Part 1



Wisdom was there. He invited me to 'check him out'. I did. I looked him over closely, his face, hands, feet. I touched his robe. It felt like goose down.

"Why do you wear clothes?" I asked.

"Could you handle it if I didn't?" he teased.

He then explained, "The issue is to have you recognize who I am. What if I appear as some far-out science fiction creature? Would you feel comfortable with me with my eye in my belly button and walking on my ears? No, therefore all the humans you see here will look very much as you know humans.

'Things', like Achmed's vest, the clothes of the children or my robe function as a life-form unlike those on earth. They actively enhance the comfort of those that wear them. Perhaps what you know as working clothes point at this. They serve to facilitate the activity of the human body. Don't forget that not only you have a problem to see us here in our full appearance but we, too, have a problem with dealing with you. We cannot perceive you as you are on earth because nothing in our composition is negative. So we see you as the person you project by the intentions of your spirit. The clothes you wear here are a part of that. Am I right that you do feel different here than on earth?"

Of course, he was right. I know that I am an ordinary earthly human being. Yet during these visits, and during other times of personal closeness with I AM, I indeed sense that I am perceived differently than I do myself and that there is a 'more' to me that I can't possibly grasp. However, subjectively, it amounts to feeling liberated, new, free, 'more', more normal.

I wanted to ask him some personal questions. It was about what he does 'all day'. Does he see others like me? And, how many humans of the first generation are around? Where does he live? In a house?

He talked at length about these and other practical issues. I don't remember exactly the sequence as I write this down.

He spoke about his appearance. He reminded me that his generation was androgynous. There were several reasons why he came across to me as a typical male. His physical appearance was for me clearly that of a man, yet his person is composed of both genders. He always feels, and is, his one total self. He pointed out that there still are reminders of this in the core makeup of my generation humans.

(I agreed. As psychotherapist I had to deal with this duality in both male and female clients as well as in myself. I think that accepting this facilitates empathizing and identifying with both genders.)

No, he had no 'home' address. No house. Did not need it. "Since I do not sleep like you, I don't need a bedroom."

His total inner and outer harmony, peace and fulfillment came from his extreme closeness to I AM, he said. "Remember that you, too, like anything that exists, are always in the presence of I AM as I AM is the one life force, is existence itself. We all are manifestations of that. But we, the first generation humans, are indeed a full image of I AM. That special position comes with a limitless amount of energy and zest for living. For that, we do not need sleep, rest, breaks or a particular 'home' environment."

He mentioned that I could think of the information Peter D. Francuch (see Epilogue) gave in one of his early writings about the 'government' of the universe, a council type of gathering where developments were discussed and new ones planned.

"You can use that idea to see our activity as first generation. In this cycle of existence, the human endeavor that led to the emergence of the Negative State stands central. We meet and go over issues. For instance, over the activities of the members of the fifth generation and their way of controlling the Negative State.

Our power is in radiating to them, on the mental level, our love and logic. They tend to reject this right away, yet our 'message' can be picked up by others in their dominion. You did it. Your parents, without realizing it, by being decent people, did it. Countless other people everywhere on earth did and do it. You could say that wherever the machinations of the fifth generation and their minions are active, our influence also pulsates. From the remnants of true life in them, people can and do connect with what we infuse. But as you know, none of us ever interferes with people's free choice. Humans are born there to make individual choices."

I asked if this meant that they sort of prayed for us.

He answered that regardless how I call it, they do relate to our generation with a constant radiation of love and truth.

I think he mentioned they now are very much involved in the final stages of the human exploration and pursuits that his/her first generation started. He said that however abysmal and senseless the whole endeavor of the Negative State may seem to have become, it still is crucial for proving for all eternity the true nature of I AM.

I ventured, "So this is what you do, meeting with persons like me and being involved in the politics of the real reality, of which I have not the faintest idea how it works. But I am only one person. Who takes care of the millions on earth that died today? Do they all meet with you or with some other member of the first generation?"

"No! But they are 'taken care' of by those who lived on earth and have become wise in their own right. Like Achmed and his wife. Why I meet with you is because of your special position. You are, while still on earth willing to sense and write about the true state of affairs in the universe. I and others are available to encourage you and to give you information first hand.

"So I am not the only one?"

"Oh, no."

"But how come you can visit with me or the others at any time we happen to be ready for it?"

He seemed to take his time to formulate an answer. By the way, perhaps I should say, he/she or she/he, but from the beginning I perceived Wisdom as a male, despite his being a 'complete' person, perfect and wholesome in every way; gentle and sharp, wise and warm, masculine and feminine, and clearly totally dedicated to what he/she is and does.

"Take yourself," he suggested. "You are one person, yet on different levels. Part of you is with me here, part is keeping an eye on your dog and part may be thinking about tomorrow or something inconsequential. In other words, you are in different worlds with your attention, all at the same time. And you are aware of it. Well, I can do that in an absolute way. I am fully with you here, distracted by nothing. And I can also, at the same time, be fully with others, including others like you. I don't have to be with everyone, as there are others of my generation also doing this. I also can be at a meeting of the council, as you called it. All at the same instance. As you heard many times, there is no time and there are no separated 'moments' for I AM. He/She is the eternal moment of being, as manifested in the myriads of ways existence exists. We humans mirror I AM's nature in being able to be everywhere. Although, for us, this is not in general but only where and when it serves a purpose. This ability was taken away from your generation. You only have tiny remnants of it, like being on your spiritual level somewhere else than where your physical body is."

"Still," I insisted, "what about the millions of people that die today? Or people who read this? Will they all be individually met by former earthly humans? And what about their 'alter egos'? How will they know those exist? Will they be met by them?"

Calmly he said, "Not immediately. People do not know they have another existence in the real world. You are an exception. And you cannot grasp it. Only after people are thoroughly debriefed and decontaminated and embrace out of their free will reality as they then face it, reunification takes place. Most of them will not even be aware of this happening.

I asked if it ever becomes routine for him to continually meet with people like me, who probably all ask the same type of questions. ('Though hopefully more intelligent ones than mine', I thought. My mind is just not that inquisitive. I am quite comfortable with a stage of wondering and doubting.)

His answer was a resolute, "No! Life is never boring or the same. It just isn't. Don't forget that all earthly life is part of a distorted state of being."

He added something about us being part of the 'unbelievable' expansion of I AM into the realm of being denied. All humans play a role in that.

He said, "Concepts like routine or boredom are completely unreal. They are part of the delusion of a pseudo world. For me, to know I AM that intimately and have a role in this decisive testing of Her/His nature, remains the validation of my individual importance.

You asked what I and others of the first generation do 'all day'. I would say, it is indulging in life, in I AM who is all seven names your 'Writings' reveal. I do it with every part of my body, mind and spirit. Even for me it is awesome to what height and depth of joy and gratitude this leads."

His whole body glowed so brightly I could hardly look at him. He fascinated me. After an awe-filled pause he said, "I am glad to have what you call eternity for not having to figure it out but just enjoy how beautiful life is and how fulfilled I am."