........ 'ONE HOLY'

... Some friends of Jesus and a few townspeople had come in. He welcomed them and engaged them in the discussion. "You all know that goodness and love come in many shapes and colors. All facets complement each other's specialty. I love you, my friends, and I also love our tenants. The nature of the One Holy in its very essence is love. So the real nature of what exists, as it all flows from one source, is goodness. Any solution for any problem lies in that realm. Why love is the core of the divine and therefore that of all of creation, you may not grasp. But why going in against it?"

- "Wherever I am recognized, My presence shines. The only way I am correctly perceived is as the one pouring out an abundance of love."

- "All reactions in the universe show the desire to respond in kind. My love triggers this. My 'hidden', not-knowable part never invalidates the completeness of our warm interaction. Nothing is left out. It is mutually completely satisfying."

- "No one in the real reality has an interest in probing beyond how they perceive Me. Only the human race is positioned in a way that they examine questions about this. You know the price paid for not stopping them. However, their answers lead to the proof that My nature as Love has the final say."


... "Operating from love often causes more trouble than it resolves!" one of his friends said, shaking his head. To which Jesus responded, "It is good you notice that, indeed, on earth everything is off course, upside down, unfit as spontaneous love celebration. I tell you, I come from love and will refuse to not be what I am, recognized or not by this human generation. If only you knew how immense, vibrant and total the goodness and caring is of the One Holy. It includes tolerating, for a time, the aberrations of this world, and it also protects the rest of the universe against its darkness."

- "Recognizing Me as being all-love is not the result of projecting the best on earth into Me. It is the other way around. Because love is absolute, it cannot be suppressed completely."

- "The only reason people doubt the way I am, is because they are not in fullness connected with My goodness. You all are still 'displaced' and therefore wonder. This can be discouraging and is likely to make many profoundly skeptical."

- "That nevertheless on earth love is generally acknowledged as the most powerful human force, shows that even in its truncated and polluted forms its real character keeps breaking through."


... A voice in the back of the room said, "Isn't the law supposed to show Gods will? Love is not practical. The divine law provides rules that can be applied and studied." Immediately, Jesus came back with, "Is lovemaking practical? Is feeding your children practical? Is pride in your work practical? Do you wait for the law to speak on that? No, something deep in your heart, an instinct prompts you and lets you know that those things are right and good. Something of the divine nature seeps through. It is part of the tiny surviving remnant of the true heavenly goodness."

- "What's the use of explaining love, unless you are willing to be in the midst of it? In case you are critical, hesitant or skeptical about love, you are critical, skeptical or hesitant about the nature of your own person."

- "The all-encompassing reality of life, the truth of existing and the nature of love in all of it, is a dual one. It consists of My masculine and feminine sides, so to speak. How the two, My love and My truth, relate to each other provide the prototype of marriage. All life's energy is generated by their always unifying interaction."

- "Whether there's an alternative to this reality had to be explored. This will clarify whether My love has limits."


... "So love is more than the law, is above it, you say?", came the same voice. "Yes!", Jesus said firmly, "since the law comes from love." "They will get you for that!" The voice sounded honestly concerned. "I know," Jesus said calmly. "Nothing is more antagonizing for the evil state than goodness and honesty. In all structures on earth, the love quality is perverted, made rigid or banned to the realm of emotions and sentiments. Friendships, like we had with the tenants, turn sour. I personally am vilified and my words are twisted around. Earth and all that is on it, is built on sand."

- "The thought that human life on earth is like living in a cage, crosses many minds. Indeed, all can discover that there is another world - in your terms a paradise, with happy sunshine and a smooth running society : the real reality."

- "Nobody in 'heaven' puts down those that live in the cage and try to make the best of little. They don't ridicule the efforts to survive or to bring some decency and pleasantness in difficult circumstances. I do not judge. I know your plight."

- "All earth's negative experiences function to show how not to construct life. All those who, like you, are in the cage, will be freed, purified and restored to normal proportions.


... All people present, except the youngsters, raised in protest their voices when Jesus said, "Love wants to touch, love desires to build with others and to create newness. That applies to business dealings, to politics, as well as to lovemaking, in and outside of marriage..." He had to wait till the clamor subsided. Then he added, "I simply want to point out that any form of limiting love amounts to adultery; it is holding back; it is not allowing the One Holy to express life's true nature in fullness. This applies to each of you, too. It is the divine law for all levels on which life takes place."

- "Love is not a happening to strive for; it is the stirring of life itself."

- "Love always expands, creates and becomes more 'whole'. On earth, 'healing' is seen as repairing what is broken or damaged. But that is not My goal. The quality of My being Healing in regard to the Negative State is like a warm welcoming wind that is blown to all there, with the invitation to let go of lies and falsities."

- "All that emanates from Me participates in the dance to which My nature as Love inspires. Everywhere is gracious motion. New steps are learned and practiced for the all-involving universal movement forward to more perfection."


... "Isn't all in existence supposed to mirror the beauty and goodness of its maker?", Jesus taught. "The tiniest particle in nature already, but surely mankind as image of the divine, somehow harbors love as link to the One Holy and to their fellow creatures. Nothing is exempted from this situation. All in their own unique way can stimulate the love relationship and participate in the dance of the Creator with what is created. Only here and in the 'hell's' is this link obscured. Here, love leads easily to slavery. It is pathetically fragmented and underutilized."

- "Love is never hidden. It is the occurrence of life in full view. It is the way I express Myself because love is Me."

- "For you, love cannot be measured by its external forms or by results you see. The Negative State copies positive achievements to the hilt. In its purest consistency, love shows up as honest desire when expressed away from people's approval. Yes, in My book pertaining to earth, the last are often the first!"

- "You know that in applauded acts of caring, factors may play a role that are not loving at all. In your words: 'shadows are, where light is'. Yet the Negative State cannot stop love from coming through in any of its products."


... "Do you realize," Jesus continued", how cracked the vessel of love is? It leaks and shows marks of suspicion, dependency, fear, control and what have you. The flow of life's energy, meant to serve a joyful exploring and expanding, is used for power trips and fights. Look at society in general: money, elbowing and conflicts dominate, not the happy sharing of responsibilities." Frustrated, Mary said, "But that's the way it has always been!" Jesus shook his head and said, "If life is not filled with loving, it is not life; it is empty. Yet real life does occur, even if here it is hard to see."

- "You have the saying that 'love moves mountains'. There is indeed tremendous power in the very realization and acceptance that love is an essential component of all existence."

- "The powerful body of love is butchered on earth, you could say; the pieces being thrown in all directions. The positive is overshadowed by abuse. Possessiveness, exclusiveness, self- centeredness became by-products. Human history blatantly shows that in the name of love, in My name!, atrocities are committed."

- "Still, My being love is all-inclusive; it keeps everything moving. All that exists is part of it. Therefore, there is no need to become cynical!"