The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


"Lately, you seem to think in more practical terms about what it means that I am One and that there is only one reality, Me. You don't just want to say it because it sounds good as something deeply metaphysical or spiritual, but you take it as preparation to be fully in the 'other' reality you became familiar with. You looked with this in mind at, for instance, the moon, a boat, the hills, people and at your own activities. You feel being in a stage in which theories and insights involve every day issues. It means that the upside-down or inside-out arrangement of earth's 'pseudo-reality' is challenged, or even seems reversed. While living a regular human life, the moments with Me are not exceptions, time wise, but became part of your overall functioning."

"'Oneness' is the first of the twelve components of existence. From what you know this includes My being One Holy, the name pointing at the ultimate and beyond ultimate scope of what is knowable for human beings. It indicates that the not-knowable part of My person, understandable only by Myself, is still included in My names that cover 'everything'. For you, it is the only aspect of life, also as you know it, that is not based on a choice - except Mine The form and shape in which life appears can be changed. But life itself, coming from Me and being Me cannot be undone."

"At one time, I have been presented as your Father in 'heaven', whose name should be hallowed. I wanted to provide a focus for humans in their confusion about the nature of dimensions beyond their own about which they could only speculate. People postulated 'gods', usually with human features, and had theories about divine or simply neutral cosmic dynamics. Seeking insight in life's totality is natural and wise. I told you that oneness is the number one component of all that exists. Asking questions about the nature of this is logical. Yet it doesn't mean there are answers that can be grasped. Well, even your own person is an example of this. You have individual awareness, are the center of your world while at the same time you are a mere speck in the cosmos, consisting of countless parts ticking by their own clock so to speak. You are one person but how this functions remains extremely complex and mysterious."

"Being called 'Father' was not in order to portray Me as a divine parent with nurturing qualities. I presented this name as a for humans familiar symbol that includes closeness as well as being a notch 'above' you. It points at My divine while it is also a human concept. Now, with the new nature I attained by making My human divine and My divine human the need for this name is gone. The idea to replace 'Father' with 'Mother' or 'Parent' completely misses the point. All share in My oneness. I revealed that even those in the part of the universe that seem detached from Me, the Negative State, have access to Me if they want. I show that everything operates as part of the whole. Including I Myself. In that sense I am not an authority figure or force to lean on."

"Things have changed since the, what you call the 'Lord's Prayer', came about. My nature now includes the purified human experience. To speak of My 'new' nature is correct. The relationship between 'heaven' and earth changed. In and through Me, 'heaven' can be experienced by any person on earth. By the way, 'planet Zero' would be a better name for earth as it hangs in between the Positive and the Negative States (See Peter Francuch's The New Revelation'). Consider the distinction that suggests distance between earth and 'heaven' to be obsolete. When you say that I am One Holy and that you treasure My names, lifting them up and hallowing them, it covers the full realm and range of My first name as far as humans are concerned."

"There is nothing secret about Me. How could it, since everything that exists has the oneness as component. I make My fullness available. My unknowable part has nothing in it that creates a distance. To the contrary. It is also as My One Holy that I am the all-ness Who emanates, Who speaks 'and it is'. To say it in your vernacular, 'We are in this together'. The exhilarating magnificence of being in life is that all life-forms are not a function of Me but are full-fledged partners and lovers that never have to doubt, question or worry about the source of My desire to have it this way. So all share in My fullness. Those in the universes never tire to treasure and honor this."



"Did My kingdom actually come? For you it is no issue, having seen the beautiful things you couldn't have made up yourself. My closeness, isn't this what My 'kingdom' stands for? Even if it seems only 'at times' and in certain instances, there's no doubt in your mind about the reality of it. It results in having an all-around sense of belonging, without having to think about it. Indeed, why should I suggest to 'pray' for something that cannot be realized? And more importantly, My nature's oneness, how could any part fall out of belonging to it and exist on its own? Even if oneness is denied or not felt, is it not there anymore?"

"In the midst of earth's brokenness and potential to deteriorate - this is how it was put together, inherently flawed and fragmented - this 'prayer' stands as an unflinching beacon. My kingdom is one of love. It is its core, even of what is marked by malfunctioning and suffering. In general, the word kingdom stands for a reigning force holding a society together and for the power structure that protects it. Asking Me to provide this should make people aware of the possibility of a universal safety. For you on earth, it affirms that being in life is not just the nightmare it is for so many but, much more to the point, is an introduction to carefree playfulness."

