all moves towards more

Science explores and guesses, often correctly, when it is humble.

It discovered that our universe expands. But then, why and how?

Clever theories or poetic ecstasies are futile if I'm not included.

I am a little wheel in life's clockwork. Do I contribute to success?

Everything moves forward and expands, so it can become more.

Nothing alive is stagnant, at a standstill, frozen, repeated, dead.

What 'hell's' call progress is regression and so will become less.

The 'hell's' are great experts producing caricatures of true life.

On our earth it looks as if two forces keep moving things along.

Opposites! Do the two create the energy for all living? Not so!

No true progress is a result of pressure or from balancing acts.

The plight of opposites illustrates a sad, worthless perversion.

Only our innate ingredient 'progression' allows for moving on.

I hold the hand of an old lady. She says she is ready to go.

Her days lack any excitement. For her, she lived enough.

She shares what she remembers. Asks me if I am all right.

I say a prayer before leaving. For her it means a goodbye.

Why hope to see her again? Why squeezes she my hand?

She whispers: 'Glad you came'. I feel close, one, with her.

News I tell, she forgets. She talks less, makes less sense.

She's restless despite medication. Living comes to a halt.

One day her bed is empty. I groan inside; find no closure.

Emptied rooms hang as pictures beside the road I must walk.

When I'm with You, Spirit of Life, You do never push.

It's always up to me how I will react to what You say.

Your presence is one peaceful invitation to move on.

I read, study, but it's filing insights in a closed circuit.

Being with You inspires to be and remain liberated.

I'm progressing. I know that in my spirit I did arrive.

When I am with You Who Are All, I do come home.

I stay in the process of being cleansed and rewired.

Now I grow older, I'll obey the law of human nature.

People say that nothing gets younger in age or size.

What a joke! My spirit soars now my body dries up.

When I'm with You, Spirit of Life, so much happens.

the name that became

'God' is a name used for the center from where expanding dimensions forever flow.

In those, planets like ours find themselves floating by cosmic rules, always moving.

Whatever we call life's prime mover, we are in it. As a cell in a body: we are in God.

It's awesome to relate to I AM as a Person on our level and with freely chosen love.

Except in 'hell's' where I AM is ignored, the universe is in awe of I AM's grandness.

The generic name 'God'reveals not He/She surrounds the 'hell's'; this is a change,

now Love keeps perfecting Her/His glory; it makes our present isolation obsolete.

It identifies evil's doings as illustrations for how not to proceed with life on earth.

All is progression, moving forward. Can love be silent, or living stagnant?

Can oneness be fenced in, time at a standstill or connections ineffective?

All is progressing, just as is the I AM. Will Life ever hide its lively nature?

Or will it keep bubbling with new achievements? So forward we go........!

Approximating the glory of their Source and Lover is the direction to go

for all existence. Each step of those who want it brings us closer to bliss.

This cycle of time is shrouded, as life's origin and sacredness is ignored.

Lessons learned, this time-cycle closes. That does I AM's new nature.

It invalidates, detoxifies hellish anti-achievements. So forward we go...!