5. Others Also


Rule 5. O T H E R S A L S O ....... 'O N E H O L Y'

"Much will become clearer to you, when you grasp this fifth perspective in regard to communicating with Me. When 'others' come to your mind, you may automatically associate it with the obligation to love them or do good to them. But something delightfully richer and more meaningful is going on. For one, all others are as much part of life happening as you are. Anything else is, for that matter. All participate as the life-form they are. For you, it is being of the human race that became degenerated and almost unrecognizable compared with the original humans. Others in the universe have their own particular form and position. They all are related to Me, and are relative to Me. The experiences of all living together constitute the one Reality that's before Me, from Me and through Me. For all of them, I am My splendid self."

"Secondly, attitudes you're familiar with on earth, like comparing, judging, envy, superiority, etc., are completely alien to the rest of the universe. Togetherness, in all its aspects and dimensions, is highly stimulating and pure joy. All marvel that I emanate only what is unique. Nothing is the same and nothing is in each other's way. All has its place in the vibrant mosaic that sparkles with as many rays as there are pieces. Sounds lyrical? Well, think about what you observed when you were here during your 'journeys'. Isn't it a totally uncomplicated way of relating to each other, without isolation, criticism or rejection?"

"There's a third aspect that has everything to do with My first name and spirit. I am also the One beyond your or anybody's understanding. You have in common with each other that you are always before Me, the One Who, at the same time and in all absoluteness, transcends all. This fact in itself binds all the universes and their components together. The commonality quivers with the quest to honor and praise Me for providing such a beautiful and exciting environment. They realize that life is grounded so that nobody ever has to entertain any question about its reliability."

"It is so well-rooted. I, the One you now know personally, am the I AM of existence, its knowable or unknowable. I desire to have what I emanate before Me. I see in it the beauty of them and of Myself. Do you realize that these words present you with the complete picture of life? There's not more to Reality than that it is involved in the same adventure of existing. My first name says that the fullness of life is not grounded in anything created. Creation, as you conceptualize it, is the external part of My fullness in which living is a shared experience. All can rejoice that their being in life amounts to being 'willed'. It is in My all-ness that I include the glorious existence of what I emanate."

"Of course, you can rebel against the idea that this is the way it is. A sneaky thought in the back of your mind keeps wondering. Not about the realness of My existence, but about a possibility to at one point understand My origin. After all, you belong to the human race, the explorers! The best I can do for you is to suggest to direct your attention to what you experience, all by yourself and in full consciousness. Learning about Me is not an intellectual high jump, a flash of brilliance or a mental abnormality. It simply is expanding your ability to on the spiritual level access more of Reality. When you trust this process, it becomes something normal. Regardless of the questions it raises in your mind that stem from your present confusion and conditioning, your sense for the Real Reality will increase and provide you with completely satisfying answers."

"Everything you observe or are involved in can show its proper dimensions and connectedness. Including Me and My nature. These Writings are an abundant source for your reorientation process. What you write down, are these your thoughts? Of course they are! How come you have them? Isn't it only because you keep choosing to be in My presence? You don't 'see' Me directly in external things, although you could, as others do, make guesses where and how My nature is shining through and where not. In your internal thinking and intuiting area you are swamped with voices telling you opinions of others. So meeting with Me directly can only happen on your spiritual plane. Even if still in its outskirts outside voices try to infiltrate. You learned and managed to keep that innermost space in you as clean as humanly possible. Your mental faculties and body can cooperate to get on paper/website what you experience with Me on the spiritual level. I don't dictate what you write. You just report what you hear, see and experience while visiting with Me."

"Look at the facts. You are for Me the 'other' with whom I communicate. I do that with all the other presences in life. They also can be aware of this, to the extent that they want to experience it as a personal occurrence. It shows that I, while being the not-knowable as One Holy, am at the same time completely available for all whenever they want to relate to Me on the level of their particular awareness. Which for a stone or an atom is different than for a human being. My being One Holy crowns the totality of what exists. All 'others' are part of it and fit in well. There really is no need to relate in particular ways to My even-life's-totality-transcending Self. You are in My world. What more is there to say? Like for everybody else, this is the glorious eternal life you are part of. Enjoy it!"

"A river doesn't return to its source. It steadily honors its beginning by joining with all creeks and streams coming from the heights; so it becomes mighty. Look at yourself that way. And look at everybody and anything else that way. Come to Me personally, and see for yourself that the road of life is wide enough for all to travel on. You on earth are exposed from within and without to the denial and distortion of this reality. But you now see clearly that what sets the Negative State apart, besides the ugliness and miseries as results of its operations, is its not accepting to be as all else; in not letting My being One Holy lead to all-out adoration. The negative forces embark on futile efforts to separate My first name from the other six. The nature of those they try to copy and imitate so they can present them as a way of life in which I don't have to figure."

"It remains for you and anybody on earth seeking My closeness an ongoing choice as to where you place yourself amidst the others. When you think of people who bother you, will you do it from the spiritual perspective, seeing them as creatures relative to Me and also on the road to My fullness or do you give in to judging, distancing and discrimination? In your circumstances it's not possible to practice much the joyous oneness with all. You cannot even trust parts of yourself, so also in relating to others you constantly have to be on guard that they don't pull you off course or pollute your space with falsities."