"You replaced the second 'prayer' with the statement that My love is all-involving. In terms of the element 'oneness' you can see how appropriate this is. Love is all there is. It is Me, the I AM of life. So how could anything be outside of this or be not part of it? Nothing exists that does not have love as its very essence, regardless of that awareness and expressions of it can be suppressed or denied. Again the question: 'Did My kingdom come on earth?' Is love functioning as the core activity of all matter and mind? It is, My friend! But is it visible? No, not for those that do not want to see it. For those that want and follow up on the nagging yearning deep inside them for belonging and wonder whether perhaps the simple secret of life is that it is meant to be love, for those, yes, it becomes clear and very concrete. Even if the dictates of anti-love and pseudo-nature are still firmly in control."

"As you guessed, I am not going to defend or argue about or even discuss the way you formulate the 'new' 'prayer'. I am just saying that, indeed, your yearning, learning, understanding and changing seems to have led you to it. (Those who still use the 'Lord's Prayer' or the 'Prayer of the Lord Jesus Christ' as you find it in 'The New Revelation', usually speak from their external position, which is the realm of false perceptions and misguided understandings.) But you speak from the spiritual level. Be assured that those with Me that are directly aware of what happens with humans on earth delight in any darkness driven away by light. All words and formulations are limiting what one really wants to tell Me. But using the best available corresponding words to address Me can facilitate the sense of universal togetherness. Never forget when using words that love, as does truth, always comes with light and lightness. Words can reflect this. It gives 'speaking' in the rest of the universe its fascinating sounds."

"On earth, experiences with the full reality are very limited. The universal glamour and joy of My kingdom is only mirrored in fragments here and there. 'Oneness' is more an intellectual concept for those wondering about it than a source for constant excitement. 'Love' seems more within reach. People can have flashes and visions of love as all-involving. Human nature as product of the quest to prove that life outside of Me is possible, is now integrated in My person. I am also on your level, in other words. The oneness that seems lost because of the separation and isolation efforts of the Negative State is in principle restored and it can be experienced. 'In bits and pieces', you comment. All right, but those are based on facts; they represent the full Reality. My love 'is'. So everyone can move from asking and expecting this to come as the 'old' 'prayer' does, to evoking its all-splendor as your reality today. My being Love means that all life is in essence a love affair."



"Nobody in 'heaven' has the slightest discomfort with My will being done, as life functions well. When you want anything mechanical to run properly, you put it together according to the instructions in the manual. The issue here is, is My will a manual you have to follow in order to prevent a breakdown? Wouldn't that mean that all creation is robot-like, functioning according to how it is programmed? That for sure would guarantee oneness and order, when all conform to the rules, doesn't it? Many people think that, ultimately, their personal will is subject to the will of whichever god or fate they believe in."

"Let me say clearly that thinking this way is the result of projecting in Me the human slavery situation. Fact is that every particle in existence shows My features. Which, and this is the crux, offers them an absolute authenticity, a sense of self, an individual position, a free will, an ability to move and create and also the choice to join others or not. Belonging to the oneness of all, therefore, is not forced on anything or anybody. It is part of the nature of life; it is its first component and it can be rejected! One can close one's eyes for it. Full existence is as being light. Light is My will. It is the truth of everything. Reality is an open book. 'Praying' for My will to be done on earth is saying you want light to be restored in you so you can see who you are."

"Before you came to your present formulation of the 'new' 'prayer', you said for a while that I as Truth create reality. It was correct. Yet it is also the other way around. What is real, creates and adds to My being Truth. This reveals the substance of life. Calling Myself life's I AM has nothing passive or static in it. It is an expression bubbling with aliveness. It is life happening. Everywhere. Through you, too. You can consider the showings of the Negative State, including your contribution to them a false impression or a twisted appearance of reality. The third 'prayer', by pointing at the Positive State, 'heaven', and your statement that My truth contains the universe reveal the scope of the oneness of all. It is the joining, the 'marriage', of My being Love and My being Truth that makes for life happily and solidly erupting everywhere."

