The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "When you spoke with Me a while ago, you were very aware of the questions you still have about the authenticity of what you write. You also wonder about others who seem to have a personal connection with Me and often extensively publish about it. Behind this is your questioning the impact the different religions and recent secular and scientific ways of approaching the mysteries of life have. The answer to most of this will come in this segment which deals with differentness, variety, as component of life. It is, whether it confuses you or not, one of the universe's permanent elements and has everything to do with how others experience Me. As you know, grasping the content of My first name is outside your realm. Yet not outside of Mine. The how of seeing and reacting to My fullness is determined by this eleventh element."

"As I remarked on other occasions, you could see as the epitome of 'differentness' the existence of My first name, One Holy. Does this not indicate that I have a side so incomparable with anything that it is unavailable for relating to, even by correspondence? And is that not the ultimate model for being different? Not so! My being the One Holy is not just being different. It is beyond even that. It is beyond being a mystery. Grains of sand, being all distinct, may be taken as prime example of differentness and uniqueness. Yet My being first of all the One Holy defies any description, comparison or correspondence."

"Still, the name does not just 'hang' there. What is all-affecting, real, concrete, actual and shaping the form of one's own reality is the reaction to, or should I say, the respect for My first name. All universes, their totality and details, react with unrestricted joy. It immensely empowers them when they recognize that where they 'theoretically' could experience limits or boundaries in understanding and having access to, there is instead the fullness of My presence that leaves nothing to be guessed or unfulfilled. To say it in your terms, nobody or nothing has to worry that there is any flaw or anything problematic in the occurrence of life universal. To the contrary. On earth, this can translate into trust and a deep sense of security. In the rest of the universe it is not a matter of trust. There, My first name is so endearing because it is Me having that name. And Me, they know! It is because of Me being the I AM of all that they experience themselves as part of life's fullness. That has them marvel at being as different jewels in the crown of life."

"The fact that nothing is the same has nothing mysterious in it. It is the way reality is. Even on earth this is observed. The efforts of the Negative State to emasculate this element have been plenty, but not very successful. So they induced the fear of being different, conformity as virtue, and sameness as a tool for power. This is manifested in blindly following orders, letting others decide, mass manipulation, cultural dictates, fixed rituals and group-identification. These are efforts to push for complacency and abandonment of personal authenticity. Yet rebellion against many forms of tyranny keeps surfacing. The people who recognizing that I manifest Myself always in 'individualized' ways, have the key to overcome their fate of being born into problems, being fundamentally conditioned and always under pressure to conform. They can experience themselves as unique and exquisitely endowed centers of the universe. Because where I am, also in them, is that center."

"Any item, even when mass-produced on earth, is still unique because of its own space and because of its use and history, prior and ensuing. It is pertinent to consider that all that exists, from matter to sentient entities to 'immaterial' presences, each in their own ways, as part of the real reality, can praise, hallow and treasure Me in their individual way. The expression 'Father in Heaven' was meant to open the windows to a world without limitations. The 'unknowable' can be lifted up in adoration and thanksgiving. Actually, telling you this only has value when you 'want' the facts of life. It only comes alive when you step off the benches, so to speak, in order to participate in the game of life with the individual person you are."

"'Being on the field' has you treasure My magnificent names. There, not anymore a theory, they lighten up your sky. Things fall in place when you give up thinking 'about' Me and instead realize the awesomeness of knowing Me personally. Dare to say it to yourself, 'Wow, this is it! I do not have to look around any more. I am loved. I am home!' With your particular stripes and spots that you may like or not like, you are seen by Me. You may wish to reflect My glory more clearly and never have to pretend that your failure to do so and your inadequacies are not part of you. Do not deny them. Even those make you different. But I do not compare or judge. I invite all to consciously participate in the play of life in which every role is irreplaceable."



... "It seems a truism to say that no two things, persons or events are exactly the same. Who cares, you could say. It is just the way it is. What I am telling you is that the differentness of everything is not accidental but stems from My nature, the nature of the Full Reality and therefore has a mighty purpose. Focus for a moment on Me being Love. Love is the essence of all life. If anything does not have this quality, it is not just a caricature of real life, it is an illusion that only can occur in the 'Zone of Displacement'. Even on earth it is known that love, being in love, falling in love, etc., is invigorating and has a freshness to it. It does not get old. It is colored with aliveness and newness all the time. Well, every part of Me is always in that state of love. So in Me is no 'sameness'."

