The Seven Names Writing 3

there only is one reality

241. Truth is the name for the substance of life. It indicates that everything

that appears on the scene of the universe belongs there. It does happen.

It includes all that we are. It pertains to our physical volume, to the

workings of our mind, our emotions, thoughts, and to what is called our

unconscious self. It all is part of life happening and reality being shaped.

242. Truth is the third name of totality of all that exists, of the I AM.

As stated already many times, we can relate to this 'all' in a direct way,

as if it were a person. As a matter of fact, for us humans, it is a Person.

We still are, in spite of our mutilated and far-from-perfect forms, an image

in I AM's likeness and have, as such, a clearly marked place in reality.

243. That we are alive at all, whatever our shape, place or time, means

that some force has brought us into existence. Nothing just pops up out of

nowhere. Our being alive places us within a wider scheme of things. This

is not dependent on what we do with our lives. At all times we demonstrate

our presence in life, our particular truth. Truth is all that actually occurs.

244. We human beings are aware of only a tiny segment of the universe.

The range of our physique is very limited, our time span is short and even

our space travel is restricted to our immediate galactic neighborhood.

Humans have direct access only to an infinitesimally tiny fraction of what

transpires in the grand universe of the 'real and full' reality.

245. We are used to being restricted in our moves and what we can picture.

Dreamers, philosophers, artists or children may negate certain boundaries,

but they, too, cannot escape the cage of humanity's assigned space.

Nevertheless, one reason this booklet is written is to remind each specimen

of the human race that they always are an integral part of life happening.

246. Just reminding ourselves that we exist as a unique and never-to-be-

repeated occurrence in the eternal history of the universes is not enough.

Nothing is 'just' there, although on earth this is the impression we get.

Each part that exists is creating, or at least co-creating, its own world.

And, as it is in the clockwork of a watch, no wheel can be missed.

247. Nowhere in existence, in the truth of reality, is there any passivity.

Being in live or love isn't just a state, or is static. It's a happening. It occurs,

all the time. Belonging to life and how we belong to it is the same event.

Facts are facts, and whatever we do, we write our history, our truth.

In its own way, each particle in existence shows its particular truth.

248. This booklet uses 'being alive', 'existence' or being a 'life-form'

indiscriminately. Nothing is dead, disposable, inferior, insignificant, or

to be used and then disregarded. It is a most disgraceful perversion in the

negative state that the universal status of equality in worth is demolished

and replaced by phony hierarchies. Earthly miseries stem from this.

249. Existence in all its forms means participation in life's volume. It

includes everything. Reminding ourselves of this can channel our physical

and mental energy into the only appropriate bedding: our desire to make

the best out, and amidst of, confusing and conflicting circumstances. Our

brokenness cannot be undone. Yet how we deal with it becomes our truth.

250. The proud oneness in all of life is deeply compromised because of the

exhaustive exploration of freedom by the human species. However, this

also, for all eternity, liberated the universe from any possible wonder or

fear of whether happily sharing the love nature of everything was indeed

the only direction in which the presence and power of I AM is expressed.

251. The nature of life, reality, love and truth, has changed. I AM changed

– by expanding. The history of life now forever includes the effort to

destroy its structure and replace it. But with unparalleled grandeur the

challenge to I AM's nature was countered by solely extending love to

evil's perpetrators, and by never ever using any of their weapons.

252. Those involved in illustrating the 'rebellion' can rejoin life's purity.

We, as human beings on earth, are included in that number. Simply by not

being perfect, we fail the standards of true reality. We are not condemned

or even rated because of this. It is our mission to operate in our world with

a constitution that is fundamentally altered and mutilated.

253. When words like reality, true reality, realness, truth or life's substance

are mentioned here, it confronts us with something very practical.

Speaking the third name impacts the workings of our minds and spirits as

the air around us effects our lungs. Without a constant interaction with the

all-presence and all-volume of Truth, we fumble with our very lifeline.

254. In our human world, truth has everything to do with honesty and

wisdom. If we want to live a life of substance, a life that, in spite of

shortcomings and worse, will 'survive', a life not ruled by phoniness or

superficial interests, then the third name, with its color of sincerity and

realism opens the door to consciously reconnect with eternal realness.

255. What does it mean to interact honestly with the realm of Wisdom?

The capital 'W' is not accidental. If we desire to be part of the true

universal reality, we may get used to having Wisdom or Truth as our

friend and permanent companion in a most wonderful personal and

intimate way. Nothing is forced on us. But Wisdom loves to enlighten.

