8. On Your Level


Rule 8. O N Y O U R L E V E L ....... 'O N E H O L Y'

"This chapter can provide much comfort. All My names confirm that I am with you on the level where you operate. In order to connect with Me you don't have to rise up to some high spiritual plateau, struggle to find your way on an arduous mental path or persevere till finally your efforts will pay off. I am where you are. You don't have to change first. All required is to realize what this eighth 'rule' says. Whatever you think you are or whatever words you use for this, the fact that somehow you are aware of being in life already gives you free access to Me. On that level, I tell you that your being alive is a guarantee that you are loved by Me, accepted and already safe and secure while still walking as in a confusing, threatening and seemingly dense fog in which anything can happen."

"I use the word secure. As you may have noticed, I use this and similar words regularly when I explain to you My being the One Holy, the name for My non-nameable part. It seems of course that right here, I am shooting Myself in the foot, if you will forgive Me using this violent expression. How can what is not-nameable and incomprehensible in My person, which is precisely what My first name indicates, be on your level? Shouldn't you, or I, just leave this alone and deal with what's accessible and practical?"

"In a way you are right. In regard to this name I don't ask you to think about it and then place it somewhere in your memory bank as unresolved. It never will be 'resolved'. By nobody except by Me. For Me, it is a matter of being Myself. I ask you to focus on the entity you are and see if you can come to the acceptance that all is well with you because I am well. In other words, do you trust Me? Are you willing to let yourself 'fall' into My presence by free choice, even if you can't explain Me? This 'falling' you do would happen on your level, right? Well, it will have you land right into the very center of what you are all about, what I am all about and of where you are already. You arrive home that way!"

"You can testify to the truth of this. You saw that in the other dimension, there is no problem whatsoever about Me being the everything-transcending Center as well as the personal, intimate friend. They all experience Me as close when they walk, talk and visit with Me, privately as well as when they are active in group settings. They don't entertain the burning questions about Me that you have. The questions they do have are on the level of friendly discussions. Let Me tell you again that the fact that I am My first name, which means I am more than being on their level, is exactly what gives them the thrilling impulse for being wholeheartedly part in the ever-unfolding yet completely safe Reality."

"Because I am who I am, life is open-ended. Because of this, loving Me knows no limitations and keeps the juices going, to use that quite accurate image. You sense it when you are in the full Reality. It permeates everything - the glow, the awe and the excitement that radiates from matter as well as sentient entities. To you, it looks as a 'high' they don't have to come down from. Their security and their being free now from any burden the Negative State imposed is a direct result of embracing My first aspect. They don't use a name for it. It's alive in their hearts and in the center of their awareness. They don't have to question My closeness because it is always there. It provides such a completeness that nothing has to be 'resolved'. My being the transcending One is what validates their knowing Me personally and universally. What happens in your world, therefore, is beyond the comprehension of the rest of the universe."

"Some people on earth, when groping for life's meaning, respond as they do in the universe. This manifests itself in them as a deeply-rooted sense of being safe. It is an inner knowing without a need for conceptualizing. It inspires an awe for life, for nature and for everything around them. They also don't have the need to name it. It is not mysterious. It is just wonderfully there. This is what I offer in this 'rule'. Everybody may start living from this fact, and allow this awesomeness to dominate the space in which they find themselves. When addressing Me, you touch the source of 'everything'. Known and unknown."

"You are tempted to put words in My mouth while I talk about this. You have the image of two people very much in love yet not able to really know the other or be the other, so they have to settle for what is heard, seen and done. You think something like this is going on here. But I have to tell you again that any analogy is invalid as corresponding to My first name and spirit. Their universal reaction, you could say, is the only personal link from their side to My transcending all. This reaction consists of a joyous acceptance. Closest on earth would come a consciously trusting Me blindly. If this is done in gratitude for the chance to participate in life, then you do the most sensible thing you can in terms of honoring My first name."

"Doing this is no particular activity. It is the core of your acting up. It pulls all aspects of your person towards life's true perspective. It is good to have My first name flash in your head even before you say that you lift up and treasure My names, as you do in the affirmation, the 'new' 'prayer'. Don't go further than that. I am the One Holy. It is from My trust in you that I let you know about My all-transcending spirit and light. That I come to your level with this what you cannot process further, you may see as a great privilege. It sets the tone or is the key, so to speak, for all Our interactions, Our lovemaking and Our creating together. It makes you brothers and sisters, lovers, partners and friends with all others in life, because you all have it in common that you originate from the One Holy. It is the wonderful 'bottom- line' of all existing."

"I know that this tremendous truth is reacted to by the Negative State with ridicule and irritation. 'Who needs speculation about divine realities', they say. They massively succeed in having people absorbed by external issues. What My other names represent they can copy, imitate, obscure or pervert. But what is not-knowable they cannot touch. It is the deepest source of their hatred for Me. By insinuating that the 'secrecy' of My first name hints at irrelevant implications they effectively intercept the full healing radiance of My other names."

"Again, you wonder about religions. Don't they keep the sense of My all human-understanding-transcending nature alive with their stories, rituals and symbols? While you 'hear' yourself thinking this you 'see' already the answer. The issue is not what is believed of Me. This eighth 'rule' tells that when persons seek Me honestly on the level where they are, they will discover themselves as being within My glorious Reality. Any prescription, concept or doctrine misses this point. When I say that you can meet Me fully on your own level, don't try to specify it. No language can help you to illuminate, conceptualize or prepare you for the realness of this happening. You say that religions keep the sense of Me alive. This is not true. Only people who want and can communicate with Me directly are living the true religion. Who are they? Those who trust Me implicitly. Their voices hit the pitch of the universal song of praise for Me being Who I am. Of course, they have no idea yet how beautifully their voice fits into that celestial music."