"On earth you can observe some of this. Life-forms protect themselves. Life wants to be lived. You see it in nature and in humans. Blossoming as fully as possible with the ingredients one has seems instinctively life's goal. This is a remnant of the universal desire to be a full participant in life. Nothing is excepted of this. Nothing is 'not there', so nothing is not love-inspired. You see that this far transcends what usually My will is taken for on earth. It is painted as a position to take in the conflict between the sacred and the secular, between good and bad, right and wrong, My will or human will."

"I do not ask anybody to give up their will or their ideas. I only indicate that with whatever a person thinks or does, she or he writes their own history. The for you strange and hard to believe fact is that this history, this 'truth' that everybody portrays does not go on record as such. Only what is aligned with the true nature of life is of interest, is eternal as reflection of My will, is a correspondence with My truth and is therefore expressing Reality. All else is the result of denying truth and is therefore what a shadow is to light. A shadow needs light in order to exist. Only light is, even when covered up. In the oneness of life is the endeavor of the Negative State a shadow that does not affect the light as such but only its manifestation. It is as a delusion. Only for those in it, it seems real."

"My essence and My substance are revealed by My second and third name, Love and Truth. They are the faces of My innermost self, from where flows what I am in the other, the internal and external levels of My all-presence. I present you with this first component of life, oneness, so that right from the beginning of all your or anybody's thinking about anything, it can start from the correct position. Which is that literally everything flows from within My reality and from within the range of My desire that it exists. Yes, in this sense it means that you are 'willed'! My will creates the opportunity for the universes to be. They could not be there by themselves. But being willed has nothing to do with being a finished product! It includes having the freedom, the free will and the choice to embrace the one source of all. In this sense, you, too, create reality, your own truth."

"Truth is not a concept, dogma or statistic. And My will is not something I urge you to do. I do not tell you which side to take in the tensions between what you call good and bad. Living according to My will is living with My closeness. It is having Me becoming visible in you because you and I desire so. One lives a 'true' life, even on earth, when one participates as freely, personally and positively as one can in one's environment. Malfunction, negative choices or hurting behavior make the oneness, the being in reality together with all else and with Me, more than problematic. It obscures reality. Yet it cannot stop the truth from 'marching on'."



"This 'prayer' relates to the second dimension or layer of life, where it gets processed, structured, where it moves and becomes. 'Daily bread' is the catch word for it. Speaking from the perspective of people on earth, they should expect sustenance for existence. Would I let life be a famishing commodity? Yet the 'prayer' is not meant to foster dependency by having people ask for food. My purpose was to have people zero in on the center of their own existence, on their daily workings and needs. I am as daily food for the universe, for its proper working, cohesiveness and well-functioning. The oneness of all guarantees the importance of all parts. If I would neglect or overlook any part, it would amount to neglecting Myself. And believe Me, that is not happening!"

"What emanates from Me, what I create (if you want to use that word), has its origin, its unfolding and its ability to exist through the way reality is set up. Having plenty of daily food is a good analogy and correspondence. It speaks of well-being, quality, empowerment and security. On a full stomach it is pleasant to reflect on life, right? Things seem in peace then, in harmony and in place. This figures, because the 'prayer' is spoken from from a world where every segment and particle is well-positioned and happily satisfied with its own and others' contributions."

"So you see that this 'prayer' flows from the glow of My fourth name, from My being 'Proper', 'of Beauty', 'Just'and 'Right'. Such is My structure. By the way, I chuckle seeing that you still hesitate to use the name 'Proper' as fourth face and spirit of My Person! But let Me continue. When a person, like you do, makes a statement instead of putting out a request, he or she has moved away from the child position. Food needs to be given to a child; it cannot provide for itself, so it asks. But true food, the bread of life, existence itself, is already given. It is a reality for all that are alive and operate in it. It is a matter of recognizing the oneness they have in common with all else. Even the Negative State lives by the grace of being given existence, eating the bread of life My life force is."

"The message is, to not ask as a child, in the hope or expectation of receiving. It is meant to have you uncover the abundance of the whole you are part of. I know that some fancy that humans one day will fully control their destiny. On a personal level, some believe in making things happen by sheer willpower. This usually reflects a tightness or stubbornness and not the liberating realization that all is one already and therefore fits together in a world of beauty, happiness, abundance and ever more perfection."

