Only Holy

The Seven Names Writing 3

knowing the Unknowable

1. Much of what we see and observe we can read like an open book.

We figure out what goes on and we are pretty sure we have it right.

Our brains store the information and we continue learning new facts.

Parents have a way to 'read' their children. So do good friends each other.

And yet there are limits. We can grasp things only to a certain point.

2. What about knowing ourselves? Can we get the whole picture?

We should be familiar with the individual who carries our name.

A mirror tells us how we look and our body chemistry says how we feel.

But do we fully comprehend ourselves? No secrets or surprises?

The truth is that our own lives are full of hidden areas and mysteries.

3. We deal with most people without really knowing them well, and when

our personal puzzles or grey areas bother us, we tend to disregard them.

Yet, on some level we keep wondering what makes us tick and in what

happens to us, what kind of role play factors we are not aware of?

After all, we are just a speck in the enormous volume of the universe.

4. It is said: We are born alone and die alone. This is not literally true.

At birth, our mother, our genes and a 'life force' are there. When we die,

love of others may escort us, and after death we may be welcomed.

However, the valid point here is that our life is an individual adventure.

No one else lives our life or dies our death. We have to do it ourselves.

5. Most of us agree that life as we know it is filled with unknowns,

mysteries and seemingly off-limit areas. This can be quite frustrating.

Our human intellect – with science as mighty exponent – cannot explain

everything. The same goes for religions with their doctrines. It is up to

each individual to face what seems beyond us and come to terms with it.

6. In trying to grasp the totality of life we must leave room for unknowns.

With our physical eyes we cannot see everything, and so it is with our

mind's eyes. Even our fantasizing runs into solid walls. It seems our fate

that the manual for grasping life has many blank pages. Whether those are

filled in after we die depends of course on whether an afterlife exists.

7. Words like mystery, secret, unknown or beyond, point at what may, or

may not, lie on the other side of what our encyclopedias describe. As all of

us humans are in the same predicament, in terms of being filled with and

surrounded by unknowns, we take this for granted most of the time.

But what if accepting it as fact is a result of deceit and brainwashing?

8. This Writing says that it is. The paradox in the title of this segment,

'knowing the Unknowable', seems a play on words. But it is not. Please,

note that Unknowable is printed with a capital 'U'. It indicates that what

seems most ungraspable is not just a different realm but is the most

dense and central part of the reality from which we here are separated.

9. Throughout human history, the Unknown, as a realm inaccessible for

human understanding, has fascinated people as much as they ignored it.

It has been regarded as divine, a hideout for cosmic forces – benevolent

or demonic - as irrelevant, or just waiting to be uncovered one day.

Still, dismissed or revered, the unknown realms seem poised to stay.

10. Not really knowing other people does not exclude appreciating them.

And while a mystery to ourselves, we still can live productive lives.

So, making a big deal of life's unknowns does not seem that significant.

Yet regardless of what we say, when we are honest we all are at a loss

about the great schemes of eternity, the universe and what is 'out there'.

11. Why is it a fallacy that we are incapable of understanding what

unknowns are all about? What or who started that lie? And why? This

Website opens doors to the world of facts, so we can enter; enter as humans,

that is. The way other entities, like flora, fauna, matter or immaterial units

connect with the full reality and 'know', happens on different 'frequencies'.

12. The crucial issue here is: can we not know the Unknowable, what or

whoever it is, or do we not 'want' to know, for whatever reason? How we

answer this question reveals how seriously we take ourselves and whether

we are willing to be responsible for the direction we want our lives to go.

If we want to know the truth, we will. If not, life's prime facts elude us.

13. This may still seem rather irrelevant. Why not just leave what clearly

is beyond our grasp alone, or think of it as the domain of god or gods?

Of course, with any discovery of what makes the cosmos and our human

psyche tick, the space in which deities operate shrinks proportionally.

But that not too many people will lose sleep over this is a reasonable guess.

14. Challenging limits and exploring them can stem from a deep desire to

understand. Insight can have us feel safer and may lead to smarter moves.

Unknowns make us feel uneasy; they pose potential threats. In this sense,

knowledge means power and self-confidence. It facilitates being in control.

Probing the mysteries and secrets of life seems therefore a positive pursuit.

15. Acquiring full knowledge is not just done by intelligent thinking.

It includes all segments of our person, like feeling, intuition and physical

sensitivity. We could say that we are what we know and feel, consciously

or unconsciously. We shape our worldview and we react according to

the information we receive from the outside and from within ourselves.