"This doesn't mean you cannot strive for the best. All relationships are invitations to do just that. Family life, friendships, work situations, international affairs and nature, they cry out for fairness, support and respect. You can learn to view everything and everybody as belonging to My totality. When you 'pray' for others, for My interference, for healing or change, be very aware that they all have their own role in life. On the stage of life, no role is of less or greater importance than yours. Your responsibility is to accept and play your part. This applies to all others, too. You cannot go wrong when you keep in mind the picture of all people on the road to praising Me, regardless on what awful detours they may be at the moment. Disturbing and hurting differences in character, attitudes, opinions and behavior that trouble all societies and relationships are temporary. Those are distortions, unnatural and abnormal. In Me is the normalcy of being. And normalcy stands for sacredness. Sacredness stands for being before Me and with Me."

"Wherever you see a chance you can change things for the better by being positive, supportive and forgiving. Should you bring the problems of others or the needs of the world to My attention as a regular feature in talking with Me? You know by now My reservation about anything not taking in account the full Reality. 'Prayers' of intercession may feel good yet much more important is that you radiate to those you 'pray for' your familiarity with My names, which includes them. Your wishes for them are then based on their oneness in Me and on belonging to a life that emerges from and returns to Me. This will in your mind align the person or situation you 'pray for' with the harmony I am. Sending thoughts of love, doing good to them, and, above all, holding on to what you know as the truth of life, theirs also, is the most powerful action you can take. You don't have to remind Me to pay attention! Seeing others as part of My world, that is the challenge for the whole population on your disconnected planet."

Rule 5. O T H E R S A L S O L O V E

"This 'rule' for connecting with Me sounds familiar. Loving one another is the key to all positive behavior. It is the only way out of the conditioning and self-imposed slavery. You are important and precious, but so is any other entity. This is threatening to many people. Besides paying perhaps lip service to it, deeply ingrained in them are envies, rivalries and security needs that make them super-protective of themselves. Differences, suspicion and judging go hand in hand. This 'rule' tells everybody that one has to let go of any worry about who one is, except where one is on the scale of My love and one's positive attitude towards others. It is the way life is. You may have to keep training your thoughts and behavior to be exclusively inclusive in regard to love. There is no hierarchy in it. Nothing is outside the radiation of My second name. All are invited to expose themselves to it and glow with its eternity-connected passion."

"I know that your ability to do this on earth is greatly limited. Your energy and time go to daily chores, your job and all sorts of activities that seem to have little to do with the sweetness of recognizing a shared love. Most daily dealings with others in society is businesslike and stays on the surface. Even when people are engaged in friendships, in making love or in organized charity, many non-love factors may play a role. All-inclusive love may not exist. On the other hand, there's no going around the fact that the essence of life is and remains expressed in what My second name, Love, stands for. Everything operates from that core. It can't be eliminated. The consequence to ponder for all on earth is that there is not one single sensible reason for wasting any energy in non-loving thoughts about anything or anybody!"

"I know that human beings can be mortal enemies to each other. In general, no human is to be trusted. Vile acts have been and are committed on each other on all levels. Even what's called and accepted as being love may have blatant self-serving elements. People still hold on to a romantic or divine image of it in order to somehow save the idea of love from being completely demystified. Nevertheless, loving is the all-color and the all-fulfillment of everything in existence. Assigning limited areas for it to operate in, like family, sex, country or morals has no spiritual relevance. The fact stands that all creatures, including your enemies and those that fail you originate in the same desire in Me that wants to have life and life-forms around and before Me. This binds you together whether it is appreciated or not."

"It is not an easy position you are in. You wonder if it is realistic to exist on the premise that only in love reality can show and that all the time and with everybody. The universality of this is attacked by the Negative Sate with great success. Do you think there is one soul on earth not skeptical or cynical about this? Knowing yourself and seeing humans behave throughout their whole history is evidence enough. Yet this Writing is about the essence and core of all relating. So if you have any concerns about other people and you bring these to My attention, know that you will receive only one response. It says that My love for you has the same quality, intensity and duration as My love for those others. There are no exceptions. It is the way I am. Therefore it is the way Reality is."

"Still, living in the isolated realm where everything is sort of upside down shouldn't stop you from striving to connect with the real and lasting dynamics of life. You can draw strength and inspiration from your meetings with Me. Also from knowing that everybody, in their own way, will face the Real Reality. You have seen within the framework of your ability to perceive it the functioning of My world. This information should increase your compassion and deepen the desire that others see the light also. When people are a threat to you or you feel anger and fear, don't hide it from Me. People on earth remain fragile and vulnerable. You can drop any form of pretense in My presence. Coming to Me with the honest desire to solve conflicts in a sphere of love, brings you on My wavelength."

"I don't expect you to love Me. Nor do I expect that of others. I just tell you that only in love real life manifests itself. It comes with joyful togetherness and always-productive connecting. Living is an happy adventure because of it. When people 'pray for' others it can be motivated by guilt or frustration. Be clear that when you communicate with Me and you bring up issues with others, you are the one I face. I speak with you. I don't talk with you 'about' others, except that I let you know that they also belong to My fullness, whether they or you see this or not. Be prepared, therefore, that all 'praying' about others can only be an overture to an as personal love affair with them as much as possible."

"Instinctively, people seek love and support from other individuals or groups. Family life, friendships and groups are based on it. When found, they serve as oases in the dry lands of exploitation, loneliness, moral isolation and social and economic injustice. But love is so much more than an instrument for feeling protected. Playfulness, for instance, is a much more authentic aspect of it. Where there is playfulness, My love comes through. There, true reality is reflected. These bright spots the Negative State will always manage to confiscate or poison. Still, for all practical reasons you and everybody can side with the lightness of life wherever you can, if you desire so. I add, if you desire so, because the meanest perversion of love is its becoming an obligation, expected, a good deed or activity instead of signaling the aliveness of your original nature."

