Part 3

A Phase?


"I know you wonder whether the world you visited is the one and only permanent human realm. And also, what you saw, was it just a phase in your spiritual perception ability? During your visits, you were often told that those you met adjusted to your level of grasping. That could imply that what you saw was an appearance for your sake and not regular life there. So you wonder whether the world you visited presents a phase or a temporary situation in the development of human history, or that it is you who goes through phases of insights."

"What you saw during your visits was part of the external manifestation of the human realm. For you, being earthly, you can access that realm only on your most inner, your spiritual level. Let Me remind you that everything in existence has the three levels, innermost, internal and external, but each of the three themselves also have these three levels; this distinction goes on ad infinitum. What your witnessed was the external expression of the human realm, one that takes place after and away from the one you are used to. As such, it is not a phase at all. Remember some saying that they could be somewhere else, too? All people there can. You didn't pick it up then, but what they meant is that they can 'go to', 'activate', 'experience', their internal and innermost selves, whenever they want to. It means that where you met them was not their only, fixed or permanent domain. You could not join them in their other realms because you're still too attached to your earthly features. Let me just say that you can trust that eventually you also will be able to access the other realms of your innermost self if you so desire."

"As you see, the word phase is misleading. Everything is accessible everywhere for everyone at any time in My reality. So, why not have patience? It all will fall in place beautifully and lucidly. The realness you will experience on any of the limitless levels of being is incomparable with how you experience yourself now, sitting and writing this down. Truly, however attractive your environment may be right now, that situation qualifies as a phase. You know too well that nothing that seems good in the pseudo-creation lasts."