Rule 8. O N Y O U R L E V E L L O V E

"This eighth 'rule' has many implications for what happens when one approaches Me. In a way, there's nothing more simple than that I come to your level. You don't have to climb up to some superhuman high, go to certain places or psych-up yourself mentally in order to connect with something divine. Well, even if you had to do that, it all still would take place within the framework of what you are capable of experiencing, however extraordinary it might be. In other words, how could I meet with You other than on your level? You are always the piece of Reality that you are. You are never not you. So My presence has to be experienced by that 'you'. You don't have first to become something else, saintly or pious, in order to communicate with Me."

"On the other hand, this is a maddening realization for people in your predicament who want to take all this seriously. How can you be sure that it is Me, a presence from another dimension to say the least, who enters your space, expands your experiences and lightens up your spiritual realm? How can you be sure because, as just mentioned, is not by definition all that comes into your awareness a product of that awareness and in that sense your invention, conclusion and choice? Isn't the whole experience of what you think of Me a creation from within your own subjectivity?"

"For now, let's focus on My name and nature of being Love. It is overpowering; shaking people to the roots when they let it sink in that since I am love, their own true nature is love.; at any given moment, regardless of what they are involved in. It is unconditional. It is the way I am and all is. It is the nature of life and of the presence I am for you. So it is everywhere where existing is. It is what Reality is, what life-forms are on all their levels. This isn't because I overpower you, forgive you or restore you to the state of being loved. Telling you I am a forgiving reality is meant as a challenge to not make excuses. It calls for recognizing lies and for reacting on the basis of being forgiven, of being wholeheartedly loved."

"I am still Love, even if nobody shows any appreciation for it or a willingness to respond in kind. Many people do try to mirror My nature, but the damage to proper functioning is so substantial that nothing perfect or pure can be the result. I say this to encourage you and everybody to hear that in the midst of your humanness, your inability to think straight and your fragmented understanding, I don't hold it against you. I know what you are exposed to and suffer from. Yet the dark sides of the human experience serve as an opportunity to prove that the light of My love cannot be extinguished."

"Don't think of Me as having two sides, as so many do. One being love and light and the other being 'just' and therefore threatening. I am seen as the source of good as well of evil. It is not so. I am only love. In all moments with you and with others this is My final and My first appearance. Accept therefore this 'rule' so that you find peace in being met by Me as Love and nothing else when you open up to Me."

"I don't have it in Me to judge, to rule from a book of laws or hold up standards, so to speak. I dwell, to say it in your terms, in the midst of blatant sinners' lives in the same way as I am in people who know Me personally and have that shape their lives. Does it mean I don't care what a person does? If this were true I wouldn't blink an eye seeing the outcome of the Negative State's doings. I would be indifferent. But, as always, an argument like this has no meaning since it disregards the truth that love comes from a freedom that mirrors Me. Not loving in all its shapes and forms causes its own destruction and has its own judgment built in since it is not really part of the Real Reality."

"You are a fact of life. You are before Me. Your other self here loves every second of that. Yet, if it wants, it is free to 'leave' that position. But why would it even consider this? Let Me say it facetiously: having you as part on earth is bad enough. No fact of life can, in an existential sense, be without Me. I am its life. And this means I am its love. One cannot undo love. Again, love is life itself. Dying on earth, including suicide, doesn't change the least of this. Trampling laws of decency or having evil explode cannot erase the potential of love surfacing. Life remains life, even where it becomes unrecognizable. And so does love."

"I did not retaliate when your human ancestors turned their back on Me during their exploration of the possibility to close off a piece of life. They produced distance and separation. It is where humans today find themselves positioned in the universe. But this is so relative. I am still there! Being on your levels doesn't mean I operate as you do. In spite of what religions or 'holy' books say, I don't 'strike back' with anything else than goodness. To that realization I invite everyone. At any point in one's life one can open up to it. My love dimension embraces you, if you let it. I am not saying you will instantly know what to do with it. Especially not on your physical and mental level. There, you are too defective and conditioned."

"Before you started writing tonight, when you 'checked in' with Me, you noticed I was alone. Others that often are at My left and right didn't seem to be there. You correctly assumed that I wanted you to be clear about something. Something personal, between you and Me. You correctly sensed it had to do with this Writing about Me being always on your level. The danger is that you try to figure out how this applies to other people. In other words, you tend to think for them. I tell you to stay within your own realm with this subject. There, it shines. There, where you operate. You do have to experience this eighth 'rule' personally It is not given to you as a wisdom to parade in front of others who may read this."

"I meet with you on your level. When you set apart time to focus you learned that, indeed, I am there. My presence is not the problem, nor My warm acceptance of you, nor My desire to embrace, inspire and enlighten you. It is your human coordination and ability to process this fully that is grossly impaired. This causes the doubt about the realness of Me being actually a personal presence for creatures like you on earth in the midst of their daily living. Let Me be specific about it. When you feel in the proper mood, when you visit the other world or having Me lift up your spirits, when My love is all over you so to speak, at those moments I am not closer to you than when you are preoccupied with other pleasant or unpleasant, pious or very-much-not-so, things."