"This still may sound abstract. Let me use the example of a mother's way of seeing her baby. It is not just that she accepts it looks different than all other infants, but it is a completely personal and exciting experience for her to be thrilled with the special-ness of her child. In all absoluteness, so strong, personal and specific is My love, My way of seeing and relating to each segment, detail and individual and to each presence in the universe. I 'am' Love, so what I give to one does not take away from what is available for another. In this respect, the fragmented, competitive, conditioned, excluding and temporal nature of love and loving on earth is, in many ways, a pathetic reversal of what the all-uniqueness in every instant of My relating to what exists before Me intends to be."

"It is impossible for humans to be a loving presence for everybody and everything at all times. The restrictions of physical love are a clear example of this. My loving involves all. It is My kingdom, My reign. You have to start with this if you want to understand anything of the glory of your own uniqueness. I want everything in life to reflect My unlimited variety. This is not a concept but is the observable functioning of reality. Shall I say that I would be ashamed, or bored, if I had to repeat Myself or had to do things twice or routinely? The core of My nature ever exudes, emanates, expands and evolves into more newness. It is the nature of love. It is mirrored by all that exists and comes into being. All can only respond to Me and love Me from their own unique position, even if it means this comes by fits and starts. Anything copied, standardized or coming from obligation, is wasted in the love affair between Me and My creation."

"This eleventh component of life, like the others, is universal. Differentness is normal. Identifying with My second name will bring it out most clearly that you are unique. You may see yourself as a gift to the universe. If anybody like you would have been living already, I would not want you to exist. It would mean repeating Myself. There is more to this. It applies to all people, regardless of race, religion or non religion and level of civilization or 'achievements'. If you wonder about what is important and valuable in life, use as standard measurement love and goodness. In that realm My kingdom comes. There are no other criteria to go by."

"Approaching others with judging them mentality is against My kingdom's 'rules'. A loving attitude, geared towards solutions, will benefit earth's society. Love can be expressed in millions of ways; some perhaps alien to you, but 'normal' to others. This in itself indicates that on earth love lost its innocence and its happiness-for-all potential. I know it is asked much of you to not think with a logic that compares and wants standards but to solely use the norm that My kingdom is for all and My love is all-involving. The only platform from where to operate is your own, and that can be filled to the brim with goodness. Seeing behaviors you disagree with and reject, is one thing. But do not touch others, not even in your thinking, from any other position than from your walking with Me. Being relative to Me is, by definition, processed differently by everyone. So, in that way, others are 'none of your business.'"

"In psychological terms, ego strength comes from being an agent of love, and from nothing else. It promotes losing interest in anything not corresponding with the essence of life, no matter in what form. The Negative State loves to hear Me say this, because they only can interpret this as Me putting you in a corset. Which is their specialty. It is beyond them to see love as the force promoting differentness. Expressions of love on earth are so contaminated that discerning the positive and the negative in it is often difficult. Yet in any manifestation of love is something of My nature. Be aware that highly regarded charity or culturally validated love-relationships may be the least authentic as far as My presence in it goes. All this is to say that seeing and following the all-love I am as a model makes for a safe and productive citizenship in My eternal kingdom."



... "Is it not wonderful that the truth of life is not something you have to climb up to, as it were, but is there where you are, on your level. There is not one thing that is more true than another, including the illusions and denial states as they occur on earth. It means that being different does not make any difference in term of My closeness or being part of true life. Like Love, Truth 'is'. It is Me. Realizing this can guide you when you try to find your way through the billions of approaches, appearances, possibilities, functions and uses life comes up with. It all is related to Me. Seeing this makes you sensitive for proper information. It leads to wisdom."

"From My perspective, differences are seen as you see a mosaic or raindrops sparkling in the sun. They remind Me of Myself. They show that nothing is not alive with newness, not distinct, not special and is not a particular contribution to life's totality. That points at My will being done. I love to see everything thriving, as I do, on variety and uniqueness. This leads to each and every facet having its own brilliance. Entities, newly endowed with life, when they become aware of themselves, discover they are full-fledged participants in the game of life. From the beginning they feel unconditionally accepted and welcomed. Those around them answer questions they have, show options and express what a treasure their appearance is on the scene of life."