16. We learn by observing and wondering about what is not clear. All

people do this in their own way. This booklet has a three-pronged approach

to expanding knowledge of the realms considered unknown. It recognizes,1,

the way life appears on earth now, 2, it challenges limits taken for granted

and, 3, it invites anyone to turn their wondering into discoveries.

17. True knowledge thrives on external, internal and innermost harmony.

Its quality is determined by whether it is aligned with the one and only

universal 'reality'. However, our earthly body and mind are not the

principal conduits by which the Unknown is sensed and uncovered.

True insight into the scope of life originates within our innermost spirit.

18. When the veils hiding the Unknown are lifted and we realize what life

is really all about, it affects every aspect of our being on earth – earth being

the epitome of confusion. This may not lead to abrupt changes but

something fundamental does happen. What has been hiding in the spirit

core of our system will start to unveil and illuminate 'everything'.

19. The information in this booklet is as a seed concealed in all that exists.

But what a difference between earth and the rest of the universe in how

this is handled! In the worlds outside of our planet's negative state, the

seed of truth is always unfolding into a wider, unrestricted lushness.

There, is no solid partition that separates the known from the unknown.

20. Not so on earth. The seed of truth within us meets opposition at every

moment and every step when it tries to come to life. Yet on the level of our

spirit we can sense and nurture its stirrings. True wisdom germinates there.

What earthly 'fact'-based logic cannot figure out is radiated to us from

within, if we are willing to expose every aspect of our person to its light.

21. How will what used to be hidden look? When did the windows to the

Unknown get cleaned? Will 'knowing' make any difference practically?

The last question is easiest to answer because we will personally notice the

difference once we dare to learn. It is entirely up to us how close a look we

take. This booklet provides information; no prescription or prediction.

22. The question when the Unknown became translucent has to do

with our personal trajectory. How clever are we in understanding life? Did

ever insights come through beyond our traditional beliefs? If so, did that

vision last? And more importantly, do we truly wish to know what seems

unknowable? Whether or not we pursue the full truth becomes our story.

23. Having veils lifted from our ability to comprehend 'everything'

depends on how sincere our desire is to throw out lies and falsities.

As already stated, in the rest of the universe there is no solid division

between knowing and not knowing. All data are accessible at all times for

all. On planet earth this has never been the case, disconnected as it is.

24. On earth, no correct information about anything is readily available.

This is not the fault of us human beings. Earth itself is in disarray.

Confusion, malfunction and limited capacities are typical for our planet.

Yet, in every earthly part and unit a link still exists with the real reality

where all is out in the open and transparent. That link hides within us.

25. The persistent human search for answers in the midst of so many

mysteries is a clear sign of the isolation of our planet in the great universe.

There is a whole story behind this. Actually, it is the history of earth.

It can only be told if it is placed in the human linear time mode.

Universal reality's 'no time' or 'all-time-is-now' completely eludes us.

26. By definition, what is unknown lacks adequate descriptions or images.

It means that when we encroach upon its sphere, we need to borrow from

familiar communication tools, all of which are rather primitive and prone

to misinterpretation. Yet, when we activate the link within our inner core,

even inadequate language or images can reveal some of the true reality.

27. This chapter started with mentioning unknowns we encounter daily,

like never fully understanding another person or ourselves. Also in the

wide world around us mysteries abound: what hides beyond the galaxies?

When did existence start? Will it ever cease to be, and what then?

What about the purpose of it all? Could it as well not be there?

28. This booklet does address the dynamics, meaning and direction of the

physical world we live in. It can open our eyes for the on earth poorly

understood principles by which all in existence on all levels 'behave'.

Applying them to the person we are, and thinking all of this through, can

lead to grasping life's secret on the deepest possible level.

29. What these words clarify specifically is the role we humans play in the

totality of the universe. Ignoring them limits us to data gathered on earth.

This means we create and nurture only an illusion of universal knowledge.

Earth-based projections are by definition stillborn. Only by turning our

feebly-functioning antennas toward life's core, true wisdom comes through.

30. The capital 'U' in Unknown indicates that all seemingly inaccessible

areas for our understanding are subordinated to the core ones: the origin

of life itself and its endless- and limitlessness. If we can crack that 'secret',

everything becomes explainable. The first name proclaims that the nature

of the One Totality of being is indeed all-transparent and knowable.