256. Trusting the influx of Wisdom when we seek the best for ourselves

and others, and are willing to learn, will lead to an immense broadening of

our perception. We will respect in a speck of dust, in any product, in foe or

friend, a participant in life, as fully as we are. Their origin and purpose is

the same as ours. Their story, honorable or not, writes their unique truth.

257. Some people are 'all over the place' with their attention or curiosity.

Others play it close to their chest. Each person radiates different vibes.

This also is the case with nature and 'inanimate' objects. Yet everything, in

whatever configuration, contributes to the one volume of life and portrays

something of its totality. So everything has a legitimate place in it.

258. The consequence of us, them and everything else, rowing in the same

boat as participants in the whole of existence, is similar. We all contribute

to the same universal cause, which is making love happen everywhere:

making it happen with I AM, with anything we encounter in our world and

with ourselves. This describes the substance and content of true living.

259. The reason that words like substance, truth, volume, reality, and also

the word 'life' itself, can come across as heavy, vague or abstract is that the

situation on earth is utterly confusing compared with the real reality.

Nothing here is in harmony, in its proper place, or is transparent for the

positive purpose and joy of living. Human words suffer from this disease.

260. This booklet contains no manipulative, subliminal or supra natural

devices. It just invites us to question our reliance on the external world and

to unclog the channel to our inner spiritual and eternity-connected sphere.

This will meet with tremendous resistance, as we are fabricated with a

dependency on insights and information coming from the outside world.

261. Truth, the content of the third name of life's totality, is in many

ways the opposite of what is called so on earth. Nothing in the negative

state is true or real in its literal and fullest sense. Everything, words

included, is subject to the fundamental flaws and brokenness of being a

pseudo-creation. Only our spirit shelters a tiny remnant of the full reality.

262. No human word can faultlessly cover what it wants to convey. Only

at times, when intention, body language and verbalization are in harmony,

can our speaking approximate full clarity. Gifted writers may choose

words that reverberate with precision, yet in general, no human words can

be transparent to the level of perfection exhibited in the real reality.

263. In the rest of the universe truth is not limited to sincerity in actions

and interactions, nor to correct information. Truth is what happens 'as'

everyone. We can say that there is nothing fake about any entity in their

behavior, thinking or motivation. All of creation is for others and itself

like an open book. Communication is clear, direct and exact.

264. Ironically, 'things' or matter, which we humans treat as having no

voice, are capable of conveying without words what they are by just

being it, at any given moment. They do not lie. Yet their being part of

earth means they, too, are affected by the built-in corruption here.

But unlike us humans, they are just themselves, un-apologetically.

265. The substance of the universe is its truth, its realness, its happening.

It is the core of all existence, the same way love is the essence of life.

It is the center and circumference of anything that exists. Because of this,

all things, small or great, can unfold into their own specific format.

Without being real nothing can exist. I AM, as Truth, contains everything.

266. Calling our world a pseudo-creation could be interpreted as it being

something like a delusion – not really occurring. However, everything that

happens is a fact and belongs as such to the content of existence. 'All'

has a place in the 'all-ness' of I AM – thoughts, spirits, forces and concrete

presences of all sizes, including what's fake or illusion.

267. This raises the question: What type of reality is the negative state?

We humans experience our person as real, alive, as an organism and form

that allows us to react, adjust, move and make things happen. We feel pain

or happiness without any ifs, and's or buts. Our problem is that our brains

are wired in a way that they can hardly register any of the full reality.

268. Our situation on earth is not normal. It is completely different from

the way the rest of the universe experiences life. It is based on the lie that

true and full living can take place outside the loving presence of One Holy.

The negative state mimics reality, much like a full moon mimics the sun.

It borrows from the full reality, without being it.

269. We cannot know that living here is, in many ways, a caricature of

normalcy. We have no recollection of what goes on in the real reality.

Yet deep within us is the longing for something different, for all things to

be in their proper place, right, safe and making sense. That yearning is, in

fact, the most authentic and liberating presence in our personal makeup.

270. The nature of I AM incorporates everything that is in existence. The

name Truth expresses the fact that He/She contains all of the universe. It

includes the negative state. This does not make that state right or into real

reality. The unimaginable event occurs that the One Who 'is' Truth allows

reality to be denied. So our earthly 'reality' exposes what real truth is not.