"Participating in life means, by definition, one does it his or her way. In this sense, you create your own self. Everybody is a new truth happening, is a piece of the expanding reality. Copying attitudes or not questioning demands of groups or doctrines amounts to not contributing. All in life can mirror Me by 'owning' the entity they are. In the universe, no part is needy. Being relative to Me prevents this. Unless, of course, one chooses to turn one's back to Me and deny Our relationship. Doing that has created the present gap with the 'Zone of Displacement' where neediness and interdependence are rampant. Even if you call evil and darkness contributions to the variety of life, you have to ask whether they are authentic and, like My manifestations, enriching. They may appear to shape life, while actually they obscure reality."

"What about the perpetrators of the Negative State? They knowingly suppressed, denied, detached and isolated as much as they could parts of My world and created your pseudo-reality in the process. Yes, turning their back to Me did become part of the occurrence of life, of the truth of the one expanding universe. However, the unnatural, not-love consequences of their choice do not fit into reality. The choices that led to evil and brokenness will be retracted when they convert to My world again. Retroactively, their story will be re-written. What is left of their pseudo-creation, like, for instance, the human body, will be transformed so it can participate in the real world. My own new nature shows it can be done. Your human ancestors who are still active pretend not to hear this. They write off these things I tell you as Me putting you on."

"There still is another aspect. Your wisdom, your being real, does not come from intellectual thinking, through research or by insights and revelations others receive. You are already an aspect of truth. Seeing and treating yourself as a carrier of My nature qualifies you as being wise. My presence in you equips you to live to the fullest. You are not dependent on anybody because I am directly accessible. I know this flies in the face of what most religions offer. Those codify, protect, regulate and defend what they believe is the truth 'about' Me. Yet truth does not come from doctrines, past insights or someone else's revelation. A correspondence on earth to the real reality blossoms when people recognize they have My closeness in common, and find ways to celebrate that."

"These words answer your questions about religions, philosophies or whatever perpetuating dependency and, therefore, non-wisdom. There is nothing negative in coming together to see how the truth of My reality can bring sanity in your environment, in acting in that direction and celebrating being in contact with Me. Let Me mention here that children can be shown the different ways people seek Me. This should include telling them how easy it is for anyone to fail the test of wisdom and goodness. Yet they should hear that they are, regardless of what, My beloved children and playmates. Earthly parents have to set boundaries, guide and discipline. I do not! My authority is My being Who I am - My will; is My love, is unconditional acceptance of what one is. Children can be made aware of this. Religions should preach that, especially where differentness scares them or is seen as threatening. It is a perversion of everyone's eleventh component. Being different is only meant to enrich."



... "All 'daily bread' comes from Me. It stands for the sustenance of life. Life comes from Me. With life comes its ability to be lived. This happens in a myriad of ways as you see around and in you. The 'prayer' highlights the fact that all that goes on in the real reality is doing so to a full measure. There is nothing 'iffy', 'maybe' or second-rate about it. If it was, it would not mirror My nature. In Me is nothing negative, ugly or not original. That the Negative State in all its aspects portrays that anyway is not to say that their doings are expressing My nature. It is a show of denying What and Who I am. Therefore I call it negative; what does not build up, is against nature and unreal. For you, in the midst of this, it may seem as real as the food you eat, but from your spiritual perspective, you already experience that what is negative does not fit anymore."

"You learned firsthand that in the full reality variety, differentness and uniqueness is gloriously flaunted. Some of this occurs on earth. As with love, the Negative State just could not come up with an alternative for this component of life, so they riddled it with conflicts. Being different now comes with alienation; it exposes one to criticism and worse. Do and have what others do and have, became the measure for 'happiness'. Submission to social dictates and customs goes hand in hand with looking for validation from others, instead of refining your personal mission. Some people boost their being different as an ego trip or as a way to protest the establishment. There are hundreds of ways to spoil the beauty of uniqueness. Yet it is only meant to serve the good of all, to make life more colorful. All relationships, structures and groups can be enriched by life's variety."