31. The source for insight in what life and living means, lies within us.

Simply because our person is already part of the one total of being.

The sole heartbeat of life also pulsates in us. We did not start it.

We are an investment in and an expression of life. We add to its totality.

Intellectually, we may not fully grasp this, but practically we can live it.

32. In other words, we can consciously recognize the universal life force

within us. Treasuring its presence illuminates our link with the true reality.

Taking the Unknown - the one who contains the totality of time, place and

volume - as a person is pure wisdom. For us on earth, unknowns will

frustrate us as long as we ignore the one Who 'Is' the All.

33. All this points to the fact that not being able to understand 'everything'

is unnatural; besides that, it can be quite annoying. If we want to change

this situation while we are on earth, it has to come from a sincere desire to

not live by lies or half-truths. That wish does nicely move wisdom along.

The truth is that the for us 'Unknown' loves to be found and to enlighten us.

34. Nobody can tell us we must be interested in realms that seem hidden.

Life can be quite satisfying and good as it is. Still, who does not grapple

at times with being at a loss about life's meaning, its shortness and whether

we really are free to choose? We hit so many walls. But then, will we

perform better once we act on a stage without any view-blocking curtains?

35. The fact is that not being able to grasp much of the total scope of life is

highly abnormal. In other realms, no confining boundaries exist on any

level. There, learning and wisdom are unrestricted options for all.

Yet the reason for being born on earth is precisely to be exposed to and to

have to react to this unnatural situation. It is our special human mission.

36. As long as we are on earth, contacting the realm of the seemingly

Unknown and unknowns amounts to an uphill battle. It takes ongoing

efforts. Yet no one will ever be judged or punished for not progressing

enough on the path to more insight. And the tiny link within us that

bursts with the wisdom of the universe will always be within reach.

37. Each human society has developed its own way to teach children.

Some methods employ rigid school systems, others allow for creativity

and improvisation. Besides what is done officially to educate children,

much of what they learn about life comes from observing family, peers,

street life, television - and figuring out things by themselves.

38. To process what this booklet offers doesn't require a particular

method of teaching, as it does not teach. It just provides information.

It does not even urge people to read it, or consider its content.

Its essence is that it is available. Or even stronger, it simply is 'present'.

Truth does not have to be recognized as truth in order to be true.

39. What is said here is not formulated or coated in a popular language.

Yet, even as some of it seems to be abstract or beyond the intellectual level

we operate on during our daily activities, nothing pertains more to life as it

truly is. The message is not dependent on cultural or educational means of

gaining knowledge. It describes, directly and fully, each person's situation.

40. The name One Holy stands for all reality. In what seems Unknowable,

we, without exception, have our existence. Therefore, infants, mentally

deprived people or brilliant minds 'know' what this booklet is all about,

because its content speaks of their lives. The spirit within us 'knows', even

if the rest of us does not. Just realizing this is already mighty liberating.

'ONE HOLY' The Seven Names Writing 3

naming what we do not know

41. Giving a name to a person or thing facilitates communicating about

them. It is the reason we, most of the time, use names for what we talk

about without thinking. We give tentative names when we are not sure.

But using a name for the ultimate Unknown in order to address it

presents us with a completely unique and incomparable situation.

42. This booklet says that existence, whether we like this or not, is not a

mystery. It is an occurrence we can be familiar with, from its most private

core to its most flamboyant external manifestation. When did the 'ultimate'

Unknown become transparent and knowable? The answer is that, on the

inside, the windows to it have never been covered or obscured.

43. It is similar to keeping our eyes closed. It prevents us from seeing what

is out there even if we desperately want to do so. Not because what is out

there is incomprehensible but our closed eyes block the correct perception.

In this sense, there never has been any unknown until humans came upon

the scene with their impaired vision and preoccupation with externals.

44. Still, is the full scope of reality knowable? In principle, yes! If we want.

Can we overcome some of the pollution in our mind? Yes! If we want.

Can we grasp all details? No! Our cognitive system is too dysfunctional.

Can this be corrected? To a point, but only by involving our spiritual

resources. This situation will last until the present cycle of time ends.

45. When we connect with the 'hidden' source of life for its own sake and

not for some secondary gain, we may encounter a distinct Presence within

us. It may feel as though we are surrounded by and filled with friendly

light. It does not just fill our space, it is our space. This sounds mystical

but it is endlessly more. It is the full Reality making its presence known.