271. Challenging Love and Truth as the only reality leads to the miseries

and evil situations we are so familiar with. Yet we humans are not totally

cut off from our origin. Nothing on earth is. We still know somehow what

love is, in spite of it being frustratingly contaminated. We can still value

signs of honesty, beauty and authenticity in ourselves and others.

272. Like Love, Truth is constantly tested. Lying, falsehood, dishonesty or

confusion are the result of ignoring that existence is only genuine when it

reflects life's love nature. Yet, without some of life's true substance still

operational, no alternative world could have been put together and serve

its paradoxical purpose. Like Love, Truth 'is' life, and vice versa.

273. Some residue of true reality needed to be left in the pseudo-creation

so it could survive, but also in order to make it possible for signs of life's

true substance to be recognized and used. Without that possibility, the

whole endeavor of the human race would have no meaning. By now, the

availability of another option lets freedom of choice truly come of age.

274. It is completely unnatural for living to occur outside the happy glow

of love and freedom. Presenting a situation as that on earth where nothing

is in harmony, free, normal or real was only possible because it serves a

clear, well-defined positive purpose. It operates for a limited time, is

restricted to a certain place and is based on only voluntary participation.

275. It can be deeply comforting to realize that the life force that keeps us

going today amidst so many falsehoods is the Person in whom we and all

things have our being and Who never diverts His/Her attention from us.

We remain partner, investment, beloved and lover of One Holy, although

our original features have been severely disfigured and mutilated.

276. Evil is everything that is not love and not truth. It took 'eons' to

cause the reverse and corruption of truth in the universe's most outer

outside - to use the human linear distance concept.

Evil serves to illustrate the impossibility of a reality outside of I AM.

Paradoxically, its failure culminates in the expansion of Truth's fullness.

277. Can we speed up the process of Truth's triumph amidst all the lies?

Definitely! But only in one way. We must see our own person as the

space in which this is going to happen. It is not easy for most of us to put

ourselves so directly on the line, or more accurately, in the line of fire.

We're born outside of the lucidity, freedom and easiness that truth causes.

278. The most crucial step on the road to recovery will be for most of us

the most difficult to practice. It is the title of this segment: There is only

one reality. Truth is the totality of all that was and will be. And that totality,

of which we are a part, consists exclusively of love: it is its own truth. In

this sense, love and truth are the same. To accept this is very hard for us.

279. However, if we do accept it, we can make it a point to embrace the

experience of the personal presence of Love focusing Her/His warm and

never-diminishing attention on us. Fired from all sides, within and outside

us, the bullets of lies, half-truths, ignorance and ego can hit and hurt us.

Yet the third name shields and heals us, and it can remain our identity.

280. Truth does not vary according to circumstance. It is the only light

by which life exists. This booklet invites us to uncover that light within

ourselves. It was always there, it will be always there. Efforts to be wise,

honest, truthful, reliable, informed, genuine and candid succeed when we

stay in the company of Truth, our friend eternal and all life's Wisdom.

'TRUTH' The Seven Names Writing 3

the joining of truth and love

281. Love is a word all people can relate to. Even if they consider it

sentimental or impractical. The same applies to the reaction toward the

concept of goodness. Some may have strange ideas of what is good, but

the word itself is not controversial. This booklet dares everybody to

accept that everything that exists is from, for, and of, love and goodness.

282. The problem with the word truth is that, unlike love, it does not

automatically create images in our mind. It is not a household word.

Stating that something is true has always a subjective ring to it.

Even life's 'proven' facts are subject to different interpretations or are

taken for granted. Also, truth seems to have little emotional relevance.

283. In this writing, the words truth, reality and realness are used

interchangeably. The two latter ones seem to be more practical.

Something that is considered real, not fake, concrete and up front, has

the advantage that there is nothing left to guessing. It is as it is, take it

or leave it. 'Truth' seems abstract, broad, vague; it may not even exist!

284. We can at all times question, or change, our minds about whether

something may be true or false. Yet, that 'something' will not go away.

It remains a reality, a fact of life, regardless of our opinion. It just 'is'.

So the third name. We can be selective in what we consider real or not.

But Truth contains all of existence. So everything shows Its/His/Her face.