"Being in life is open-ended in terms of perfection and enjoyment. Since its essence is love, there is no vagueness about its source, direction or future. Involvement in life creates pure satisfaction. Respect for what is different in function and potential and in appearance and style is a given that can galvanize life's liveliness. Direct personal contact with Me precludes wondering whether all this happiness can go on forever. What daily bread stands for on earth is My personal presence in the rest of the universe. What there they eat and drink, or the mechanisms for moving and interacting, they do not have to 'work' hard for. You notice this when you are on the spiritual plane. There is no lack of anything. If something new is desired, it becomes a project and a challenge. Perfection never is a 'finished' product. Perfection comes from alignment with My universal nature - will - that has goodness and beauty as structure. It comes from taking that as blueprint."

"Ideas do come up for embellishment or for exploring new territory. These are gladly embraced and tested without any fear of miscalculation or disappointment. It cannot have that fear, because all thinking, wondering and suggesting comes from love and truth, from goodness and wisdom. Boredom is completely absent. Fullness begets more of itself. I am the cohesive force of and in existence on all levels, in all interactions, functions, achievements and dynamics. Saying that I am Right, of Beauty and that I am life's Structure is wonderfully correct. My fourth name is Proper. So all activities of life's participants, sentient, material and 'immaterial' ones respond to this. All contributions come from the joy that as one is, one fits in."

"It requires quite a bit of determination on earth to not fear differentness. Yet it is an opportunity to get a taste of the real world. When different interests cause conflicts, for instance physically, when a part stops serving the whole, it is a sign of earth's brokenness. It is not 'normal'. Health, beauty and harmony form the real reality. All sickness, pain, injustice or destructiveness are symptoms of the Negative State's impotence to come up with anything satisfying and reliable."

"Wherever you can, do side with what is uplifting, healing and respectful, with things positive. The so-called balance in the natural coexistence of dark and light, good and evil that some proclaim to be unavoidable and an indication of life's normalcy, is a hoax. Only from the perspective that I now can include the result of freedom abused into My new nature, this hoax serves a purpose. Otherwise there is no redeeming quality to anything not beautiful, just, right, proper, well-functioning and fitting or to anything not adding to the splendor of life's edifice."

"Those who realize they are on a mission in the 'Zone of Displacement' will never glorify anything evil. They will deplore it and, inspired by their contact with Me, go for an all-out effort to infiltrate their mind and doings with life's true dynamics. They judge what they see not by comparison, style or trends, but by the internal sense everything has. In other words, how My fourth name is represented, reveals the true value and strength of any structure. Realness has everything to do with usefulness and being authentic."



... "My wholeness unfolding and the expansion of reality has differentness written all over. Would I duplicate anything of Myself? It would mean I have to repeat Myself by going to places I've been already. To borrow your expression, I would be bored stiff! Besides that, life just is not constructed that way. Actually, this is not difficult for humans to grasp because you see everywhere that nothing is the same and that everything moves through time and changing circumstances. The beauty of this component is that all differentness can lead to more splendor and wholeness."

"What is good in people or society has no roots in anything native on your planet; it does not originate there, you could say. It is life's eternal nature coming through. The Negative State, in order for their human offspring to side with them, needed to allow them some freedom to make personal choices. Making earthly humans robots or programmed entities - which would have been easy for them - would defy the purpose of their quest to establish an alternative world. So however not recognizably mutilated and garbled your appearance is compared with the original humans, your distinct personalities allow for moments and movements that are authentic and positive. Again, reflecting My nature cannot be completely suppressed. This also applies to the constellation of your galaxy. They are out of sync with the rest of the universe and isolated, yet still show some of true nature's power, variety and awesomeness."

"Being unforgiving, or thinking that certain things cannot be undone or moved-away- from, means being stuck. Worse, it excludes one from enjoying life. Now, here is a problem. Theoretically, you can agree with all this, but it is difficult to see all people and all events in this light. Many are not interested at all in spiritual issues or for one reason or another have not the faintest idea what you talk about; others have religious ideas diametrically the opposite of what I tell you. Are all those to be left alone and do they have to discover the true nature of things by themselves? I mentioned already teaching children; should they be taught the true nature of things, themselves and Me? Shouldn't life's journey as a walk with Me be marketed the way commercial products or religious ideas are?"

"It discourages you when others' way of seeing things makes you aware of the enormous gap between your and their position. How can those divergent directions ever happily join? Or is your personal journey your only concern, and should you leave it up to Me to deal with others and sort of wash your hands from being responsible for them?"