46. There is no reality without us in it. We exist as part of the universe

and are, as such, a specific contribution to it. We are not anybody else.

The all-presence dwells in us and exists through us. Because of this,

we are connected with all else in the universe, even if many realms still

seem impenetrable for the exploring efforts of our human minds.

47. We face many black holes when we wonder about the full extent of

existence. They devour our capacity to understand. We may agree that

somehow, directly or indirectly, everything is connected in time and space.

After all, we are as a family living in the same house. But how that house,

the universe, got there, seems as baffling as a black hole - if that exists.

48. We could, of course, differentiate between certain levels of knowing;

some based on scientific proof and others on feelings, intuition or faith.

We can place our ability to know on a continuum, going from vaguely

sensing to being firmly rooted in indisputable facts. Yet the words of this

booklet describe a source of knowledge that is absolute and unqualified.

49. We usually expand our knowledge by learning new facts and having

new experiences. Our storage space is limited and we are conditioned to

give preferred seating to information coming from the outside. This easily

squeezes out the small remnant of true Reality that transmits from our

person's innermost recesses. Still, any bona fide insight originates there.

50. If we want to differentiate between categories of knowing, just two

suffice. One is the mentioned continuum with its varying methods of

learning. The other is embracing what emerges from within our innermost

spirit. Doing the latter requires extreme caution, as any drop of true reality

that reaches our consciousness is instantly exposed to earth's impurity.

51. To know if the embrace of the personal presence of life's 'Self' is real

and not some self-induced delusion, our heads should join our hearts.

Our minds can scrutinize the veracity of what happens when currents of

the universe and eternity become activated on our spiritual level. It means

meeting with the I AM of all existence, Who loves to be acknowledged.

52. Sensing and recognizing the closeness of the source and generator of

all that exists occurs primarily on the level of our spirit, within ourselves,

in other words. It is a purely personal experience. Trying to figure out, for

whatever reason, other people's spiritual status is useless. Gaining insight

into whom and why we are comes from the link with true reality within us.

53. When wisdom from within tries to make us aware of the true facts of

life it is given a hard time by our own mental and social faculties. Our

hang-ups, the examples of others and their expectations keep interfering.

Even while visiting our innermost sanctuary, we can be bombarded by

disturbing thoughts or voices. They often try to impersonate One Holy.

54. The information in this booklet originates in consciously utilizing

channels other than those through which we usually gather knowledge.

Each person has access to them. When we use them, normalcy is restored.

Universal wisdom can enlighten us because it is already operating in us.

We exist by its grace, in spite of our ability to ignore, twist or defile it.

55. The first name of the totality of all universal and eternal existence is

'One Holy'. Speaking the name acknowledges the all-presence as a reality

that is transcending all space, volume, knowledge - and existence itself.

Without this name and what it represents, nothing makes any sense. But

honoring the name causes a monumental shift in our status as individual.

56. Using the name One Holy for the seemingly non-graspable 'originator'

of life is a long and wide-spread tradition. But so does shying away from

efforts to name the ultimate Unknown. This may be done out of respect,

but also can indicate fear or indifference, or a protest against cheapening

of the name when it becomes part of formalized religious routines.

57. So what is new, special or conclusive about the first name, as it is not

original? The name indeed serves to point at the hidden side of existing,

the mystery of life, or however the 'beyond' is perceived and described.

In this booklet the name is lifted up to identify the One Who is the

I AM of existence in Whom we and all things have our being.

58. The name One Holy is the first of seven that disclose who I AM is.

The order is not arbitrary. The first name 'covers' all existence in its

absolute absoluteness. The names together reveal and give a face to the

ever-vibrant and expanding realm of the one reality of being. Nothing is

outside of it. The first name heralds the glory of that situation.

59. The name One Holy, traditional or not, lacks any meaning when it is

separated from the other names. Without those, by itself, it is an empty

shell, a hollow sound, however devoutly spoken. It then is a folly of human

minds that want to say something while knowing nothing. The majesty of

the first name sets afire the splendor of the seven-fold fullness of I AM.

60. The first name functions as summary and as epitome of all existence.

It expresses the multi-directional immeasurable scope of life universal.

Its brightness causes everything to glow with vibrancy. 'One' includes the

totality of time, place, volume, content and density. Joined with 'Holy' it

characterizes the nature and quality of all that is in all absoluteness.