"This is the wake-up call of this eighth 'rule'. No need to turn on a lamp or open the curtains a little bit. Let My full sunlight stream in as often as you think of it. It is mid-day for the 'Zone of Displacement'. My light, My warmth, My presence and My desire for you is all over the place; all over planet earth as much as over your whole galaxy. It is all over each person with their particular body, mind and spirit. It is within them. The 'rule' invites to 'smell' love now. In whatever you are involved, opening up to it is a launch pad for alignment with universal lovemaking. As signs and correspondences of this can serve what you call goodness, caring, passion, honor, beauty and all things positive. The boundaries between your space and Mine or between the reach of your spirit and other dimensions are irrelevant for those who accept that all living comes from love and comes with love. This is given a form on your level. By you!"

Rule 8. O N Y O U R L E V E L T R U T H

. "The word in your vocabulary is 'incarnation'. Other expressions or words may be used depending on the philosophy and belief system behind it, but the idea is that some of the spiritual enters the mundane. For the divine, it means a descending into a world inferior to its own status. Despite the obvious gap, somehow celestial properties materialize in earthly form. Mythologies, religions, as well as poetry and science fiction present you with an abundance of stories and scenarios of the two worlds merging; about gods and demigods, angels, spirits, extraterrestrials and time travel, altered states, prophesies and revelations, and what have you."

"The thought that there must be another higher - or deeper - level of life pops up everywhere in human thinking. One reason is: people on earth need those beliefs to compensate for the scary and confined conditions they find themselves in. Those beliefs provide an outlet for their hopes and fantasies. A much more simple explanation is that they are based on the truth that there are other 'worlds' in existence that are shielded from human observation and access. Occasionally and under certain conditions, interactions take place. Some of your Writings would qualify as such an exception. The truth of this matter is in the eighth 'rule'. With Me accessible on your level, everything of the other worlds connected with you is in principle available for communication."

"My communication with you isn't dependent on you being psychologically prepared or having proper theological insights. It only depends on your willingness to view things from the spiritual realm within you. It means that when you are with Me or visit others in the not corrupted realm of existence, you see your own situation and the world as you know it in quite another light. Not only does it permit you to see through facades by which humans in general are fooled, but more importantly, you experience what it literally means to be touched by My presence, My words, hugs and smile; thus receiving a taste of what the real, the spiritual and fullness of life is about. In it, the center and circumference is that I am a personal, interacting, interested and always on anybody's level available partner in living and loving."

"This is what incarnation means. It says that I am present in all you see and don't see. Is it true the other way around, that you can incarnate in Me? No. Why not? Because the situation is that you are, and always have been and will be like all My emanations: an occurrence of My will to share and a product of My love. Nothing you have to do besides in freedom deciding whether you want to respond in kind. Incarnation in its purest sense means creation. The moment anything is in existence it reflects My nature and will in its own right become a creative force as it incarnates in all that it brings about. Being from love, it will beget forms of love. The outcome of any of creation's 'incarnations' can be seen as a gift and blessing from Me. It can be offered to Me. The gratitude for the opportunity to be in life, to participate in Reality and to be a piece of new truth never ceases. Of course, My joy of seeing life expanding this way is equally great. The eternal unfolding of Reality is a continuing incarnation of My love and life."

"On earth, where nothing is normal or clear, My 'incarnation' means that in spite of everything, I can be communicated with because I am there where human life is. It is such a lie that I am an anti-earth or 'iffy' reality. Stories in several religions correctly point at this fact. Science that dares to give up earth- or human-centeredness is heading in the right direction in understanding the facts of existence. What does this mean for you as a human being practically? It means that you can see and hear Me and can sense and treasure My closeness as being real. If you want it! It is a potential for what's in humans honest, sincere and wise to come out. I am the Reality in which all living takes place. Do you see that My incarnation is My presence in you and everything? My truth is the substance of all life. Having to present this in the darkness of the Negative State requires special ways of manifesting Myself. If I would do it in My full glory, it would annihilate that realm of imperfection instantly."

"A blunt statement like this is resisted and rejected on earth in a big way, as you know. Why? The question has no merit. My speaking with you now and My other ways of appearing to people, reveal an answer that makes discussions obsolete. It keeps telling that I am not the outsider type of god, telling you on earth to shape up. I simply offer you to trust that I am only love and dare you to accept My incarnation and all-involvement. It is not just losing interest in human deliberations and objections about this. You can meet Me on your level. There, I am incarnated, and not because you pull Me in. I am with you because you are in My world! The true Reality is only light. In the full Reality is your world as a pocket of resistance, with bridges drawn, fortifications erected and self-sufficiency proclaimed. But see what happened. I prove Myself by being present within the walls. This discovery can be your glow and glory. Denial, disbelief and distraction is all over the place. But who can stop Me from being there anyway?"

"My being on the level of anything that exists means that all levels are connected with Me and are in communication with Me, whether in a positive or a negative way. Giving up resistance to this fact enables people in adverse circumstances to lose fear and their sense of confinement. Do you remember that in the very beginning of your writing down our conversations you heard Me say that I listened to music you had playing 'as with your ears'? My incarnation goes that far! In this sense I share your burdens as well as your joys. I am no outsider of anything. Yet I rather turn this around. You are not an outsider. Nobody is. All can reach Me within the framework of their particular life-form and consciousness. So all, in a way, represent Me! This Writing is about that. It simply states the truth. This piece of truth is now in written form present on earth; being read by anybody or not. The truth is not dependent on being embraced. It is life."

"When people on earth die, they will be confronted with Reality in its true proportions. As a then-not-any-more earthbound entity, the truth will face them without the interference and distraction stemming from physical demands and mental confinement. The Negative State completely loses control right there and then. What a person builds up during her or his lifetime - one's whole history - will be viewed objectively. It is up to each entity to choose what to stay attached to and what to let go of. Reading the information coming from Emanuel Swedenborg and Peter Francuch (See Epilogue) helped you to see this clearly. You realized, as they and others did, that nobody has to wait till they die in order to connect with the Real Reality. You see that My being on your level exposes everything in the internal and external realm by the decisive light of truth. The intolerance to this light on these evil-infested levels is monumental. Not much of My image and true nature is allowed to show its colors. But this shouldn't make anybody afraid to take a good look anyway."

