S E V E N Writing 11

La Paz, 10/01/1996

I was in a 'neutral' mood. Nothing special was on my mind. I just waited till something would happen. I noticed that my thoughts, in a free-floating way, went to an issue that regularly crosses my mind. Of course I know that I have a personal involvement in this writing. But what about people that operate in different worlds than I do and won't relate to experiences like these in any way? I thought of particular people who for some reason or another had crossed my mind this morning - poor people, an ambitious stockbroker, teenagers. Could the dimension I am in touch with and my ability to visit with You function similarly in their life as it does in mine? And what about the practical relevance of all this?

A bird appeared. Enormous in size, big like a jumbo jet. I was asked to notice its color. It looked off-white, with some brown spots in it. From closer up, I saw the impression of brown came from golden streaks. Its appearance was intimidating. Walking around it, its beak looked like two huge pillars. Touching its chest, it felt like coarse feathers. The legs were massive too. I had no idea how to get on this animal. But then, its left wing stretched all out and touched the ground. I climbed on it, walked to the neck area and seated myself between the wings. I held on to the feathers when gently the bird took off. The wings were bigger than those of a plane. But I was sitting securely on what felt like goose down. Actually, it was really comfortable. Almost unnoticeably we rose. The wings moved slowly in a steady cadence, all the way.

It was a long trip. I enjoyed it because it felt safe and the pace was so leisurely. The skies turned a bit darker blue. I could not see what was below me because of its wide body. Then, we slowed down. I felt the legs being stretched for landing like the landing gear of an airplane. With a soft bump we came to a halt. I saw that all around, though very far away, were mountain tops, lower than the height we were on. Clouds covered them partially. I saw glaciers and snow. However, I didn't feel any cold. The wing spread out again, clearly an invitation for me to descend from it. Standing up, I thought I saw a man waiting below, talking to some other people. When I reached the ground, which was a sort of plateau, indeed, a man approached to welcome me. He was dressed in a white robe. Thoughts of gurus, hermits, monks of the Himalayas, went through my head. He stretched out both his hands towards me. His face was, I thought, what you expect a wise man to have. But it kept changing! When I thought of Gandhi, he looked like him. When I thought of Jesus, or Moses, or Buddha, as we depict them traditionally, I saw the faces of those. I gathered that he must be the prototype of a sage. He must have read my mind, because he commented that what I experienced was normal. He said that his face would adjust to the focus of my mind. He added, "And yes!, those mountains over there are the Himalayas. As you see, we're far above them."

I don't know why all of a sudden I had this seemingly inappropriate concern, but I asked him anyway, whether I would get hungry or thirsty. "No," he said, "your earthly body is still in your chair; that one needs food." "You don't?", I asked. He answered, "Not in your sense of eating. I am a human manifestation for your sake." I asked what his name was. He responded, "I am Wisdom. I was asked to meet with you and to speak with you about all those questions you have, like those a while ago, about the stockbroker and the teenagers and those in poverty." I sort of objected, "Why can't I speak with I Am Him-/Herself like I always do? Well, at least up till now, that is!" He said, "The I AM, or God, Allah, or the Lord Jesus Christ, or whatever name you want to use, is with all of us. You have your personal relationship with Her/Him. As far as I'm concerned, you can talk with me, if you want, about questions you have in regard to the workings of things, people and the other dimensions."

I asked him about the people I thought I saw with him a while ago. He told me that they were there, pointing to the side. I saw a group of four or five people, nodding friendly to me. "They are my specialists, for when you ask difficult questions!" he laughed. He added, "No, I don't know everything. And besides that, they want to learn from you! For instance, the questions I saw you having are very important. The whole and only reason for the existence of the Negative State is to explore the 'impossible'. Since you are willing to ask from your position in the midst of it, we learn, too!"

The thought was somewhat disturbing to me that he didn't know everything. He must have read my mind because he said, "I do have wisdom. I'm not un-wise. I know much. But what I don't know is for me not a limit but an exciting challenge. Truth and insight always grow. Yet what I don't have, don't relate to and don't harbor, in contrast to you, are lies, falsities or half-truths. Those, I cannot deal with. So, come up with your questions."