285. The color of truth is its wisdom. All that exists is from, through, in

and with the spirit of wisdom. Wisdom is the power behind all lifestyles

that enrich the expansion of life's volume with harmony, substance and

perfection. It is the wisdom in the spirit core of every particle and unit that

causes it to shine as a true, beautiful happening on the scene of existence.

286. We think of our world as real and as an actual occurrence, even if it

is in many ways offensive to what true reality is. We can label its

performance as pseudo, delusional, caricature or distortion. Whatever our

opinion, the quintessence of our being truly real is only that tiny remnant

within our spirit where truth is acting up, even if it does so incognito.

287. This booklet challenges everyone on earth to see themselves as a

player in a game that has an exact number of participants. The very fact

that we live shows that we are included in that number. Strangely enough,

our operating here as a teammate of dubious worth increases the value of

our contribution, exactly because we exhibit imperfection.

288. The appearance of the negative state with its phoniness, deceit and

non-wisdom is, paradoxically, a monumental step forward to prove that

the all-presence of goodness and realness, of Love and Truth, is

irreplaceable. There is no other reality than the one of the I AM.

The negative state does not present a viable alternative to life's 'all-ness'.

289. It will remain difficult for us humans to know what is truly real and

aligned with the goings-on in the rest of the universe. Arguing about this

is useless. Only in the privacy of our innermost selves, where we meet

with the One Who 'is' Reality, can a gentle touch of Truth open our eyes.

This is nearly impossible to describe. Yet we know it is for real. It is 'it'.

290. The title of this segment is: The joining of truth and love. It needs

quite some adjusting to see those two always integrally intertwined.

Both retain their own fullness while they engage in the ever-active act

of embracing, merging and so energizing every new moment of life.

Both truth and love are the majestic constituents of the spirit of I AM.

291. Pairing truth and love, talking of them as being 'wedded' to each

other and embracing or merging, is a metaphor from the sphere of

marriage and sexual encounters as we know them. But actually, all

activities that relate to lovemaking, like creativity, caring, beautifying, etc.,

signal, correspond with and have us mirror the innermost core of I AM.

292. If anything that we consider pleasurable, creative or dear is not

congruent with the joyful sphere of life's essence and substance, it has no

value, except that it exhibits some aberration. Since everything in and of

the universe reflects in its particular form the glorious nature of I AM,

we can learn to always have this in mind. It can illuminate all our doings.

293. Like love still functions somewhat in the negative state, so does truth.

Without it, existence is not possible. We can equate truth with being alive,

with life itself, with its majestic magnitude of detail and full volume.

We operate in that totality in spite of compromising every little bit of it.

Only when we honestly desire to exude love, reality becomes transparent.

294. The word marriage would describe well the relationship between truth

and love, were it not that much of what is presented as being wedded on

earth is a persiflage of this intense, happy and so-much-involving union.

Control issues, cultural dictates, dependency needs or other defects impair

the comparison of marriage with its model: truth and love joining.

295. Among us humans, relationships habitually exhibit an imbalanced

duality of truth and love, of male and female. When a couple is formally

wedded, do things together and start a family, it is considered a stable

marriage. But when there is no warmth, caring, mutual respect and joy,

the relationship fails with regard to its essence as a showcase of love.

296. In the same way, when a couple is in love and honestly cares for each

other and their children, if there are any, but is behaving selfishly or

irresponsibly in terms of adult obligations, they fail on the side of truth and

on being fully human. Simply said: Exhibiting truth without love amounts

to cruelty, and showering love without wisdom is foolishness.

97. Love and truth are never without each other. I AM is Love and is

Truth. The life-enabling spirit in all emanations is in a relative way the

dynamic force the 'life' of One Holy consists of. The ever-occurring

embrace of reality and love within I AM generates in all absoluteness the

power that causes existence to occur. Some of it did became our person.

298. Not just human beings show - in a relative way - the image of life's

one totality. All else that exists does so in its own way, on its own level,

as the life-form it is. That nothing in existence is ever repeated or the

same testifies to the dazzling brilliance of I AM, in Whom nothing is

repeated or similar. Truth and love never can or will be standardized.

299. Practically, this means that we may, over and over, test ourselves

whether we are aligned with the universal reality. For this, we have to go

inward with our attention and invite Wisdom to be with us. Only then

and there do we establish within ourselves the union of reality and love.

This way we wed within us, by free choice, our male and female parts.

