....... 'ONE HOLY'

... One of his friends remarked, "I often suspect that nothing is by accident. It is what you imply, right?, that like Mary we may be involved in more than we observe? Spooky, but fascinating! All of us somehow linked and participating in an unknown project; rowing the same boat: things and nature, friends and enemies, the dead and future creatures... Wow!" Jesus agreed. "Yes, all entities in the universe function as one grand person of which everyone is a part. That person is before the One Holy as partner and lover. Right, and you are always connected. Except, of course...."

- "Please, see beyond the fragmentation you are so used to. Nothing in existence is not part of life's totality in an active way, by interacting, shaping and moving. It also means that nothing except Me is, in this sense, a wholeness or totality in itself."

- "Let it sink in: the not-reachable and not-name-able part of Me, which is outside of anybody's ability to conceptualize, is not contradicting that all is related."

- "My nature has embraced the human status and by doing that embraced My own denial. The relevance of this may escape you but it does mean that also humanity is fully connected with life's absoluteness, with Me."


... Mary, announcing that the food was ready, interrupted what seemed again one of Jesus' surprise statements. Between bites, they urged him to finish his sentence: "What is the exception?" "It will be hard for you to understand, leave alone to accept it," Jesus warned. "Let me use the tenants as example. You say that they cause the problem and isolate themselves. Now, what if Mary and James would decide to forgo the rent, would forgive them for the aggravation they caused and treat them as family again. Chew on that one! Would that restore the love connection, you think?"

- "Love is the conduit and the content in and of all reality."

- "Love means, connecting properly. It is the desire to connect as well as the result of doing so. Therefore, communication, touching, speaking words, cooperation and all activities of relating are of a joyful nature. They always are inspiring and enriching."

- "When you saw Me in My dance as Love, you saw me dressed in several colors. One reason is that those radiate that life in its interrelating is totally multi-colored. Nothing looks plain or bland. The always varying contacts see to that!"


... All in the room looked puzzled. "The situation is," Jesus explained, "that everything in the hell's and here on earth is cut off from the real reality. The rest of the universe has to be protected against them. Only sporadically there has been direct contact. I am here to change that. I took on this fragile and mutilated human nature. It is the only way I can relate to you face to face. You couldn't stand the full divine presence for a second. So if you ask why I am here...?" He calmly looked around, making eye contact. "I am here to re-connect you with true reality. If you want that."

- "Thinking things through as much as you can is helpful. The logic in who I am is not complicated. The human ability to think has some potential for seeing through falsities and for picking up signals filtering through from the heavenly kingdom."

- "The workings of human brains are so impaired that people desperately hold on to what's validated as right by others. Alone, they feel lost. Yet real wisdom is only found when you move away from external sources of information as final truth."

- "Be aware that going 'inward' with your attention means you will face forces of the negative realm. Whatever you call them, evil, darkness, hell, negative spirits, they won't give up easily. See through their pseudo-power and tell them so!"


... Everybody was perplexed. He never spoke so directly about himself. "That's what you say," the booming voice came. "You must be the king of the universe, if you are serious." "And who are you to say I am not," Jesus came back. "The time of isolation is ending. The perpetrators of this abominable situation on earth are going to be judged. All false connections will be replaced. Make up your mind where you want to fit in. You want to remain in isolation and bondage, or do you want to discover how involved you are in the one universally beautiful full structure of all existence?"

- "There is no reason for anyone living on earth to be pessimistic. I am taking care of the inner core of what constitutes evil and darkness."

- "The fabric of human society may deteriorate more because of the desperation of the negative forces. They will present 'progress' and 'improvements' as cover-up for their defeat. Only your focus on Me, on what I am as the solid totality of all that exists will save you from being fooled."

- "All of earth still corresponds with heaven's reality. However damaged it looks and is. Without knowing Me personally, many people choose to follow their inner longing for justice, beauty, doing right and happiness. They act from My nature."


... "You said something about making up," Jacob said. "You think that we can be friends again with our tenants?" "You will be friends, brother," Jesus said, "if it is not now, then in heaven. It is what I am talking about. In this world, nothing works properly; anything can go wrong, stagnate or worse. Still, that is temporary; those disturbances are not forever. In the eternal heavenly kingdom, everything connects and communicates in a stimulating way, moving things along pleasantly." He whispered in his brother's ear, "Like holding hands with that cute girl next door. I saw it!"

- "Much preoccupation on earth with the 'how' of being connected with unseen realities is caused by the clever re-routing of your brain conduits. In the rest of the universes is the 'how' of functioning never accompanied by fear or frustration."

- "In heaven are no secrets or a desperate 'need' to know. Complete data are available for all, on their respective levels, that is. Your religions serve the negative realm with their doctrines, symbols and prescribed forms of approaching Me."

- "Children can be the wisest humans! They act from trust. They stare with their big curious eyes at the wonders around them. Enjoy them, and cater to that part in you that keeps wondering."


... "Why don't you say the blessing?", Jesus asked Jacob. The boy did. He stuttered a bit but completed the prayer. It mentioned that food not only nourishes the body but also stands for nurturing the soul. All in the room mumbled approval after he finished. Jesus said, "You all agree that bread is a connection with the giver of life, and also with each other as human beings, because you all need and eat bread. I suggest that you consider me, my words and my actions as bread from heaven. Take me in, and you will find that you have stilled your hunger for all eternity."

- "You know your body interacts on all levels. So does your society. This gives some indication of how your galaxies interact with, touch and are interwoven with My other worlds and dimensions."

- "This pertains to the externals. On the internal level of life, all the time, choices are made in joyful awareness that each part freely contributes to, and receives from, the whole. There is not such a thing as isolation or jealousy."

- "Speaking words to each other, talking, is humans' primary tool to establish communication, learn and express themselves. Still, it is only a weak 'current' for connecting compared with the direct, full, clear communication elsewhere."


... Heavy silence fell over the room. Many seemed embarrassed. What to do with a statement like this? Softly Jesus said, "With all your good will and hard work, you cannot eliminate the cracks, the injustices and the pains that are everywhere. You are stuck, powerless. I became like you. I face those that fabricated you and I will end their reign. Not with violence. But by entering their domain. Forced death is the only original invention the evil state came up with. I will endure it. One day, all of earth will join me in the universal celebration of a reborn life."

- "If only people would accept that each one of them is an important link in the chain of events. Being connected can be ignored or denied, but the truth will surface anyway. Things do not exist in a vacuum."

- "Words spoken, thoughts thought, emotions felt, actions taken, all take place as a materialization of energy that comes from and goes to somewhere. In that stream, each sentient entity occurs, has a shape and form in an individual way."

- "I am that energy of life; it is My seventh name. All I emanate can participate as a free unit and singularity in My nature's movements. The range and reach of My life-pulsating power is equal to the limitless of space and to time's eternity."