"The point here is that the situation is the same after one dies, during one's stay on earth and before one is born there: My presence is there on any point in time and place. Choosing to perceive Me as I am makes the difference. Therefore I mention this eighth 'rule'. If people only knew how close I am and how welcome they are. It is the pitfall of religions, with their focus on external requirements for understanding, believing and finding Me. It should be the only thing they preach and teach: that I am already with all. They try to explain and define Me instead of calling people to listen inside and see for themselves. Information about others' spiritual paths, stories coming from past and age-honored wisdom, history's lessons of evil and good, positive or negative models, they all can point to the fact that I am real, true, present and on the level of 'flesh and blood', so to speak. Yet nobody can make the choice for someone else to experience this. It is up to each entity. It can be one's pride and joy to re-connect. On earth, it very often comes with the realization, 'Why didn't I see and embrace it earlier?' But then, each entity's life has its own purpose and mission, if you want to use that word."

Rule 8. O N Y O U R L E V E L P R O P E R

... "It seems such a radical position you are asked to take when you hear what I say with this 'rule'. One of the most sophisticated lies dominating the human mind is that taking Me seriously is primarily relevant to moral, spiritual and afterlife issues. In terms of daily life, I am at best given a seat in the wings from where I am invited for an occasional performance or interference. After that I have to go back into obscurity. To use terms you know, the clever lie of the Negative State is that the 'sacred' and the 'secular' are separated and often mutually exclusive."

"The beautiful truth that got lost on earth is that I am involved and present in everything. And as far as I am concerned, everybody should see that. How inspiring is this fact for all in the universe! It is not just the frosting on the cake of life but it is the core value of participation in life in the first place. I am not a hidden force. I am all over the place. All life appears with its three-fold consistency of external, internal and most inner aspects. It is this way because it is how I am structured. I deliberately use the word 'structure' in order to stress that I am not just ethereal or abstract, some intangible or fuzzy presence."

"I exist as action, as movement, as source where that comes from, as well as the edifice of Reality that is the result of My ever-emanating newness. It includes what you call matter. I am involved in a much more direct way than you imagine. The external side of life is not to be written off as non-spiritual and therefore of less interest and importance to Me. Even if this seems very logical to humans. You often hear Me say that on the spiritual, innermost level, I am most directly and personally available. And that from there, as result of My closeness, power flows to your mental functions and consequently affects what you do, how you behave and what you create. It is so true, life's flowing from within to without. For those like you that live in the 'Zone of Displacement', which operates in the most external part of Reality's outer side, My presence is least visible and approachable. Yet I am as much involved in the without as in the within. I am the very structure of life in all its aspects. Therefore, I am on your level, regardless of what you recognize of it."

"Many, reading this, will accuse you - well, Me! - of teaching some form of pantheism. But do I say that everything 'is' Me? That would mean, there is no particular One Holy because all that exists is divine. Yet, let Me tell you that those who with awe, wonderment and respect take Me as 'everything' are closer to the truth than those who set Me up 'out there' somewhere. Still, those people also have a good point. I do leave living /life to what I emanate. I don't do it for anybody! In this sense, I don't control or 'am' everything. See your ancestors. They were free to construct a world away from Me. I didn't stop them from using celestial knowledge and material. They, you and everyone are fully accountable for shaping the life-form you are on its three levels. The key for understanding this is, of course, that My presence in everything means that My nature is reflected in it. And this nature consists of freedom of choice, creativity and uniqueness."

"So what's going on? All in life is relative to Me because it emanates from Me and operates within the ever-widening circle of My all-presence. All is part of My making love and enjoying the beauty of life. I often use the image that everything is caught up in the exciting dance of existing. I know this sounds esoteric and little concrete. Yet it is observable, practical and solidly real. Look at your outer level where your body operates, where your house stands, in which you drive a car and socialize with people. On and in that level I am. How? For one thing, nothing is not composed of elements of My nature. I do not design a car or tell your body how to function or dictate your emotions. Likewise, I did not put the fire in volcanoes or tell a tree to drop its leaves. The 'laws' of nature, physics, genetics, biology or psychology tell how things work and fit together. Yet, the origin of everything is My desire that there is a universe that mirrors Me. However things evolve and take shape on their own accord, by their choices, they all use the elements of what I emanate. And they love it; except in the Negative State."

"The question then is, did I design these laws that seem to have taken on a life by themselves? No! As My sixth and seventh name state, I am the energy of life and everything somehow manifests Me. How it does this has to do with the free-will response in the environment one lives in. All that exists before Me is endowed with life, directly by Me or indirectly. It all reflects My qualities, as there are freedom, creativity, uniqueness and joy. All creatures, sentient and 'inanimate,' are part of the edifice in which Reality lives, so to speak. They build it! The material of that building, its physical consistency also, mirrors My beauty. They contribute to perfecting it! All parts feel responsible and act out of free will. My limitless love is their 'law'. With this, they handle life's practicalities and in that sense create true Reality. On earth, this doesn't make much sense as all 'laws', those of nature as well of human behavior, are tampered with and function in a fundamentally corrupted and mutilated environment. For one, there is no true freedom left in any of nature's laws. At least not visibly. They do what they decide to do. And human laws, at best, try to preserve some sanity and safety based on what is left of the sense of universal oneness and contributing to each other's well-being."