300. Would some ceremony or ritual lend depth and strength to the

commitment between our two spiritual sides? In the outer world, symbols

or formulas are considered appropriate to seal unions. Whether the use

of any external word or gesture fits the magnificence of the uniting within

depends completely on where the desire for any formality originates.

301. We must remember that our innermost core as person mirrors the

prime principles that determine all of reality. It is the only reason that we

find, in our person, the masculine and feminine duality in the first place.

Our outer and mental forms as typical female or male have their ways of

uniting. The interaction of the two sides within us takes place all the time.

302. We do not have adequate icons to indicate the unification, merger,

embrace – the intercourse of truth and love – within. Its occurrence is just

too fundamental. It goes back to the physical gender oneness of the first

human generation and beyond that. The words of this booklet or similar

ones speak of something that otherwise completely escapes our interest.

303. But even without precise images, we can touch upon the true state of

affairs in the universe. For instance, we can picture in our minds a universe

void of anything negative and glowing everywhere with harmony and

happiness. We can tell ourselves that such a picture approximates what

the atmosphere is in the realm of eternity.

304. But this is not enough. We also need to muster the courage to check

whether it is what we really want for ourselves, to be a presence of

goodness, giving love and receiving it and living to the fullest. We then

can pinch our skin to make sure we are not fantasizing and that, indeed,

this person is real as an eternal entity, however difficult it is to fathom.

305. And even this is not enough. We can still come closer to actually

experiencing some of the merging within ourselves of our male and

female identities, our essence and substance, our goodness and wisdom.

This happens when we dare to see that also through and with the

persons we are, I AM, as Truth, is expanding His/Her eternal volume.

306. Once we are in the most personal way possible face-to-face with the

One Who is the totality of all existence, we can sort of feel, experience,

sense, know, see, that we are truly real. It can come with a wave of awe

when we realize that in the eyes of Truth nothing is missing in us, even

while we painfully remain conscious of our present multiple inadequacies.

307. On the spiritual level, in our innermost sanctuary, the intimacy with

I AM is the highest form of love and reality we can know here. It is this

presence that radiates light, warmth and happiness, with the guarantee of

permanence. The most startling revelation is that we personally are invited

to respond in kind by becoming totally dedicated to honesty and love.

308. We are never more our true selves, genuine and complete, than in our

intimate relationship with Truth and Love. The seven names are for good

reasons given at this time. They are instrumental in finalizing the endeavor

of the human race. Moreover, they are representative for the final stage of

I AM's involvement with the negative state.

309. We can evaluate any way we want the accomplishments of our

pseudo-creation and its fabricators. But what stands out, from the

perspective of eternity and the actuality of events, is that the all-ness of life,

I AM, remained true to being the second and third names, Love and Truth.

At no point does the reality of love nor the love nature of truth falter.

310. This still is the only true Reality. Efforts to find a viable alternative

fail. Among the instigators of the negative state, the fifth human

generation, this is more and more admitted. Which is not to say that the

fallout of their pursuit will not keep our galaxies in the claws of lies, deceit,

fear and death - for the time being. Yet this cycle of time is ending.

311. The main 'battle' is over. The spirit of I AM has proven it cannot be

replaced. On the contrary, Truth and Love are augmented by the events

that attack them during the search for possible other types of reality.

These words also testify to this. They signal that the true reality is now

accessible for anyone who sincerely desires to participate in it.

312. Throughout the history of the negative state, signs and signals of the

true reality have been breaking through the layers of spiritual ignorance

and deliberate deception. There always have been manifestations of all

sorts, in line with people's deepest yearning for a world of truth and love.

They indicate that no might, lie, or confusion can keep true reality caged.

313. On the surface, it seems that humankind is still conditioned to forge

their tools of self-protection and survival from external ingredients.

Peace efforts, control of nature, technology, genetic engineering, etc., are

prominent in trying to shape a safer world. The fallacy is in expecting

outer changes to resurrect harmony and security. Peace comes from within.

314. Within each person and anything that exists pulsates the spirit of life.

It is the presence of I AM. It consists of the intertwining of the feminine

and masculine principles. It is irrelevant how we humans explain the

joining of the gender features. We may treasure the results: that its rhythm

creates an existence of peace and exuberant liveliness for 'everything'.

315. A child can illustrate the oneness of life's core duality when, in

frankness and trust, it responds to love with loving. As adults, we must

struggle to keep honesty and love, wisdom and goodness, our male and

female identities, integrated. Yet it is worth it if we want to maximize our

potential to bring some sanity to a human society mired in non-reality.