"What about those that cry out in misery because of poverty, hunger, illness, injustice or oppression? No abundance for them! They can pray and pray, but do I give or do they receive? No! they 'have', even in their miserable state! In these Writings I give you insight into the true structure of all that exists. What people do with this insight, with life's component oneness, is not up to Me. That is each person's individual choice."

"The unavoidable malfunctioning and built-in destructive features of your environment as it is fabricated by the Negative State, is one reason for the suffering of so many. The other reason is that humans buy in into a fear they won't get enough and so they protect themselves at the costs of others or nature. They even thank Me when they succeed. Or they throw this 'prayer' at Me. I have to do it. They are unwilling to. They refuse to represent Me with what they have. You think you are one of those? Shouldn't oneness and sharing be one and the same? 'Give us this day our daily bread' could be 'prayed' by humans as follows, 'Ask us, and we will give'. Earth's misery would be tremendously reduced that way. To the great anxiety of the Negative State. So do not blame Me for not changing what people choose to do to others and to themselves."

"As it is, within each person is My presence. Oneness is the first component of life. All can choose to see this while living on earth. Like you did. Doing so makes one aware that one operates in a totality of pure magnificence. From the dwelling place all have in this edifice, all can reevaluate their options in the face of suffering. I do not judge. I offer you to see the facts of life, to see how well the real world functions."

"Whoever has the will to mirror My fourth name has no need to ask Me for anything. Whatever one has and is, is filled with My presence. When human 'needs' are not provided for, when children die from hunger or when pain doesn't let off, do you think such a life in misery is less a part of the oneness? How can be reacted to those who cause suffering, to those who choose to do something about it and to those that are victims of evil, is one's choice. Of course, this situation is not fair. Nothing on earth is fair. Yet do not ask Me to 'save', to give bread as temporary relief. I will not. It would reduce you to helplessness. Which you are not. My presence is with the hungry and the sick. As well as with the rich. All 'have' My closeness, the true bread of life, if they want."



"You have a saying about a chain being as strong as its weakest link. This is not true for the real reality. Each segment stands on its own as much as the whole does that. The bond of oneness cannot be broken, since I am the process and the movement of and in all that exists. This may sound abstract to you, but it bluntly states that all the isolation on earth that leads to guesses and doubts about My nature, does not shake or threaten the expanding fullness of life in all its glory. I have not thrown out the Me-denying powers or forced them to go somewhere in hiding. It means that for them also is the invitation to start traveling with Me. Forgiving, you could say, is necessary for being on the road with Me and for being on the right track. On earth, this is not particularly clear. There are many sides to forgiveness. One is that each entity in the 'Zone of Displacement', when it honestly wants to find a way out, and is ready to face the true reality, will discover that they are less 'lost' and isolated than they thought, and that they are not stuck or alone but still part of the whole; 'forgiven' by Me, accepted and loved. This is not a concept. It amounts to being factually freed from one's spiritual prison. It is being able to access the very core of one's life, one's true identity and eternal existence."

"The consequence of being set free is that forgiving others and oneself amounts to getting rid of shackles impeding the movements of one's mind. Forgiving is the process of cleansing the mind from dirt, dependency and waste, so that one clearly sees one's place in the real world. In that world, you are connected with 'everything'. There is only one body of existence. Merging into the oneness of all, expanding your space through others and becoming 'more' by being available for all, is prevented when you keep holding on to the past, however understandable or justified this may seem. The oneness of all, being a component of My and your nature, excludes any disharmony. Where separateness or conflicts show up - as happens all over among people on earth - forgiveness is the way to deal with it. It not only activates the healing process, but is wisdom in action."

"I do not offer forgiveness as a royal gesture, or as an example to follow. My fifth name, which is 'Healing' and to which this 'prayer' relates, tells you that I am the ever unfolding of life. This happens through all that I emanate. On earth, healing has the quality of restoring health. In other dimensions, it portrays the never-ending adventure of newness, reaching for more, exploring, perfecting and beautifying what is blossoming as more wholeness for all. Those are big words. But use them! Reality is great and universally exciting. I invite everybody to let go of any obstacle to joining life's splendor. Forgiving, letting go and moving on is within human reach, in other words. Otherwise I would not have given this 'prayer'. The Negative State hates it with a passion when people move on instead of nurturing wrongs and pains of the past."