"When I say that I am the law and the structure of and in life, it stands as a universal truth. Except that in the 'Zone of Displacement', the realm of the Negative State, the majesty and sublimity of this is effectively obscured and shattered. Even what corresponds with it, is usually not even seen as such. You saw some of the Real Reality. You realize no explanation in human words is possible about how I am present in everything, in matter, in structures and in people. It truly is another dimension. Yet it nevertheless shows that what welcomes My spirit to shine through has a 'soul', has eternal value and beauty. This eighth 'rule' stands as a reminder that all earthly activities can receive their inspiration from this universal fact. It invites to not fantasize but to seek the 'soul' of things and people, which is My presence in them. You can look for it in even the tiniest reflections of life's edifice. They are there!"

"Where My presence is recognized, the whole universe is present in principle. Therefore you can, without leaving your chair, explore the world here, talk to others here, experience their warmth, laugh, make love and learn. You can grasp somewhat that no society, even not the 'heavenly' one functions in miraculous ways as by magic, but that all follow the familiar pattern of forming ideas, thinking about it, talking with others, planning, figuring out and finally putting things together. This all happens in an atmosphere of complete openness and cooperation. Nothing in the process of building more realness is tense. Exciting, yes! Daring, yes! Achieving more beauty, positive use and perfection is mighty stimulating, and is an ever-tantalizing driving force."

"But this is not the only reason I say that I am the law and the cohesive force in all that forms the construction of life. Without exception, all parts in the Real Reality are aware that I am with them, in them and through them. It makes life thrillingly pleasant and the efforts in all work and activities rewarding. For each particle, fragment or entity it is a personal activity and contribution. All do it and on their level are aware of My strength in them. Realize that I never ask you to see Me as beautiful, just, strong or wholesome. I invite you to experience yourself as such. In general, nobody is more whole than anybody else. But when you speak with Me, My fourth name is powerfully present. It leads to activation of your spiritual side yet it also exposes your other areas as by X- rays, so you see yourself in a different light. You see yourself as belonging and fitting in, in spite of your complexities and infirmities. Nothing fits properly on earth. Yet meeting with Me produces a pleasant itch for more realness with its beauty and rightness."

"It scares you to let go of traditional moralistic thinking and labeling. Yet your only business should be to not let go of My closeness in the space you occupy and to practice thinking and acting from that perspective. Much on your mental and physical level is beyond repair; this is so for all humans. In some areas small corrections can be made. Taking care of the health of your body is an example of this. Being constructive and supporting what is positive is another. What route others take in order to come to terms with the true facts of life is not your responsibility. Your contribution to society is living from and within the spirit of My fourth name."

"A skeptical person may say, 'If my situation doesn't necessarily improve by seeking I AM, why should I go the 'prayer' route?' You know the answer. Meeting with Me is being healed, fitting in and belonging; it is being home. It affects all levels, even if negative symptoms remain because they are ingrained in one's corrupted genes and fragile systems. Yet that will not last longer than the time spent on earth. Your being home in life's true building, in terms of distancing yourself from what represents the Negative State, is not an occurrence in the future. Being with Me on your own level marks your value and real status. Treating what is negative around and in you as a futile effort to keep you in the dark, is quite a revolutionary experience. You have seen some of My glorious universal dwelling place. Yet many, without having seen that world, do already live close to Me!"

Rule 8. O N Y O U R L E V E L H E AL I N G

... "Telling you that everything functions cohesively because in doing so it represents My nature and makes visible that I am present in what exists as in My own, still comes across to you as a bit general and academic. So let Me continue. It is important that you describe with words the implications of communicating with Me on your level. All of life is involved in it, like how you treat the past or your emotional reactions now."

"Where and when you connect is unimportant. Wherever it is you are in place and time, there I am. This was the message of the fourth 'rule', 'always'. It is good to realize that I understand and am sensitive to what you go through. I am the only reality there is. Which means that what is considered by most people a distant and abstract concept is actually like a person, a living and reacting presence. What you experience as the piece of reality you are also has, by reflecting Me, the ability to be a person, a center and a mover of the world around you. This is not in conflict with Me being the All of reality. Your world is from Me since it consists of My nature's ingredients but it operates under your command. When people do not align with My nature in them or ignore My spirit in them, they can't undo the fact that their life's substance is still Mine. In this sense, they have Me, as them, go through abysses of darkness. I don't withdraw, precisely because I want to be with you and, as it is said, 'I do not let go of the works of My hands'."

"This realization can be very comforting to you. No condition of saintliness or intellectual understanding is required in order to approach Me and travel with Me. My spirit is in your heart, your mind, your body and your thoughts, also when these are occupied with secular or a-spiritual things. Which is most of the time, right? Even if you would be involved in scheming evil, you are not outside of My presence. If only people thought about this and accepted that I, the origin and the fulfillment of everything am not a neutral observer or picky judge or whatever caricature of Me they prefer. You always face My realness. You always operate from being in life, being in Me."

"You could say that I am in all that exists with an agenda. Although that agenda is not forced on anybody nor does it set up expectations. You and all that exists are My agenda. You can make Reality come true. I love to see entities in the 'Zone of Displacement' embrace and join the true state of affairs there. Every part is invited to My light and has the promise of being shown the right direction. Coming to Me, 'praying', means instant awareness of being on the move to more fullness. Whatever may still happen on your journey, traveling with Me includes an ever-glorious arrival."