316. The celebration of truth and love merging within us consists of a

feeling of gratitude, trust, peace and joy. Words for it are not essential.

This sense comes from being 'home'. It will inspire our thoughts and

actions. The use of certain words, prayers, symbols or rituals easily

distracts from the mutual 'smile' when we visit with life's full Reality.

317. The greatest violation of the all-ness of the third name is, seeking

proof that something is true by solely relying on external data. We almost

automatically turn to other people, science, literature, specialists, the

media, the internet, etc., to get the assurance of authenticity, usefulness,

scope and the reliability of things we want to know.

318. There is nothing wrong, of course, in orienting ourselves within the

world we live in. But what we do not know is that our whole situation on

earth is the result of a deliberate effort to find a way of life that is capable

of replacing the 'original' one. We do not realize that seeking only external

validations about whether things are real, prevents learning the truth.

319. The appendix in this booklet – Narrative – provides insight in how the

present situation on earth came about. It explains that nothing on earth is

true or real in its literal sense. The external 'reality', taken by itself, with

its rules, laws and logic, amounts to a caricature of what is authentic. Only

the signs of everything's spiritual origin reveal the universal situation.

320. The relationship between the sexes on earth is a good example of this.

Not knowing the origin of the external gender separation and following the

dictates of its outer needs - physical, emotional, social, cultural, legal - we

create a state of servitude. This shows in the tensions, abuses, unrealistic

expectations, etc. There is no truth in these externals by themselves.

'TRUTH' The Seven Names Writing 3

the power of truth

321. Most of us agree that, in general, honesty is a healthy attitude.

Speaking the truth may make us vulnerable and incriminate us. It can

backfire, but it also releases us from having to remember what we said, or

having to defend it. The truth is the truth. The worst violations of this are

lying to ourselves and keeping up appearances before the One Who 'is' Truth.

322. But this is not the only message here. When we meet with I AM, it

happens on a level where it is hard to hide or deny anything false or fake.

Not that we can easily eliminate our phony parts or instantly know what to

do. But it does leave its mark when on our spirit level we have moments

of total honesty and personal closeness to I AM.

323. What the intimacy within our innermost self with the personal

presence of Truth means, is that we reconnect with a world we lost.

By being born on earth we lost the ability to grasp, not just the grand

design of universal existence but we also lost the ability to experience

ourselves as an integral, welcome, and happy part of that whole.

324. It was stated that all that is not love is evil. In the same way, all

that is not real is evil. Evil is not a label for something immoral.

It is everything that does not proudly show its combined outer, internal

and spiritual self – which nothing in the negative state can. Only here

and there fragments of the real reality signal the third name's all-ness.

325. In other words, visiting with Truth, Who contains all that exists,

gives us a sense of what we and the whole universe are all about.

Yet, that sensation can be so alien and potentially far reaching, that we

avoid exposing ourselves to it. It makes us aware that in every nook and

corner of our person, half-truths, inadequacies and deceptions operate.

326. Allowing the light of true reality to illuminate our minds amounts to

nothing less than a restoration of our direct connection with life's center.

This is not granted as a gift, nor is it being pushed on us. We do not have

to 'pray' for it. When we choose to seek truth and for that go inward with

our attention, it triggers the reactivation of our eternal nature.

327. There only is one reality. We belong to it because we exist. That we

live in a pseudo-reality, born out of falsities, means that we hardly know

any of the full scope of living. But we still exist – isolated – in the same

universe as everything else. We can make it a point to not forget this.

It can act as an antidote when our circumstances are bleak or confining.

328. Accepting that we belong to the universal oneness of all, and that our

person is a welcome addition to that totality, can jolt us into radically

altering our attitude toward life in general and especially toward ourselves.

The truth is also us, regardless of how we butcher it. As far as that goes,

even honest efforts to be saintly cannot change our innate corruptness.

329. Seeing that we already belong to the one glorious reality, truly

liberates our spirit and mind from whatever forces keep us in bondage.

Expectations and judgments from those around us can stifle the pride in,

and the love for, ourselves. Frequently we are our own harshest critics.

But our shortcomings and falsities are temporary. True life survives.

330. The methods used by our ancestors to find an alternative to the one

known reality does not attack the I AM directly. They conditioned their

offspring to look for and rely on external sources of satisfaction. This

became a form of dependency and slavery that we humans now are hardly

aware of. It eclipses the closeness to One Holy as source for full living.

