still waters.

'All what exists interacts happily. All effects cause fulfillment.'

All of us, although offspring from the Negative State, remain the little wheels by which life's totality runs.

Instead of being excited about it, we take it as fate, conveniently ignoring the thought of our uniqueness.

We blame powers or other people's actions as excuses for what is wrong in living, what hurts or is scary.

This prevents us from seeing ourselves as the one fuse that allows passage of light or lets a darkness in.

We miss the big picture of how life really works. We tend to stay on the surface with pat explanations.

It means the un-explainable unpleasantly lurks. No wonder, we play the doctor while we're all patients.

Yet, everywhere else full responsibility is taken for one's actions, joyfully, with great, glad anticipation.

Seeing earth trapped by the slavery of externalization, they all freely choose to jointly perfect eternity.

'Everything operates by My spirit. I am Love for all and in all.

'The power of My love can move high mountains to the side.

'Love can do this, in its tiniest detail. All effecting is peaceful.

'It enriches all involved. On earth 'causing' remains suspect.

'No touch is to be trusted. Any action shows negative sides.

'But look at My face: you'll only see it radiating solid love.

'The intricacies of actions influencing others serve peace.

'All the laws of physics are laws of My green spirit in action.

'You belong in this circle. Love can also radiate through you.'

No judgment You pass; You only radiate love to whatever situation we live in.

It's up to us to openly face You and have Your light encircle what in us is dark.

We can't stop Your shine or warm attention, but we can close our mind for it.

It's what with unbridled zeal our ancestors did, molding us as their showcase.

They won credibility with their pseudo-world, having us believe You're 'iffy'.

Only by seeking Your presence individually, we can unmask their clever lies.

The us-preceding fifth human generation will one day make their final choice.

For us, the 'last judgment' occurs every day when we choose Your presence.

We lack clear maps, yet journeying with You keeps any fear or doom at bay.


Yellow is everywhere; I now look at Your face as freedom.

Brightly, it erupts like the rays of our sun.

You say that freedom has this color. It is universally light

And it is showing love's full dimension.

Love begets freedom and vice versa. Without them no life.

Happily, You sparkle as diamonds do.

What a contrast with our world, where all seems chained

By gravity, matter, dependency and ill will.

The first human generations started exploring out of love.

Then, freedom became a goal in itself.

Now we are as a sore on healthy skin. Nothing is perfect.

All exhibits a degree of malfunction.

You allowed Your nature as exclusive love to be tested.

Humans were equipped for this pursuit.

Our earth shows every day that freedom got perverted.

Facades of wellness cannot hide slavery.

Yet, in all humans, tiny remnants of freedom still act up.

They may have us crying out to You.

This reaching out does wonders. When we expose our

Fetters to Your light, it will melt them.


I am not surprised to see You in a silver robe with sparkling glitter.

Wherever You go will be this dazzling display of Your high spirits.

You'd like me to know for sure that true joy isn't born out of pain,

Nor is it the flip side of sorrows. It is Your nature, as it is of all life.

The presence of laughter is normal in the cosmos.

Joyful happiness can bubble up from deep within.

Every human being can know what I talk about.

At times, all seems light and safe and only sunny.

Laughter can well up, unstoppable and very real.

I'm not talking about commercial entertainment

But about pure, personal outbursts of happiness.

Life can be so good that laughter will come easy.

Humor can resolve stressful or tense situations.

Joking, grinning or chuckles do cheerfully tease.

That is joy; that is You; that is normal. For us all.

'This may sound as a cruel joke to many people who are in pain.

'Like what a Jesus experienced; that was not a fun time, was it?

'Yet, what did it lead to, his pain of being in your human shoes?'

You ask me. 'Did it cause disasters or did it bring great relief?

'I do not take lightly the human hurts. Nobody in 'heaven' does.

'So what I stress, again, is the unnaturalness of the human era.

'Yet enjoy My glittering splendor, the petals of a joyful delight.

'Join the Positive State's passionate dances with those I love.'

Your caring exudes so much power that amidst sorrowful tears

Your smile can, like a mother's, alleviate our most sinister fears.

Some call this kind of comfort regressing to a childhood state.

In sorrows, pride may refuse to let Your spirit give us a break.

Yet it's accurate to say You are the lightness of and in all lives.

All of us can consciously choose to listen to Your warm voice.

Whatever the future brings, it's anchored in our choices now.

Always glows Your silver lining and tickles Your friendly light.


When I have a flash of deep insight and try to share that with friends,

they tend to respond with wisdom's that my bright ideas transcends.

I've read up on You and religion; much I found to be honest or smart.

So, becoming more introspective seems like a race I forgot to start.

In a mall I saw thousands of people; they all going a different way.

How futile seem my doings: it's just a minor role in an average play.

I see Your presence fill the sky; innumerable squares bright as rays.

It's the message of Your universal love, always varied in its display.

I could compare or judge: which of all those is the best and why.

Yet, to mirror Your face, I can work on decorating my own place.

The panel with varied colors in squares, wherever I look, it glows.

Before it is Your presence as unobtrusive veil filtering my view.

Your voice comes from each square I look at. Your smile is in all.

'You see that the colors of My love are all equally bright and persuasive?

'All are different, all are bright, all deepen the contrast; not one misses.

'So each of My names is in its unique way radiating My nature's essence.

'Look around, see everything shine with My colors of love. I am all-color.

'Don't be fooled by superficial imitations. Look for Me in all that exists.'


You are golden. Of course You are golden. Golden rays embrace me with light.

There's no distance; they engulf me. Your face dazzles me with its pure beauty.

The splendor makes all luminous. I am in the golden city. The city of Your glory.

You do dwell in this magnificent edifice. Golden is life. Your face is. Golden 'is'.

I had no idea about Your appearance as Love in this twelfth element, harmony.

Though I expected some climax in the range of colors Your faces do show me.

Strange is that 'gold' never entered my mind as possibility in Your appearance.

Did You play a trick, so You could surprise me at the time of this grand finale?

I can't adequately describe You, though I'm not in rapture or a state of trance.

Yet experiencing You now, clothed in this golden glow, crowns all I have seen.

You showed the second of Your seven-fold face, the one portraying total love.

What an honor that I can see You revealing Yourself. I know not how to react.

Beauty we see on earth is just a mere hint of the grand harmony of Your being.

Showing Yourself to me, a non-artist, means any human is capable to see You.

I, a not-too-loving person, marvel how these colors tickle my bland aloofness.

Revealing Your colors in majestic absoluteness says my blindness leaves me.

Whatever the 'hell's' do to suppress it, love's harmony offers a dazzling show.