Part 3

How To Proceed


I, again, asked where knowing and treasuring all this leaves me in terms what to do with this knowledge. Realistically, I have no audience here. It is as if I speak into a microphone that is not on. Few show up to listen anyway.

"Does that invalidate the truth of what you learned about the real world? What about you, are you not worth to know all this? Besides, what do you grasp of the overall strategies of the fourth generation, or the machinations of the fifth for that matter? Your role may remain doing what you've done before: looking and checking within yourself whether you still trust Me. Although you are firmly anchored in real life, it doesn't mean you are familiar with the complexities of all that is occurring with the human generations. May I refer here to your personal ability to see and sense problems without compulsively 'having' to solve them?"

"You can print what I say and put it on the internet. Potentially, it could give you the exposure you have been avoiding quite successfully up till now. I do not ask you to do anything. Whether you publish this is up to you. I want you to know, however, that I delight in seeing you try to stay sincere in your dealing with Me. Will you witness a breakthrough for these words? My friend, you have seen that already, right within and with yourself. Believe Me, it's the only thing that truly counts for you."