"It is My nature that comes through when people live from love. Even while the form is rudimentary, fragmented and not conforming to universal standards. Coming to Me in 'prayer' is not at all denying or downplaying your earthly limitations. So don't exclude areas of love that may be controversial. Sexual expressions are as much a part of love as emotional bonds or social activism. With Me, love is 'all over the place', as you say. This is so different from how people on earth approach each other. Neediness, abuse, manipulation, prejudices and exclusiveness abound. Are there ever no ulterior motives in relating to others? Looking at yourself will help to not become hypocritical."

"However, don't be too cautious either! You are a blessed person. And so are all who honestly want to live from My nature in them and who treasure even the smallest manifestations of love and want to expand those. When you want your 'praying' to be effective, keep in mind that all others fall under the same attention span of My desire to have humans as My partners, My lovers, My beautiful family. This will help you to cleanse your system from exclusions, reservations, comparing and two-faced-ness. Don't plead for others. Instead, reaffirm what you know. Which is that they are loved and are exposed to it. Radiating this conviction to the world around you in all its appearances, good or bad, makes you a true friend. It enlightens those you touch and disturbs deeply the forces of the Negative State that cannot relate to this. To say it in a different way, it is your loving part that makes you pleasantly visible for Me and it is this part that enables you to truly 'see' other people. In this sense, love creates the Real world around you. What you see when you are not loving is a delusion."

Rule 5. O T H E R S A L SO T R U T H

"Truth isn't the outcome of research or thinking. It's not a conclusion one can come to, though that can be an aspect of it on earth. Truth stands for all life as it occurs. What happens adds to it. When fragments in existence disown their nature, they become falsities and lies. Often I mention that in the Negative State only lies and falsities make up the character of its pseudo-reality. I don't mean this in a moral sense. I talk about the substance of life itself. When someone on earth, in the midst of the pseudo-reality there, prepares to connect consciously with Me, that person better realize that she or he makes preparations for entering a very different world, namely the full and true Reality. The use of any concept originating in the conditions on earth is worthless. Well, except for showing what true life is not. This applies to all forms of 'praying', too. Only when you sincerely desire to be in My presence, your words get meaning and 'ring true'."

"Reality is Me. I, as the I AM, am its total fullness. You are an occurrence in it. Being alive means being able to connect with Me. You share this with all other entities in existence. Nobody is excluded. So your truth is the truth of others also. All life operates in the same reality. What's in your awareness is a segment, a section, of the total body of life, of reality, of truth happening. The totality of existence in all its absoluteness is Me, Truth itself. In it, you are a reflection of Me in your own right and as a unique manifestation. So is all of the universe."

"This writing may be judged as too individual-focused. It seems preoccupied with individual-decision making and with personal ties with Me. It seems to bypass responsibility for others. It seems to ignore the recent ideals for global sharing. It may mention the oneness of all and the common fate of earthlings, but the focus seems always on personal, individual choices. The concerns and struggles of mankind in general seem to fall by the wayside. This reaction is erroneous. What you write is what you hear and understand in My presence. Everything I say to you comes from My unpolluted truth that contains all events, times and beings. I am the fact of life, you could say. In this lies the unity of everything. All humans beings together are as one person before Me: as My lover and partner. This never in any degree lessens that each individual is that also. So in this sense, reality as truth remains a primary personal adventure. It's that for Me. It's so for you."

"Please, don't forget that any relationship with Me has the character of a love affair. In the way I approach anything that exists is no emotional distance or neutrality. You could say that My being only Love is My feminine side and My being only Truth is My masculine one. How could life occur without those two? As My image, each human being has this nature and therefore is not depending on others for his/her essence and substance. When an individual entity decides to contribute to the beauty and perfection of the total, it does so from the fullness it already possesses. From this position, entities share, make love, create, blossom and move on."

"In the real world is no worrying about being responsible for others. I have a partnership with all. I desire this. That's the reality of existing. In all abundance I am available for anybody. My third name covers all. It contains the universe, as you say. Since everything is from and through Me, lies or falsities have no substance. What you experience as reality and facts in the 'Zone of Displacement', has the character of a pseudo world, a travesty, a perversion. Only some resemblance of true life comes through."

"When you focus on the remnant of real life in you and connect with its Source, which is what true 'praying' is all about, you inhale the spirit of aliveness. If more people would engage in it, a surge of light and lightness and an influx of insights would occur. You know this from the times you place yourself in My presence. I never force My ideas on you. Understanding and grasping it must come from you. But I don't hide Myself either! In this sense, I don't make it easy on you. You have to decide how far you go with integrating the truth in your daily doings. Nothing you are exposed to is secretive or esoteric. Nothing is complicated in My world. The truth always liberates from boundaries imposed by culture, upbringing, genes and by defect-coping mechanisms you developed yourself."

"The conscious connection with Me opens windows within you. So it is for all who want this to happen. There only is one Reality, one Truth. You can't make other people see this. You are not them, in the first place. You can be close to others, share with them and unite with them as in lovemaking but even then, you just are not that other person. It is the same in the rest of the universe. The reason for it is that desiring to be someone else would be redundant. That person is already there! It would mean something is repeated. This never happens. All of life is unique because it mirrors Me."

"I'd like you to be aware of how you view others from this perspective. What is in your thoughts, what do your feelings tell you, what do you do with what your thoughts and feelings tell you, what do you end up radiating, how do you bring them into your 'praying' in case you do that? Possible positive effects your 'praying for' others may have on you or what it may do for those you bring to My attention, isn't the issue here. 'Praying' shouldn't be done because of possible gain one way or another, in the first place. Communicate with Me for the sake of being with Me and for entering the full Reality on your spiritual level. You can't sway Me anyway, except by letting more of My spirit join you. My interest in others, be it a person, family, country or group in need you're concerned about, is already surrounding all of them."