61. The name One Holy is not just for use by us human beings on earth.

It has a multiversal quality. By speaking it, we place ourselves within the

unity of all that is and will be. As each part and particle in existence is

unique, so the lifting up of the name One Holy is never the same. Yet the

shared intention in doing it connects all with the one single life force.

62. The words One Holy incorporate regions we never thought we could

access. Yet, invoking the name places us where life begins, from where its

volume unfolds and where its meaning sparkles. Whether on earth or in

other realms, the first name is the exclusive sphere of all life. Within it,

the universe marvels. When this dawns upon us who live here, we also will.

63. Each of us can know the totality of existence as if it were a person, a

friend, one with whom we can visit. Yet this same presence also contains

and transcends the sum of the ever-multi-directionally-expanding universe.

The contrast between these two aspects will never cease to baffle us.

Still, in the rest of the universe, it only inspires outbursts of pride and joy.

64. Grasping life's facts and not grasping them seem opposites. But the

distinction is artificial. Grasping is normal. Not being able to understand

is an unnatural phenomenon, exclusively found in the isolated realm in

which our galaxies exist. Those elsewhere in the universe have free and

unrestricted access to all there is to know, if they so desire.

65. It is hard for us to imagine that those in the positive state will not, like

us, hit a wall when they ponder the origin of a life, in and before which

they also, like us, have their being. After all, they also are a 'product' or

emanation - and not the author or producer of life. Is it not logical that only

life itself can have knowledge of its origin? It was there! Unless….

66. Unless something has happened that defies the impossibility that life-

receiving entities can grasp the mysteries of life's start and total. Actually,

two things occurred. One is that One Holy decided to share this particular

Unknown with what came into being - on their level of understanding.

This booklet is instrumental for this, on the level we as humans operate.

67. The other reason that the Unknown can become known is hinted at

already. It is illustrated by the strikingly opposite way entities in the

negative and positive state approach seemingly unreachable horizons.

What we on earth take grudgingly or fatalistically as mystery or fate, is

for all the universes an inexhaustible inspiration for songs of awe and joy.

68. Their position is this: Knowing what they do about life in general, and

communicating directly with One Holy, leaves no desire for wanting to

know more! If they wish for more, information would be available. Like

we on earth, they are fully aware of the immeasurable 'more' of life's

scope than what they see. But why wishing to know just for knowing sake?

69. This is to be understood as follows: It is no use trying to add anything

to a container that is already full and completely fulfills its objective.

The whole universe treasures its closeness to One Holy. All things pulsate

with liveliness and creativity. In every way, the nature of the force that

brings about all existence is reflected. What more is there to desire?

70. Another example is: When being head over heals in love, however

temporary it may be, there just is no need or desire to court others.

Not that one could not or is forbidden to do so, but someone in love is

filled to capacity with the joy, beauty and closeness of her or his beloved.

That way, life is experienced in the positive state. There are no loose ends.

71. To the whole universe, except the negative state, the One Holy, Who is

also transcending everything in every way, is an open book; is transparent.

Unbelievable as this may sound here, the reason for this is not complex.

All the universe is familiar with, aligns with, and adores what the seven

names reveal as the nature of all existence as it flows from the one I AM.

72. The rest of the universe implicitly trusts the 'more' aspects of

One Holy. They have no desire to explore them, plus they know that they

have free access to anything they would like to get to know better.

This is, of course, in painful contrast with our idea of trusting. We trust

because we have to. We have to rely on others, dependent as we are.

73. This booklet says that we can approximate what those in the rest of the

universe experience, in terms of knowing the Unknowable, despite the fact

we have been manufactured as faulty products, with defective cognitive

systems. The seven names can jump-start a jubilant trust. Deep within us

something knows the names express true reality – we originate in them.

74. The comprehensive information given here about life's ever-unfolding

fullness is a willing victim of the limitations inherent in human language.

Whoever reads this may pause for a moment and check if what the words

say echoes somewhere on the level of their deepest personal yearnings.

What may sound far and high may nevertheless touch us intimately.

75. Using names often creates distance: what is named is 'there' or 'that'.

It is important to recognize that using the name One Holy can easily fall

prey to externalization, meaning that it is thought of as being 'out there'.

This contradicts the intimate relationship with the One Who is always

and with all. The desire of One Holy to share existence also includes us.