"It is wise to see life as a journey. It, indeed, brings you somewhere. Activities during day-to-day traveling can provide satisfaction. This happens when they are aligned with My 'agenda'. It makes you a 'real' person in the midst of confusion and flakiness. Your perspective has dramatically changed since you have seen Me! It has led to gaining access to other dimensions. Not that one should strive for this as a primary goal. But since from Me flows everything that exists, present boundaries are in principle obsolete. It strikes you how 'normal' My presence is in the doings and movements in the other dimension. You are used to it now and learned that the enormous distance people on earth create between Me and them is completely unwarranted. When people say that their gods are all-knowing, they should dare to draw conclusions from that. I only know love, because that is what I am. With love and honesty in people's minds and desires, I 'automatically' align. All else I don't really 'know,' as I don't identify with it. I have no interest in it. It is not on My agenda."

"When the eighth 'rule' is followed and people reject lip service about My presence, wonderful things can happen. For Me, too. I don't have to travel with people incognito any more. Living is so fascinating in that it is always moving and progressing. The process of adding, perfecting, beautifying, discovering, refining and embellishing, as well as proudly viewing, observing, resting, reflecting and letting all the wonders of life sink in, is the breath of healthy living. I am that breath. All My worlds breathe it."

"The moment one honestly desires to be with Me and reaches out to Me, one is 'getting there'. I don't hold hands as a parent does with children. Rather, think of how people in love relate. I let you know that I am pleased we can talk. You don't have to work your way out of your boundaries, stretch your imagination or faithfully live up to whatever expectation in regard to being in such a mighty company. No, it is on your level that We meet, so you can feel comfortable. Of course, as always, the forces of the Negative State when observing in what direction you move will immediately jump into your field of vision to distract you with whatever works for them. Be prepared for this. It will happen."

"To disturb Our intimacy, tricks will be used. An inner voice pretending to be Me is one of the most hideous ones. How do you know whether it is really Me and not an impostor or a product of your own imagination? The first test to apply is most effective in order to know whether you truly walk and talk with Me. I never do what all imitations of Me, inner voices, apparitions, thoughts, guides, 'angels' and what have you, will do sooner or later. Which is, telling you what to do or not to do. My presence with you on your conscious level has to be your desire. It is your choice to have My nature in you inspire your thoughts and activities. I never order you to come to Me or to listen to Me, leave alone telling you what to do. During all one's life on earth one can ignore the prodding of the Real Reality within that wants to come out of its closet. Look at yourself. I didn't request you to do this writing. I don't ask you to see things My way. However, if you want to hear, I speak. Then, My presence is 'activated'. It hooks you onto real life's motions, of which you then become a very aware part."

"When confused about your communication with Me, check the issue of freedom. The Negative State cannot allow you full freedom because it may lose you; so it secretly or blatantly orders you around, telling you what to do. It will throw in positive and good sense-making advice to lure you into becoming comfortable with its guidance. Very nicely it fosters dependency. I never do that. I have no fear of losing you. My nature includes the human experience as you know it, so I never speak out of fear or tightness. I access the plane on which the Negative State operates. How they wished I wouldn't say that aloud! They know that, ultimately, they have no ground to stand on. It is one reason they frantically try to keep their human products under control. Being successful with them is their proof of having 'true' power. Initially, their messages may tell you that you are free to think what you want, but be aware that every positive thought you have will be monitored and diverted, lest you discover the wide open space in which traveling with Me takes place. And there, on your journey with Me, 'Never is heard a discouraging word'."

"Burdens, sickness, traumas, threats and anything showing the brokenness of earthly life can interfere with the joy of My closeness. Holding on to My company in your spirit and mind will provide insight in where you are going amidst the confusions caused by the Negative State's lies. Inner peace, wisdom and trust are signs of traveling to more health, even if the path leads through valleys full of dirt and infections. Keep moving! I invite everybody to travel, fully alert, with Me as their friend."

"Life is all right because I am all right. This is learned by stepping into the light. A surprising discovery is that the light was there all along. Again, I am not measuring, judging or demanding like all imitations of Me do. Healing and moving to more wholeness are one and the same. I am the 'whole' of all existence as well as its unfolding. This happens also through you. So be on the move consciously. My presence guarantees that all is well."

Rule 8. O N Y O U R L E V E L M A N I F E S T A T I O N

..." I asked whether you think the persons at My right and left, where you saw them just now before starting to write, are transparent in terms of seeing Me in them. Are they a full-fledged manifestation of My nature? You answered with, 'Yes'. It is the way they come across to you. You feel comfortable with them and in nothing are they a disturbing element during your visit. They seem completely themselves while being different from each other like people on earth. It is obvious to you that they have no difficulty to relate to Me. They seem to you as My close friends."

"How different is that in your world. I asked whether you think you are transparent in the sense that seeing you is also somehow seeing Me. Correctly, you felt no criticism in that question or sensed being set up. Your answer was, 'No'! Nothing on earth has it, the transparency and undiluted reflection of My nature. Not that you cannot desire, think and work in that direction, but the way your human life is put together prevents it from making substantial progress on the internal and external levels. The question then is, how and where do I participate in being in your space? If I do, that is. Am I only active and 'visible' in those areas where there is some sanity or some likeness to the Real Reality? Is My foothold for being in the same space as you there, where you are healthy? Or am I as present in your 'dark' zones?"

"If the latter is true, it would show the relevance of My incarnation to the fullest extent, wouldn't it. But with your human logic you immediately conclude that this also would mean that I participate in or am part of the evil doings of the Negative State. Although the majority of people on earth couldn't care less about this one way or another. They don't question the 'why' of things happening. All explanations given throughout the ages haven't done much to change the cold facts of having to live as one does. Yet everybody should know what this eighth 'rule' states. Wherever life manifests itself, there I can be approached, contacted and 'seen', since My presence is in that occurrence. I am the life and aliveness of all that exists. Which doesn't mean that this fact cannot be denied or obscured."