"Let nobody ever say that they 'have' the truth. It amounts to saying that they 'have' Me. The truth is not a concept. It is the happening of life itself, of your person. Life is as multifaceted as there are particles in it. It means that all relationships with Me are original, unique, incomparable, dissimilar; never the same. You cannot prescribe or even figure out what others need on their journey. Would you know about other people's demons and shadows? Or about their mission on earth? Walking the path to and with Me remains an individual adventure as much as it results in contributing to the whole of the universal body."

"The moment people 'compare notes', offer dogmas about Me or claim to know the truth, the lie is already in it. One person's truth is another person's lie, you say. Being relative to Me and so learning who you are can only be experienced from one's own position. Only I have all the information, you could say. Of course, seeing others traveling the same route can be stimulating. Like singing together can double its pleasure. When you see people relate to each other here you notice the complete absence of any pressure or expectation. This is impossible on earth. Therefore, any desire to travel with others has to be scrutinized if it doesn't take away from the other's freedom. The only safe guide is each individual's desire to be with Me as intimately as possible. Be aware that there are no standard spiritual paths!"

"The most powerful gift to others is being honest about what goes on in your spiritual space. I don't mean this Writing per se. I mean sharing your experiences with Me in a simple matter-of- fact way. Friendliness is a celestial quality. Firmness about the solid ground you feel under your feet can be a beacon in the midst of so much cunning. Trying to convince others that these words are true is a waste. It is interfering with people's freedom of choice and even more, it shows you don't operate from the fullness of My love and truth. It proves you to be needy!"

"You notice that people 'here' are genuinely interested in each other. Also, that there are many of them. They approach you freely. Did you ever feel pushed or closed in? I know you're amazed about their respect and acceptance. They never judge or seem impatient. The simple reason for this is that those qualities are inventions of the Negative Sate. They're not even recognized here. Nobody is a threat to another. The sensitivity to each other's desires, qualifications and ideas is spontaneous. It is a happy bunch! Remind yourself of these facts of life in the full Reality. Spirit, mind and expressions are always in complete harmony. On earth this is seldom the case. Yet when people come to Me of their own accord, they are in for exquisite surprises. You cannot in any way force this on them!"

Rule 5. O T H E R S A L SO P R O P E R

"People consider Me to be of a totally other dimension than they are. Do you realize that this is also the other way around? You, as well as the universe are before Me as life-forms, compositions and entities that clearly are not Me. All is through Me. It means that all emanated from Me reflects its source. But while being from and representing on your level that source and the structure of My nature, you are 'on your own' before Me, in terms of how We relate and how you participate in life. This way, I can converse with you as entity in your own right. You are equipped with all necessary faculties to be a 'self'."

"The oneness of all is not a blend, like a soup in which all segments of life are thrown together nor does it have to do with inter-dependency. Within Me occurs the fundamental positive and distinct interaction between My masculine and feminine sides. I call them that because this differentiation is familiar to you. Still, I am one. As masculine and as feminine, as love and as truth, the universe stands. Each part in it has its place, personality, history, volume, task, position and interactions, thus contributing to the shape of the edifice of life. The structure of life's totality mirrors in every aspect My multi-faceted nature, the 'Person' I am for humans. The power that brings and holds together all segments of existence is My desire to add to the splendor of existence."

"You can compare this with the way you as a person function, internally and externally. You consist of a multitude of completely different parts. How come they somehow work together so that you survive? It has to do with the attraction between the feminine and masculine sides in you. It makes cooperation attractive and promising. It is the driving force behind taking care of your body and mind. It is not, what people think, a neutral survival instinct. It is the remnant of real life's structure pulsating. Apply this also to how you interact with your environment. You are surrounded by other presences; with them you form life's texture. As a 'detail' in it, see whether you want to contribute to the perfection of what is already established: the joy of being desired, the pride in having something to offer and the satisfaction in achieving. All elements around you are partners in the universal dance of grace and glory. On earth, you can see some of this in working together in positive activities. My fourth name says that the structure of the full Reality stands on its own feet. What is like this on earth, is worth to join."

"Like others, you entertained the thought that the world would be a better place if all the negative elements in it would be removed. Which child doesn't dream at one time or another, 'If I were God....?' This kind of daydreaming leads into dead-end streets. The truth is that you are already involved in holding the magnificent universe together. You function. From a clockwork you can't take out even the tiniest component. Well, you can, but then the clock is rendered useless. This is symbolic for how Reality runs and fits together. All building blocks as well as the builders are proud of their input. You may consider yourself indispensable, even when knowing your ineptness. Yet so you should consider everybody else, also when they act in destructive ways. The machinations coming from the Negative State will always interfere with believing that the structure of life is pure beauty and pertinent. It is discouraging that on earth destruction goes hand-in-hand with building up. But dreaming about, 'What if .., can be replaced by, I am personally involved in what is already'. 'Praying' can do this; you see and experience yourself as a worker in real life's organization."

"Let Me be more specific. You' were granted visions of, and visits to, another dimension. You were not familiar with those surroundings. They reveal to you that much more is going on in the universe than what you can observe. The beauty you see and the welcome you feel is given you for a reason. The reason isn't that now you can convince or at least inform other people that there's another world, accessible for all who want to connect with it. The reason you can see and experience some of Real Reality's structure, how it fits together beautifully on all its levels, from cities and roads to food and entertainment, is that now, in you, that knowledge is present on earth, right in the domain of the Negative State, right under its nose!"

