JOY Writing 6

all is happiness and laughter

Earth weighs as a stone on true nature's all-out spontaneity.

It's awful, stupidity enduring while we're ready for laughter.

Only by taking I AM's patience as model for their reaction,

all creation says: 'It's awful, but I AM knows it's happening'.

When in 'heaven' issues do arise, viable options are considered

until there's a satisfying solution. There's not a thing as a 'loser'.

In the so called 'Positive State' no fear of rejection ever occurs.

A 'no' means, there is a better choice, but thank you for asking.

Even when serious matters need attention or planned actions,

any discussion is above board, they unite all involved factions.

Unlike on earth, conceived by negative forces, fear nor anger

fills any celestial agenda. They all trust the ultimate outcome,

so In 'heaven' rules a happy laugh, a smile and a teasing twinkle.

Also anticipation of an ever-happier responding to the I AM.

The structure of existence reflects the nature of I AM.

So it functions with lightness, proud of all being good,

well-made and open-ended.

Tightness rules the evil state. It doesn't allow laughter.

Its heavy-handed outlet is in ridicule and sick derision.

Its darkness is void of joy.

Joy is life's key component. Without, deadness reigns.

There's one sure reminder that all of us safely belong:

It's happy laughter erupting.

I AM, Who wishes life to exist, is not heavy on drama.

Goodness colors everything, all shines with a purpose.

Life in its essence is happy.

The tragedy of evil lies in the choice to not love I AM with free and total gladness.

Ignoring our source turns goodness into sadness.

Evil forces lost their smile; hate came, as did coldness. Fear is now society's glue.

Lies and falsities prevent feeling safe and festive.

Fear and joy don't mix, so today our human challenge is to overcome any worry

and also join the universal dance in a holy hurry.

Our body is the last to act from a happy wholeness. Not so our sluggish mind,

although It can rejoice our spirit's homecoming.

I asked the busily frolicking black-coated water flea:

'Why all that scribbling and scrawling at random?'

It answered: 'Don't ask me why, but ask me what!'

'I wrote and write again, the glorious name of God.'

(From: Guido Gezelle, 'Het Schrijverke')

I wonder whether I should be funnier or show the world that my life is happy.

Shouldn't that be proof of what I write that always sunny is I AM's presence?

Yet here I am, with serious frown and all, instead of openly beaming pleasure.

I'm born from a worrying stock that, with faith and dikes, fought rising water.

What is your idea? You have better genes? Does your spirit conquer matter?

I learned that for no one there is a valid excuse not being prone to laughter,

because in our hearts, brains and souls I AM dwells as in His/Her joyful Self.

When I not laugh or see light, I show I'm human. Yet does this make it right?

No, smiling, or let humor dry my tears, that'll break through many veneers.

Lord, give grace that I may be a baby jumping on Your knee.

Stay with me when I explore behaving as saint or as whore.

Please, tickle me out of a grave I dig by playing it too safe.

When I'm losing it or get old, let me know it's not my fault.

I'm only sane and true like You, when I'm acting as You do.

I pray therefore I may be for now and later this weirdo me.