"You protest My way of putting these questions in your mouth. 'It is not black or white,' you say. Well, I say that it is. Taste the word differentness. As in your body, the different parts are not interchangeable. Their purpose is to cooperate so the whole can function well. Don't you think it is your importance to contribute to the whole by just being you as the person you create, shape and form? Any system is affected when parts do not play their proper role. It copes with this and adjusts as well as possible. This is the situation on earth. It functions 'by hook and by crook' despite its many built-in defects. You are not born at another time or from other parents. Only from each entity's position as a fragmented, falsities-breathing creature, the opening up to let in My light can happen. You are accountable for the entity you are."

"As you know Me now, all will know Me. But no one arrives at that point by your path. Knowing Me comes from a desire within a person. One, they can follow up on. No road is the same. Following love and honesty as direction in the midst of the cacophony of My-reality-denying voices, that makes for true religion, for growth and for having arrived. You do not have to hide your happiness and inner peace, but in no way or shape should you try to sell it. That is not only counterproductive, but also is an open invitation for the negative powers to pollute it. Of course, you can tell children and those asking you, on which road you travel. You can show support when people are honestly seeking, but you have to respect the other person's choice. You are not them. I travel with you. That makes you an agent of the Positive State. Nothing else. It will have an effect on you. So it will on others, but that should not be your concern."



... "The great temptation, in terms of losing one's sense of importance and purpose, is comparing what you have and are with that of others, and use that to develop your self-image and self-worth. The focus is then on what is out there, other people and external observable appearances. This, instead of drawing your sense of value and security from within, where the remnant of real reality yearns to be recognized and utilized, so you can see yourself as manifestation of Me. From within comes the discovery that you are in life for the pure positive reason of enriching and usefulness. It comes with pride in being able to participate as the unique entity you are in spreading happiness and wholesomeness."

"The Negative State has been able to thoroughly poison pride in one self. One's 'ego', with its unadulterated eagerness to live to the fullest and show off what one is and can be, is degraded to a mushy mix of over- or under-rated self-awareness. Honesty with oneself, bringing out one's best and seeing all that exists as love-reality is seldom people's first priority. Yet what a beautiful sixth name I have! All-Manifestation! It primarily points at what I am in the external realms. Everything manifests Me. I am the I AM, so all that is in life originates in Me, pulsates with Me and evolves into an unlimited diversity. Being relative to Me, that makes everything unique and unrepeatable. Nothing in Me is determined, fixed, repetitive or identical. Life equals being new. And so is your ego when you see its origin and purpose in reflecting Me. It has you, in your terms, growing younger and into more, instead of older and towards less."

"Not being transparent for My nature, or trying to copy others, is a perversion. The 'old prayer', asking for not to be led into temptation, pulls the attention to Me as the only source for genuine realness and the universally enjoyed preciousness of life. For Me, it is not just a matter of being proud of My achievements but also of being able to experience reality through you and through each entity and particle in existence. Existence can be one great manifestation of love and joy being expressed. Any step away from this and you are on a slippery road. A person's identity is in mirroring My nature; not in a passive way, but in actively desiring to do that, working on it, and resisting the temptation to look around for any other validation or measure of success."

"Talking about being passive, all in the universe are just too content and filled with gratitude for being alive and too busy being involved to contemplate why they are not like others. There is more to this. If they really would like to change and experience another type of life, they can. Nothing is confined to playing just one role. In general, every part in the real reality has, on its level, awareness of its usefulness and of its freedom to be what it is. You picked up on this when you were here. Again, it is the activation of the eleventh component that shows off the awesome variety on all levels. Never is there a 'dull' moment or identical situation. All expressions of life have the quality of happily flaunting confidence and pleasure. I do."

"I did mention to you it is as the ocean. You see a mass of moving water and that seems it. Yet you know that each drop in it is an irreplaceable occurrence by its own, even when it does not take on a lasting identity. It seems indistinct and continuously merges with others to form new loose and ever-changing formations. Looking at nature on dry land, the variety and uniqueness of the parts is much clearer. But understand that the invisible air and breeze, the clouds and skies above, the hills and soil, the vegetation, etc., all consist of myriad's components themselves. They all are a manifestation of being in life, in whichever appearance or combination. All are manifestations of life's vibrations. Of which I am the center, the circumference and everything else."