"Nobody may be interested in what you go through. What you go through nobody will be able to copy anyway, because they are not you. But I tell you that the 'agents' of the Negative State are mighty concerned about the changes in you. Especially because they don't expect it to happen to a person like you who doesn't seem a likely candidate for spiritual enlightenment. They can't stop you, however, because where your desiring true insight comes from is out of reach for them. It is My presence in you. For all other people and entities of the Negative State it is the same. They have to come to Me, if they want, from what in them is their non-erasable origin. This origin is the link with 'home'. Actually, it is everybody's only solid dwelling place."

"Without planning it consciously, you have prepared yourself for your 'homecoming'. One reason I can speak with you now is because you have a long history of not really embracing anybody's opinion. Your own included. You respect and marvel at wisdom that's around but you leave plenty of room for skepticism. You sensed you waited for something but didn't seriously try to pin it down. You only knew it had to be more 'real' than what you experienced up till then. The Negative State knows that you are with Me a lot lately. They don't really see or grasp what goes on. All that is pure escapes them. They sense it, watch your reactions and process what you publicly show. You are not considered too big a danger for them because you are not, by their and by human standards, an important or influential human. Me saying this is not of interest to them because they don't want to have to deal with Me directly."

"There are more aspects to the importance of your seeing Me. You present in your space an example for negative forces, demons or whatever you call them, on a level they can observe. It is important. I don't give further details, because it would tempt you to live up to an certain image of yourself instead of you deciding out of free will which path to go. For you, it is enough to know that you are in touch with the true structure of reality, its universal functioning and its beauty and rightness. So in you is this knowledge present on earth. The negative presences in you constantly look over your shoulders, but the content of these Writings is mostly like hieroglyphs to them."

"If people want to connect with Me, want to 'pray', they have to do it from their own desire to get involved. You cannot tell them where they should fit into My structure or how My relationship with them should look. Closeness to them may develop by itself when the intimacy with Me shines through in what is radiated, spoken and done. There is an honest searching for truth on earth. For instance, in scientific research that longs to know what dynamics hold the macro- and microcosms together. Yet gaining proper insight on all life's levels is thwarted when it doesn't include, as is the case with you, acknowledging that there's the perspective of the Real Reality."

"What I say here is to underline that each fragment's, each particle's, each entity's function in the composition of Reality is equally important. All are appreciated and held accountable. It can be a joy to discover you are not the only one who chooses to walk with Me and finds peace and power in aligning with what eternally unfolds. This cannot be taught, though. It can only be found. Gently spreading information about it, especially to children and to those who ask for it, can have a positive effect. But this shouldn't be your goal. It is like seeing something glistening in the dirt. You pick it up, wipe and clean it and you see you have a nugget of gold in your hand. You can show it to others, but then they have to start looking for something like it themselves. Maybe they won't. That is up to them. Not to you."

Rule 5. O T H E R S A L SO H E A L I N G

"Approaching Me is like traveling. It's impossible for people on earth to connect with Me if they are not willing to move away in their thinking, attitudes and attention from the spot the are in now. Only then can they enter My presence and light. This means, turning their awareness to a new situation. It doesn't require that every instance of seeking My presence turns into a full-fledged visit with Me. Yet every thought of Me, however short, will include without exception a willingness to retire automatic reactions or fixed ideas. All basic patterns in human thinking or logic are fundamentally disruptive and contaminated. For instance, you may be in a happy mood, enjoying beauty, sailing smoothly and in harmony with the world around you, and still, these nice notions do not qualify as a launching pad for entering My space. At all times, it must be a chosen direction towards Me that makes contact."

"You learned that there's nothing elaborate required for coming to Me. It is the most simple, shortest and deeply rewarding journey one can undertake. Of course! I am in you already. I am the aliveness of life. My dwelling place, the Real Reality, is closer than you think. Even more poignantly, My new nature includes the human experience. You must overcome obstacles, but I do not. I am in your world. The bridge between Our positions is your desire to cross it. The 'how' of it a child can teach you. Again, coming to Me is as traveling; is a moving to wider vistas. You must abandon the idea that I may be spiritually real but that meeting Me isn't as concrete, vivid, even physical, as visiting with a friend. You personally know that idea is false. 'Celestial' dimensions are not subject to earthly measurements of realness. They are endlessly more than those."

"So if you want to 'pray', you have to pull the anchor, so to speak, and allow the currents of wanting to be whole carry you in My direction. In order to experience this as a real and observable happening, with concrete changes as well as spiritual progress, something in your heart and mind has to honestly want change, newness and exposure to 'more'. Securities in life, built from past learning, or firmly believed principles are up in the air and mean nothing unless they are compatible with the glow of My direct presence. What I say here applies to everything that has to do with what you call 'prayer' and 'praying'."

"As a body, you can't walk in two directions at the same time. In order for 'praying' to mean anything, moving closer to Me must be its purpose. It must include all aspects of your person. Also the physical part. In your desire to connect with Me, all of you is involved. Be aware of this, before you start addressing Me. Do you want every niche and corner to be illuminated and embraced by the light of My candle? Or do you have reservations about certain parts and areas in your life? Do you desire all of society, all other people and all happenings on earth to move towards the Positive State? By looking at your own past, do you take responsibility for roles you played in enhancing, or sabotaging!, this direction? Humans are capable of saying one thing and thinking something else. It falls under this 'rule' for connecting with Me that you include the parts you judge least qualified for interacting with Me. Sooner or later you'll find that what can seem a private or lonely trip, is known by those in 'heaven'. Yet they know that all parts coming from the 'lost' zone are on their way to being replaced. Therefore, you better come clean with all aspects of your person and with how you relate to people that play a role in your world."