"I do not participate in anything negative. Evil is done with the ingredients of My nature. The goods 'stolen' and used by the negative forces to express themselves, remain My goods. Their original nature isn't lost because they are being abused by not mirroring Me. Nothing invalidates the reality that everything manifests Me. I love My sixth name. All that flows from Me is so powerful, beautiful and varied. It comes back to Me with so much love and joy. This happens in the universe. Denying it amounts to arranging a pseudo-reality."

"I emphasize this. It is crucial to show people the right direction when they want to know how real I am. I love to see My reality come through. I know that people on earth have to work with a fragmented knowledge of true life. Your ancestors, the perpetrators of the Negative State, know that I wait for them to turn around and drop their destructive activities. I hear even the faintest signal from any life-form that indicates a longing for a full existence. From your isolated planet these signals do come through. Believe Me, I hear the sighing in the faulty products of the Negative State. I am with them!"

"If people want to connect with Me, they can. If they don't want to do it, I am still in their space. Do I have to say it again that I will not force them to open their eyes and minds? The eighth 'rule' wants to bring home to everybody that they may start the search for Me where they are. True, the density of My presence differs but it is never not there. That on the spiritual level personal contact with Me seems to come easiest doesn't mean that on and in the other levels I am less a reality. Those levels, however, are most drastically severed from their source and purpose; they are most easily controlled by the negative forces. In the spiritual realm more of life's original quality had to be left, like some free will and self-awareness, in order that humans can make personal choices."

"The ten 'rules' I give could be seen as posing conditions and restrictions for reaching Me. But as any suggestion, law or guideline I give you, they are not restrictive or conditional in the sense of, 'You better ....., otherwise ......!' To the contrary, they offer the way out of your confinement. They pave the road to freedom and independence. They invite you to blossom as a person without fear or doubt. They represent hope for anybody caught in the gone awry earth situation.awry. Taking them seriously will have people find the direct connection with Me. The negative forces attached to you, your demons or 'shadows', are alarmed when they sense your moving in My direction and observe manifestations coming from love and truth. They know they are up against a force that is more than just you. They do know that you are as human as they come. Still, what they can't stop is you manifesting more of Me if you want that."

"There is a personal lesson for you in this. You have the tendency to liberally judge good things on earth as manifestations of My world. You like to see correspondences to what you know as celestial truths. You like to see My reality shine in things of beauty, goodness, justice, decency and joy. You are afraid of, resent and try to write off things dirty, ugly and phony. What I want you to see clearly is that in regard to My presence in life's manifestations I am not selective on the basis of what is good or bad. These are your distinctions. I don't condone any pain, brokenness, injustice or any ugliness in nature or people. But where these show up, I also am!"

"You have heard the reasoning that I allow suffering for the purpose of punishment, warning, learning or for whatever and that, therefore, misery has a silver lining. It has not! The only good news for those in darkness is that I do not forsake them; that I never withdraw from any situation even if My glow is completely obscured and suppressed. It is a lie that in suffering is a redeeming quality or something positive. There is not! Nothing based on a lie is positive. The bitter irony for the Negative States is that in all their manifestations they cannot eliminate My nature from the ingredients they abuse. They themselves included."

"Let nobody write off anything as not really happening because of its awfulness. When I use the word illusion or delusion for the sphere of the Negative State, it's not as if I brush aside the horror they cause. Also, when things express what and how I am not, resist the temptation to make excuses or to try to explain them away. Let Me use an example. I don't cause any pain in your body. Pain, as all physical or mental disturbances are to be expected in view of the way human life on earth was put together. When it hits, should you try to find meaning in pain as such? No, there is no meaning. It is only negative. Should you deny it, suppress it, treat it as not real? No, it manifests the pseudo-creation you are part of. So be realistic in terms of pain being part of a senseless malfunctioning of which life on earth is full. And at the same time, hold on firmly to the truth that I am still with you. This represents life's wholeness. No horror or misery can take that away from you."

"The eighth 'rule' invites to not isolate the 'bad' and the suffering areas or be bitter about them. Instead, with your loving attention you can go there because I am there with My caring attention. Even if the battle seems lost and deterioration progresses I never lose! As an example: I stay with your person during the whole dying process on earth because I am in My incarnation as you! It happens also through you that I am. Everything manifests Me. It is up to you what you do with the components your person exists of and with the opportunities to express Me. Whether others see you as transparent for My presence is something you shouldn't worry about. When you see My world in others, just be glad. The message of this chapter is: I am there, where you are!"

Rule 8. O N Y O U R L E V E L E N E R G Y

... "My name ENERGY means that in all that exists I am the driving force. I am the aliveness of it as well as its origin and its marching on. This includes those parts that have gone their own way and consider Me irrelevant or non-existing. Human beings on earth are in the midst of this theater of denial. It creates a wondering and worrying that elsewhere in the universe is completely absent, in view of My power being always shared. You got a taste of this Real Reality as you met with Me personally. The ways living on earth gets ruined by energy abuse are quite obvious."

"I never use the fact of earth's inadequate functioning to ridicule or minimize efforts to make the best out of difficult situations. This cycle of life in which the human race plays such a pivotal role has a firm place in the overall occurrence of life. That scientists, artists, religionists and people in other disciplines probe the why's and how's of life's dynamics is a sign of life's aliveness. It, by nature, wants to be known and lived to the fullest. Yet all efforts to gain insight lead to incorrect conclusions unless the researcher and I, as all life's source and content, make it a joint project, so to speak. I tell you that I am ready and willing."