76. We return here to the first reason why we can know the Unknowable.

It is not a matter of discovering, but of uncovering; not of learning

something new but of unlearning lies. The One Who is the I AM of all life,

including its all-transcending aspects, wants to unfold through us also.

This is the only reason that we, and anything else for that matter, exist.

77. It seems such a strange paradox. We think we know quite well the

external, the surface and observable sides of ourselves, others or things.

We can study them, compare notes or have science give us insight.

But what hides behind the outer façade is so difficult to understand,

even when we keep learning, get better educated and become wiser.

78. The most inner aspects of things escape and confuse us. Their

meaning, what holds them together, why they are there and so on, baffles

us. In other words, the innermost aspects of ourselves, others and things,

including their ultimate origin, are difficult to even name. Yet, we want

labels as it seems to give us some, at least intellectual, control over them.

79. This booklet says that it is the other way around. Using the name

One Holy for the most baffling aspect of life – its somehow being there –

enables us to explain ourselves and all that is in existence.

Treasuring the name causes all aspects of life to fall in place, also in terms

of understanding the dynamics of our mind, of nature and of society.

80. When we know I AM, we know it all, in principle. It is the only way to

experience life as it truly is. It is the foundation on which all activities rest.

It does not mean we don't have questions about the workings of the world

we live in. But unless we reverse our upside-down way of thinking, and start

with One Holy, we grope around in darkness.

'ONE HOLY' The Seven Names Writing 3

the name above all other names

81. The words One Holy express the unrestricted unity in all existence.

Wholeness, all-ness, totality or oneness indicate nothing is outside of it.

Indeed, everything is included in the one reality, however alienated from

it we seem on earth. Whether we like it or not, we belong to the oneness

of all. This is not fate but the ongoing igniting of life's vibrancy in us.

82. Addressing life's totality as One Holy in a personal way is quite a step.

We cannot prove anything that is outside the realm of our cosmos, so who

says whether what is there is worthwhile? Yet 'Holy' un-apologetically

radiates a majestic sphere of purity, integrity, awesomeness - of something

extraordinary grand. It definitely is not vague, neutral or replaceable.

83. The name One Holy intends to conjure an aura of everything else

surpassing beauty, rightness, well-functioning, liveliness and love.

This booklet invites us to 'taste' the name, to allow its sound to enter our

consciousness and to invite its radiation to touch us intimately.

This will have a tremendous effect, as it reactivates our true eternal nature.

84. Every person can experience life's totality as an individual Presence.

The first name introduces, defines and personifies this. Yet two traps lay in

wait. One is forgetting that no words in human languages can express the

fullness of real reality. On top of this, they are contaminated by the many

falsehoods with which humans are indoctrinated from birth.

85. The other pitfall is the human need to project something into a void.

The name One Holy fits that bill nicely and can take on a life by itself. Yet

it remains of human design. In contrast, this booklet challenges us to verify

whether the first name is a product of our human needs or indeed a

revelation of universal validity, albeit in a form adjusted to our level.

86. The inescapable simple message here is that each and everyone is

already existing within and before the one who is the I AM of all being.

This makes all relating to the One Holy purely personal. Also in our world.

Thinking this through logically will have the enormity of it growing on us.

Yet its full impact can only be 'seen', treasured and celebrated in our spirit.

87. The name One Holy reveals the unspeakable majesty of the One Who

desires to share life, while also being its source and limitless fullness.

'Unspeakable' does not mean we could as well not use human words.

They are inadequate, but combined with the wish to verbalize our awe for

being included in life, One Holy sounds as earth's most beautiful song.

88. Making music in general, but especially singing, we can do in private.

A song of joy can well up from deep within. It is the same with a cry of

sorrow or pain. They express how we feel; they fill the space around us:

not for effect or for the sake of others. So is our whispering One Holy. It

connects us with eternity; it is a surrender to the sacredness of all that is.

89. If we say the first name in all sincerity, we are aligned with all else in

the universe, or more precisely, with the universe itself. Where we humans

use words, others in the universe use their species-specific communication

tools. They create their particular 'language'. All these 'sounds' can

merge and reach the perfect pitch at the universe-wide celebrations of life.

90. We can keep asking for proof that life's totality has the characteristics

of a human person, and is not just a volume or a force that happens to be

there. The answer is already given. Unless we open up our hearts to be

loved as the life-form we are, insight into reality escapes us; meaning that

we only find our identity within the love-radiating presence of One Holy.