"Can I say it more clearly than that each individual, each human being, however sloppily put together (and in many ways barely functioning) is still a manifestation of an existence which in all totality I am? They always are part of life occurring, which, by definition, originates in and is Me. Stepping consciously into that reality will make your existence more pronounced, special and centered. I mean this in terms of satisfaction and a wonderful knowing that you serve a purpose, and are becoming more and more your 'real' self. This will show up in deeper love and goodness, finer-tuned sincerity and wisdom and more joy and freedom; even if this happens fully only on your spiritual level. You can learn to see mental and external obstacles for what they are: obstacles, undesirable misrepresentations and delusions. All is that, what not expresses My nature."



... "Water flowing from a spring is not just that, a visible flow of a certain substance. It is a most complicated concurrence of many unseen forces. Clearly, it shows a burst of energy full of glitter, sounds and movement. Nothing stagnant or passive about it. Energy is not only the source or sustenance of life. Energy is more than the natural force you know it to be. It is My seventh name in action. You can take the life force as something personal. It is personal. It is Me. Nobody or nothing is just there, by accident, as something inconsequential. To say it again precisely: nothing is not relative to Me. Which means it vibrates from My desire that it exists and that it is free to share and show itself to Me and to the universe as the special item or entity it is. The differentness of everything is the liveliness of life's oneness, you could say."

"Interaction taking place with its ever-new and exciting combinations amounts to making love. I deliberately keep bringing up that activity. Because it is the core of My power and nature as energy. I, as Energy, bubble with desire to have things happening. I do not just want to be reflected in everything, but I want that reflection to be an act, a choice, a manifestation of the joy of being in life. Indeed, it has the quality of two lovers meeting who are into each other and therefore glow with a happiness they share with those around them. There is no activity that not somehow is like that. Take this seriously. It is painful for you to see how far activities on earth are removed from the real reality. It shows what evil is. It is the absence of the will to make love and not using one's special-ness to make lovemaking ever more special."

"Some religions make a whole production of evil and doom. They state that evil belongs to life and is a normal balancing factor, neutral or needed as contrast. You know the true facts of the origin and genesis of evil. Both mentioned approaches to life - doom or acceptance of evil as normal - are completely wrong. Evil, embodied in the Negative State and its realm, is everything that manifests itself without My glow. Energy is abused when not used for mirroring the One it is named after; when not used for love in all its many shapes and forms."

"Your ancestors had the freedom to develop their ideas about love and freedom. You do not have this freedom anymore. All on earth, your planet itself included, is built in a way that it conceals the true nature of cosmic and creative forces. Therefore, you see inequality in every segment and ensuing power struggles. Everything on earth is subjected to one sort of hierarchy or another that cannot be shaken off. It is one reason that all life-forms on earth are irreparable. They cannot function well until they are rebuilt around their remnant of being My manifestation. Do not forget that My energy and power still hide in all the fragments and broken pieces you have to work with. If this were not so, your whole galaxy would evaporate instantly."

"What you experience on your spiritual level is the most direct connection with My unpolluted presence and, therefore, with the flow of life. When you are low on physical or mental energy, for instance, when you have a fever, thinking of what you have access to with your spirit is not a cure, nor does it cause instant relief from pain or confusion. Yet, it is a moment of sanity in the midst of chaos when you hold on to the thought that I am life's energy. What that thought radiates may be rejected by misguided segments in your system, but the core pulsation by which you exist remains present. It also will be there when you die. Holding on to the awareness of My presence at all times as your personal friend, while also being the life force in all, will help you to 'survive' the moments in which the distortions and attacks of the Negative State's evil hit you hardest."

"Can you understand that this is the context in which I said that 'the last will be the first' and that what seems weak conquers the powerful? It does not condone abuse or says it is irrelevant being poor or rich, sick or strong. It means that any strength expected from outside forces, money, prestige, status, size, mental or physical superiority, etc., is hollow. It has no value at all on the spiritual level. Still, it is from there that the power and abundance of eternal life comes your way. One grain of spiritual health and closeness to Me outweighs any monumental internal or external 'success'. You may have a hard time to see this as a practical comfort for you, or for the millions whose conditions are hundred times more painful than yours. Well, it still is the way it is. Where do you think life comes from? I say, 'Try Me!'"