"Moving away from whatever darkness, corresponds with the expanding nature of the real reality. Forgiving makes this personal. You can do it, and apply it towards any person you know and have been involved with in a negative way. My forgiving means that I do not invest in anything that is polluted or negative. My liberating and cleansing spirit will break through when you do the same. Many people first want restitution, satisfaction, guarantees or set conditions. This is understandable because nobody on earth is to be trusted, even after they confess or apologize. But My being Healing does not have these attachments. It never falters or fails."

"I don't participate in the Negative State's doings, except that I exposed Myself to the evil, pain and falsity of it. As Healing, as Builder of Bridges, as the One Who unfolds, I subjected Myself to their power by going where they are. By doing so I gained access to their 'achievements' and entered their most inner core. The point here is that there is nothing cheap or casual about forgiving. It is based on My conscious choice to not allow the beautiful oneness of all to break up. I accept you as My travel companion. As well as those who wronged you, when they are ready. Keep this thought in mind that life's component of oneness makes it impossible to write off any part of it."



"What I want to bring home to human beings on earth is how completely they are immersed in the lies and falsities of the Negative State. In terms of being one with all that exists, their isolated and Me-ignoring or -denying position does not make any sense at all. Someone honestly 'praying' that I won't lead him her into temptation shows that this person is serious and recognizes the vulnerable position he or she is in. I welcome all people's trust. If what I say could not be trusted, the Negative State would have won. I would self-destruct."

"This 'prayer' can be interpreted in different ways. As it relates to the external part of life, it asks people to look around and let surface whatever question comes up. Then, they may hear My assurance that opening up to My presence in their daily doings will not add to confusion, but is the way out of it. I do not play games with being the one reality, nor do I test you or have any ambivalence about My appearance on the external level. I offer unconditional trust in Me. Trust this first component of your life that says you are in My oneness as all is. It assures your 'belonging' to the eternal reality in the midst of all the diversities and conflicts."

"I underline what you say, that regardless of how life looks on earth, everything exists in order to manifest Me, to show off My beautiful nature. The perpetrators of the Negative State and your own 'dark' sides may be ensnared by evil and choose to stay that way, yet they still have it in them to wonder. The oneness of all is in their bones too, you could say. Does this mean darkness or evilness is part of the oneness also? You know that many consider 'good' and 'bad', light and darkness, the positive and negative, as natural and as necessary balancing forces. You know Me enough to shake your head here. In Me is nothing negative. In this sense, the only thing I tempt you with is with My light and My love. That is who I am. Denying this fact may be perceived and felt as real, but it is a denying of reality. Everything negative is."

"So what about evil in you and in everything on earth? Practically, it means you can move away from it! This is its most important feature. Disengaging as much as possible and not investing in it can only be done to some extent. Thinking, arguing or guessing about evil and the Negative State is quite useless, as these mental activities are polluted themselves. People daring to operate from the exclusively positive oneness of all start to see evil as a bucket with holes. It looks all right, but it doesn't hold water. They have one that does."

"From your spiritual perspective, you can see that the quest of the Negative State that led to confusion, isolates and infests, has only one purpose. It is to show to what not manifesting My nature leads. Living in the midst of pain, malfunction and slavery, and trying to keep your sanity, you still can hold on to what you now know is true for you and for all. This will increasingly strengthen you. It is within you, the level on which I can directly speak with you, meet with you and use your imagery potential so that the temptation to give up on Me turns into its opposite. Your being part of the oneness with all tells you that you can operate from your being home already. All can do this, if they want."

"What about your success or failure in mirroring My universal nature and so lifting up My sixth name? What you experience on the spiritual level is often quite distinct from what you see yourself doing in your daily behavior. And what about the fact that your name is also attached to that part of life that eventually will completely fall apart? I refer to your body, your external part, as it manifests itself on earth. For one, you discovered that I never push you, criticize you or even worse, set expectations you have to live up to. You are free in how to react to what is negative."