331. When someone makes a critical remark about us that hits home, we

have the tendency to not hear it, become defensive, or attack the speaker

in return. Yet we also can be appreciative that it has us wondering whether

there is any truth in what was thrown at us, and if so, what we can do about

that of which we were painfully reminded.

332. When we are in the presence of the One Who is Truth, we will hear no

criticism. He/She never attacks, judges, makes us feel guilty or inadequate.

Truth 'knows'. His/Her nature includes the experience of being denied,

also by us. We may keep this in mind when we are confronted with how

others see us; or more importantly, how we judge ourselves.

333. To many it is a scary thought that absolutely everything we are, do or

think is recorded as our story and cannot be dismissed as not-really-us.

Excuses, rationalizations or pretense abound. Religions call their people

to honesty before their respective deities. The problem is that we have

a gift for creating and maintaining cleverly-disguised blind spots.

334. Even when we decide to turn inward to meet with One Holy, the

joy of it often depends on how we feel, or what we are willing to discuss.

Besides that, satisfaction with the visit may come from having done our

religious duty or having honored one of our daily routines.

Yet, meeting with Truth is not a matter of priority, it 'creates' our life.

335. The message of the third name is not just that everything that occurs

through and with our bodies, minds or spirits, whether we choose it or are

unaware of it, does co-write the story of the universe. It also highlights the

intertwining with the fullness of the second name, enabling it to absorb

whatever darkness surfaced. That is the everything-else-overruling story.

336. The unrestricted might of Truth is that within it is contained the

whole universe. Its content is the totality of existence, including life's

I AM. This could be interpreted as meaning we are more or less victims of,

or powerless pawns in, an inescapable situation. Some call life an illusion

or a meaningless fluke of nature's forces. Yet, called whatever, life exists.

337. This chapter is about the third name of the I AM of all existence.

All seven names have something in common that is hard to understand for

us humans. It is that each name not just indicates or covers the totality of

life, but that it 'is' its totality. In this sense we can speak of I AM's totality

being seven-fold. Truth is 'everything', and so are the other six names.

338. It is an enigma for us that, while each name stands for its absolute

all-ness, they are also integrally interwoven with each other.

Therefore, we need to know all seven names. What each represents and

is colors the oneness, unity, fullness and might of all of the universe.

Our human flair to compartmentalize is, by this light, quite a silly habit.

339. The consequence of all this is that being in the truth, in the reality

of existing, even while in many ways obscuring it, means that we live in

a fullness without limits. The liveliness of truth and love is the core of

what, indeed, can be called the seven-fold, ever-expanding reality. It's an

incredibly majestic whole to mirror. When we do that, more power to us!

340. If at any time, in any circumstance, by whomever, truthfulness is not

the desire, intention and energy in shaping life, then a falsity is created.

It is the tragedy of most human groups and societies that they welcome

conformity much more readily than authenticity. Yet true living is based

on honesty and wisdom, however disturbing, and not on conformity.

341. It happens frequently that we reject as nonsense something that later

starts to make sense. We can credit this to becoming better informed or

to just getting wiser. But getting wiser ultimately occurs only when our

connection with and origin in Truth acts up. As said earlier, Truth

manifests Him-/Herself as wisdom; through us, too.

342. Another sign of the power of truth is that it can x-ray our personal

struggles and reveal what goes on behind the scenes. We all have doubts

about what we were taught as children. Certain certainties stop looking

so unshakable. Not that this is always disconcerting but it warns us that

nothing coming from the outside is trustworthy per se.

343. The enormous relief offered here, in the midst of our doubts and

wondering, is that we do not have to prove anything. We ourselves are the

surest factor of life. And as the truth of existence is only love, we can relax.

Knowing all the details of this is not important, but letting the names

illuminate our person, is. It means, the universal wisdom dwells within us.

344. The rational, responsible and planning side in us, representing our

masculinity, can at all times be energized by evoking the third name.

We do not have to stay skeptical or wait until it becomes obvious what the

value of our life is. We live now. The names are now. Our opinion of them

is irrelevant. We can choose to embrace them and have them embrace us.

345. The importance of our existence is not what we consider to be our

'true selves'. Our ideas are seldom based on objective facts anyway.

Besides that, we may have entered life here with a special mission to

explore extremes or unorthodox situations. It is trusting the One Who is

Truth what can give us an inner peace nobody can take away from us.