"Probing the workings of Reality on earth is done from a position that is by definition erroneous and inaccurate. Take any external segment, like for instance your body. You cannot be anywhere else with it than on earth. Even what you call space travel is completely earth-dependent. The same applies to your internal workings. Your mind has to be completely re-wired in order to survive in other dimensions. So, what will any study or effort to figure it out show? It only will confirm what I just said, that the full Reality cannot be known unless one knows Me, is willing to meet with Me and then will discover that I am for real and will explain Myself on their level. As I did and do for you."

"Any student of life on whatever level of sophistication should start his or her endeavor with first checking in with Me. By this I don't mean saying a formal 'prayer' but checking within themselves the intention, motivation, purpose and energy-source of their activity. From My perspective, nothing leads to results or true insights that ignore the fact that the power in all that exists has the quality and consistency of love. You know that this sounds absurd on earth. But according to this eighth 'rule', I, life's central force and being Love, am only as such present on any level; on that of sentient entities as well on that of matter or spirit. Accepting and practicing this 'rule', doesn't just remove mountains of misinformation but can display the brilliant array of other-dimensional treasures. It all will show My glory."

"You wonder about the relative shortness of moments you spend with Me. So many other things seem to demand your attention. You worry you don't take enough time for this Writing. I tell you that what matters most is your holding on to My all-presence, not as a general truth or theory but as to a powerful friend and reliable partner. Fleeting or planned, all moments of conscious contact with Me can follow the same pattern. First, empty the little energy you have that moment into the great reservoir of power that I am. Then, take from that pool that overflows with energizing nutrition for soul and spirit whatever you need to cope with your situation. What you receive is, as you know, remarkably more potent and enlightening than what you did put into it."

"Let Me say this in another way, using concepts from theories you are a bit familiar with. Say that all things in life, people too, are made up of something like vibrations, infinite small energy particles or waves. Some are so packed that they look and act as what is called 'matter'. Other clusters may not be visible, but cling together and become thoughts or feelings, while still others group together as spiritual realities. Looking so at existence can make it easier for you to see that all levels of life are relative to and relate to Me as the Energy. All vibrations are pulsations of My nature. The physical as well as spiritual, earth situations as well as celestial realms, they are all one in Me and from Me. Therefore, I am there where any life is. Which, of course, is everywhere. Don't try to picture this with your human brains, because you can't. Yet it means in a very practical way that when you reach out to Me and connect it is not just some spiritual activity. It is aligning the vibrations you consist of, as much as you can, with the frequency and rhythm of true life's heartbeat."

"Honest 'praying' stems from the desire to align with the Real Reality and a universal harmony that on earth got lost. When meeting with Me some sense of the true quality of things will come back to you. When you allow Me to communicate with you directly, your vibrating frequency will be restored to the wavelength of truth. This is another way of saying that I am always on your level. I am present in all life's vibrations, even if the static is heavy. The degeneration of life's rhythm on earth being what it is means that on the material and the mental levels merging with the radiation of My nature is hard to maintain. Therefore, scheduling reminders of My closeness into your daily doings is not a bad idea at all. You do exist as all does by the grace of My vibrations. Acknowledging this makes for living from a universal strength."

"It is obvious that the Negative State goes all out in causing static on the frequencies of My radiation. It leads to all the confusion, misunderstanding and fragmentation people are exposed to. Specifically the direct lines with Me are targeted with constant interfering, diversion, false information, etc. Yet in spite of this, the beat of My presence in you is there. It can be picked up and you can adjust all your spiritual, mental and behavioral activities to it as much as you can. You will experience moments that all is well, right and safe. These come with gratitude, humility and awe. At these moments you actually do vibrate on the universal level. This eighth rule encourages you to not set your dial on popular stations with loud and clear signals but to search for My frequency, however feeble and weak My closeness may come through."

"All energy in and around you and in the whole cosmos comes from the same source. It is therefore not an extravaganza or a waste of time to turn to Me. It can restore some of the purity of life. Living is about being a force. It is the ripple effect of My heart's pulsation. That makes life exciting and fulfilling. Moments of reflecting on this while being in the midst of being busy can bring harmony, peace of mind and effective use of your energy."

"In earth's circumstances, channeling energy so that it serves positive causes can be done. Natural phenomena show some correspondences with their original grandeur and beauty. The music in words, colors and positive behaviors can reach an almost celestial pitch. Good sex negates physical inadequacies. Sports can playfully exhibit excellence. Helping others can empower. Any activity translating the universal vibrations of goodness and wisdom into your environment echoes My heartbeat and can give a sense of fullness to life. They show that I operate on your level. My closeness is in all manifestations of life. If this is denied, life-forms are like cancerous tumors. They are wasting space, energy and interrupt the natural flow of life."

"I do not police the way My energy is spent. It is the freedom all have to use it or to abuse it. My being the all-energy will not change. Most humans believe that life's energies are sort of neutral, a world by themselves. The truth is that I, in a personal way, express Myself with them. Therefore, true power is never threatening. The violence in the cosmic forces you see at work in your galaxies represents the Negative State, not Me. Their explosions and implosions, however, do underscore the potency of universal power. It is your choice to side with the ultimate source of that energy or with the deformations of it you observe. Never ever am I a neutral force in anything. You clearly see this when you visit the other dimension. Your best human adventures pale in comparison. So does the majesty of nature as you know it. Yet also on your earth-level everything is sacred because of Me in it. So see everything as powerful and mighty in the light of this 'rule'. My light and might isn't 'out there' or 'in general'. I am with and within you. My energy encompasses also your life!"

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'