91. Feeling a deep sense of awe for the majestic proportions of the grand

universe is widely considered a part of true enlightenment. Ancient and

recent stories speak of people reaching mountain tops of insights, having

visions of other worlds, or in all simplicity are 'walking with their god'.

Whether genuine or not, they speak of a 'something' out of the ordinary.

92. Spiritual high points, moments of ecstasy, a sense of stepping out of

physical confinements, do not necessarily lead to honoring One Holy.

For one, the fire of One Holy does not just burn on special occasions.

Everything that exists originates in it and is in the most literal sense

inspired by it. Everything is sacred and to be celebrated. All the time.

93. In the other dimensions life is celebrated in a multitude of ways.

It always centers around the personal presence of One Holy.

We humans cannot imagine the full scope of the spontaneous individual

and corporate adoration of I AM. Yet we can come close by honoring

the seven names within our minds and with our actions.

94. On earth, our meeting and speaking with the One-Who-Transcends-

All does not stop when we have to return to our 'mundane' daily tasks.

It is extremely hard for us to scratch words like mundane, secular,

non-spiritual or ordinary, and see the first name attached to all of life's

facets. To think of anything as not relative to One Holy creates only lies.

95. Everything that exists is a direct or indirect emanation of One Holy.

So the word 'sacred' applies to all things, in spite of apparent differences.

It means that treating as sacred others, nature and ourselves must match

what we say or whisper when we want to honor the One Who is everything.

Seeing how poorly we fare in this respect on earth should keep us humble.

96. The seven names fully disclose the nature of everything in existence.

They now are public domain and can be read by everyone in our human world.

Like all, the first name can be honored by everybody, if so desired. We can

steer our actions so we stay within its radius. Doing that, we show that we

are eternal. Real life can already occur within, in the presence of One Holy.

97. Moments of inspiration that lead to testing and breaking through

existing boundaries occur in all segments of human society. Artists are

famous for exceeding the familiar. They can evoke and give form to

hitherto unknown and untried combinations of sounds or materials.

Scientists can do the same in their field of expertise. And so can we all.

98. The most moving, exuberant and sublime contributions, exhibiting

life's abundance, cannot really articulate the splendor of the positive state.

Yet their value is in showing that there is a 'more' to reach for.

That 'more', all of us touch upon when we dare to listen to our own

longings deep inside. Those are closest to existence's perfect composition.

99. We could say that on earth all positive efforts, however flawed their

results, originate in attuning to the rhythm of Reality still pulsating within.

Our innermost spirit core contains the link with the might of One Holy.

Only through that force can any form of life exist, function and grow.

The more we trust this connection the more all seven names come alive.

100. Even while not being One Holy, we are in, from, before, and through

I AM. When we truly see and accept this, it unveils our status as being

precious, important, universally engaged and, yes, sacred!

How could anything emanating from I AM not reflect its source?

Willingness to see our own sacred nature makes us authentic as human.

101. Can we use a different name for the totality of life, in view of the fact

that the name One Holy may be just a brave effort to fill an uncomfortable

void in human life? Many people believe in a personal god, using a variety

of names. It is, of course, no proof that there is one. So, would it be wise,

in order to prevent delusions, to avoid specific names altogether?

102. This booklet simply places the seven names before us. It says that

saying them means joining the rest of the universe in celebrating and

visiting personally with the I AM of all existence. We are free to forgo the

opportunity to do so. After we die, the full range of what the names stand

for will be unveiled to us in measured steps. We can learn Reality then.

103. Of course, there is no proof that after our physical death anything at

all can be experienced. So, waiting until then is futile. The glory of living

is not speculating about what might be but daring to uncover true reality

now. We can do it through our spiritual sensitivity, in which the link to it

still vibrates. In other words, we can challenge any spiritual illiteracy.

104. As humans, we are manufactured dependent on external factors like

our body, food, air, other people, etc. We are used to this situation.

Yet, while for all practical purposes this amounts to a form of slavery, we

still have a sense that we are in charge, especially in terms of being able to

decide how we react to life's demands. In that area we seem quite free.

105. The freedom to choose is the glory of all in existence. It is so for us,

however diluted and, at times, pathetic this looks on earth. It mirrors the

nature of One Holy Who is that name, precisely because I AM chose that

nature. The negative state, which includes our earth, is the result of

deleting from freedom its goal to enrich life and make love happen.