My first question was about where we were. Clearly not on earth itself. But why the Himalayas? In his answer he calmly taught me things. For instance, that wisdom, as exponent of the truth, is actually there as a radiating and radiated reality. It's not just a quality or certain color of things. 'Things' are expressions and creations of the truth. Wisdom makes them visible and operable. The plateau on which we stood is what we humans could call, a parallel reality. It's part of the real, unpolluted reality; while planet earth as I know it was as it were the 'end of the line' of the phenomenon earth. Our earth has no radiation or parallel realities going out from it. Where we stood now, was as close as the other dimensions of the phenomenon 'earth' can get to our planet without getting affected in a negative way. The high mountains below provide therefore, not just symbolically, the least contaminated plane to meet. He added that I didn't have to go physically to high mountaintops in order to be closer to this spot which, he repeated, is the next to last external layer of earth. In my spirit I can at any time come to a place like this here in order to bring up questions I have about the true facts of life. I was brought to this place so that I can get used to the idea that outside the world as I know it, the other dimensions are concrete and really there!

Wisdom's presence felt warm. He seemed so honest and he talked in a simple way. My attention span was short (as always.) I couldn't think of specific questions, partly because everything becomes a question when I'm exposed to this kind of world!

I asked if I could hug him. "Of course!," he said friendly. I did. It felt so good to have this physical contact. I noticed that where our bodies touched, he was a regular human being. He disengaged, held me at arm's length, laughed and teased me, "Not bad for a person who says he doesn't need hugs because he didn't grow up with that custom!" I don't know how he knew that. But it triggered a question I had; one that I even had considered as a possible topic for an article I could write. So I asked, "What exactly does it mean, God, or the I Am, hugging me? I feel He/She does, but it is very different from what we just did." He happily said, "We have a saying among us that the One Holy is a fuzzy teddy bear!" I immediately panicked and cried out, "Stop!" All my alarms went off. Animals like bears are supposed to be creations of the Negative State and teddy bears are a recent product. The saying may sound cute but it doesn't help me to gain insight in celestial features. Hundreds of protests rose up in me. I felt physically in pain.

He took it seriously and while he addressed the issue I calmed down. He said, "I appreciate you being so alert. Let me say a few things. Bears as you know them belong to the animal world you are familiar with. As you know, the Negative State experimented with animals. Many new species evolved from their doings. But don't give them the credit for the variety of animal life. The beauty you pick up in nature doesn't come from their pseudo-creations and inventions but is a remnant of what in the Positive State is the normal fullness of all things and beings. Including animal-types of creatures. Also, keep in mind that I have to relate to you in earthly terms and with words fitting into your frame of reference; otherwise you couldn't even hear me. True reality needs to be translated into images and a language you can perceive, right?

I allowed myself to be convinced. Or was I? I know how clever imposters are. I think I asked some more questions, but even while writing this down right after it happened, I can't remember which ones. I only know I asked about how to leave. He didn't even have to tell me because the bird was there, waiting. Now, its color was light green. Again, the left wing provided a stairway. When looking at the 'specialists' while I was leaving, I noticed that one seemed to wear glasses. I commented on it. Wisdom repeated, "Don't forget we want to make you feel comfortable by having things look familiar. Our appearance here is only for this occasion, for now, for meeting with you. They respect you and you're in their love. Do know that I am specifically sent to assist you. I'll see you!"

The journey back was easy. It seemed very short. When I landed and was back in my chair, the bird disappeared as on a film in fast forward, right before my eyes. You were there. You told me that besides what the other trips would teach me, I could use my contact with this man Wisdom to talk and ask questions.

s(On my evening walk after I was back from the week vacation in L.P., even before I was focusing on my visiting with You, the question came overwhelmingly at me, 'Are you really serious about dedicating yourself to Me?' This was not asked with an undertone of doubt or criticism. It was an invitation for me to search my soul to the most thorough extent. Again, the thought of the devout, honest, his wisdom sharing clergyman who recently died flashed through my mind. I answered the question in the affirmative, stating that being honest with You is my absolute priority. But for days afterwards, I kept asking myself whether perhaps I had reservations, fears or sneaky ulterior motives with my desire to have this closeness to You take first place in my life. Finally, I told You simply that as far as I am aware of myself, and as far as I am capable of expressing what I see as true in myself, I truly want to be aligned with You.)