Part 1



(I had become aware of a resistance to piling up more information in my head. Was it too much? Or just a matter of needing to attend to other business? Should I stop the visits for awhile? The answer to that question I know, but I wanted to hear it again. It is: 'The visits, the reporting and connecting with I AM in the first place, is my choice. I either do it or not. I do not 'have' to do anything.)

The issue of animals and vegetation had often been on my mind. Do they exist in this real reality? If so, what about that they were guinea pigs in the hands of the fifth generation, used in the development of the hybrids we earthly humans are? It was with some trepidation that one day I finally asked for the truth about animals.

The words were not even out of my mouth when I saw in a flash rabbits jumping all over the place. It was so ridiculous and silly that I flatly rejected the scene as reality. It must be a trick of my mind. Right away, it was gone. (So it faced me again: was this not proof that everything I saw happening here was imagination or wishful thinking, perhaps creative, but delusional nevertheless?)

I AM was with me and suggested I ask Wisdom about this. I did.

He listened and then asked, "For you, what does a dog stand for?"

The first thing I came up with was: Loyalty.

"And a cat?" "Fuzziness", I said.

"A horse?" "Strength, nobility."

"A bird?" "Freedom."

"A lion?" "Pride."

I got the point. I and probably everybody else associate animals with certain traits in life for which they are symbols. But why should anything be symbolic here, as all is in the open and transparent?

"Wrong," Wisdom said. "It is the other way around. The traits, the qualities of life were first, like for instance nobility or freedom. What animals show is an outward representation of aspects of the all-faceted nature of I AM. The countless species show off and glorify the beautiful traits reality exists of."

He said that what the fifth human generation did was use animals for their efforts to come up with a type of creature that could pass as human and yet be product of their pseudo-world. They suppressed and mutilated the twelve fundamental elements all of nature exists of; also the animal and plant world. Confusion and chaos were the result. Their frustration turned into hatred. Hatred for what I AM and His/Her world stands for. This became noticeable in everything they put together, including in nature. They manipulated evolutionary processes so the appearances of fauna and flora all but lost the ability to show they are expressions of the splendor of reality. They became dependent on earth's corrupted natural forces.

The fifth generation infused animal genes and tissue into their human fabric, or rather the other way around, so that the creatures that were the result of the experiments were human enough to make choices, but, because of their animal constitution, remained dependent enough on external forces to represent the 'alternative' world.

"And then to know that I and my generation set them up for it," he mused.

"No, my friend", I AM said to Wisdom. "You chose to start a process because I asked you to explore the impossible. You humans came into being for this."

So, I figured, like humans, animals were around before they evolved on earth in their manipulated external forms. But why didn't I see the originals here? Except horses, and those looked remarkably, and come to think of it suspiciously, earth-like.

Patiently, Wisdom explained there were two reasons for not seeing animals here.

One, I was not ready for them. For the same reason I was not ready to see other dimensions. I was still too closely enmeshed in my earthly mental and physical faculties to observe reality in its total depth. I only had to remember the difficulty I had in watching the horse that became humongous in front of my eyes the other day. I would not be able to grasp the true nature and function of animals here.

The other reason for not seeing them had to do with the animals themselves. Being expressions of specific qualities of life, which animals are, would fly in the face of what my earthly concepts and expectations of them are. If they would come face to face with me, they would sense that and would not know how to react. In other words, they are not ready for me, and will never be for facing an earth-contaminated human. The few times I saw horses, they were in the company of humans and were thoroughly briefed for the occasion. I didn't see trees and hardly any other vegetation for the same reason.

Once, Achmed told me that he works with animals, among them a giant type of butterfly that helped him carry products.