346. It is not always easy to make the jump from the intimate setting of

being in our spirit with Truth Who embodies the only reality there is to

the activities of our daily lives. A way of eliminating the gap is separating

the spiritual and the mundane. We can then cleverly rationalize that

everything has its own time and place and is a matter of setting priorities.

347. The third name, however, does not differentiate between times, places,

circumstances or emotions. We are invited to be continuously aware of the

realm we exist in. Truth happens at all times and in non-time, anywhere.

We never have to look for it. Alternating between spiritual frequencies and

secular ones is therefore artificial and misleading.

348. We are always engaged in some activities, even while asleep. The

variety of these is endless. But whether lofty or routine, boring or exciting,

spiritual or base, each activity falls under the heading that we contribute

to enlarging life's volume and, as such, are responsible for it. Our status is

that we are co-creators of reality in all we are and do - always.

349. Practically, co-creating reality means that everything we think and do

is interesting. Our truth is interesting because it has never been around

before and it will not be repeated. Every split second in the life of any

particle in existence adds something different and unique to life's totality.

So, the unstoppable force of reality we are causes adventures, not fate.

350. Our masculine side is meant to take responsibility for the choices we

make in all our circumstances. It is clear that this booklet appeals to that

aspect of our personality that lets us make up our own minds.

When we make decisions that lead to our 'reality' becoming less love and

less truth, we exhibit a version of it that is the opposite of true living.

351. It can be confusing that our behavior and mental activities vary so

much from moment to moment and also in intention and outcome.

Some we like, some we dislike and some we disown. Our person seems

fragmented and is seldom nicely in balance and of one spirit – just like

anything else in the negative state. We reflect reality like a broken mirror.

352. So, why bother about what will not change? We know our human acts

are flawed, to say the least, and often the opposite of being perfect. Yet we

do not have to be skeptical. The third name represents the totality of all

that exists, including the weirdness of untruths, falsehoods or confusion.

Truth, as Person, knows He/She is misrepresented and worse, also by us.

353. Again, it is from the oneness with Love that free reign was given to

challenge the veracity of reality. It had to be shown that there being only

love was a choice and not forced upon anything. In this sense, all lies the

negative state produced did serve, and still do serve, the awesome goal

of providing data about possible other principles than truth and love.

354. Realizing that all reality is a love reality can profoundly change our

attitude toward our world's miseries. Brokenness, malfunction, death and

violence seem all-powerful. They are not. Not that they are an illusion in

the sense we can ignore them. The pain they cause hurts. But now that we

are shown the origin of suffering and evil, we can grasp the role they play.

355. When we live close to the One Who is the Real Reality we do not have

to avoid facing any facet of life. All events count. Even the evil, non-love

and non-truth events play a role in how we fulfill our missions; as do the

positive ones. We often do not even know which is which. But we can

trust the us-including, ultimate event of all existence: that Reality is love.

356. The consequence of all this is that any fear on our spiritual level is

abnormal. Each person is invited to see themselves as functioning in the

one grand realness. In it, all deficiencies are absorbed by the spirit of life

Who is One Holy, Truth and Love. Recognizing we are in that company

means that spiritually we have already returned home.

357. It cannot be stressed enough that all this is not meant as food for

thoughts during moments of reflection. It is not a theory explaining life,

like physics or philosophy try to do. As with the effect of the other names,

this name floods 'everything' with its all-revealing light. We are invited to

see and understand that Truth is taking place. Can reality be safer?

358. Truth exists. It 'is' everything. He/She is All. It does not have to be

proven. It can be experienced by everything, because all things are already

a part of it. We humans can endlessly discuss whether 'this' is perhaps

more true than 'that'. It may be helpful, or even necessary in order to find

our way through so much confusion and uncertainty.

359. However, the message of the third name is loud and clear. It does not

announce the discovery of a hitherto hidden fact or of a missing link in

the understanding of what the universe or our human life is all about.

It says that the universe as well as our personal lives are and always will

be co-writers of the one and only history of existence, of the AM.

360. Realizing that our 'truth', our volume, our story, our person, despite

everything that is negative in it, is still the product and agent of love, is

the greatest discovery we will ever make. The one reality, Truth, is Who

He/She is. If we wish, we can organize our lives as the individuals we truly

are in the eyes of the grand Lover of all: Who contains all of the universe.