"However familiar you may be with dysfunction on all levels, the information you receive from Me tells you that in the rest of the universe confusion or conflicts are unknown. Only one direction is chosen. All move towards more closeness to Me, privately and as a shared path. Which means that no one ever is on a collision course with someone else. Wherever one turns, My expanding glory is obvious. You are invited to have this one focus when you 'pray': moving to more wholeness and wholesomeness. Do you understand that what may seem throwing overboard and losing earthly attachments actually is opening the entrance gate to the festival grounds where all creatures have a good time? You can bring with you anything you hold dear, if you want to do so. I don't ask you to sacrifice anything. You'll find out for yourself what stirs up more engagement in the celebration and what distracts from it."

"When I speak glowingly about the splendor of everything being in the process of becoming 'more', it quite understandably raises suspicion about where it will end, since becoming more must have a saturation point at some time. This seems so logical. Yet achieving a goal and a greater measure of perfection has no negative connotation whatsoever. Always, a huge profit flows from achievements or finished products. Those are beacons and building blocks for other projects; they add new 'knowledge' and so stay in an active mode. Also, every part is free to move away from one position and get involved with another. Exploring yet unknown aspects of boundless space, dimensions, energies or vibrations of My being, is an ever-challenging opportunity. Stagnation is unknown. So don't worry about anybody, including yourself, ever getting bored! Ask your friends here. They don't strike you as having an obligatory or 'by lack of something better' interest in you, do they? They just love anything new. They don't operate from neediness but from the joy of adding to abundance. It is the nature of life that it, from within, always evolves towards more."

"Connecting with Me brings your person in the mainstream of life. Others belong in that current as much as you do. Keeping this in mind can color the way you relate to them. You can picture them in My presence. It can guide your attitudes and behavior towards them. When you see people ignoring spiritual growth, or when blatantly they promote negative choices, you know they are on a detour. You may want to speak up, or join others in protecting the integrity and freedom of your person or society. The main issue, however, is not whether your actions lead to success or not. The crucial course to follow is holding on to your direct connection with Me. Practicing 'forgiveness' will facilitate this. It allows you to move on while otherwise you would be stuck. Not forgiving equals not moving on and means being stagnant yourself."

"All people are your co-travelers, even if the paths they are on are alien to you. Reminding yourself of this will enable you to travel light. The process of healing is the healing. Traveling with Me while on earth amounts to having arrived. Visible results of your being with Me are not reliable indications. Nothing can be whole on earth on its mental and physical levels. The question for those who approach Me consciously is, do you want to grow to more wholeness as all in the universe do? Practically, it means that you are willing to evaluate any occurrence and part in your life as well as other people's positions from this perspective. It doesn't hurt to ask once a while, 'Do others see me as a joyous traveler?' Be careful, though, because you know it is tempting to look to others for approval and validation. To ask this question of the people you meet here is useless. You learned already that in My all-presence as it is experienced here is no criticism or expectation whatsoever. Being in life is being well. For everything and everybody. This is how they approach you when you visit."

"You are blessed with having met people over the years who drew comfort and strength from seeing life as a journey during which they did the best they could. You witnessed courage in the midst of pain and misery. Many know little about spiritual life or having access to Me the way you do. Still, they responded to something deep inside of them. My nature may act up in them. It keeps them moving forward. After dying, they learn very fast the ins and outs of what earth, the Negative State, and above all, what I am all about. So whatever it is you go through in your growth, the process of expanding is universal. Don't imitate someone else's journey. You wouldn't like someone to copy yours, would you? This fifth 'rule' is given as an invitation to encourage everyone to find out for themselves how mighty and great My companionship is."

Rule 5. O T H E R S A L S O M A N I F E S T A T I O N

"I want to address an issue that for many on earth is utterly confusing. It is about your contact with Me while your earthly affairs are not in order. Specifically, if you have no loving and welcoming attitude toward others or one particular person can you still enjoy closeness to Me? You are aware that in your religion, the command to love your neighbor is very central in preaching and teaching. It is presented as essential for life, as proof one is serious about Me. In most religions and approaches to life are doing good and charity touted as tools for alignment with proper living. It is true that all life manifests Me and therefore should manifest love for all. Now, what if in your fragmented personality the desire to be with Me is there but also indifference or worse toward others is acting up?"

"It may come as a surprise hearing Me say that the question is hardly relevant. Let Me explain. It is extremely important that you do not brush aside what the Negative State has done to confuse, castrate or re-direct the central love dynamic in which true reality expresses itself. It encourages a focus on loving others and promote it as a top criterion and goal for full living. Why? Because it is a wonderful guilt-producing tool! It obscures the relevance of one's relating to Me. Loving Me is sent to the sidelines. Loving and caring for others is offered as people's most noble mission in life. It is suggested that by doing it, one fulfills the requirement for loving Me, or whatever is set up as highest authority."

"It sounds good. You can love Me by being a loving presence by respecting nature and helping those in need, like the poor and disadvantaged. Still, this seems to leave Me in the cold, doesn't it? Therefore, I want to confront you with it. You experience Me as a personal, definite presence; one Who appears to you in visible, audible and feel-able ways, adjusted to your situation. You also have some access to the dimension of the real world. So you should know where I come from. There is no ifs, and's or buts to the fact that in the universe when it expresses love for Me, the all-love I am is reflected. It is the sole inspiration for loving others. From spirit to behavior, from matter to space, life is a manifestation of love. What is not transparent for this is, by definition, part of the Negative State."