106. No one can convince anyone else that Reality is as a Person and can

be related to as such. Visiting with, speaking with, feeling and, to a point,

seeing the presence of I AM remains a personal experience. It is all but

impossible to have words express this comprehensively. Our behavior can

do neither. Still, the first name covers the true reality hiding in everybody.

107. Saying the words One Holy while having some sense of its all-

encompassing majesty amounts to arriving home. We can marvel that in

spite of all our towering inadequacies life is sacred, beautiful, exciting

and hospitable to all. Every speck in and of the universe has sacredness

ingrained in it because it mirrors the first name.

108. We may not want to know 'everything' that can be the result of

meeting with I AM personally. Its bright light may be too revealing or

scary for our minds, so used to grayness and fog. Our earthly constitution

is ill-prepared for true reality taking over. Yet, when our spirit realizes its

innate freedom from any bondage, it can start the liberation of our mind.

109. We can mention to others that the glow of One Holy shines in us. But

it is our attitude that will show whether we treat all forms of life as sacred.

The sacredness of everything that exists is the universe's unifying factor.

Practicing this flies in the face of what we humans consider normal. Yet

truly normal is the closeness to One Holy. It challenges all earthy 'facts'.

110. 'Holy' and 'One' are inseparable. It follows that being 'sacred' and

'connected' are also inseparable everywhere in the universe.

Stressing, as this booklet does, the uniqueness of each individual particle

and unit, could seem to downplay the interwoven-ness of all that exists.

However, sacredness includes that one's uniqueness is always shared.

111. Whatever or wherever a particle is, it is part of the one organism of

existence. It has its particular place and function in the one body of all life.

The totality of all is One and Holy. Within, and before it, specks of dust,

galaxies, molecules, human persons and all things form the one universal

family. Together they make existence into what it is and what it will be.

112. The next two chapters speak of the most inner facets of One Holy.

Those are captured by the names 'Love' and 'Truth'. They form the core,

the heart, the center, the soul, the spirit of the I AM. The two words

indicate the essence and substance of all that exists. This means we can

apply them to ourselves also. They form the spiritual core of our person.

113. The first name will always gloriously exceed the fullness the other

names reveal of the nature and content of life. The name does, in every

respect, exceed itself! Nothing is equal to life's one holy totality. This is

exactly the reason that, while trusting the absoluteness of the first name,

we are completely free to investigate all of life's greatness.

114. One Holy is the name above all names. It does not just surpass them

but it reveals the identity of anything that can be named, including humans.

There is no heaven, paradise, blessed nothingness, eternal home or hoped-

for place anywhere. There only is the I AM of all existence, the One Holy.

Letting that name vibrate within us restores our eternal blessed status.

115. Our human pseudo-created world exhibits the consequences of

turning a blind eye to the all-out splendor of the one model of existence.

At the closure of this cycle of time - with the human race challenging life's

oneness and sacredness - universal knowledge will contain complete data

on what life is not. The 'impossible' pursuit will not have to be repeated.

116. Treasuring the names, saying them lovingly and indulging happily in

now knowing the facts of life will never cease to amaze and inspire us.

We now know where we belong and, better, to Whom we belong. Whatever

brokenness or evil in our life, the first name cannot be undone. It is life. It

is our origin and future. All reality represents One Holy's unfolding nature.

117. When realizations like these reverberate in our hearts and minds, we

are in a state of worship. All living is meant to be a worshiping One Holy

as much as life itself, as an expression of eternal reality.

Still, the word worship is contaminated by associations coming from

religious practices. The word 'celebration' seems therefore more accurate.

118. We can celebrate knowing about One Holy and experiencing the all-

presence directly, personally and intimately within our inner sanctuary.

We can celebrate knowing the first name by inviting its grandness and

pure light into all the thought processes and other activities of our minds.

We can celebrate the name by seeing our whole world covered by it.

119. Celebrating our knowledge of One Holy, and being invited to operate

daily with the glow of it in our hearts, does not need outer symbols or

rituals like most religions promote. The good feeling, joining with others

can create, should come from bundling forces to unmask and undermine all

non-love situations. Standing up for the true reality can be done together.

120. But what joint celebrations or religious worship cannot do, is add to

a personal relationship with One Holy. It is within the uniqueness of our

individual spirit that the first name comes alive. We have to open up to it.

As humans, we do have the choice to be illuminated by the name 'above all

names', and to have it purify and vitalize the person with our name.