"It is a beautiful truth, your statement that everything manifests Me. Indeed, I am life's Manifestation. What and who questions this creates big problems. One acts then as if you can step out of life's reality. Well,in a way you can, but the result is a delusion. The good news is that everybody can see the light. Your world is still disconnected from the all-around happiness in the eternal adventure of living with My presence as the unifying dynamic. Yet you are meant, as is all else, to be an expression of My glory. Why? Because I am Manifestation also through you. That is your identity and specialty. And so it is with everything in life."



"It is the most practical information I could give, to have people considering deliverance from evil. Evil includes everything that not fully expresses My nature. In this sense, this last focus is the apex of 'praying' for people on earth. It says that there are no exceptions or loose ends. Because it is Me, in, through and before whom Reality takes place. All that find themselves in life, in whatever shape or form, have this component of oneness since their nature originates in Me. As first component, it is the basic ingredient everything has to work with, you could say."

"But not only that. Everything in life is an integral part of its totality. In an active way. All have equal vibrancy, as they exist by My energy. Oneness is the nature of everything in the universe on all levels and from the most inner spirit core to the most outward expression. Everything operates by the life force I am. All that happens occurs from and is participating in the itself-generating reality My seventh name and spirit present you with. Anything interfering with the sense of triumph for so much greatness and beauty, and everything even slightly doubting this or denying the fullness of life, is evil."

"Therefore, with what you replace the last 'prayer' is correct. As Energy, I am the liveliness of life itself. My power is not just fuel for existence, but is its visibility. It makes life light and exciting. It is Me, which means there is nothing overpowering or automatic in it. All life resembles Me by being a world in its own right, by creating newness, by being a loving partner and participant. In your personal life, you count on My closeness and you see your strength, joy, freedom and creativity blooming. It is so much easier now to see through the abuse of power by people or nature, and understand the distinction between the source of power and how it is used or abused."

"The 'Lord's Prayer' as you know it, covers all that goes on in the universe. The wording is narrow, because it is for those who have not met Me personally on their conscious level. By 'praying' it, one prepares oneself without knowing how, for the breakthrough or enlightenment to discover that I not just can deliver from the falsities of evil, but have done so. Choosing to invite Me into one's awareness testifies to this. One's 'mission' in the 'enemy's' territory may not be over yet and may come with painful struggles, with demons roaming inside and outside, with violence and breakdowns, but in one's heart, in one's inner sanctuary, in that most inner part of a person where I meet with them directly, one can experience the power of being that special, unique and integral part of the one universe. Nobody can take this away. It is a most natural awareness."

"On the spiritual level, some of the failing of evil can be directly experienced. There, real life can be tasted. I am aware that earth's circumstances are filled with life and happiness threatening forces, capable of striking out at anybody at any time. The Negative State still reigns blatantly. It will do so till they surrender. Do not have the illusion that things on earth will fundamentally improve. The Me-denying forces may change their tune and appearance, but evil, brokenness and the disconnectedness with the real world are too ingrained in their products to make lasting improvement feasible. In other words, do not expect change for the better to come from the outside, external part of life. It also does not come from more understanding and controlling human or nature's dynamics. The renewing power comes from within, from 'plugging in' into My presence in your own heart. This applies to all on earth."

"Many that cry out for deliverance are so overwhelmed by suffering that alleviating the pain on that level is the only thing they can think about. You had your moments. Still, when a bad situation improves, it is not because I did some miracle or 'answered' their 'prayer'. When within oneself, the desire for justice, healing and the flow of My energy is recognized, then one becomes empowered, if 'only' on the spiritual level. This unmasks the evil powers as phony, however seemingly almighty and damaging with their acts. Know therefore what you really want when you 'pray'."

"The laws of nature seem 'neutral', in terms of setting their own rules. There is a reason for this. They have been cut off from the universal harmony in which not one ounce of energy is wasted or not used to enhance beauty. Think of nature and the man-made structures you saw in the other dimension. They glow and perfectly fit the desired use. Matter and mind are productively interacting because both draw from the same source. This sense of all being one in origin and purpose is lost on earth. The true life force is not neutral. I am it. Existence, being the grand love affair it is, has every part involved."