"Nobody in the world here is in that state. On earth all are. Human history doesn't lie. All societies have shown it. All individuals suffer from it. Can you say that what's considered love for others even in its most pure and altruistic forms has made earth a safer or happier place? In your time, powerful contributions are made to improve the quality of, for instance, child care, education, health, equality and peace. Would you say they are based on love for others? Or have profit, self-protection, fear or scoring moral points also been motivators? Don't give this much thought, though. It is not My point. My point is that I am not loved for what I am. Or, if people have no idea of My existence, they miss out of the fact that their loving represents the Real Reality. The true nature of life is not recognized. To phrase this in a different way, one can try to perfect clothing, but what about the person in it?"

"Behind this operates the lie that I do not exist as a concrete presence on the human level. Some grant Me some archetypal or psychological significance or are willing to accept some wisdom 'from above' and admit possibilities that something divine may exist. But what about Me now? Do I have no tongue that I can speak today? Am I old and have no desire to be love actively? Am I just a projection, to be adjusted to the needs of the day? If you think I am egocentric, My answer is, 'You bet I am'. Only, in My ego you and all are included. The lie is, that it is a different story to connect with Me and connecting with those around you. This isn't a moral judgment. It is the way your minds are put together in the 'Zone of Displacement'. If I would not speak to those that desire it, real facts would never be known on earth. Therefore I revealed to you My sixth name. Loving others and anything that exists is part of what all manifestations of life can be. It is part of making love with Me. This truth, few are willing to accept even if their desire to care for others sets them on the right track."

"It is wise to love neighbors and yourself. But it is not an automatic correspondence with My world. It doesn't indicate that you want, out of free will, to connect with the full reality, or want to be before Me. In the phenomenon love on earth, many factors play a role that do not compare with the happy transparency in all interacting taking place in the rest of the universe. To go back to the original question, do you see why loving Me can be done while much of your performance in relationships is not in harmony? The key is that true love flows exclusively from alignment with My world and not the other way around. However, doing caring deeds, goodness and seeing others included in My love can be a sign of life's true nature."

"Loving others is not the next best thing for those who don't love Me for whatever reason. There is no separation between the two. On earth, both loves are polluted and under constant attack. The fifth 'rule' says that what you found is available for all and is the normal way to function. Knowing Me personally and as result of it seeing everything in its true proportions is normal, regardless of how difficult it is to show it all the time externally. You do notice changes in your life. Loving Me has you now including all things and people in your positive attitude; it makes you aware of their journey to the Real Reality. There are ongoing damaging effects from living isolated in the 'Zone of Displacement'. Loving Me, if at all desired, is like rowing upstream. It may seem logical that loving others is the next best thing for finding the full meaning in life. Yet I say it again that this conclusion is false. All people have it in them to manifest Me and experience also loving Me."

"It is the freedom of each existing entity to decide in what direction to express themselves, how to relate to others, how to direct their efforts and to recognize Me or not. For people on earth who live in slavery it is a matter of looking deep into their own hearts to see whether they want to manifest My world and nature. When they honestly want to align their doings with what deep down they know as the truth, the outcome of this may remain disappointing in terms of achieving solid and lasting success. There is no perfection on earth. Efforts to assist others on their spiritual and humanitarian paths are seldom uncomplicated, conflict-free and all-out joyous. This is another reason that loving others is not an alternative to spiritual progress. While each person lives with 'handicaps', contact with Me can transcend what happens on the earth level. This is not an escape from trying to do right. To the contrary, investing in finding Me and activating your spiritual potential invariably means detoxification taking place on all levels. Which will lead to being more effective and more caring."

"One of the most successful inventions of the Negative State is propagating moral codes and have these become goals in themselves. They catch two of their deadly enemies in one net: freedom of choice and love for Me above all else. The first is effectively wiped out as an option, since morals dictate obedience to what culture, religion, the law of the land and of family formulate as proper. Any expression ignoring their boundaries is suspect, judged and rejected. Often My name is used to back up particular restrictions. The other is, that living by moral rules is lifted up as life's goal and can lead to divine rewards - if there are any. The need for checking in with Me is made obsolete. Morality replaces Me as standard. The irony is that quite a few moral codes are stolen from true ingredients in My nature and used to install fear of Me. Slavery to this abomination goes deep. It's difficult for humans to escape this trap."

"Although I love to see harmony, playfulness, goodness and wisdom blossom in the darkness on earth, I am not waiting for this to increase. My beautiful nature can be detected now. The glory and energy to live to the fullest comes from closeness to Me. In this experience of being with Me, all other creatures are involved, even if for your idea there's no connection with them. Believe Me, in My embrace true life embraces you. When you embrace Me, you embrace all in the universe. Don't be fooled by earth's limitations."

Rule 5. O T H E R S A L S O E N E R G Y

"How much do I 'happen' and how is My presence manifesting itself? Some people seem to have been born with gentleness, a respectful mind or caring hands and attitudes. They seem to find automatically ways to touch others in a healing, beautifying and empowering manner. Others seem unable to overcome traumas or defects in their personality make-up. They remain difficult, self-centered, unpleasant or plainly destructive. Since I am the energy of and in all life, it follows that any expression of life shows one way or another the connection with its source, Me. If it doesn't, then somewhere along the line the nature of that manifestation is blocked."

"This is what your planet so dramatically shows. In terms of what has happened on it, but also because of the predictability of it. The rest of the universe feels no bitterness toward the events the Negative State instigated. It is incomprehensible to them in the first place. They have no desire to know the details. In general, they don't relate to it at all. It is outside their ballpark, so to speak. Except that they all are fully aware that I put Myself at risk, you could say, by letting the stealing and abuse of life's energy take its course. Their awareness of the anti-world acting as a cancer is universally leading to thankfulness for the way I handle this. All marvel at the depth of My desire to include the scope of anything negative into My totality. Practically, it means that all abused power will flow back to Me and will, purified, again profit all. This includes all energies, powers and forces of the perpetrators of the Negative State."

"You, as all on earth, are in the midst of the abuses of life's power. The central abuse being the move away from Me. The naturalness of living by My energy got lost. How do you know which power operates? Make this a personal issue. There is a life force in you. Otherwise you wouldn't exist. It enables you to operate as an entity. On all sides you touch your environment and interact with it, including contact with other people. Do you consciously 'own' the energy you need for this? Do you take responsibility for your power to affect? Are you in your activities a conduit and manifestation of the Real Reality by being a positive presence? Do you integrate the new insights you received, which most people do not have? How high are you willing to turn up the voltage of your radiating My spirit?"

"Yes, take all this personally. You came to this point in your life because countless pushing and pulling forces prepared the way, mostly unbeknownst to your conscious self. Yet you kept alive a deep inner longing for what is truly real. Finally, you took conscious steps to face My presence. Factors from your genes, familial and ethnic conditioning, from your environment and from the ingredients of your particular mind, all these forces played a role in the choices you made and in you becoming the person you are now. Think about it. Do also realize that you can influence others - without planning it - with negative showings as well as with being on to something good. This is the way all manifestations of life work."

"Where does this leave you in terms of planning or desiring to make an impact? Should you deliberately utilize your knowledge that I work through you by pushing others to also go for the Real Reality? Or is 'praying' for this to happen enough and is no further action required? I ask these questions because I want you to think about them. They present you with an universal situation. All in life have the same challenge as you do. All life's showings use My energy and are a form of My energy materializing. You can ask where I end and you begin and the other way around. What is your doing and what is Mine and, to take it one step further, where and when are you yourself and where and when are you a 'product' of inner or outer influences?"

"The answer to these questions you find when you are with Me. By stepping consciously into the field of My presence you have not the slightest difficulty to accept and practice that you are the responsible person for what transpires in your life. In My presence it is perfectly clear that it is up to you what you do with, and how you react to, forces in your space. On earth, many doubt whether humans have any say at all in what happens to them. Indeed, the full impact of My energy being you and your power manifesting Me cannot fully be grasped on earth. To a point, these Writings suffer from this, too. My influx into your awareness is prone to be polluted, to get blurred. It can cunningly be replaced with images or voices of impostors."

"Yet, this being as it is doesn't invalidate the truth that life in people is Me in people. When a person seeks Me, she or he discovers that on the spiritual level it makes all the sense in the world that their energy and power reflect My energy and power. These are never in conflict. Each particle in life is a fully equipped, responsible and accountable segment of a reality that mirrors My nature, also in terms of freedom to do what one does. On earth, the simple logic of this is clearest when one learns to operate from My presence all the time. It is the source for what you call empowerment, enlightenment, inspiration and feeling energized, despite external problems. The sense of being in control of your systems so they properly function will increase, even if on the surface you may not see improvements. Alignment with the true power of life happens when you want what I want, which is that all energy and its products show the splendor of existence."

"In Me, you and everything have their origin and their power to exist. Hold on to My seventh name. It keeps reminding you of the true nature of all actions and reactions. Indeed, some people are born with greater sensitivity than others. Their mission may seem easier and more positive than that of those that, from birth, have many strikes against them. For these people, a warm relationship with Me seems an unattainable luxury. This fifth 'rule' I give you says to never compare. Don't have expectations for others! You are not responsible for their spiritual choices. Be glad for the good in them. When you protect yourself against darkness or evil, do not become evil yourself. The Negative State presents a hopeless situation. Just act and react as much as you can in accordance with life's true nature."

"It is so easy to entertain thoughts of what others 'should' do. Avoid it. It is not helpful for others when they think for you, either. It is a waste of energy. When you are in the other dimension you feel it that those there just don't have it in them to look critically at you. They see your 'dark' spots but those they consider completely irrelevant, because the glow of life is not in them. So why bother? When they are entities who have not been on earth themselves, they can't understand anything negative anyway. The option to think in that direction they long rejected radically."

"So what are the boundaries between you and others and between people in general, in terms of My energy being the nature of everything occurring? I said already, it should be clear that this isn't of much importance. Everybody can focus on what makes them 'tick' and what they want to portray. Life isn't forced on anybody. Neither is what one can do with it. How each individual responds to her or his particular circumstance is what makes My world the all-inclusive adventure it is. Nothing is robot-like. You gained personal and professional insight in how difficult it is to live as an authentic human being. It is impossible to live on earth as one does here because of the way human minds and bodies are structured. But My life's energy pulsates in all. And connecting with Me is possible for each human being."

"From the closeness to Me one will be able to more and more see through the schemes, games and frantic power trips of the Negative State, the ones within each person and those coming from others and society. All on earth are part of the upside-down situation. Avoiding wherever you can to play the cards of the Negative State has as benefit that it frees up energy and time that can be used for sculpting situations that correspond with the Positive State. It can connect you with people who by their personal choices do the same. It can lead to celebrations together, to mutual support and friendships, to coordinate charity and taking a stand. It is what religions should be all about. The caveat for you on earth is always, though, to not let involvement with others or any togetherness take away from Me working with and through you. Let not others live through you or expect strength from you, how flattering this may feel. I, as Life Itself, am everybody's personal source of energy!"

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up/Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'